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Portugal 2009: Renault Megane #1

Renault Megane

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The Portuguese car market drops by 25% in 2009 and sees its model ranking completely shaken. The Renault Megane takes the lead at 5.9%, well ahead of the VW Golf, Ford Fiesta and Seat Ibiza. The Renault Clio, #1 in 2008, loses 38% and drops to 5th. Newcomers into the Top 10 in 2009 are the Fiat Grande Punto, 7th (+4) and the Nissan Qashqai at #9 (+6 spots).

Previous year: Portugal 2008: Renault holds top 2 spots with Clio and Megane

Next year: Portugal 2010: Renault Megane #1 for 2nd year in a row, Seat Ibiza up to #2

Full Year 2009 Top 40 Ranking Table below.Portugal Full Year 2009:

1Renault Megane9,4945.9%4%9,1514.3%2
2VW Golf7,0204.4%-1%7,1243.3%8
3Ford Fiesta6,5224.1%92%3,3951.6%18
4Seat Ibiza6,1893.8%-25%8,2303.9%4
5Renault Clio6,1773.8%-39%10,1244.7%1
6Peugeot 2074,5462.8%-45%8,2003.8%5
7Fiat Grande Punto4,4142.7%0%4,4282.1%11
8Opel Corsa4,2812.7%-49%8,3403.9%3
9Nissan Qashqai3,6222.2%2%3,5551.7%15
10Peugeot 3083,4042.1%-29%4,7652.2%9
11Opel Astra3,3772.1%-59%8,1943.8%6
12Ford Focus3,3572.1%-55%7,3953.5%7
13Audi A42,8811.8%-27%3,9391.8%12
14BMW Serie 32,8711.8%-27%3,9221.8%14
15VW Polo2,7501.7%-40%4,5542.1%10
16Smart Fortwo2,5471.6%-18%3,0951.5%24
17Toyota Auris2,5401.6%-35%3,9341.8%13
18Mercedes Classe C2,5161.6%-24%3,2931.5%21
19Chevrolet Aveo2,4601.5%53%1,6110.8%36
20Toyota Yaris2,4551.5%-26%3,3131.6%20
21BMW Serie 12,2621.4%-15%2,6551.2%26
22Citroen C32,0971.3%-33%3,1431.5%22
23Citroen C12,0951.3%-13%2,4051.1%27
24Kia Cee’d2,0231.3%-13%2,3221.1%29
25Citroen C41,9191.2%-45%3,4651.6%16
26Audi A31,8871.2%-21%2,3891.1%28
27Mercedes Classe E1,7381.1%141%7220.3%65
28Seat Leon1,6551.0%-52%3,4271.6%17
29VW Passat1,6291.0%-48%3,1271.5%23
30Skoda Fabia1,6281.0%-45%2,9721.4%25
31Opel Insignia1,6021.0%n/a00.0%n/a
32Fiat 5001,5351.0%14%1,3420.6%42
33Citroen C51,5020.9%-1%1,5160.7%38
35Honda Civic1,4740.9%-56%3,3611.6%19
36Mitsubishi Colt1,2460.8%-42%2,1451.0%31
38Honda Jazz1,2010.7%-32%1,7540.8%35
39BMW Serie 51,1840.7%-43%2,0911.0%32
40Toyota Avensis1,1090.7%2%1,0820.5%49

Source: ACAP

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