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Denmark November 2010: Chevrolet Spark #1

Excellent month for car sales in Denmark: up 47% year-on-year at 13,125 registrations, and up 37% year-to-date!

The Chevrolet Spark takes the lead in November with 4.1%, ahead of the Opel Corsa and the Peugeot 107. The Toyota Aygo is still leader year-to-date, but the Opel Corsa climbs 2nd and the Fiat 500 drops to 3rd. The Spark is now 4th.

Full Top 20 Ranking table below.

1Chevrolet Spark5424.1%53,8782.8%4
2Opel Corsa4813.7%83,9552.9%2
3Peugeot 1074183.2%132,8942.1%13
4Toyota Aygo3983.0%24,1693.0%1
5Ford Focus3893.0%33,0522.2%9
6Suzuki Swift3662.8%41,8181.3%28
7VW Polo3402.6%63,2602.4%7
8Peugeot 2072912.2%93,2702.4%6
9Peugeot 3082752.1%181,9941.5%21
10Ford Mondeo2652.0%162,2301.6%18
11Ford Fiesta2642.0%13,8082.8%5
12Opel Insignia2642.0%261,9271.4%23
13Hyundai i302562.0%232,9422.1%11
14Toyota Avensis2441.9%143,0472.2%10
15Fiat 5002361.8%103,9292.9%3
16Skoda Fabia2291.7%122,9022.1%12
17Citroen C32271.7%112,7492.0%15
18Citroen C52031.5%321,3291.0%38
19Skoda Octavia1991.5%191,9171.4%24
20Ford S-Max1981.5%291,1650.8%41


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