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Iceland 2006-2007: Toyota Yaris reigns

Toyota Yaris in Iceland, August 2008

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After hitting its record year in 2005, the Icelandic new car market stays at extremely high levels the two following years with 20,198 registrations clocked up in 2006 (-3%) and 19,316 in 2007 (-4%). Like in 2005, the Toyota Yaris is the best-seller in Iceland both years, and breaks the record of annual sales for a single mode in the country, totalling 1,202 units for an excellent 6% market share in 2006. In fact, like in 2004 and 2005, Toyota places 5 models in the Top 6 in 2006 and 4 in the Top 5 in 2007…

Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Corolla, #1 in 2004, ranks #2 in 2006 and #4 in 2007, passed by the Skoda Octavia up to an outstanding 2nd place in 2007 with 833 sales and 4.3%. The Toyota Land Cruiser 120 stays strong over the period: #4 at 3.9% in 2006 and #3 at 3.3% in 2007. Extraordinary year for the Toyota Hilux in 2007: it is up 18 ranks and 116% year-on-year to land in 5th place with 510 sales and 2.6%. The Honda CR-V is also in great shape, up to #9 in 2006 and #6 in 2007.

While the Toyota RAV4 and Avensis are on a slippery (downward) slope, the Subaru Legacy resists: it ranks #8 in 2006 and #7 in 2007, while the Kia Sorento manages to hold the last spot in the Icelandic Top 10 in 2006 before falling to #13 the following year and the Toyota Auris, replacing the Corolla hatchback, lands directly in a shiny 8th position in 2007 with 454 sales. The Hyundai Santa Fe, up to a promising #7 in 2006, is back down to #18 in 2007.

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