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Philippines: 1995-2022 Historical Data now available

1995 Toyota Tamaraw FX

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Thanks to Michael Belmonte, I am now able to share with you Philippines Historical Data for the last 25 years. After hitting a high of 162,000 units in 1996, car sales in the Philippines were hit full frontal by the financial crisis and had to wait until 2007 to pass the 100,000 mark again. The Filipino market is fascinating in the way models virtually unknown anywhere else are top sellers here.

1998 Mitsubishi Adventure

For example, the Toyota Tamaraw FX was #2 in 1995 and 1997, the Toyota Revo topped the ranking for 6 consecutive years between 1998 and 2004, peaking at 15.3% share in 1999 and passing the relay to the Toyota Innova in 2005. Mitsubishi has been the 2nd best-selling brand in the Philippines for the last 15 years (except in 1998 when it ranked #1): the Mitsubishi Adventure launched in 1998, ranked 2nd in 2000 and 2001 and is still in the Top 10 nowadays…

Toyota Revo

The Isuzu Crosswind peaked at #2 as well in 2002 and has been one of the Top 10 best-selling vehicles in the Philippines for the last 10 years… Other successful (albeit more familiar) models in the country over the last 15 years include the Toyota Corolla, Vios & Fortuner, the Honda Civic, City & CR-V, the Mitsubishi Lancer and Nissan Sentra.

Philippines Historical Data:

Philippines 1995-1996: Toyota Corolla and Tamaraw FX dominate

Philippines 1997-1998: Market plunges but Toyota Corolla resists

Philippines 1999-2001: Toyota Revo and Mitsubishi Adventure on top

Philippines 2002-2004: Toyota Revo and Isuzu Crosswind shine

Philippines 2005-2007: Toyota Innova takes the lead

Philippines 2008-2009: Toyota Vios now ahead of Innova

Philippines 2010: Toyota Vios and Mitsubishi Montero Sport shine

Philippines 2011: Stable ranking in solid market

Philippines 2012: Toyota leads, Mitsubishi at world best

Philippines 2013: Toyota and Mitsubishi kings in record market

Philippines 2014: Toyota leads in record market up 27%

Philippines 2015: Sixth consecutive all-time record at 323.928 sales

Philippines 2016: Toyota Vios leads, Fortuner shines in 7th consecutive record year

Philippines 2017: First win for Toyota Fortuner, 8th record year

Philippines 2018: Toyota leads, Nissan up 39.8% in first market decline since 2004

Philippines 2019: Toyota up 39.3% share, MG lands in Top 10 in market up 2%

Philippines 2020: Sales down -40.3%, Toyota improves share, Geely up

Philippines 2021: Toyota monopolises Top 6 in market up 18.6%

Philippines 2022: Toyota places 8 models in Top 10, sales up 26.6%

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