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Saudi Arabia February 2012: 3 Hyundais in Top 5, Accent #2 at 8%

Hyundai Accent

* See the Top 150 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Ldman *

Saudi new car sales are up a healthy 14% year-on-year in February at 55,805 registrations, with the year-to-date total up 12% at 106,640 units. As it was the case over the Full Year 2011, the Toyota Hilux is the best-selling vehicle in the country in February with a very strong 10.2% market share thanks to 5,675 sales. Is spite of a weak 4th place in January the Hilux is also #1 year-to-date at 8,413 units and 7.9%.

Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai’s pressure is however getting stronger by the month in Saudi Arabia, with the Korean carmaker placing no less than 3 models in the February Top 5! The Hyundai Accent ranks #2 for the 4th time in the last 6 months and breaks its volume and market share records at an outstanding 4,473 sales and 8%!

#1 in January, the Toyota Corolla is down to #3 this month, followed by the new gen Hyundai Elantra also delivering its highest ranking, volume and share since its May 2011 launch with an impressive 2,552 units and 4.6%. In 5th place the Hyundai Sonata lodges its third best volume in the last 12 months with 2,189 sales and 3.9% share. #2 in 2011, the Toyota Camry is down to #6 this month while the new generation spreads across the country.

Ford Expedition

Other great performers in February include the Ford Expedition up to #8 with 1,346 sales, its highest ranking in over a year in the county, the GMC Sierra at #20 vs.#37 in 2011, the Chevrolet Cruze at #24 vs.#41, Ford Edge at #34 vs.#64, Chevrolet Sonic at #35 vs.#96, Ford Flex at #47 vs.#89 and Chrysler 300C at #60 vs.#124.

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot seems to be doing something right in Saudi Arabia right now: whereas it had no model within the Saudi Top 150 over the Full Year 2011, it places no less than 5 in February! The 3008 is #125, followed by the 206 at #132, the 308 at #135, the 5008 at #141 and the 207 at #144… Notice also Lincoln placing the Town Car at #148 and the MKT at #150.

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Full February 2012 Top 150 Ranking Table below.

Saudi Arabia February 2012:

PosModelS Feb 12%JanS 2012%Pos2011
1Toyota Hilux5,67510.2%48,4137.9%11
2Hyundai Accent4,4738.0%28,2137.7%24
3Toyota Corolla3,8416.9%18,1397.6%33
4Hyundai Elantra2,5524.6%55,1764.9%410
5Hyundai Sonata2,1893.9%64,4574.2%67
6Toyota Camry2,1473.8%35,0194.7%52
7Isuzu D-Max1,6883.0%73,4183.2%79
8Ford Expedition1,3462.4%241,9011.8%1419
9Toyota Yaris1,3412.4%82,8852.7%86
10Chevrolet Tahoe1,3282.4%102,6592.5%912
11Kia Cerato1,0821.9%131,9991.9%1215
12Toyota Land Cruiser1,0731.9%92,5282.4%1011
13Toyota Fortuner1,0031.8%121,9611.8%1313
14GMC Yukon1,0021.8%112,0411.9%1114
15Honda Accord (incl Coupe)9341.7%141,8401.7%1516
16Kia Rio8571.5%191,5791.5%1817
17Isuzu NPR8361.5%151,6721.6%1623
18Toyota Prado8161.5%311,2261.1%2426
19Daihatsu Gran Max8001.4%171,6191.5%1728
20GMC Sierra7771.4%291,2721.2%2337
21Ford Crown Victoria7521.3%271,2911.2%228
22Toyota Hiace7281.3%181,4661.4%1922
23Hyundai Tucson6821.2%201,3381.3%2127
24Chevrolet Cruze5971.1%379380.9%3141
25Toyota Innova5891.1%231,1451.1%2625
26Hyundai H1 100 Bus5631.0%251,1141.0%2832
27GMC Yukon XL5561.0%211,1601.1%2520
28Toyota Avalon5561.0%261,1041.0%2931
29Ford Explorer5511.0%221,1251.1%2721
30Toyota Sequoia5391.0%161,3651.3%2030
31Toyota Land Cruiser P/U5341.0%281,0661.0%3018
32Hyundai Azera (MAR11)4950.9%328620.8%3239
33Kia Optima4470.8%367950.7%3353
34Ford Edge4130.7%515760.5%4064
35Chevrolet Sonic3590.6%525160.5%4396
36Ford Taurus3570.6%357060.7%3534
37Toyota RAV43560.6%347120.7%3433
38Chevrolet Suburban3490.6%406380.6%3835
39Lexus LX3340.6%1283610.3%5156
40Ford Fusion3310.6%396300.6%3952
41Toyota FJ Cruiser2870.5%336500.6%3736
42Chevrolet Caprice2850.5%415720.5%4148
43Chevrolet Silverado2750.5%504430.4%4654
44Kia Sportage2590.5%425310.5%4238
45Renault Fluence2460.4%763320.3%5463
46Dodge Charger2440.4%435020.5%4568
47Ford Flex2360.4%783170.3%5789
48Toyota Dyna2240.4%603500.3%5265
49Nissan Sunny – RSM2110.4%306590.6%3624
50Mitsubishi L2002010.4%385020.5%4442
51Lexus ES1940.3%444340.4%4751
52Daihatsu Terios1920.3%463990.4%4849
53Nissan Altima1860.3%583170.3%5650
54Kia Sorento1860.3%633040.3%5983
55Hyundai Santa Fe1840.3%473860.4%4946
56Fuso Canter1710.3%493420.3%5360
57GMC Acadia1680.3%682730.3%6457
58BMW 7 Series1660.3%553010.3%6067
59Renault Logan1650.3%612860.3%6245
60Chrysler 300C1590.3%453840.4%50124
61Kia Carnival1560.3%533080.3%5862
62Hyundai Atos1560.3%672640.2%65n/a
63Chevrolet Traverse1510.3%562840.3%6358
64Kia Carens1500.3%772360.2%6971
65Kia Cadenza1440.3%622630.2%6682
66Mazda CX-91400.3%542920.3%6159
67Toyota Coaster1290.2%792090.2%7370
68Isuzu NMR1280.2%592560.2%6784
69Dodge Durango1240.2%642420.2%6891
70Chevrolet Malibu1220.2%483210.3%5547
71Mercedes S-Class1150.2%652300.2%7073
72Isuzu F-Series1140.2%662280.2%7181
73Hyundai Genesis1140.2%742010.2%74104
75Fuso Fuso1010.2%801760.2%7780
76Hyundai Veloster950.2%572280.2%72146
77Jeep Grand Cherokee940.2%821680.2%7978
78Isuzu NQR880.2%721760.2%7890
79Nissan Patrol880.2%871520.1%8169
80Kia Picanto870.2%691850.2%7575
81Renault Safrane780.1%1111160.1%8787
82Audi A8770.1%841490.1%83102
83Mitsubishi L300710.1%1031160.1%88119
84Ford Econoline680.1%134920.1%102n/a
85Kia Mohave660.1%911220.1%85117
86Nissan Tiida660.1%1051090.1%94116
87Kia Frontier610.1%701540.1%8098
88Mitsubishi Pajero Sport610.1%951140.1%89101
89BMW 5 Series600.1%891230.1%84100
90Cadillac CTS600.1%971110.1%91108
91Honda Civic600.1%120920.1%10093
92Nissan Maxima590.1%711490.1%8272
93Chevrolet Camaro520.1%921080.1%95115
94Isuzu E-Series500.1%981000.1%98n/a
95Cadillac Escalade480.1%851180.1%86129
96Honda Pilot480.1%99980.1%99110
97Range Rover Sport480.1%104920.1%101112
98Chevrolet Spark480.1%146650.1%120n/a
99Mitsubishi Pajero470.1%961000.1%9799
102Mitsubishi Lancer EX430.1%112810.1%10797
103Mazda BT-50410.1%113780.1%10986
104Hino WU410.1%115750.1%114137
105Jeep Cherokee410.1%147580.1%125103
106Suzuki Kizashi400.1%106820.1%106n/a
107Nissan Diesel L-Trucks400.1%107810.1%108127
108Dodge Challenger400.1%165510.0%132153
109Mercedes E-Class390.1%110780.1%11095
110Lexus RX370.1%114730.1%117109
111Ford Figo350.1%811100.1%92n/a
112Peugeot Partner350.1%154500.0%135168
113VW Jetta (MAY 11)340.1%861010.1%96131
114Jeep Wrangler340.1%108740.1%116106
115Mitsubishi Lancer340.1%138560.1%12666
116GMC Savana330.1%118660.1%11879
117Nissan Armada330.1%119660.1%119118
118Audi A6330.1%123630.1%122159
119Jaguar XJ330.1%143510.0%133n/a
120Nissan Civilian330.1%n/a400.0%144172
121Lexus IS320.1%124620.1%123130
122Ford F-Series310.1%93860.1%10477
123Lexus LS290.1%90860.1%105120
124Kia Soul290.1%125590.1%124135
125Peugeot 3008280.1%101750.1%115n/a
126Nissan D22280.1%136510.0%13144
127Suzuki Jimny280.1%139500.0%136170
128Cadillac SRX260.0%126550.1%129136
129Citroen Berlingo260.0%140480.0%137n/a
130Fuso Rosa260.0%148430.0%141141
131Porsche Cayenne250.0%731130.1%90121
132Peugeot 206250.0%109650.1%121n/a
133Suzuki Celerio250.0%171350.0%152n/a
134Hyundai Veracruz230.0%122540.1%130126
135Peugeot 308230.0%144410.0%142n/a
136Renault Logan Van230.0%n/a270.0%163122
137Honda Odyssey220.0%751090.1%9394
138Porsche Panamera220.0%116560.1%127128
139BMW X6220.0%130470.0%138140
140BMW X5220.0%158350.0%149134
141Peugeot 5008220.0%n/a310.0%157n/a
142Toyota Aurion200.0%94750.1%11329
143Audi Q7200.0%131450.0%140123
144Peugeot 207200.0%155350.0%151n/a
145VW Tiguan190.0%149360.0%146161
146Mazda CX-7190.0%161310.0%158n/a
147VW CC180.0%127470.0%139145
148Lincoln Town Car180.0%150350.0%152n/a
149Mercedes C-Class170.0%151340.0%154138
150Range Rover Evoque170.0%156320.0%156n/a
151Lincoln MKT170.0%166280.0%162n/a

Source: Manufacturers, many thanks to Ldman for sharing the data!


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