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Vietnam 2007-2008: Innova, Civic & Captiva on podium

Toyota Innova

The Top 4 best selling cars in Vietnam are unchanged over 2007 and 2008: the Toyota Innova keeps the pole position by far, with record sales numbers: 12,433 units and 15.5% in 2007 and 14,947 units and 13.6% in 2008. The Honda Civic has a stellar two years, both at 5.3% share in 2nd place.

Honda Civic

The Daewoo Captiva is #3 for its first year of sales in 2007 with 3,594 sales and 4.5%, and it stays there in 2008 at 3,943 units and 3.6%, followed each year by the Ford Everest at 4% then 3.3%. The Toyota Vios and Camry exchange places in 5th and 6th whereas the Toyota Corolla Altis jumps 111% from 2007 to 2008 to land in 8th position.

Full Top 20 Ranking Tables for 2007 and 2008: click on ‘Read more’ below the Captiva pic.

Daewoo Captiva

Vietnam Full Year 2007:

1Toyota Innova12,43315.5%25%9,9341
2Honda Civic4,2605.3%284%1,1105
3Daewoo Captiva3,5944.5%new0 –
4Ford Everest3,1864.0%91%1,6722
5Toyota Camry3,0043.7%428%5698
6Toyota Vios2,1122.6%34%1,5803
7Daewoo Matiz1,8722.3%99%9407
8Toyota Hiace1,2561.6%n/an/a –
9Toyota Corolla Altis1,1321.4%19%9506
10Daewoo Lacetti9561.2%n/an/a –
11Daewoo Gentra9511.2%
12Ford Ranger7290.9%
13Mitsubishi Grandis7010.9%
14Ford Focus6900.9%
15Isuzu Hi-Lander6330.8%
16Suzuki APV4390.5%
17Ford Escape4330.5%
18Mercedes C Class3710.5%
19Mitsubishi Pajero3580.4%
20Isuzu D-Max3450.4%

Vietnam Full Year 2008:

1Toyota Innova14,94713.6%20%12,43315.5%1
2Honda Civic5,8345.3%37%4,2605.3%2
3Daewoo Captiva3,9433.6%10%3,5944.5%3
4Ford Everest3,6413.3%14%3,1864.0%4
5Toyota Vios3,1222.8%48%2,1122.6%6
6Toyota Camry2,5072.3%-17%3,0043.7%5
7Toyota Corolla Altis2,3912.2%111%1,1321.4%9
8Daewoo Gentra1,7571.6%85%9511.2%11
9Daewoo Lacetti1,5061.4%58%9561.2%10
10Toyota Hiace1,4541.3%16%1,2561.6%8
11Chevrolet Spark1,4281.3%new00.0% –
12Daewoo Matiz1,2981.2%-31%1,8722.3%7
13Daewoo Vivant1,1041.0%new00.0% –
14Kia Morning1,0380.9%new00.0% –
15Ford Ranger9280.8%27%7290.9%12
16Mitsubishi Grandis6560.6%-6%7010.9%13
17Mercedes C Class6170.6%66%3710.5%18
18Isuzu Hi-Lander6100.6%-4%6330.8%15
19Ford Focus5600.5%-19%6900.9%14
20Isuzu D-Max4970.5%44%3450.4%20

Source: VAMA

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