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Iran September 2011: Saipa Pride excels, Peugeot 207i gears up

Peugeot 207i. Picture by Afshin Khaledi, all rights reserved.

* See ‘Read more’ for the Top 8 best-selling models. Many thanks to Afshin for the data! *

The Saipa Pride is still the best-selling car in Iran by a very large margin with 47,261 sales: compare that with the 54,410 Ford F-Series sold in the US during the same month and you’ll have a better idea of how massive that figure is! The Peugeot 405 is still very valiant in spite of its 24 years of age, selling 16,808 units in September – to be compared with the 6,427 Peugeot 207 sold in France during the same period.

Peugeot places 2 models on the podium with the 206 at 15,557 units, up 44% on August, followed by the Iran Khodro Samand at 12,437 units. The Renault Tondar 90 (aka Logan) is still 4th but up 31% on last month at 8,586 sales. The Saipa Tiba at 2,941 units and the Peugeot 207i at 1,463 sales are still quite low but in significant increase: respectively 30% and 178% on August…

Previous month: see the Iranian August 2011 Top 10 most produced models here.

Full September 2011 Top 8 Ranking Table below.

Saipa Pride

Iran September 2011:

(Shahrivar, the 6th month of the year in the Iranian calendar, goes from 23 August to 22 September)

1Saipa Pride47,26138,5651
2Peugeot 40516,80817,8832
3Peugeot 20615,55710,7903
4Iran Khodro Samand12,4377,7874
5Renault Tondar 908,5866,5785
6Peugeot Pars7,872n/a
7Saipa Tiba2,9412,2686
8Peugeot 207i1,4635279


Note: August figures are production figures.

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