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UK 2006: Focus and Corsa on top, Fiesta leads for one month

Ford Fiesta

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The British car market is down again in 2006, this time at -4% with 2,344,864 registrations. The Ford Focus is on top for the 8th year in a row, holding its share at 5.1% with 119,047 sales. The Vauxhall Astra stays #2, improving its share to 4.5% at 105,296 units. Thanks to a light facelift, the Ford Fiesta is back on the podium at 103,856 sales (+24%). In September, it put an end to 23 consecutive months of Focus leadership by ranking 1st with 21,793 units, the first time the Fiesta was #1 since March 2000.

Vauxhall Zafira

In spite of an 8% drop, the VW Golf is still the best-selling foreign model in the country at #5 and 62,011 sales, it even managed to jump to #3 in August. The Renault Clio is up 2 spots to a best-ever #6, the BMW 3 Series lodges its best year-end (7th) and monthly (3rd in December) positions ever in the UK at 50,248 sales. The Vauxhall Zafira appears in the year-end Top 10 for the very first time at #9 and 47,527 sales, peaking at #6 in April.

Peugeot 407

A few models break into the monthly Top 10 for the first time this year: the Peugeot 407 is #8 in February, the Honda Civic is #9 in April, the Honda Jazz is #9 in August and the Nissan Micra is #10 in September at a best-ever 7,456 sales. However the most important arrival is the Peugeot 207 in September (10,425 units), staying within the Top 10 for the rest of the year and peaking at #6 in November. It is #27 over the full year. The Fiat Punto is up 24 spots to #12 thanks to the new generation.

Full Year 2006 Top 100 Ranking Table: see ‘Read more’ below the Nissan Micra pic.

Nissan Micra

UK Full Year 2006:

1Ford Focus119,0475.1%-4%123,7995.1%1
2Vauxhall Astra105,2964.5%-3%108,4614.4%2
3Ford Fiesta103,8564.4%24%83,8033.4%4
4Vauxhall Corsa73,9233.2%-17%89,4633.7%3
5VW Golf62,0112.6%-8%67,7492.8%5
6Renault Clio57,1922.4%1%56,5382.3%8
7BMW 3 Series50,2482.1%12%44,8441.8%10
8Ford Mondeo48,0212.0%-17%57,5892.4%7
9Vauxhall Zafira47,5272.0%16%40,9231.7%15
10Vauxhall Vectra44,3891.9%-1%44,6261.8%12
11Peugeot 30741,9391.8%-5%44,2761.8%13
12Fiat Punto40,7901.7%140%17,0000.7%36
13VW Polo38,1521.6%-6%40,6401.7%16
14VW Passat38,1041.6%7%35,5941.5%18
16Honda Civic37,4851.6%11%33,7251.4%22
17Audi A435,4361.5%1%35,0051.4%20
18Renault Mégane33,6861.4%-26%45,7061.9%9
19Peugeot 20633,6441.4%-50%67,4502.8%6
20Honda Jazz30,7951.3%5%29,4041.2%24
21Nissan Micra30,2201.3%-20%37,5671.5%17
22Toyota Yaris29,7161.3%-13%33,9811.4%21
23Audi A329,5141.3%9%27,0001.1%26
24Citroen Xsara Picasso29,3291.3%-7%31,5481.3%23
25Renault Scénic28,3831.2%-31%41,3871.7%14
26Ford Ka27,7881.2%-22%35,5791.5%19
27Peugeot 20727,1401.2%new00.0% –
28Mercedes C Class24,1891.0%-17%29,0711.2%25
29Saab 9-322,7441.0%3%22,1500.9%29
30BMW 1 Series22,0340.9%0%22,0210.9%30
31Toyota Corolla21,1950.9%-12%24,1991.0%27
32Toyota Avensis20,2880.9%-9%22,2220.9%28
33BMW 5 Series19,6060.8%8%18,1400.7%34
34Peugeot 40718,7570.8%n/an/an/a
35Ford Focus C-Max18,6470.8%-12%21,2110.9%31
36Citroen C418,3390.8%n/an/an/a
37Skoda Fabia18,0200.8%-3%18,5410.8%33
38Skoda Octavia17,8980.8%9%16,3790.7%38
39Vauxhall Meriva17,5660.7%-12%19,8580.8%32
40Citroen C316,5650.7%n/an/an/a
41Nissan Note15,6150.7%n/an/an/a
42Honda CR-V15,5220.7%-7%16,7000.7%37
43Mitsubishi L20014,6410.6%22%12,0260.5%
44Peugeot 10714,4160.6%273%3,8700.2%
45Toyota Aygo14,0350.6%385%2,8960.1%
46Mazda 613,9840.6%n/an/an/a
47Mazda 313,6300.6%n/an/an/a
48Ford Fusion13,4430.6%14%11,8000.5%
49Land Rover Freelander13,2860.6%-25%17,7230.7%35
50Jaguar X-Type13,0120.6%n/an/an/a
51Land Rover Discovery12,7610.5%-3%13,2120.5%
52Seat Ibiza12,6920.5%n/an/an/a
53Mercedes A Class12,6840.5%15%11,0340.5%
54Seat Leon12,4770.5%42%8,8000.4%
55Nissan Navara12,3860.5%159%4,7850.2%
56Toyota RAV412,0850.5%-15%14,2340.6%
57Audi A612,0290.5%9%11,0160.5%
58Kia Picanto11,9570.5%-6%12,7610.5%
59VW Touran11,5150.5%-9%12,7060.5%
60Mercedes E Class10,6600.5%-27%14,6200.6%40
61Hyundai Getz10,5450.4%-20%13,1980.5%
62Range Rover Sport9,7380.4%53%6,3850.3%
63Nissan X-Trail9,7140.4%-17%11,6420.5%
64Honda Accord9,4170.4%-29%13,2750.5%
65Citroen C19,4040.4%502%1,5610.1%
66Fiat Panda9,3380.4%5%8,9070.4%
67Mitsubishi Colt8,9330.4%12%7,9940.3%
68VW Golf Plus8,8550.4%37%6,4420.3%
69Mazda MX-58,5930.4%66%5,1820.2%
70Lexus IS8,3080.4%136%3,5230.1%
71Toyota Corolla Verso7,8850.3%-18%9,5700.4%
72VW Jetta7,6990.3%new1400.0%
73BMW X37,6160.3%1%7,5320.3%
74Renault Laguna7,4680.3%n/an/an/a
75Ford Ranger6,9850.3%0%7,0160.3%
76Volvo V706,8830.3%-22%8,8610.4%
77Suzuki Grand Vitara6,8490.3%-2%6,9830.3%
78Ford Galaxy6,6180.3%-29%9,2980.4%
79Volvo V506,4270.3%-15%7,5470.3%
80BMW X56,2540.3%-42%10,8040.4%
81Mercedes CLK6,1620.3%n/an/an/a
82Mercedes M Class6,0180.3%n/an/an/a
83Renault Modus5,8910.3%-46%10,8750.4%
84Mercedes B Class5,7460.2%258%1,6060.1%
85Kia Sorento5,7440.2%9%5,2690.2%
86Ford S-Max5,7170.2%n/an/an/a
87Volvo S405,5470.2%-22%7,1010.3%
88Chevrolet Matiz5,4040.2%13%4,7720.2%
89Chrysler Voyager5,3390.2%3%5,1990.2%
90VW New Beetle5,2960.2%-23%6,8910.3%
91Volvo XC905,2810.2%-21%6,6820.3%
92Range Rover5,1960.2%13%4,5960.2%
93Vauxhall Tigra5,1720.2%-7%5,5630.2%
94Hyundai Santa Fe5,1150.2%n/an/an/a
95Toyota Prius5,0170.2%34%3,7490.2%
96Mazda 54,9440.2%n/an/an/a
97Seat Altea4,9010.2%29%3,8000.2%
98Hyundai Tucson4,8820.2%0%4,8820.2%
99Mercedes SLK4,7810.2%-24%6,3100.3%
100Mazda RX-84,6960.2%-6%4,9710.2%

Source: SMMT, Manufacturers.

Many thanks to Florian for sharing the data!

(e): estimate

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