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Mexico October 2010: Jetta threatens Tsuru

The Mexican car market is experiencing a slow growth this year after the devastating blow of the financial crisis, with +7% over 10 months at 639,883 registrations and +9% in October at 74,094.

The Nissan Tsuru is still the king of the Mexican roads with 5,097 sales in October (6.9%) and 48,785 sales YTD (7.6%), but the VW Jetta (helped by the new generation) is getting closer: At 4.9% market share YTD, it grows to 5.4% in September, and 6.4% in October (4,763 sales).

However the success story of 2010 is still at this stage the Nissan Tiida Sedan, with sales up 88% over 10 months 2010 at 28,605 (4.5%). And the Tiida is above its YTD level both in September (5.1%) and October (5.4%).

Many thanks to Ausrutherford for pointing me out to!

More commentaries and Full Top 12 Ranking Table below.

Three Chevrolets follow: the Aveo (3.4% in October), Chevy 4 puertas (3%) and Chevy 3 puertas (2.8%), AMDA separating the two models in its sales analysis.

Also worth mentioning are the 9th place of the Dodge Journey (1.8%), built in the country in Toluca, and the weak results of the VW Bora (694 sales), probably handicapped by the arrival of the new gen Jetta.

1Nissan Tsuru5,0976.9%4,7517.2%148,7857.6%13%1
2VW Jetta4,7636.4%3,5735.4%231,3244.9%21%2
3Nissan Tiida Sedan4,0255.4%3,3935.1%328,6054.5%88%3
4Chevrolet Aveo2,5043.4%1,7402.6%421,8063.4%16%4
5Chevrolet Chevy 4pts2,2113.0%1,6772.5%514,9762.3%43%7
6Chevrolet Chevy 3pts2,1102.8%1,6022.4%616,5932.6%39%5
7Nissan Chasis Largo1,6482.2%1,5142.3%715,1362.4%21%6
8Nissan Sentra 2.01,4482.0%1,4342.2%814,9542.3%40%8
9Dodge Journey1,3431.8%1,0081.5%1010,1391.6%n/a11
10Honda CRV1,1761.6%1,0461.6%98,9671.4%n/a13
12VW Gol1,0121.4%9061.4%149,8881.5%n/a12


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