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UK 2007: Ford Focus challenged by Vauxhall Astra and Ford Fiesta

Vauxhall Astra

* See the Top 100 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Florian *

For the first time since 2003, new car sales in England are up, at +3% this year with 2,404,007 registrations. For the first time since it became the best selling car in the country in 1999, the Ford Focus sees its reign truly challenged this year. It still manages to finish the year #1 for the 9th time in a row at 118,267 sales (4.9%), but was on top in the monthly rankings ‘only’ 8 times out of 12.

Ford Focus

The model responsible for this is the Vauxhall Astra, now well and truly installed in the hearts and minds of the English consumers. It manages to take the lead in June, the first time the Astra nameplate was #1 since November 98, and did it again in August and October. All in all the Astra sells 113,894 units for a 4.7% market share, just short of the nameplate’s best volume reached in 1989 (115,294).

The Ford Fiesta is the 3rd model to take the lead at some stage this year, and like in 2006 it did so in September, a high volume month that favours superminis. It is #3 at year-end with 102,872 sales (4.3%). The Vauxhall Corsa is up 27% to 94,120 units thanks to the new gen but stays 4th. The Top 4 models have created a gap with the rest of the ranking, staying in close circuit for 10 out of 12 months this year.

BMW 3 Series

Below, the title of best selling foreign model goes to the VW Golf for the third time in a row at #5 with 68,843 sales (+11%). The Peugeot 207 comes at a close 2nd with 67,185 units, peaking at #4 in October. The BMW 3 Series continues its extraordinary progression, up 17% to 58,544 sales and still at its best-ever #7, peaking at #4 in August. Both the Audi A4 (January) and Citroen C4 (August) break into the monthly Top 10 for the first time this year.

Jaguar S-Type

Further down the ranking, notice the Toyota Auris landing directly at #27 with 21,799 sales, the Honda CR-V up 14 spots to #28, the Citroen C4 Picasso arriving at #29 with 21,331 units, the Land Rover Freelander up 43% and 14 ranks to #35 with 18,956 sales and the Jaguar S-Type breaking into the year-end Top 100 at #99 with 4,453 units.

Full Year 2007 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

UK Full Year 2007:

1Ford Focus118,2674.9%-1%119,0475.1%1
2Vauxhall Astra113,8944.7%8%105,2964.5%2
3Ford Fiesta102,8724.3%-1%103,8564.4%3
4Vauxhall Corsa94,1203.9%27%73,9233.2%4
5VW Golf68,8432.9%11%62,0112.6%5
6Peugeot 20767,1852.8%148%27,1401.2%27
7BMW 3 Series58,5442.4%17%50,2482.1%7
8Renault Clio53,9072.2%-6%57,1922.4%6
9Vauxhall Vectra50,9832.1%15%44,3891.9%10
10Vauxhall Zafira47,8132.0%1%47,5272.0%9
11Ford Mondeo47,8002.0%0%48,0212.0%8
13Honda Civic44,6711.9%19%37,4851.6%16
14VW Passat37,2061.5%-2%38,1041.6%14
15VW Polo36,8091.5%-4%38,1521.6%13
16Fiat Punto36,4491.5%-11%40,7901.7%12
17Audi A433,9181.4%-4%35,4361.5%17
18Peugeot 30732,3861.3%-23%41,9391.8%11
19Renault Mégane31,2381.3%-7%33,6861.4%18
20Toyota Yaris31,0281.3%4%29,7161.3%22
21Audi A329,8731.2%1%29,5141.3%23
22Honda Jazz28,1701.2%-9%30,7951.3%20
23Ford Ka27,0101.1%-3%27,7881.2%26
24Mercedes C Class25,1631.0%4%24,1891.0%28
25Renault Scénic24,2301.0%-15%28,3831.2%25
26BMW 1 Series23,1901.0%5%22,0340.9%30
27Toyota Auris21,7990.9%new1110.0% –
28Honda CR-V21,6950.9%40%15,5220.7%42
29Citroen C4 Picasso21,3310.9%new00.0% –
30Saab 9-320,4530.9%-10%22,7441.0%29
31BMW 5 Series19,9740.8%2%19,6060.8%33
32Ford C-Max19,6420.8%5%18,6470.8%35
33Citroen Xsara Picasso19,4080.8%-34%29,3291.3%24
34Nissan Micra19,1240.8%-37%30,2201.3%21
35Land Rover Freelander18,9560.8%43%13,2860.6%49
36Nissan Qashqai18,3860.8%new00.0% –
37Toyota Avensis18,3630.8%-9%20,2880.9%32
38Nissan Note18,3090.8%17%15,6150.7%41
39Skoda Octavia17,6190.7%-2%17,8980.8%38
40Skoda Fabia16,3920.7%-9%18,0200.8%37
41Audi A615,8830.7%32%12,0290.5%57
42Peugeot 10715,3330.6%6%14,4160.6%44
43Vauxhall Meriva14,9310.6%-15%17,5660.7%39
44Citroen C314,6130.6%-12%16,5650.7%40
45Toyota Aygo14,1580.6%1%14,0350.6%45
46Mazda 613,5600.6%-3%13,9840.6%46
47Seat Leon13,4880.6%8%12,4770.5%54
48Mercedes E Class13,1470.5%23%10,6600.5%60
49Seat Ibiza13,0850.5%3%12,6920.5%52
50Mazda 312,9860.5%-5%13,6300.6%47
51Ford Fusion12,7020.5%-6%13,4430.6%48
52Citroen C112,6260.5%34%9,4040.4%65
53Citroen C411,9980.5%-35%18,3390.8%36
54Ford S-Max11,9480.5%109%5,7170.2%86
55Peugeot 40711,4330.5%-39%18,7570.8%34
56Nissan Navara11,1240.5%-10%12,3860.5%55
57Mercedes A Class11,0770.5%-13%12,6840.5%53
58VW Touran11,0620.5%-4%11,5150.5%59
59Toyota RAV410,9580.5%-9%12,0850.5%56
60Land Rover Discovery10,7080.4%-16%12,7610.5%51
61Mitsubishi L20010,6360.4%-27%14,6410.6%43
62Audi TT10,4130.4%n/an/an/an/a
63Range Rover Sport9,6920.4%0%9,7380.4%62
64Hyundai Getz9,6150.4%-9%10,5450.4%61
65Jaguar X-Type9,5670.4%-26%13,0120.6%50
66Mazda MX-59,2340.4%7%8,5930.4%69
67Lexus IS8,7780.4%6%8,3080.4%70
68Toyota Prius8,7500.4%74%5,0170.2%95
69Ford Galaxy8,7440.4%32%6,6180.3%78
70Mitsubishi Colt (no CC)8,7070.4%-3%8,9330.4%67
71Honda Accord8,0350.3%-15%9,4170.4%64
72VW Jetta7,8090.3%1%7,6990.3%72
73Ford Ranger7,6180.3%9%6,9850.3%75
74Toyota Corolla Verso7,4640.3%-5%7,8850.3%71
75BMW X57,2020.3%15%6,2540.3%80
76Chevrolet Matiz7,1830.3%33%5,4040.2%88
77Renault Laguna6,6440.3%-11%7,4680.3%74
78Nissan X-Trail6,5460.3%-33%9,7140.4%63
79Fiat Bravo6,4480.3%new00.0% –
80Mazda 56,3940.3%29%4,9440.2%96
81Audi Q76,2070.3%109%2,9730.1%
82Suzuki Grand Vitara6,1930.3%-10%6,8490.3%77
83Kia Cee’d6,1660.3%new00.0% –
84VW Golf Plus6,1650.3%-30%8,8550.4%68
85Seat Altea6,1520.3%26%4,9010.2%97
86Toyota Hilux6,1080.3%71%3,5660.2%n/a
87Volvo V705,9890.2%-13%6,8830.3%76
88Mercedes CLK5,8670.2%-5%6,1620.3%81
89VW Eos5,6480.2%new00.0% –
90Volvo V505,5760.2%-13%6,4270.3%79
91Mazda 25,2410.2%38%3,7860.2%n/a
92Mercedes M Class5,2390.2%-13%6,0180.3%82
93Range Rover5,1590.2%-1%5,1960.2%92
94BMW X34,8880.2%-36%7,6160.3%73
95Suzuki SX44,8700.2%n/an/an/an/a
96Smart Fortwo4,8520.2%33%3,6500.2%n/a
97Hyundai Amica4,7300.2%3%4,5710.2%101
98Volvo S404,6910.2%-15%5,5470.2%87
99Jaguar S-Type4,4530.2%n/an/an/an/a
100Mercedes SLK4,3850.2%-8%4,7810.2%99

Source: SMMT, Manufacturers.

Many thanks to Florian for sharing the data!

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