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Greece September 2011: Corsa, Aygo and Astra on top

Toyota Aygo

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For the second month in a row, Greek car sales are actually up year-on-year at +12% and 6,002 registrations in September. The year-to-date total is however down 35% at 79,214 units. For the 8th month this year, the Opel Corsa is in pole position at a very robust 7% share thanks to 473 sales. It is #1 year-to-date at 4,744 units and 6%.

#14 in July and #6 in August, the Toyota Aygo is up another 4 spots this month to #2 with 378 sales and 5.6%, and up to #9 year-to-date. Very good performances of the Opel Astra at #3 and 4.8% and the Toyota Auris at #4 and 4.4%. The Citroen C1 at #13 (+47 spots on August), Mercedes C Class at #14 (+40) and Honda Jazz at #17 (+48) also shine.

Previous month: see the Greek August 2011 Top 50 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Greece September 2011:

1Opel Corsa4737.0%14,7446.0%13
2Toyota Aygo3785.6%61,8182.3%914
3Opel Astra3244.8%42,8323.6%55
4Toyota Auris2974.4%32,5263.2%67
5Ford Fiesta2623.9%52,9173.7%42
6VW Polo1952.9%83,1654.0%34
7Hyundai i201952.9%101,6032.0%1412
8VW Golf1712.5%91,7352.2%119
9Fiat Panda1702.5%122,4003.0%86
10Suzuki Swift1662.5%141,1341.4%1921
11Seat Ibiza1432.1%161,6332.1%1317
12Skoda Octavia1402.1%181,7392.2%1010
13Citroen C11241.8%608081.0%2844
14Mercedes C-Class1201.8%544980.6%4848
15Nissan Micra1161.7%112,4573.1%718
16Hyundai i101151.7%71,6942.1%128
17Honda Jazz851.3%655410.7%4645
18Skoda Fabia821.2%201,1691.5%1723
19Kia Picanto821.2%136760.9%37 –
20Smart Fortwo771.1%231,2091.5%1620
21Fiat Grande Punto771.1%349231.2%2522
22Mercedes A-Class771.1%416960.9%35 –
23Peugeot 107751.1%191,1211.4%2042
24Chevrolet Spark721.1%221,2171.5%1526
25VW Tiguan711.1%557951.0%3134
26Fiat 500701.0%321,0351.3%2227
27Nissan Qashqai701.0%171,0031.3%2311
28Opel Insignia691.0%389421.2%2413
29VW Passat641.0%217060.9%3446
30Nissan Juke610.9%287851.0%3299
31Peugeot 207580.9%398071.0%2925
32Seat Leon570.8%318551.1%2632
33Kia Ceed570.8%267991.0%3024
34Alfa Romeo Giulietta570.8%437541.0%3371
35Audi A1570.8%355910.7%4187
36Hyundai i30560.8%n/a6870.9%3616
37Ford Focus540.8%271,1561.5%1819
38Alfa Romeo Mi.To520.8%475520.7%4555
39Skoda Roomster500.7%643130.4%65 –
40Toyota Avensis490.7%296240.8%3831
41Toyota Yaris480.7%23,2804.1%21
42Mitsubishi ASX480.7%248221.0%2789
43Audi A3470.7%425920.7%4035
45Ford Ka440.7%364730.6%5143
46Dacia Duster430.6%255030.6%4784
47Audi A4430.6%623570.5%58 –
48Citroen C3410.6%151,1021.4%2115
49Suzuki Alto390.6%484380.6%5429
50Toyota iQ390.6%403530.4%6039


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  1. Hey Matt,

    The Alfa Giulietta is missing on this list! According to your own source, Alfa sold 57 Giulietta’s in September 😉

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