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Australia September 2011: Toyota Corolla on top UPDATED

Toyota Corolla

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 80 best-selling models: see ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Australian car sales are up year-on-year for the 2nd month in a row in September at 88,819 registrations (+2%), putting the year-to-date total (752,128 units, -4%) now in line to break the million mark by year-end for the fourth time only in Australian history. For the first time since January, the Toyota Corolla takes the lead with 3,766 sales and 4.2% but stays 5th year-to-date at 25,144 units and 3.3%.

Holden Commodore

The Holden Commodore ranks 2nd at 3,712 units and 4.2%, reclaiming the 2011 year-to-date pole position from the Mazda3 with 31,977 sales vs. 31,439. It is the 4th consecutive month the two models exchange YTD positions! The race to #1 has rarely been that close… The Toyota Hilux is up 2 spots to #3 at 3.6%, passing the Holden Cruze at 3.5%.

With 2,049 sales and 2.3% share, the Toyota Camry is up 3 spots to #7, its highest ranking since December 2010. The Nissan Navara (#8) and VW Golf (#10) are both brilliantly back in the Top 10 this month while the Ford Territory (#12) drops out of it. Other great performers include the Toyota RAV4 at #16 (+7), the Mercedes C Class at #33 (+6) and the Mitsubishi ASX at #40 (+24).

Previous month: see the Australian August 2011 Top 175 best-selling models here.

Full September Top 80 Ranking Table below.

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Poland September 2011: Skoda Octavia and Ford Focus strong

Ford Focus

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Car sales in Poland are down 9% in September at 21,191 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 200,863 units, down 6%. The Skoda Octavia leads for the 7th consecutive month and is back to its average market share at 5.8% and 1,234 sales. The Opel Astra stays in 2nd place at 905 units, only 2 units above the Ford Focus, strong again at 4.3% share.

The Skoda Fabia and VW Golf complete a Top 5 identical to August. Notice the Ford Fiesta shining in 6th place and the Opel Insignia up to a robust 8th position. The Nissan Qashqai, #7 at 2.5%, is now #6 in the 2011 year-to-date ranking, passing the Fiat Punto and Panda.

Previous month: Poland August 2011 Skoda Octavia and Opel Astra on top

Full September 2011 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Best Selling Cars Blog celebrates its First Anniversary!

On 30th October 2010 I wrote the very first post on this blog. Since then, it has been a very busy journey indeed and thanks to your support from every corner of the planet Best Selling Cars Blog has grown to what it is today!

In the last 365 days, I wrote 1,325 posts, you have commented 1,524 times, viewing a total of 959,529 pages, starting from an average of just 11 pages a day in October 2010 to 4,544 a day in September 2011… Your favourite article was India September 2011, clicked on 2,081 times, followed by Europe April 2011 (1,782 views) and UK June 2011 (1,768).

Over the last 6 months, my friend Google Analytics tells me you were 132,363 unique visitors to browse BSCB, including 30,534 in October 2011, the strongest month yet. 14th October 2011 was Best Selling Cars Blog’s busiest day so far with 1,708 unique visitors that day.

You came from 201 countries and territories – literally from everywhere around the globe! – mainly from the USA (23,614 visits), France (12,563), Italy (12,405), India (10,894) and the UK (8,908) but also from Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Mauritania and Micronesia (1 visit each)…

The future is bright, with a brand new logo in the works (draft version above – please let me know what you think!), more Historical Data to be uploaded, more countries to be updated monthly (60 so far) and more detail on the 160 countries and territories that already feature on this blog.

To all of you, a big Thank You! and I am looking forward to the next year together!

More detailed data below.

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Canada September 2011: Honda Civic back in shape UPDATED

Acura MDX

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 140 best-selling models: see ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Many thanks to Alvo Errado for the tip!

Car sales in Canada are down slightly in September at -0.4% and 134,544 registrations. After 4 months of Hyundai Elantra domination, the Honda Civic reclaims its Passenger Cars ranking pole position thanks to the arrival of the new generation in dealerships with 4,727 sales and 3.5% share, up 54% on August.

Honda Civic

In the overall ranking, the Ford F-Series is headed towards another record year with no less than 10,039 sales this month for an enormous 7.5% market share. The Dodge RAM takes the 2nd spot at 6,167 units and 4.6% and the Dodge Grand Caravan is #4 with 4,214 sales and 3.1%. Notice the VW Jetta up to an excellent 11th place, the Kia Sorento up to #18 and the Nissan Rogue up to #24.

Further down the ranking, the Acura MDX is up to #48, the newly launched Mitsubishi RVR (aka ASX) lands in 54th place, the Hyundai Veloster impresses with 568 sales at #61, the Nissan Juke is up to #66 and the Cadillac SRX is up to #105.

Previous month: see the Canadian August 2011 Top 10 best-selling Passenger Cars here.

Full September 2011 Top 140 Ranking Table below.

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Germany: 1962-1979 more detailed Historical Data now available!

1962 Ford 17M

* See ‘Read more’ for the direct links to these 7 new posts! Thanks to Florian for the data *

I am now able to share with you the best-selling models in West Germany from 1962 to 1979 in much more detail! For 1962, 1963 and from 1971 to 1973 there is a Top 20 ranking, for 1974, 1975 and 1979 a Top 100 (yes!) and for 1976-1978 a Top 80, so you can see the behaviour of nearly all the models sold in Germany over the period.

So much happened in these 18 years! The VW Beetle, after having lodged its strongest year ever in 1961 (348,929 sales), stays solid all the way through to the early seventies, selling more than 300,000 units in 1962, 65, 69 and 70 and celebrating 25 consecutive years atop the German ranking in 1973, its last year in pole position.

1972 Opel Rekord

In 1962 the Opel Kadett nameplate launches and becomes a regular fixture on the podium, ranking #2 from 1967 to 1971. The Opel Rekord is #2 from 1962 to 1965 and in 1972-73, the strikingly designed Ford 17M becomes the 3rd car in German history to sell over 100,000 annual units in 1962 and reaches a best-ever 2nd place in 1966.

Mercedes ‘Strich 8’

In 1974 the Mercedes ‘Strich 8’ is the surprise best-seller before the VW Golf takes the relay in 1975, passing 250,000 sales in 1979. Mercedes doesn’t give up and places the W123 at #2 from 1977 to 79, making it only the third car to ever sell upwards of 200,000 annual units in Germany after the Beetle and Golf…

From 1967 to 1979 the Renault 4 is the best-selling import in Germany, peaking at an exceptional 84,900 units in 1970, a score that makes it the 5th best-selling model overall that year, the highest ranking ever to be achieved by an import. Discover all this and much more by clicking on ‘Read more’ below.

Direct links to these 7 new posts below.

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India September 2011: Hyundai Eon starts with a bang

Hyundai Eon, picture by

* NOW UPDATED with BMW & Mercedes sales – See ‘Read more’ for the Top 50 best-selling models! *

Exceptional month in India with no less than 4 new models making their first appearance in the ranking. Keeping in mind the Indian models ranking reflects ex-factory sales and not end consumer sales, the Hyundai Eon is already #9 in September with 7,188 units delivered to dealerships, while its official launch was on October 13th.

Should the Maruti Alto be worried? Hyundai is aiming the Eon squarely at it (as well as the Wagon R) and with 21,198 sales in September the Alto is at its lowest volume in 15 months.

Mahindra XUV500

Other newcomers this month are the Nissan Sunny, #42 with 659 sales, the Mahindra XUV500 at #46 and 505 units and the Honda Brio at #53 with 171 sales.

Back to the top of the ranking, the Maruti Wagon R is #2 with 13,301 sales, its highest volume in 6 months, followed by the new gen Maruti Swift, up 2 spots on August at 11,329 units. The Tata Indica/Vista ranks 4th for the first time since March 2010 with 10,282 sales.

Notice also the Mahindra Bolero up to #6 at 9,764 units, its highest volume in at least 2 years, the Hyundai i20 back in the Top 10, the Hyundai Verna at a best-ever 4,810 sales (#18) and the Tata Nano up 11 spots on August to #24 but at a still very weak 2,936 sales.

Previous month: see the Indian August 2011 Top 50 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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Cuba October 2011: Geely ships second batch of cars

Emgrand EC7

Now that Cuban consumers can purchase a car freely, Chinese manufacturer Geely has shipped a batch of 1,560 cars to the country using all shipping logistics, composed of 1,310 units of the Geely CK and 250 units of the Emgrand EC7. These cars are destined to be used by the Defence and Tourism Ministries, rental car companies and possibly private buyers.

Geely CK

This is the second time Geely exports a batch of cars to Cuba after shipping 1,500 units of the Geely CK in 2009. Geely owns Swedish automaker Volvo and now exports to a significant numbers of countries around the world: Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Venezuela in South America, Bangladesh and Indonesia in Asia, Russia, Romania and Turkey in Europe, and South Africa. In 2011 Geely began exporting to Australia and New Zealand and last September it was the turn of Saudi Arabia.

Source below.

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Germany September 2011: Mercedes A Class at highest in 6 years

Mercedes A Class

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 303 best-selling models: see ‘Read more’! *

German car sales are up again at +8% in September with 280,689 registrations, bringing the 2011 total to 2,401,736 units, up 11%. At 27,476 sales and 9.8%, the VW Golf/Jetta hits its highest monthly market share this year so far and the best since April 2010. It is just below 200,000 units in the year-to-date ranking.

Skoda Yeti

The VW Passat jumps back up to #2 at 3.4% share, ahead of the Mercedes C Class at 7,720 sales and 2.8% and the Mercedes A Class at 7,242 units and 2.6% share, its highest since…October 2005! It is now up to #22 year-to-date. The Opel Corsa is up 3 spots to an excellent 5th place and leads its category above the VW Polo, #6 at 2.4%, its lowest ranking in 2 years.

Good performance of the Skoda Fabia and Octavia at #14 and #15, the BMW X1 reaches its best ranking this year at #23 with 3,210 sales and 1.1% share, the Nissan Qashqai is #1 foreign model at #25 and the Skoda Yeti is up 14 spots on August to #38 with 2,007 sales and 0.7% share.


Further down the ranking, the new generation Kia Rio is up a huge 119 spots on August to #69 at 912 units, the Fiat Freemont is up 17 spots to #136 with 355 sales, the VW Up is… well up 69 spots to #138 at 332 units and the Range Rover Evoque is up 139 spots to #152 with 263 sales. The Citroen DS5 appears in the German ranking for the first time at #256 and 15 units.

Previous month: Germany August 2011 Opel Astra on podium and Top 303 best-selling models.

Full September 2011 Top 303 Ranking Table below.

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Malaysia September 2011: Nissan Livina X-Gear directly to #15

Nissan Livina X-Gear

* See the Top 50 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

Malaysian car sales are up 2% in September at 42,679 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total even with last year at 434,155 units. The facelifted Perodua MyVi is #1 for the third month in a row with the same market share as in August at 13.9% thanks to 5,941 sales. The Proton Saga is #2 again with 12.8% share again at 5,474 units but stays #1 year-to-date with 57,762 sales and 13.3% vs. 55,419 and 12.8% for the MyVi.

The entire Top 6 best-selling models are unchanged vs. August with the Perodua Viva (10.5%), Proton Persona (7.2%), Perodua Alza (6.5%) and Toyota Vios (5.8%) all strong. The Toyota Hilux is up one spot to #7, the Honda City is up 3 spots to #9 and the Honda Civic is up 8 spots to #12. The Nissan Livina X-Gear lands directly in 15th place at 536 units for its first month of sales in the country.

Other great performers this month include the VW Golf at #22 (+11 spots on August), the Mercedes C Class at #27 (+5), the VW Polo at a best-ever #30 (+18) and the Mazda3 at #35 (+5).

Previous month: see the Malaysian August 2011 Top 100 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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China September 2011: General Motors places 3 models in Top 4!

Chevrolet Sail

* NOW UPDATED with actuals for the Top 243 (all) best-selling models: see ‘Read more’ *

Things are starting to look very good indeed for General Motors in China, with the group placing 3 models in the Top 4 for the very first time. The Buick Excelle confirms it is the country’s favourite car and holds the pole position for the 2nd month in a row with 27,992 sales, reinforcing its 2011 top spot at 191,495 units, ahead of the VW Lavida, back to a more traditional level after a couple of months off, ranking #2 in September with 23,852 sales and year-to-date at 176,362 units.

The Chevrolet Cruze rounds up the podium with 23,212 sales, its third highest monthly volume ever, and the third GM model in the Top 4 this month is the Chevrolet Sail, beating all the nameplate’s records: best ever monthly volume at 20,958 and best-ever ranking at #4. Previous records were 17,268 (Jan ’11) and #8 (Jul ’11)… The VW Bora is also in great shape, up to #5 in September and #6 year-to-date, as is the Honda CR-V up to an outstanding 6th place.


Further down the ranking, notice the Kia K2 (the Chinese version of the new gen Rio) up to #34 at 10,478 units, the BYD S6 getting closer to the Top 50 at #53 with 7,547 sales, the new Chery E5 up 13 spots on August to #58 at 7,073 units and the BYD L3 up a massive 60 spots to #75 and 5,407 sales.

Brilliance H530

As far as new models are concerned, the Mazda3 Starcheng lands directly at #78 with 5,086 sales, the Brilliance H530 is already knocking at the Top 100’s door at #101 and 3,787 units for its 2nd month and the Baojun 630 is up 25 spots and 125% on August to #143 with 1,945 sales. The Nissan Murano has kicked-off production in China and lands at #189 with 582 units.

Note the BMW 7 Series, an import therefore not in this ranking, would hover around the 100th position with a very impressive 3,760 sales, up 57% year-on-year…

Previous month: see the Chinese August 2011 Top 245 best-selling models here.

Full September 2011 Top 243 Ranking Table below.

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