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USA May 2011: Japan quake aftermath sends models ranking mad

The Chevrolet Malibu is the #1 passenger car in May. The new model (above) arrives in 2012.

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This month, the effects on Japanese manufacturers of parts and production shortages resulting from the March 11 earthquake are obvious in the US, sending the models ranking into a frenzy. The usual passenger car leaders are all down significantly: the Toyota Camry is #12 and the Honda Civic #13, both at -36%, the Honda Accord #15 (-39%) and the Toyota Corolla #16 (-37%).

Added to this is the increase in the price of petrol which has hurt sales of US trucks: the Ford F Series and Chevrolet Silverado are still on top but at -15% and -16% respectively. As a whole this new context was beneficial to American, European and Korean passenger cars, but it could be relatively short-lived as Japan production should reach 90% capacity in June.

Ford Fusion

The Chevrolet Malibu is the best selling passenger car in the US this month at an outstanding 3rd place with 25,600 sales, followed by an isolated Japanese model, the Nissan Altima which continues to impress in 4th with 25,525 sales. It is now 5th in the year-to-date ranking above the Honda Accord. The Ford Fusion delivers its 2nd best month ever at #5 (24,666 units), the Ford Escape is up 6 spots at #6 and the Chevrolet Cruze stays in the Top 10 for the 2nd month in a row at #8.

Kia Soul

Hyundai has its best US May sales ever at 59,214 units (+21%), with the Hyundai Sonata up to #7 and the Hyundai Elantra up 104% at #11. Even better, Kia lodges nothing less than its best month ever in the US at 48,212 sales (+53% year-on-year), placing the Kia Soul in 22nd place with best-ever 11,157 sales (+82%). Volkswagen has its best month in 7 years with 30,100 sales (+28%).

A few newcomers are gearing up: the Fiat 500 is at 1,759 units, the Nissan Leaf at 1,142 and the Chevrolet Volt at 481.

Full Top 100 Ranking Table below.

USA May 2011:

1Ford F-Series42,399-15%1214,46111%11
2Chevrolet Silverado28,409-16%3150,20611%22
3Chevrolet Malibu25,60018%799,04613%1011
4Nissan Altima25,52516%17112,30817%57
5Ford Fusion24,66610%13110,87819%78
6Ford Escape23,14020%12100,33320%913
7Hyundai Sonata22,7547%1096,37035%1212
8Chevrolet Cruze22,711new698,076new11116
9Ford Focus22,30332%1676,6393%1814
10Dodge Ram P/U20,11716%1590,53631%1410
11Hyundai Elantra20,006104%983,30992%1619
12Toyota Camry18,830-36%2126,0940%33
13Honda Civic18,341-36%5110,0863%86
14Chevrolet Equinox17,58734%1877,88440%1717
15Honda Accord17,018-39%4111,393-9%64
16Toyota Corolla16,985-37%8117,875-1%45
17Chevrolet Impala16,707-19%1487,31916%1515
18VW Jetta16,67159%1974,64662%1921
19Honda CR-V16,307-8%1195,42335%139
20Ford Explorer13,318135%2155,401120%2356
21Kia Sorento11,93646%2351,76523%2624
22Kia Soul11,15782%2943,67397%3453
23Ford Econoline10,7780%2451,91814%2525
24GMC Sierra10,753-5%2755,22125%2420
25Jeep Wrangler10,0084%3841,94613%3938
26Ford Edge9,486-31%3650,2915%2822
27Jeep Grand Cherokee9,484192%3145,401101%3243
28Chevrolet Camaro9,4516%2640,2754%4245
29Honda Odyssey9,4285%3045,7346%3026
30Dodge Caravan9,4270%4146,14812%2930
31Toyota Tacoma9,09114%2844,7645%3329
33Toyota RAV48,624-29%2064,050-6%2016
34Toyota Sienna8,618-12%2545,67835%3135
35Honda Pilot8,560-6%3342,5833%3831
36Subaru Outback8,43110%3443,32525%3540
37Kia Forte8,12911%4334,83134%4551
38BMW 3 Series8,117-16%5234,707-13%4632
39Dodge Charger7,830-19%4430,626-18%5349
40Nissan Sentra7,698-14%3557,05344%2244
41Kia Optima7,431210%5729,518103%55
42GMC Terrain7,31042%5334,37553%4958
43Chevrolet Traverse7,206-38%3243,2406%3627
44Chevrolet HHR7,197-31%6134,6328%4848
45Ford Fiesta7,120new3736,594new44118
46Chrysler 2007,098new4725,252new64
47Nissan Rogue6,962-21%4550,41842%2734
48GMC Acadia6,92619%5433,52614%5052
49Toyota Prius6,924-47%2262,18013%2118
50Hyundai Santa Fe6,6718%6326,834-27%6046
51Chrysler Town & Country6,629-51%4039,398-23%4323
52Ford Mustang6,607-35%4830,206-3%5480
53Ford Taurus6,277-3%6027,009-9%5950
54Chevrolet Express6,128-2%6227,15825%58
55Jeep Liberty6,04847%7126,04842%6266
56Honda Fit5,92146%4929,50652%5661
57Chevrolet Tahoe5,886-37%6528,537-4%5747
58Lexus RX5,847-30%5034,697-4%4737
60Toyota Highlander5,755-7%3940,60520%4141
61Mercedes E Class5,7515%6726,16214%6155
62Ford Ranger5,713-14%6623,544-3%70
63Dodge Avenger5,543-12%5124,86813%6665
64Jeep Patriot5,47080%7423,31378%7282
65Subaru Forester5,193-35%5531,676-10%5242
66Mercedes C Class4,9368%6825,3618%6359
67Nissan Versa4,793-51%5941,541-13%4033
68Buick LaCrosse4,774-12%6423,362-7%7154
69Nissan Frontier4,67425%n/a19,01023%83
70Jeep Compass4,55592%8215,99883%92
71Kia Sportage4,55098%7220,992188%78
72Chevrolet Aveo4,53817%7317,39718%9068
73Hyundai Tucson4,3630%8119,13117%8279
74Dodge Durango4,358new7017,744new88
75Buick Enclave4,323-8%6923,99810%69
76Toyota Tundra4,307-45%4633,233-12%5139
77Nissan Maxima4,296-32%n/a21,978-19%7657
78Cadillac CTS4,28823%8022,80753%7373
79Buick Regal4,247new7618,455new85
80BMW 5 Series4,20183%n/a20,92275%7980
81Dodge Caliber4,002-47%8517,576-7%8975
82VW CC3,97950%n/a13,18529%101
83Chevrolet Suburban3,954-25%n/a15,252-16%9574
84Cadillac SRX3,910-4%7822,24918%7564
85Infiniti G Series3,851-19%n/a24,5318%6860
86Acura MDX3,824-5%n/a18,82113%8471
87Dodge Journey3,706-2%7522,4843%7469
88Ford Crown Victoria3,7047%5624,91062%6592
89Subaru Legacy3,6181%8417,81311%8781
90VW Golf3,49231%n/a14,45620%98
91Dodge Challenger3,418-11%n/a16,77715%91
92Nissan Murano3,384-32%n/a21,227-4%7762
93Ford Expedition3,319-11%n/a15,6159%9385
94Toyota 4Runner3,232-17%8319,2184%81
95Toyota Venza3,207-25%n/a14,566-33%97
96Audi A43,1920%n/a15,2012%9688
97VW Tiguan3,09158%n/a11,56333%106
98Chevrolet Colorado2,94416%n/a13,10434%102
99Hyundai Genesis2,76912%n/a12,30519%10497
100Ford Flex2,719-29%n/a11,469-30%10789

Source:, manufacturers

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