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Sweden November 2010: new Volvo V60 at #17

Still extremely dynamic, the Swedish car market grows 33% in November and 34% Year-to-date! The Volvo V70 stays comfortably on top of the ranking with 2,247 sales and 8.4% market share, above its YTD level (8.1%).

The VW Golf has a very strong month in #2 at 4.7%, ahead of a Passat waiting for its new generation at 3% only. Excellent performance of the Saab 9-3 in 4th at 3% vs. 2.1% YTD.

If the Volvo V50 stays relatively weak in 5th at 2.9%, the new Volvo V60 enjoys its first fully fledged month of sales and breaks into the Top 20 in 17th with 428 registrations and 1.6% of the Swedish market.

More commentaries and Full Top 20 Ranking table below.

The new Volvo S60 lost a bit of steam compared to last month, dropping from 8th to 12th with 505 sales and 1.9%.

Other strong performers in Sweden this month include the Renault Clio in 7th (2.6%), the BMW 5-Series again very strong in 11th (1.9%) and the new Saab 9-5 in 24th with 327 sales and 1.2% (35th YTD).

1Volvo V702,2478.4%120,9258.1%1
2VW Golf1,2444.7%311,5844.5%3
3VW Passat8123.0%211,7234.5%2
4Saab 9-37923.0%65,3352.1%9
5Volvo V507652.9%49,4933.7%4
6Ford Focus7362.8%175,7462.2%8
7Renault Clio6942.6%125,2592.0%10
8Renault Megane6182.3%95,8122.2%7
9Kia Cee’d6122.3%57,5482.9%5
10BMW 3-Serie5732.1%114,6361.8%11
11BMW 5-Serie5111.9%103,7821.5%15
12Volvo S60N5051.9%81,6340.6%44
13Toyota Auris4631.7%143,6671.4%18
14Audi A44541.7%136,2132.4%6
15Skoda Octavia4461.7%153,8731.5%14
16Skoda Fabia4321.6%213,5401.4%20
17Volvo V604281.6%605980.2%88
18Peugeot 3084031.5%163,1411.2%22
19Mercedes C Class3851.4%312,9121.1%26
20Toyota Yaris3491.3%223,9061.5%13


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