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Netherlands October 2011: Ford Ka up to 4th place UPDATED

Ford Ka

* NOW UPDATED with Kia Rio sales – See the Top 100 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

Dutch car sales are up a shy 1% this month at 44,052 registrations while the year-to-date total is up a much healthier 14% at 497,940 units. The podium is unchanged vs. September and identical to the year-to-date ranking again: the VW Polo rules with 2,558 sales and 5.8% share this month and 22,539 and 4.5% year-to-date.

The Peugeot 107 and Renault Twingo follow at 1,782 and 1,758 units respectively, both at 4% market share. This month’s best performer is the Ford Ka, up 9 spots on September to reach an excellent 4th place with 1,361 sales and 3.1%. It is #12 year-to-date. The Toyota Aygo is down one spot to #5 while the Kia Picanto lodges another very strong month at #6 with 1,118 units and 2.5%. The Opel Agila also delivers an outstanding month at #7 with 966 sales and 2.2% vs. #30 and 0.9% year-to-date…

Kia Rio

The other impressive performer this month is the new generation Kia Rio, up a massive 36 spots on September to land #16 with 755 units and 1.7% share. Notice also the Peugeot 508 up 9 spots to #11, the Opel Insignia also up 8 spots to #22, the BMW 1 Series up 14 spots to #30, the Nissan Micra up 23 ranks to #41 and the Suzuki Splash up 26 spots to #44.

Previous month: Netherlands September 2011 Kia Picanto up to #5

Full October 2011 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

Netherlands October 2011:

1VW Polo2,5595.8%122,5394.5%11
2Peugeot 1071,7824.0%218,8123.8%22
3Renault Twingo1,7584.0%318,2483.7%313
4Ford Ka1,3613.1%139,5021.9%128
5Toyota Aygo1,2592.9%412,5032.5%43
6Kia Picanto1,1182.5%57,6951.5%1829
7Opel Agila9662.2%154,5120.9%3039
8Opel Corsa9472.1%611,5692.3%77
9VW Golf9342.1%711,9782.4%64
10Ford Focus9342.1%1410,1172.0%1018
11Peugeot 5088792.0%206,5441.3%22 –
12Seat Ibiza8762.0%1612,2202.5%515
13VW Passat8652.0%119,0311.8%1622
14Ford Fiesta8591.9%811,2062.3%85
15Citroen C17881.8%189,9362.0%116
16Skoda Fabia7461.7%129,4761.9%1319
17Opel Astra7241.6%1010,2182.1%912
18Renault Clio7221.6%416,5351.3%2325
19Fiat Punto6431.5%299,4441.9%1417
20Renault Megane5901.3%227,1501.4%2111
21Opel Insignia5531.3%302,9760.6%5037
22Citroen C35281.2%265,6711.1%2446
23Fiat Panda5271.2%219,1511.8%159
24Renault Scenic5091.2%373,8230.8%4024
25Suzuki Alto4921.1%177,1611.4%2010
26Chevrolet Spark4751.1%244,7861.0%2930
27Fiat 5004681.1%197,2461.5%1916
28Audi A44481.0%284,2510.9%3127
29BMW 1-Series4471.0%443,1230.6%46 –
30Skoda Octavia4301.0%235,4201.1%2526
31Nissan Qashqai4150.9%344,1980.8%3328
32Audi A33990.9%383,6190.7%4135
33Volvo V503980.9%602,6950.5%5542
34Volvo V703940.9%433,5880.7%4251
35Peugeot 3083780.9%672,9830.6%4938
36Hyundai ix353740.8%573,8360.8%3932
37Citroen DS33640.8%553,5340.7%43 –
38Hyundai i103540.8%98,1181.6%1720
39Suzuki Swift3270.7%365,1721.0%2641
40Nissan Micra3270.7%641,6560.3%87 –
41BMW 3-Series3230.7%314,2130.8%3233
42Kia Sportage3190.7%254,9541.0%2865
43Suzuki Splash2960.7%701,7140.3%86 –
44Peugeot 2072900.7%424,0460.8%3523
45Alfa Romeo MiTo2780.6%612,5950.5%57 –
46BMW 5-Series2740.6%403,9170.8%3740
47Skoda Superb2740.6%542,6620.5%56 –
48Toyota Auris2700.6%335,0741.0%2743
49Toyota Yaris2610.6%523,9340.8%3621
50Hyundai ix202530.6%633,9000.8%38 –
51Opel Meriva2440.6%504,0620.8%3434
52Citroen C4 Picasso2440.6%832,4020.5%62 –
53Ford C-Max2410.5%392,7900.6%53 –
54Alfa Romeo Giulietta2400.5%872,2580.5%67 –
55VW Tiguan2340.5%982,3030.5%6564
56Toyota Verso-S2290.5%321,9190.4%77 –
57VW Touran2270.5%583,3950.7%4477
58Mercedes A-Class2270.5%352,0100.4%72 –
60Mercedes C-Class2130.5%462,8070.6%5258
61Audi A62080.5%682,1970.4%68 –
62Seat Altea2050.5%902,3540.5%64 –
63Audi A11890.4%622,8390.6%51 –
64Peugeot 30081880.4%733,0480.6%4845
65Volvo V601770.4%592,4810.5%59 –
66Seat Leon1770.4%1071,6060.3%88 –
67Mazda21680.4%272,0000.4%73 –
68Ford Mondeo1620.4%492,2800.5%6644
69Mitsubishi Colt1530.3%722,0770.4%7150
70Peugeot 50081490.3%653,2170.6%4536
71Skoda Yeti1490.3%841,4120.3%95 –
72Honda Jazz1450.3%511,7430.4%84 –
73VW Jetta1420.3%471,0590.2%105 –
74VW Golf Plus1410.3%742,1040.4%6957
75Volvo S601400.3%791,5010.3%90 –
76Nissan Juke1350.3%532,4050.5%61 –
77Volvo XC601350.3%821,8550.4%79 –
78Lexus CT1320.3%691,9830.4%74 –
79Mitsubishi ASX1310.3%752,3610.5%63 –
80Citroen C41280.3%851,8390.4%80 –
81Kia Venga1240.3%712,7490.6%5449
82Mercedes E-Class1220.3%561,7820.4%82 –
83Citroen DS41220.3%895920.1%120 –
84Hyundai i201180.3%452,4630.5%6048
85Kia Cee’d1180.3%772,0780.4%7047
86Ford S-Max1160.3%1061,0030.2%107 –
87Hyundai i301130.3%781,9200.4%76 –
88Hyundai i401130.3%804660.1%n/a –
89Renault Laguna1100.2%911,2310.2%99 –
90Mini Countryman1090.2%951,1220.2%103 –
91Citroen C51060.2%1041,4140.3%94 –
92Opel Zafira1020.2%1011,4650.3%92 –
93Toyota Prius990.2%763,0590.6%4714
94Audi A5940.2%881,8290.4%81 –
95Toyota Verso910.2%971,3680.3%96 –
96Dacia Duster900.2%921,9080.4%78 –
97Toyota Avensis900.2%861,7610.4%83 –
98Mitsubishi Outlander890.2%n/a1,1350.2%102 –
99Chevrolet Aveo880.2%931,1800.2%101 –
100Nissan Pixo870.2%481,7400.3%8531


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  1. @matgasnier

    True, it’s because of the very low numbers of the previous Rio. Kia had sold 3 Rio’s in the first 7 months of this year, thus the publishers decided to exclude the Rio. They will likely fix that soon.

    The Opel Agila, Suzuki Splash and Nissan Micra (1.2 DIG-S) are gaining because of the addition of road tax-free versions. By the way, the Ford Ka is the only A-segment city car in the Top 100 without a road tax-free version.
    The only B-segment hatchbacks in the Top 100 without tax-free versions are the Suzuki Swift, Peugeot 207, Mini, Mitsubishi Colt, Hyundai i20 and Chevrolet Aveo (however, a tax-free 1.3 diesel version have already been announced and will be available from January next year).

  2. @ Matt: you forgot the Kia Rio in the list (which performs outstanding!):
    KIA OVERIGE 755 (YTD 1.164)
    Overige = other, those are all Rio’s

    1. Hey Rutger thanks! I was wondering about that, it’s weird that RAI Vereniging doesn’t specify it’s the Rio… Will change my article shortly.

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