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Brazil January 2011: VW Gol, Fox & Voyage off to great start

The VW Voyage, a Gol Sedan, is #10 in January.

The Brazilian car market is up 13% in January at 228,959 registrations, and Volkswagen starts the year on a high with a 26.1% passenger car market share (vs. 22.7% over 2010), way above traditional #1 Fiat.

Most VW models are above their 2010 market share: the VW Gol is very strong at 10% of the Brazilian market with 23,061 sales, the VW Fox is at 5% in 3rd with 11,408 sales and the VW Voyage rounds off the Top 10 at 6,165 sales (2.7%).

Other strong performances include the Chevrolet Corsa Hatch at #16 with 3,271 sales and the Renault Clio at #18 with 3,011 sales. Full Top 60 Ranking Table below.

The Renault Clio sold in Brazil is in fact the Renault Clio Campus, first launched in 1998.

Brazil January 2011:

1VW Gol23,06110.0%11293,7838.8%1
2Fiat Uno16,9137.4%22229,3236.9%2
3VW Fox/CrossFox11,4085.0%35143,7824.3%4
4Chevrolet Corsa Sedan8,8153.8%54141,4434.2%5
5Chevrolet Celta8,1973.6%43155,1804.7%3
6Fiat Strada7,4283.2%67116,7943.5%8
7Fiat Siena6,5802.9%86120,5183.6%7
8Ford Fiesta Hatch6,5492.8%7995,5052.9%9
9Fiat Palio6,5192.8%98137,5194.1%6
10VW Voyage6,1652.7%101182,7082.5%11
11Chevrolet Agile5,8372.5%111067,7322.0%13
12VW Saveiro4,7382.1%121462,2001.9%15
13Ford Ka4,6392.0%131284,8832.5%10
14Renault Sandero3,5291.5%151368,8322.1%12
15Toyota Corolla3,4581.5%141555,0241.7%16
16Chevrolet Corsa Hatch3,2711.4%191834,0431.0%28
17Hyundai i303,1401.4%212635,9311.1%25
18Renault Clio3,0111.3%232930,0940.9%32
19Citroen C32,9231.3%172439,9361.2%20
20Chevrolet Prisma2,9131.3%201663,0921.9%14
21Chevrolet S102,8851.3%162343,2031.3%17
22Ford Ecosport2,7121.2%182043,0441.3%18
23Renault Logan2,6511.2%221936,7261.1%23
24Chevrolet Montana2,5811.1%242236,6711.1%24
25Ford Focus2,5811.1%273025,3710.8%37
26Peugeot 207 Hatch2,5461.1%292539,8511.2%21
27Honda Fit2,5361.1%261740,9541.2%19
28Honda City2,2281.0%302135,1311.1%27
29Toyota Hilux2,2191.0%252733,6631.0%29
30VW Space Fox2,1480.9%283118,2230.5%44
31Ford Fiesta Sedan1,9850.9%312839,6091.2%22
32Honda Civic1,9130.8%333231,2290.9%31
33Fiat Punto1,8380.8%323335,7371.1%26
34VW Kombi1,6700.7%344326,1640.8%35
35Chevrolet Astra1,5060.7%403529,0510.9%33
36Honda CR-V1,4530.6%373618,7520.6%43
37VW Golf1,4470.6%364717,7460.5%45
38Peugeot 207 Sedan1,4170.6%433923,4900.7%39
39Ford Ranger1,3680.6%415215,2960.5%48
40Fiat Idea1,3610.6%353725,8300.8%36
41Fiat Palio Weekend1,3300.6%393431,7431.0%30
42Mitsubishi L2001,2950.6%384020,6560.6%40
43Kia Cerato1,2620.5%475114,2100.4%50
44Fiat Fiorino1,2190.5%425017,3950.5%46
45Chevrolet Meriva1,2030.5%494424,4840.7%38
46Citroen C3 Aircross1,1990.5%45494,2540.1%70
47Hyundai Tucson1,1640.5%444228,0460.8%34
48Citroen C41,1560.5%464613,5530.4%52
49Mitsubishi Pajero1,1560.5%504120,3860.6%41
50VW Polo Sedan1,1270.5%483816,7820.5%47
51Kia Soul1,1230.5%57598,6640.3%62
52Chevrolet Captiva1,0290.4%625513,5050.4%53
53Chevrolet Vectra1,0110.4%554819,9740.6%42
54Nissan Livina1,0070.4%534513,7960.4%51
55Ford Fusion9600.4%545710,9180.3%58
56Fiat Ducato9540.4%566110,3070.3%59
57Ford Focus Sedan9290.4%51658,4780.3%63
58Fiat Doblo8910.4%525411,1800.3%57
59Citroen C4 Pallas8370.4%606011,9480.4%56
60VW Polo8260.4%585813,0030.4%54

Source: Fenavabre

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  1. One thing you might want to do here is combine those vehicles that are the same but just in different bodystyles.

    For instance:

    VW Gol, Voyage, and Parati are the same car
    Chevy Prisma and Celta are the same car
    Fiat Palio, Siena, and palio Weekend are the same car.
    Ford Fiesta sedan and hatch


    Mind you that Fenabvrave does not split multi-generational models like the Fiesta, Gol and UNO.

    1. Hey Ausrutherford,

      Yep I have thought about doing this as well, but then the ranking becomes really different and you face the question of adding the pick-up versions of each car as well: Saveiro for the Gol, Strada for the Palio etc… All in all I have decided to go with the data provided by Fenavabre, so it makes it more consistent and easier to compare with historical data (which I’m adding little by little, Brazil coming up soon). For Argentina for example as you must have noticed, ACARA provides the generational detail for the Gol, Fiesta and Uno and I have kept it that way for historical consistency’s sake…. The only thing I do with Argentina is add up the passenger and commercial sales figures of models like the Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo which exist in both rankings…

      Anything is possible but I have decided to stay faithful to the figures submitted by the official organisms 🙂

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