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Ukraine Full Year 2010: ZAZ Lanos best-seller

ZAZ Lanos

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My cry for help has been heardl! Thanks to Just I can now share with you more recent data for Ukraine. Granted, it is one year old but it’s better than nothing. Like in 2009, the locally-produced ZAZ Lanos is the best-selling model in Ukraine with 9,460 sales.

Renault Logan

Then what I have is the best-seller by category, not a full ranking. Still very insightful. The Chevrolet Aveo leads the light car segment at 5,079 units, the Renault Logan is #1 in the small car segment with 4,978 sales, the VW Passat is #1 in the medium segment at 1,229 units, the Toyota Camry leads the executive segment with 1,843 sales, the Hyundai Tucson leads SUVs at 2,304 units and the very quaint ZAZ Tavria leads the pick-up segment with 1,525 sales.

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