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A very nice map of the World’s best-selling cars by country…

I found this beautiful map of the world’s best-selling cars by country, citing me as the source 🙂 (albeit in very very very small letters…wink). Click on the map to download and zoom.

If you have created this map please get in touch, it is not 100% up-to-date… As you know these things change monthly, some countries don’t have the right best-seller in there (Canada: Ford F-Series, Brazil: VW Gol, Argentina: Chevrolet Classic, etc). So please, map author, I would like to work with you to keep it up-to-date at all times 🙂

Great to see someone is building on my work! I found the map here.

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    1. Hi Edvardas,
      Thank you so much for the link, this is the first time I could access official sales figures for Belarus so I have written a new post about it, see on the main page of my site!
      Could you also please let me know what the UAZ Farmer is? I couldn’t find it anywhere online?
      Thanks again and have a great day!

    1. Hi Austin,
      I know, which is why I am asking for the author of the map to get in touch with me so we can iron out these little things 🙂

    1. Hi Pablo,
      Thanks a lot for this info! Do you have official car sales figures for Bolivia??
      Would love it if you could share them as I have no information whatsoever about Bolivia since I last visited the country in 2005…
      Your help is much appreciated.
      Thanks Pablo!

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