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Norway December 2010: Volvo XC60 #5, Golf leader in full year

Norwegian car sales are up 29% in 2010 at 127,754 registrations, and in December, the Volvo V70 (#1 at 658 sales and 6.5%) and XC60 (#5 at 284 sales and 2.8%) post very strong figures. The VW Golf is the best selling car in Norway over the full year 2010 by a large margin with 8,229 sales and 6.4% of the market, up a massive 52% over 2009.

The Volvo V70 goes from #5 to #2 this year with 4,635 sales (+47%) and the Toyota Avensis drops 1 spot at #3 and 3,921 sales (-3%), just above the Nissan Qashqai (3,870 sales and +40%).

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