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Canada September 2011: Honda Civic back in shape UPDATED

Acura MDX

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 140 best-selling models: see ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Many thanks to Alvo Errado for the tip!

Car sales in Canada are down slightly in September at -0.4% and 134,544 registrations. After 4 months of Hyundai Elantra domination, the Honda Civic reclaims its Passenger Cars ranking pole position thanks to the arrival of the new generation in dealerships with 4,727 sales and 3.5% share, up 54% on August.

Honda Civic

In the overall ranking, the Ford F-Series is headed towards another record year with no less than 10,039 sales this month for an enormous 7.5% market share. The Dodge RAM takes the 2nd spot at 6,167 units and 4.6% and the Dodge Grand Caravan is #4 with 4,214 sales and 3.1%. Notice the VW Jetta up to an excellent 11th place, the Kia Sorento up to #18 and the Nissan Rogue up to #24.

Further down the ranking, the Acura MDX is up to #48, the newly launched Mitsubishi RVR (aka ASX) lands in 54th place, the Hyundai Veloster impresses with 568 sales at #61, the Nissan Juke is up to #66 and the Cadillac SRX is up to #105.

Previous month: see the Canadian August 2011 Top 10 best-selling Passenger Cars here.

Full September 2011 Top 140 Ranking Table below.

Canada September 2011:

1Ford F-Series10,0397.5%174,62011
2Dodge RAM6,1674.6%248,44725
3Honda Civic4,7273.5%837,77442
4Dodge Grand Caravan4,2143.1%444,00433
5Hyundai Elantra3,7152.8%336,652511
6Ford Escape3,7072.8%535,32268
7GMC Sierra3,4052.5%634,04676
9Chevrolet Silverado3,0072.2%929,43687
10Toyota Corolla2,9262.2%1327,608114
11VW Jetta2,4021.8%1720,9691336
12Ford Focus2,2981.7%1220,9331414
13Chevrolet Cruze2,1971.6%1127,61710 –
14Honda CR-V2,1311.6%2918,0811613
15Hyundai Accent2,0201.5%1617,8101712
16Dodge Journey1,9361.4%1023,2861216
17Hyundai Santa Fe1,7481.3%1420,016159
18Kia Sorento1,6841.3%2411,6962544
19Ford Ranger1,6471.2%2012,9852317
20Toyota Matrix1,5651.2%3511,0152719
21Ford Edge1,5571.2%2112,3222423
22Chevrolet Equinox1,5461.1%1917,6631820
23Hyundai Sonata1,4901.1%3113,3412126
24Nissan Rogue1,4731.1%4510,5602830
25VW Golf1,4371.1%2711,0712622
26Toyota Venza1,4271.1%449,4552935
27Toyota RAV41,3741.0%2515,3901915
28Jeep Wrangler1,2811.0%1813,0532238
29Ford Fusion1,2090.9%1515,2522018
30Kia Soul1,2090.9%389,4073040
31Ford Fiesta1,1970.9%2896
32Kia Forte1,1610.9%2328
33Hyundai Tucson1,1050.8%3234
34Toyota Camry1,0810.8%3333
35Honda Odyssey1,0420.8%5350
36Toyota Sienna1,0030.7%3641
37BMW 3-Series9850.7%4032
38Ford Explorer9410.7%4881
39Nissan Versa9180.7%2221
40Mercedes C Class9140.7%5753
41Chrysler 2008910.7%56n/a
42Kia Sportage8770.7%4389
43Toyota Yaris8730.6%5125
44Subaru Forester8620.6%n/a47
45Nissan Sentra8130.6%2624
46Nissan Altima7520.6%3429
47GMC Terrain7420.6%3742
48Acura MDX7330.5%6662
50Jeep Patriot7180.5%4739
51Jeep Grand Cherokee7150.5%4160
52Honda Accord7100.5%3027
53Subaru Outback6460.5%n/a59
54Mitsubishi RVR6460.5% – –
55Lexus RX6230.5%6556
56Chevrolet Malibu6130.5%4631
57Nissan Murano5950.4%n/a91
58Mazda CX-75900.4%n/a79
59Kia Rio5860.4%6049
60Audi A45680.4%6768
61Hyundai Veloster5680.4% – –
62Toyota Tacoma5600.4%n/a48
63Chevrolet Sonic/Aveo5570.4%4958
64Toyota Tundra5450.4%n/a52
65Mitsubishi Lancer5420.4%5545
66Nissan Juke5110.4%n/a –
67Jeep Compass5100.4%n/a74
68Fiat 5005080.4%52 –
69BMW X14860.4%n/an/a
70BMW X54810.4%7686
71Kia Rondo4760.4%5457
73Lincoln MKX4460.3%6982
74Honda Pilot4460.3%n/a72
75Audi Q54360.3%75n/a
76Chevrolet Impala4120.3%6437
77Mitsubishi Outlander4090.3%n/a54
78Mazda Tribute4030.3%n/a63
79Dodge Avenger4000.3%7292
80Mercedes GLK3940.3%6265
81Acura TL3900.3%89n/a
82Subaru Impreza3850.3%6146
83Toyota Highlander3850.3%n/an/a
84Chrysler Town & Country3620.3%6378
85Infiniti G3580.3%7476
86BMW X33540.3%71n/a
87Nissan Frontier3530.3%n/an/a
89Chrysler 3003460.3%8384
90Nissan Titan3410.3%n/an/a
91Chevrolet Traverse3370.3%n/a61
92Mercedes E Class3360.2%8085
93Dodge Charger3230.2%4270
94Hyundai Genesis3200.2%n/a80
95VW Tiguan3050.2%n/a64
96GMC Acadia3030.2%n/a73
97Chevrolet Avalanche3010.2%n/a90
98VW Passat2830.2%95n/a
99Kia Optima2820.2%98n/a
100Subaru Legacy2690.2%7998
101Mini Countryman2640.2%n/a –
102Acura RDX2630.2%78n/a
103Buick Enclave2630.2%n/an/a
104Honda Fit2610.2%7366
105Cadillac SRX2570.2%n/an/a
106Jeep Liberty2540.2%99
107Ford Mustang2450.2%67
108Suzuki SX42390.2%69
109Mercedes G/GL Class2350.2%n/a
110Lexus IS2340.2%85n/a
111BMW 5-Series2280.2%92n/a
112Chevrolet Camaro2270.2%75
113Mercedes M Class2200.2%8893
114Cadillac CTS2120.2%84n/a
115Toyota 4Runner2100.2%n/a
116Chevrolet Tahoe2100.2%n/a
117Mini Cooper2010.1%7077
118Dodge Durango2010.1%n/a
119Nissan Maxima1980.1%n/a
120Buick Regal1940.1%77n/a
121Chevrolet Colorado1810.1%n/a
122VW GTI1800.1%n/a
123Infiniti EX1770.1%96n/a
124Lexus ES1720.1%93n/a
125GMC Yukon1720.1%n/a
126Scion tC1650.1%n/a
127Acura CSX1630.1%91n/a
128Buick LaCrosse1580.1%6887
129Scion xB1540.1%n/a
130Volvo S601540.1%n/a
131Ford Taurus1530.1%5883
132GMC Canyon1530.1%n/a
133Smart ForTwo1520.1%99n/a
134Audi Q71500.1%100n/a
135Audi A51470.1%n/a
136Chevrolet Volt1430.1%n/a
137Ford Flex1410.1%71
138Nissan Pathfinder1370.1%n/a
139Lexus CT1350.1%n/a
140Chevrolet Suburban1340.1%n/a


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  1. Hi Matt! According to “Guia do automóvel”, a small Portuguese pocket car magazine here the 7 best selling cars in September in Portugal. The sales droped dramaticaly, more than 40% due to the huge crisis and dark economical and social situation.
    3 – VW GOLF VI
    6 – CITROEN C1
    7 – PEUGEOT 207

    1. Hi Miguel,
      Thanks for this. Is there any way you could scan the table on the magazine and email it to me? Also are there sales figures for each model?

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