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China LCV September 2011: Wuling Sunshine unstoppable

Wuling Sunshine

* See ‘Read more’ for the Top 5 best-selling models – LCVs and all vehicles! *

Light Commercial Vehicles sales in China are still down year-on-year in September but by a smaller margin: -2% to 420,814 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 3,711,732 units at -6%. The Wuling Sunshine goes from strength to strength and bucks the trend at +15% year-on-year and a massive 68,771 sales in just 30 days! This is only the third time in the last 12 months that the Sunshine is above 60,000 monthly units.

These 68,771 sales are to be compared to the 54,410 Ford F-Series sold in the US over the same period, and the 47,731 VW Golfs sold in the whole of Europe in September… The Sunshine year-to-date total now stands at 543,212 units, down 11%. Wuling manages a 1-2 again this month with the Rongguang/Xingwang at #2 with 35,973 sales, up an impressive 37% on September 2010. It is 3rd year-to-date at 284,142 sales (+38%) behind the Foton Forland at 295,211 units (-5%).

This means 4 of the 5 best-selling vehicles in China in September are Light Commercial Vehicles, the Buick Excelle coming in at #4. See ‘Read more’ below for the Top 5 All Vehicles Ranking…

Previous month: see the Chinese LCV August 2011 Top 5 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 LCV and All Vehicles Top 5 Ranking Tables below.

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Algeria September 2011: Chevrolet Sail up to #4

Chevrolet Sail

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The Algerian car market continues to impress and should finish the year above 250,000 units. The Renault Symbol is in the lead again in September with 2,537 sales but is threatened by the Hyundai Atos at 2,370 units. The Symbol is #1 in the 2011 year-to-date ranking by a large margin with 24,712 sales vs. 13,278 for the Atos. The Hyundai Accent is #3 both this month and YTD.

The Chinese-imported Chevrolet Sail reaches new heights in Algeria, breaking into the monthly Top 5 for the very first time to land in 4th position this month with 1,048 sales, just above the Suzuki Alto at 1,017 units. The Dacia Logan has definitely lost touch with the podium at #6 with 803 sales, while the Kia Picanto is up 7 spots on August to #7.

Haima Family

Further down the ranking, notice the Seat Ibiza up to #11, the VW Tiguan up to #15, the Nissan Micra at #18 and the Renault Fluence at #26. There are two more Chinese models in the Top 40: the Chery QQ at #29 with 127 sales and the Haima Family at #39 and 98 units.

Previous month: see the Algerian August 2011 Top 35 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 Top 40 and year-to-date Top 7 Ranking Tables below.

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Russia September 2011: Hyundai Solaris up to #4 for the first time

Hyundai Solaris

* See the Top 20 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Russian car sales are up another 26% in September with 235,552 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 1,921,282 units, up a massive 45% over the same period in 2010, or nearly 600,000 additional sales! The Lada Priora is #1 for the 4th time in the last 5 months with 13,669 sales and 5.8%, however it has still not managed to topple the Lada Kalina from its 2011 lead.

The Kalina, #2 this month at 12,129 sales and 5.1%, totals 109,785 units so far in 2011 vs. 107,959 for the Priora. The Lada Samara is #3 like last month at 10,901 sales 4.6%. Up one spot over August, the Hyundai Solaris reaches its best position so far at #4 with 9,479 registrations and 4% share, passing the Lada 2104-2107 for the very first time. This is a very rare event: only a handful of foreign models (Renault Logan, Ford Focus) have managed to enter the Top 4 best-selling cars in Russia over the last decade!

Kia Sportage

The Ford Focus is back in shape at #6 with 3.1% thanks to the new generation, the Lada 4×4 (aka Niva) stays solid at #7, the VW Polo enjoys its third consecutive month in the Top 10 and the Kia Sportage is back in the Top 20 at #18 after a year-long absence.

Previous month: see the Russian August 2011 Top 25 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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Mexico September 2011: Nissan Tsuru back to #1, Versa #3

Nissan Versa

* NOW UPDATED with actuals for the Top 10 best-selling models: see ‘Read more’ *

Mexican car sales continue to impress at +12% both in September at 73,997 registrations and year-to-date at 631,336 units. For the first time since March and only the third time this year the Nissan Tsuru is back in pole position with 5,029 sales and 6.8% while the VW Clasico is down to #2 at 4,769 units and 6.4%. The Clasico is still #1 year-to-date at 7.1% share vs. 6.8% for the Tsuru.

The Nissan Versa confirms it is now a force to be reckoned with in the Mexican models ranking at #3 for the 2nd month in a row with 3,416 sales and 4.6% share. It is followed by the Chevrolet Aveo (3.9%) and Nissan Tiida sedan (3.6%). The new Nissan March stays 7th this month with 2,301 units and 3.1% share of the Mexican market. It is now #10 in the 2011 year-to-date ranking.

Previous month: see the Mexican August 2011 Top 12 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Mauritius 2010: Old gen Nissan March & Sunny likely leaders

Nissan March

* This post is based on recent YouTube videos of the streets of Mauritius *

We welcome country #160 on BestSellingCarsBlog: Mauritius! This island located in the Indian Ocean mainly favours Japanese models, with Nissan looking like a stand-out winner. The previous generations Nissan March and Sunny are still on sale in the country and should lead the models ranking, with the March a clear favourite among rental car companies.

Nissan Sunny

The Mauritian car landscape is a mix of small cars like the Toyota Yaris, Mitsubishi Colt or Honda Jazz and pick-ups like the Isuzu D-Max, Nissan Hardbody and Mitsubishi Triton but interestingly the current gen Toyota Hilux is quasi inexistant. Similarly there are a lot of old gen Toyota Corollas on the streets but the current gen is sparse. Notice also a bit of French influence with the Renault Clio and Peugeot 308 doing well, as well as the Chinese discreetly making their mark with the Great Wall Hover.

See ‘Read more’ below for street scenes and videos.

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Chile July 2011: Nissan Tiida, Terrano & Chevrolet Sail on top

Chevrolet Sail

* See ‘Read more’ for the Top 12 best-selling models – thanks to Matthias for the tip! *

For the first time in 2011 I can share with you a Chilean models ranking. Car sales in Chile are up a massive 32% year-on-year over the first 7 months of 2011 at 187,736 units. Three models sit within 0.1% share of each other on the podium: the Nissan Tiida is the best-selling model in the country over the period with 7,739 sales and 4.1% share, but is closely followed by the Chevrolet Sail, imported from China, at 7,674 units. The Sail was even #1 over the 1st half of the year.

Nissan Tiida

The Nissan Terrano (aka Frontier, the previous gen Navara) rounds up the podium and leads the commercial vehicles ranking with 7,549 sales and 4% share. The Terrano has been the best-selling pick-up in Chile for the last 6 years. The Chevrolet Spark is #4 at 6,979 units and 3.7%, followed by the 2010 market leader, the Hyundai Accent down to #5 with 5,309 sales and 2.8%.

Nissan Terrano

Notice the Samsung SM3 holding itself very well in 7th place at 2.5% share and the Suzuki Alto breaking into the overall Top 10 at 1.9%. In the SUV ranking, the Hyundai New Tucson (2,326 sales) and Santa Fe (2,226) dominate, while the Great Wall Hover ranks #10 at 975 units. In the commercial vehicles segment, the SsangYong Actyon (2,662 sales) takes the 3rd spot and the VW Amarok ranks #9 at 1,253 units.

Previous post: see the Chilean Full Year 2010 article here.

Full 7 months 2011 Top 12, SUV & pick-up Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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Brazil mid-October 2011: Fiat Uno leader of eventful ranking

Fiat Uno

* See the Top 150 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Brazilian car sales are up a shy 1.5% over the first half of October at 142,327 registrations. For the first time in 6 months, the Fiat Uno manages to hold the pole position in the country with 11,672 sales and 8.2% share, leaving the VW Gol in 2nd place at 11,387 units and 8%. This is actually quite an eventful period, with a lot of movement in the ranking.

The Renault Sandero improves again and reaches the #6 spot for the first time ever with 4,622 sales and 3.2%. The Hyundai Veloster is up no less than 90 spots on September to a very impressive 32nd place at 1,076 units and 0.8%, the Chevrolet Cruze is up 27 spots to #34 with 1,044 sales and 0.7% and the JAC J3 is back in the Top 50 at #47 with 707 sales and 0.5%.

Hyundai Veloster

Further down the ranking, the Fiat 500 is up 16 ranks to #52 at 673 units, the Nissan March is up 57 spots to #74 with 469 sales, the Renault Duster gains 63 places at #77 and 435 units and the new generation Hyundai Elantra lands directly at #93 with 270 sales.

Previous post: see the Brazilian September 2011 Top 150 best-selling models here.

Full mid-October 2011 Top 150 Ranking Table below.

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Latvia September 2011: VW Passat up to #2

VW Passat

* See the Top 100 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Car sales in Latvia are up a massive 77% year-on-year over the first 9 months of 2011 at 6,191 registrations, albeit compared to an extremely weak period in 2010. VW trusts the first two spots of the models ranking with the VW Golf a distant leader at 362 units and 5.8% followed by the VW Passat with 221 sales and 3.6%. The Toyota Avensis rounds up the podium at 183 units and 3%.


The Opel Astra (+2 spots on the 7 months ranking), Nissan Juke (+2 also to a fantastic 6th place), VW Caddy (+1) and Nissan Qashqai (+1) are the other Top 10 models to progress. Other great performers over the last two months include the VW Jetta at #32, the Audi Q5 at #51 and the BMW X3 at #63.

Previous post: see the July 2011 Top 75 best-selling models here.

Full 9 months 2011 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

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Norway September 2011: VW Golf leads, Volvo in shape UPDATED

Volvo XC60

* Now updated with the Top 70 best-selling models: see ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Many thanks to Alexander for the data!

Good month for car sales in Norway, up 5% at 11,737 registrations and bringing the 2011 year-to-date total to 102,895 units, up 8%. The VW Golf unsurprisingly keeps the lead with 608 sales and 5.3% share, ahead of the new generation Ford Focus at 440 units and the Nissan Qashqai at 430 sales, both at 3.7% share. The VW Passat is down 3 spots to #5 and 2.9%.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV 

Volvo shines and places the V70 at #4 with 372 sales (3.2%, #7 year-to-date), the XC60 at #8 (2.6%, #19 YTD) and the V60 at #9 (2.1%, #13 YTD). The Mitsubishi ASX has the first month off of its Norwegian career at just 107 sales (0.9%) and #35. It is however still #3 year-to-date at 3,264 sales and 3.2%.

Notice the Mitsubishi i-MiEV up to #17 with 165 sales and 1.4% share, the BMW X3 up to #24 at 133 units and the Peugeot 308 up to #25 at 121 sales.

Previous month: see the Norwegian August Top 20 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 Top 70 Ranking Table below.

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Trinidad & Tobago 2011: Toyota Hilux should hold pole position

Toyota Hilux

* Click on title for street videos! *

* This post is based on recent YouTube videos of streets of Trinidad & Tobago *

We welcome country #157 on BestSellingCarsBlog: Trinidad & Tobago. The car landscape in these two Caribean Islands is mostly Japanese, with pick-up trucks seemingly dominating the models ranking. I can pretty confidently say that the Toyota Hilux is the best-selling car in the country but this domination looks like it only dates back to the launch of the current generation of the model.

Nissan Wingroad

There is a very strong Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sunny heritage on the roads, but since the Sunny name was dropped this seems to have translated into strong sales of the Bluebird Sylphy and more interestingly the Wingroad, Trinidadian consumers being very fond of station wagons.

Nissan Frontier. Picture by Funkatronik, all rights reserved.

The Nissan Frontier and Navara, still both on Nissan’s catalogue, seem to be the other two top selling pick-ups. Other successful models are the previous gen Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda CR-V, Suzuki APV, Toyota Hiace and Mazda BT-50.

If you have detailed sales data for Trinidad & Tobago please make sure to get in touch!

Click on ‘Read more’ below for street videos.

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