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Ireland February 2012: Toyota Avensis ahead of Ford Focus

Toyota Avensis

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Irish new car sales are down 8% year-on-year in February at 11,400 registrations, bringing the 2012 year-to-date total into negative at 32,561 units, down 2% on 2011. The Toyota Avensis adds Ireland to its February 2012 hunting board, being already the best-selling model in Norway and Finland this month. It sells 519 units for a 4.6% market share but stays #2 year-to-date at 1,582 sales and 4.9% behind the Ford Focus, #2 this month, at 1,739 units and 5.3%.

The VW Golf climbs onto the podium with 441 sales and 3.9%, ahead of the Nissan Qashqai, Skoda Octavia and VW Passat all at 3.4%. The Toyota Yaris is down 4 spots on January to #7 and 3% but is still #4 year-t0-date with a brilliant 3.8% share. The Kia Sportage is up a massive 17 ranks on last month to #11, the Fiat Panda goes from #111 in January to #19 this month, the Skoda Superb is up to #20 and the Hyundai i40 up to #22.

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Full February 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Ireland February 2012:

1Toyota Avensis5194.6%21,5824.9%23
2Ford Focus4614.0%11,7395.3%11
3VW Golf4413.9%41,2773.9%32
4Nissan Qashqai3913.4%51,1153.4%57
5Skoda Octavia3873.4%71,0383.2%712
6VW Passat3833.4%61,0653.3%64
7Toyota Yaris3463.0%31,2293.8%410
8Renault Clio3433.0%137982.5%1011
9Ford Fiesta3322.9%99633.0%86
10Renault Fluence3322.9%147782.4%125
11Kia Sportage2422.1%284601.4%2237
12Opel Insignia2392.1%186251.9%1714
13Renault Megane2252.0%156632.0%159
14BMW 5-Series2221.9%127522.3%1417
15Toyota Corolla2181.9%88602.6%98
16Hyundai ix352181.9%166402.0%1621
17Opel Astra2131.9%176041.9%1816
18VW Polo2071.8%107902.4%1115
19Fiat Panda2041.8%1112250.7%38n/a
20Skoda Superb2021.8%274571.4%2327
21Toyota Auris2011.8%117712.4%1313
22Hyundai i401881.6%264451.4%2499
23Opel Corsa1821.6%195611.7%1919
24Nissan Micra1681.5%214811.5%2118
25Skoda Fabia1651.4%303631.1%2926
26Ford Mondeo1511.3%205041.5%2020
27Audi A61501.3%244311.3%2635
28Kia Cee’d1411.2%442690.8%3431
29Mercedes E Class1361.2%224381.3%2524
30VW Jetta1311.1%234121.3%2741
31Nissan Juke1161.0%253801.2%2822
32Kia Rio1070.9%332910.9%3230
33Seat Ibiza1060.9%382540.8%3625
34VW Tiguan1060.9%492110.6%4351
35Audi A41040.9%313010.9%3023
37Peugeot 508910.8%293000.9%3153
38Fiat Punto890.8%n/a1110.3%62n/a
39Peugeot 3008870.8%n/a1500.5%5034
40Hyundai ix20860.8%322720.8%3342
41Skoda Yeti830.7%402250.7%3944
42Ford C-Max780.7%342580.8%3528
43Peugeot 308690.6%392140.7%4238
44Mercedes C Class660.6%362240.7%4039
45Audi A3660.6%n/a1490.5%5146
46Honda Civic580.5%n/a1230.4%5845
47Audi A5580.5%n/a1150.4%61n/a
48Peugeot 5008570.5%n/a950.3%66n/a
49Hyundai Santa Fe540.5%n/a1280.4%5650
50Hyundai i20530.5%421850.6%4440


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