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Poland May 2011: Opel Astra teases Skoda Octavia for #1

Opel Astra

Polish car sales are down a modest 3% in May at 22,476 registrations, adding up to 113,165 units in 2011 year-to-date, down 5%.

The Skoda Octavia reclaims the top spot this month at 1,295 sales and 5.8% share, however it is threatened by the Opel Astra, still #2 but up to 4.9% share at 1,094 units, up 35% year-on-year. It is #3 year-to-date albeit only one unit (!) below the Skoda Fabia at 4,770 sales and 4.2%.

The Skoda Fabia is #3 in the Last 2 Months (L2M) ranking at 1,716 sales and 3.8%, just above a Ford Focus in excellent shape at 1,681 units and 3.8% also. The Nissan Qashqai holds a strong 5th place but it is the Fiat Punto (2.8%) and Toyota Yaris (2.5%) that hold the #5 and #6 spots ytd.

See the April 2011 Poland post here.

Full May Top 10 Year-to-Date and L2M Ranking Tables below.

Poland January-May 2011:

PosModel5m 2011%Pos2010
1Skoda Octavia6,4765.7%11
2Skoda Fabia4,7714.2%22
3Opel Astra4,7704.2%33
4Ford Focus3,1642.8%44
5Fiat Punto3,1132.8%56
6Toyota Yaris2,8532.5%67
7Fiat Panda2,4922.2%79
8Opel Corsa2,4622.2%817
9Nissan Qashqai2,4052.1%98
10Renault Clio2,1831.9%10

Poland April-May 2011:

PosModelL2M%Mar5m 2011%Pos2010
1Skoda Octavia2,4275.4%16,4765.7%11
2Opel Astra2,1304.8%24,7704.2%33
3Skoda Fabia1,7163.8%34,7714.2%22
4Ford Focus1,6813.8%63,1642.8%44
5Nissan Qashqai9552.1%102,4052.1%98
6Fiat Punto9472.1%53,1132.8%56
7Renault Clio8381.9%92,1831.9%10
8Fiat Panda8331.9%82,4922.2%79
9Toyota Yaris8321.9%42,8532.5%67
10Opel Corsa5971.3%72,4622.2%817

Source: SAMAR

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