Canada April 2011: Fiat 500 in Top 40 already!

Fiat 500

Canadian car sales are up a healthy 7% in April at 159,942 registrations. The Ford F-Series is on top again with 8,858 sales and 5.5% share. Now counted together, the twins Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra are close behind, landing in 2nd place with 8,479 sales and 5.3%.

GMC Sierra

The Dodge Caravan ranks 3rd with an estimated 6,118 sales (3.8%), ahead of a third pick-up truck, the Dodge RAM at 3.3%. The Honda Civic is the best-selling passenger car this month at 3.3%, ahead of the Toyota Corolla (3.1%) and Hyundai Elantra (2.8%).

Jeep Wrangler

The big event this month is the arrival of the Fiat 500 in the Top 40 for only its second month of sales in the country! After 417 units in March, Fiat sells 889 in April – more than in the US! – for a shiny 36th place. Other great performers this month include the Dodge Journey at #10, the Jeep Wrangler at #20 and the Lexus RX at #37.

Full Top 35 Ranking Table below.

Canada April 2011:

PosModelApr-11%10m 2010%Pos
1Ford F-Series8,8585.5%84,6306.4%1
2Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra8,4795.3%72,2635.4%2
3Dodge Caravan (e)6,1183.8%46,9793.5%4
4Dodge RAM5,2553.3%45,6583.4%5
5Honda Civic5,2243.3%48,8053.7%3
6Toyota Corolla4,9143.1%33,7742.5%8
7Hyundai Elantra4,5522.8%30,0352.3%9
9Chevrolet Cruze4,0172.5%3250.0%
10Dodge Journey3,5072.2%19,7721.5%16
11Ford Escape3,3762.1%36,7082.8%7
12Toyota RAV43,2462.0%20,0881.5%15
13VW Jetta3,0581.9%10,5120.8%36
14Honda CR-V2,7481.7%22,1361.7%13
15Hyundai Santa Fe2,7351.7%24,2761.8%10
16Hyundai Accent2,4061.5%22,2261.7%12
17Hyundai Sonata2,3621.5%12,3210.9%26
18Chevrolet Equinox2,2161.4%15,3771.2%20
19Ford Ranger2,0701.3%17,4021.3%17
20Jeep Wrangler1,9011.2%9,8880.7%38
21Ford Focus1,8731.2%20,2751.5%14
22Hyundai Tucson1,7551.1%10,9620.8%34
23Ford Fusion1,7511.1%17,1111.3%18
24Kia Forte1,7451.1%11,7100.9%28
25Toyota Venza1,6821.1%10,8860.8%35
26Nissan Sentra1,6081.0%13,3801.0%24
27Ford Fiesta1,5481.0%2,7870.2%96
28VW Golf1,3430.8%14,3041.1%22
29Nissan Versa1,3410.8%14,4051.1%21
30Toyota Matrix1,3060.8%16,3991.2%19
31Chevrolet Malibu1,3050.8%11,4790.9%31
32Ford Edge1,2830.8%14,2341.1%23
33Kia Sorento1,2730.8%7,9950.6%44
34Toyota Camry1,1980.7%11,1250.8%33
35BMW 3-Series1,1910.7%11,4200.9%32
36Fiat 5008890.6%00.0%
37Lexus RX8280.5%6,4320.5%56


Note: the 2010 figure is the 10 months 2010 sales figure.

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Hi JP,
I have amended the article. However in relative terms selling 889 cars in Canada vs 882 in the US results in a much higher market share in Canada.
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