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USA January 2012: Toyota Camry and Honda Civic up UPDATED

Toyota Camry

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Sales of new vehicles in the USA in January 2012 are up a very healthy 11% to 913,287 registrations. The Ford F-Series unsurprisingly stays on top with 38,493 sales, but for the first time since last April, the Toyota Camry is up to second place at 28,295 units, up an impressive 56% year-on-year thanks to the new generation now widely available. The Chevrolet Silverado, weak this month at -5%, rounds up the podium with 26,850 sales.

Honda Civic

Another excellent month for the Nissan Altima up 36% on January 2011 to #4 and 22,357 units. The Honda Civic is now getting an overdue new generation-related kick, up 5 spots on December to #5 and up 49% year-on-year to 21,883 sales. Same situation for the refreshed Honda CR-V, up 16% to 18,960 units at #6. The Toyota Corolla reaches its best position in the US since March 2011 at #7 albeit at -13% while the Chevrolet Impala is up 28 spots on December to #10.

Honda CR-V

Other great performers this month include the Chevrolet Malibu up 12 ranks to #12, the Ford Focus up 60% year-on-year to #14, Nissan Versa up 13 spots to #26, Mazda3 up 16 ranks to #27 and the Kia Optima reaching a best-ever 29th place with 8,814 sales, up 131% year-on-year.

Kia Optima

Further down the ranking, notice the Subaru Impreza up 108% to #38, the Jeep Liberty up 20 spots on December to #41 and the Mazda2 delivering its best-ever month at #86 with 3,030 sales, up 533% year-on-year. Two models break into the American Top 50 for the very first time in January: the VW Passat up to #47 at 6,318 units and the Chevrolet Sonic at #49 with 5,712 sales.

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Full January 2012 Top 150 Ranking Table below.

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