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Latvia Full Year 2011: VW monopolises podium, Nissan Juke #4

VW Tiguan

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Car sales in Latvia are up a huge 78% this year to 8,849 sales, however the market stays far from its pre-crisis levels of 2008 (19,198 units) and 2007 (35,967). The largest segment is still by far the 4WDs with 35% of the market this year. The VW Golf is the best-selling model in the country for the 2nd year in a row with sales up 134% to 558 units and 6.3% share.

Nissan Juke

In fact, Volkswagen monopolises the podium with the Passat up 264% to 309 sales and 3.5% and the Tiguan up 772% to 253 units and 2.9%. The Tiguan was even #1 over the last quarter of 2011 ahead of the Golf with 216 sales and 8.1%… In 4th place and up a mammoth 808% over 2010 is the Nissan Juke with 236 units and 2.7%. Latvia is the Juke’s best country in the world in terms of year-end ranking.

Other great 2011 performers in Latvia include the Opel Astra up to #6, VW Caddy up to #8, Dacia Duster to #16, Suzuki SX4 to #19, Peugeot 5008 to #22 and Kia Sportage to #28. Notice also the Range Rover Evoque landing directly #42 with 58 sales all delievered in the last Quarter when it was #9 overall, Latvia being the first country in the world where the Evoque broke into the Top 10!

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Full Year 2011 Top 100 and Last Quarter 2011 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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