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Austria November 2011: VW Tiguan confirms podium position

VW Tiguan

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The Austrian new car market is up 8% both in November at 30,339 registrations and year-to-date at 332,787 units. Volkswagen continues to dominate the models ranking head and shoulders and monopolises the podium again. The VW Golf is the best-seller for the 21st month in a row with 1,279 sales and 4.2%, reinforcing its 2011 leadership at 15,274 units and 4.6%.

The VW Polo stays #2 with 1,027 sales and 3.4%, adding up to 11,000 units and 3.3% year-to-date. This month’s best performer in Austria is the VW Tiguan again, improving on an already outstanding month of October to reach a very robust 2.8% market share thanks to 856 sales. It is now #13 year-to-date at 1.5%. The Skoda Octavia (#4) and Fabia (#5) exchange positions, both above their 2011 levels.

Further down the ranking, the VW Sharan is back in the Top 10 at #8, the Audi A1 reaches its best score ever in Austria (as it has done in Germany), up to #15 with 438 sales and 1.4%, the Hyundai ix35 is up 21 spots on October to #18 and the Kia Rio is up 13 ranks to #59.

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Full November 2011 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

Austria November 2011:

1VW Golf1,2794.2%115,2744.6%11
2VW Polo1,0273.4%211,0003.3%22
3VW Tiguan8562.8%34,9891.5%1311
4Skoda Octavia7192.4%56,6122.0%68
5Skoda Fabia7012.3%46,9342.1%55
6Opel Astra6762.2%187,6522.3%36
7Seat Ibiza6112.0%87,1092.1%44
8VW Sharan5581.8%195,3291.6%1023
9Renault Scenic5131.7%64,6381.4%1619
10Audi A45001.6%115,2341.6%117
11Ford Fiesta4891.6%74,8161.4%1412
12Audi A34851.6%144,0521.2%2114
13VW Passat4731.6%105,7091.7%920
14Renault Clio4491.5%283,7761.1%2325
15Audi A14381.4%302,5250.8%43 –
16Opel Corsa4231.4%154,8081.4%1510
17Fiat Punto4191.4%323,9771.2%2218
18Hyundai ix354061.3%392,9130.9%37 –
19VW Touran4001.3%164,4021.3%1726
20Citroen C4 Picasso3871.3%223,4571.0%2721
21VW Caddy3851.3%333,1390.9%34 –
22Ford Galaxy3681.2%203,6851.1%2424
23Renault Megane3671.2%174,3511.3%1822
24Nissan Qashqai3571.2%343,4291.0%2829
25Ford C-Max3541.2%263,4261.0%29 –
26VW Golf Plus3511.2%243,6441.1%2632
27VW Bus3451.1%213,1580.9%32 –
28Ford Focus3321.1%294,9981.5%1228
29Skoda Yeti3271.1%572,5370.8%42 –
30Smart Fortwo3201.1%n/a1,2230.4%84 –
31Opel Meriva3141.0%95,9751.8%89
32Kia Cee’d3001.0%124,1831.3%1915
33Peugeot 2072830.9%234,1281.2%2016
34Fiat Panda2830.9%443,1510.9%33 –
35BMW X12810.9%273,2831.0%3027
36Dacia Duster2730.9%492,9710.9%35 –
37Audi A62720.9%421,8770.6%60 –
38Hyundai i302630.9%256,0471.8%73
39Kia Rio2600.9%521,1650.4%85 –
40BMW Serie 12590.9%371,8240.5%63 –
41BMW Serie 52500.8%313,2011.0%31 –
42Hyundai i202450.8%402,9410.9%36 –
43BMW X32310.8%132,6100.8%41 –
44Suzuki Swift2310.8%432,2330.7%55 –
45Seat Alhambra2260.7%352,3930.7%50 –
46Kia Sportage2250.7%482,3090.7%52 –
47Seat Altea2180.7%382,4880.7%47 –
48Toyota Verso2140.7%631,9680.6%59 –
49Hyundai ix202120.7%362,5150.8%45 –
50Opel Insignia2110.7%742,3200.7%5135
51Ford Ka1790.6%n/a1,0850.3%89 –
52Mercedes C Klasse1780.6%472,8800.9%38 –
53Toyota Yaris1760.6%451,6340.5%69 –
54Suzuki SX41740.6%561,6520.5%66 –
56Skoda Superb1700.6%661,9820.6%58 –
57Audi Q51660.5%642,2590.7%54 –
58Fiat 5001630.5%413,6591.1%2513
59Renault Twingo1600.5%871,0690.3%90 –
61Mini1470.5%462,4470.7%48 –
62Seat Leon1450.5%552,6770.8%39 –
63Mazda61440.5%961,4830.4%73 –
64Peugeot 3081430.5%582,2760.7%53 –
65BMW Serie 31420.5%502,5210.8%4433
66Mercedes E Klasse1410.5%711,7610.5%64 –
67Peugeot 5081370.5%721,3330.4%80 –
68Opel Zafira1360.4%542,5030.8%4617
69Peugeot 30081330.4%701,6760.5%65 –
70Skoda Roomster1320.4%761,2870.4%82 –
71Citroen C31300.4%681,9920.6%57 –
72Hyundai i101300.4%841,3970.4%75 –
73Ford Kuga1240.4%611,6000.5%70 –
74Mercedes B Klasse1240.4%n/a1,0570.3%90 –
75Mazda51230.4%771,8670.6%61 –
76Chevrolet Aveo1230.4%671,3860.4%77 –
77Alfa Romeo Giulietta1180.4%532,0830.6%56 –
78Dacia Sandero1130.4%791,2660.4%83 –
79Mitsubishi ASX1120.4%751,6400.5%68 –
80Audi Q31070.4%732410.1%168 –
81Peugeot 206+1060.3%781,8460.6%62 –
82Nissan Juke1020.3%691,1490.3%87 –
83Citroen C3 Picasso990.3%951,6410.5%67 –
84Renault Espace990.3%n/a9660.3%92 –
85Mercedes A Klasse960.3%831,5120.5%72 –
86Chevrolet Cruze950.3%806290.2%115 –
87Suzuki Splash940.3%n/a8320.3%98 –
88Kia Venga920.3%971,3490.4%79 –
89Citroen Berlingo920.3%911,0480.3%91 –
90Kia Picanto910.3%1008550.3%97 –
91VW Jetta900.3%n/a6750.2%112 –
92Fiat Bravo890.3%n/a7930.2%100 –
93Ford S-Max860.3%n/a9430.3%93 –
94Nissan Note850.3%925530.2%126 –
95Suzuki Jimny850.3%866930.2%108 –
96Mitsubishi Colt840.3%891,3610.4%78 –
97Fiat Sedici840.3%n/a6200.2%118 –
98Toyota Auris780.3%n/a1,3950.4%76 –
99Volvo XC60760.3%851,1590.3%86 –
100Renault Modus750.2%907310.2%105 –


This Post Has 17 Comments
  1. Miguel :@Tuga How, for God sake men!!!!! 8 VW Products in the 10 first places and you tell me that this is not manipulate???? Your comments are nonsense and quite sad!!!


    From a random English online dictionary:

    controlling someone or something to your own advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly”

    So does this mean that Austrian people are obliged by the supreme VW powers to buy VAG cars even if they are not willing to? I think all users of this great blog have quite understood the fact that you don’t like Volkswagen, it’s your opinion and we all respect it. But we don’t need to be reminded on nearly every post, and claiming “manipulation” honestly makes no sense. To me, at least.

  2. Miguel :@Tuga How, for God sake men!!!!! 8 VW Products in the 10 first places and you tell me that this is not manipulate???? Your comments are nonsense and quite sad!!!

    Name calling and opinions are not facts, and don’t support your arguments.

    And if you think i’m rude and sad and nonsensical ( and other things too, from other threads ) from calling you out on your ” opinions “, well sir, that is your right to do so. It is also my right to keep at it, and i will.

  3. Miguel :@Tuga How, for God sake men!!!!! 8 VW Products in the 10 first places and you tell me that this is not manipulate???? Your comments are nonsense and quite sad!!!

    We live in a free world, but this is rude.

  4. @Pedro
    Pedro, is not hard to see that the rude person here is Tuga. I respect everybody and any marque. I only write my comments and I´m free to write what I feel and what I think. We all live in afree world!

  5. @ Miguel: i’m wondering what’s your problem ? don’t be surprised if nobody takes you serious here. try to accept other opinions. i for example don’t like ford or fiat, but i can live with the fact that you do.

    on topic: count the toyota-models in the japan-top 20 or fiat-group-models in italy-top 20 oder vauxhalls in uk-top 20 and tell us what you think about that ? manipulation or just peoples choice like in austria ?

    1. Hey Miguel.
      I have to say I’m getting a little tired of your ‘evil VW’ comments.
      If Ford had 8 models in any country’s monthly Top 10 you’d call it an amazing performance.
      VAG having 8 models in the Austrian Top 10 is simply an amazing performance, meaning they have nailed the product/brand differentiation/marketing mix to maximise sales on all 4 brands for most models.
      Nothing more, nothing less.

  6. Renault is quite strong in Austria. But Peugeot and Citroën are very bad…only two models in the top 50.

    Markets without national industries are often interesting…but this one is really boring…5 VAG in the five first ranks, and 8 in the top 10…

  7. Miguel :In fact VW was born in Austria!

    If by that you mean that Ferry Porsche copied the original Type 60 designs off some Tatra that happened to be designed by an Austrian ( and really, how can that NOT be what you meant, lol ) then yes. Yes it was.

    By that same, ahem, ” logic “, VW is the reason Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. Oooh, that evil VW… *shakes fist into the air

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