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Australia 2007: Commodore resists new Corolla assault in millionaire market, Falcon down to #5

Holden Commodore

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2007 is the very first year Australians purchased more than 1 million new cars: with 1,049,982 registrations the market is up 9% over 2006.

The Holden Commodore is the best selling car in Australia for the 12th year in a row despite the arrival of the new generation Toyota Corolla, launched in June and immediately grabbing the #1 spot that month with 5.6% share. The Commodore stuck it out however, reclaiming the pole position every month until December. All in all, the Commodore was #1 9 times this year and finishes at 57,307 sales and 5.5% share (peaking at 6.6% in February) vs. 3 times for the Corolla and a total of 47,792 sales and 4.6%.

Toyota Corolla and Commodore/Corolla sales comparison (click on image to enlarge)

The Toyota Hilux climbs onto the Australian year-end podium for the very first time with 42,009 sales (4%), up a solid 14% year-on-year and peaking at a best-ever #2 and 4.5% in March. The Mazda3 gains one spot to a record #4 with 34,394 units (+6%), ahead of a Ford Falcon dropping 2 spots and a dramatic 20% to a historical low #5 with 33,941 sales and 3.2% share.

Toyota Aurion

Other 2007 highlights include the best-ever 4th place of the Toyota Yaris in April (#6 in full year at +6%), the spectacular arrival of the Toyota Aurion in the year-end Top 10 at #8 with 22,036 sales and 2.1% (peaking at 2.5% in June), and the new generation Mitsubishi Lancer already #9 in November one month after its launch.

Nissan Navara

Now cheaply imported from Thailand, utes are having the time of their life in Australia. The Nissan Navara delivers its best year ever in the country at #11 with 19,076 sales and 1.8% (+30%). It broke into the Top 10 for the very first time in January at #8 and stayed in that position for consecutive 3 months, peaking at 2.9% share in February. Other ute shining in 2007, the Mitsubishi Triton also broke into the monthly Top 10 for the first time in June at #10 (2.3%) to finish the year at #19 (+36%).

Honda has its best year so far in Australia, placing the Civic at #14 (+30%), the CR-V at #24 (+26%), the Jazz at #29 (+24%), the Accord Euro at #39 (-17%) and the Accord at #47 (+8%).

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Full Year 2007 and every Monthly Top 50 below.

You can check out every single Monthly Top 50 for 2007 here: Australia 2007 12 Month by Month

Australia Full Year 2007 Top 50:

1Holden Commodore57,3075.5%1%56,5315.9%1
2Toyota Corolla47,7924.6%3%46,2464.8%2
3Toyota Hilux42,0094.0%14%36,8943.8%4
5Ford Falcon33,9413.2%-20%42,3904.4%3
6Toyota Yaris29,6632.8%6%27,9902.9%7
7Toyota Camry26,3422.5%-13%30,2623.1%6
8Toyota Aurion22,0362.1%617%3,0720.3%n/a
9Hyundai Getz21,1662.0%2%20,8532.2%8
10Holden Astra19,3641.8%-6%20,5882.1%9
11Nissan Navara19,0761.8%30%14,6711.5%16
12Holden Rodeo18,4061.8%0%18,4461.9%10
13Mitsubishi Lancer17,7441.7%14%15,6331.6%14
14Honda Civic17,6431.7%30%13,5361.4%19
15Ford Territory17,2901.6%-6%18,3641.9%11
16Ford Focus17,1631.6%-2%17,4831.8%12
17Toyota RAV414,5071.4%-2%14,8341.5%15
18Mitsubishi Triton14,4421.4%36%10,6271.1%28
19Toyota Prado13,8381.3%3%13,3741.4%20
20Ford Falcon Ute13,7581.3%-13%15,8581.6%13
21Nissan Tiida13,7561.3%25%11,0141.1%26
22Suzuki Swift13,2831.3%31%10,1311.1%30
23Honda CR-V12,6421.2%26%10,0691.0%31
24Holden Barina12,5931.2%-8%13,6351.4%18
25Subaru Forester12,5541.2%-4%13,0101.4%21
26Nissan X-Trail12,4441.2%10%11,3311.2%25
28Honda Jazz11,6631.1%24%9,4411.0%34
29Holden Commodore Ute11,5181.1%-18%14,0721.5%17
30Ford Ranger11,5161.1%new1050.0%n/a
31Volkswagen Golf11,0291.1%14%9,6431.0%33
32Mitsubishi 38010,9421.0%-12%12,4261.3%23
33Subaru Impreza10,8531.0%6%10,2761.1%29
34Holden Captiva10,4361.0%477%1,8100.2%n/a
35Mazda BT-509,9530.9%new3590.0%n/a
36Kia Rio9,3150.9%26%7,4130.8%38
38BMW 3-Series8,8160.8%22%7,2470.8%39
39Honda Accord Euro8,2740.8%-17%10,0131.0%32
40Toyota Land Cruiser8,2350.8%-23%10,6531.1%27
41Toyota Kluger7,8860.8%59%4,9730.5%47
42Hyundai Elantra7,7850.7%4%7,4690.8%37
43Toyota Hiace Van7,6720.7%-9%8,4650.9%35
44Subaru Liberty7,6250.7%-2%7,7970.8%36
45Holden Viva7,4000.7%-36%11,4871.2%24
46Mitsubishi Outlander7,3330.7%64%4,4730.5%52
47Honda Accord7,2240.7%8%6,7020.7%42
48Mitsubishi Pajero7,0310.7%56%4,4960.5%51
49Mazda CX-76,8320.7%821%7420.1%n/a
50Hyundai Tucson6,5230.6%44%4,5360.5%50

January 2007 Top 20:

1Toyota Corolla3,4854.5%
2Holden Commodore3,4744.5%
4Toyota Hilux2,7813.6%
5Toyota Yaris2,4983.2%
6Holden Astra2,3513.1%
7Ford Falcon1,9742.6%
8Nissan Navara1,8742.4%
9Ford Focus1,6652.2%
10Honda Accord1,6442.1%
11Holden Barina1,5632.0%
12Mitsubishi Lancer1,5272.0%
13Honda Civic1,5192.0%
14Toyota Camry1,3471.8%
15Ford Territory1,3431.7%
16Honda Jazz1,2611.6%
17Holden Rodeo1,2591.6%
18Toyota Prado1,2251.6%
19Toyota RAV41,1541.5%
20Nissan Tiida1,1391.5%

February 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore5,5446.6%
2Toyota Corolla3,5914.3%
3Toyota Hilux3,1413.8%
4Ford Falcon3,0863.7%
6Toyota Camry2,5323.0%
7Toyota Yaris2,5123.0%
8Nissan Navara2,4652.9%
9Holden Astra1,8842.2%
10Toyota Aurion1,8172.2%
11Honda Civic1,6412.0%
12Mitsubishi Lancer1,5901.9%
13Hyundai Getz1,5101.8%
14Ford Territory1,4631.7%
15Holden Rodeo1,3721.6%
16Toyota Prado1,3081.6%
17Ford Falcon Ute1,2851.5%
18Suzuki Swift1,2601.5%
19Nissan Tiida1,2461.5%
20Ford Focus1,1971.4%

March 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore5,7526.3%
2Toyota Hilux4,1044.5%
3Toyota Corolla4,0294.4%
4Ford Falcon3,2493.6%
6Toyota Yaris2,7023.0%
7Toyota Camry2,5742.8%
8Nissan Navara2,3222.5%
9Toyota Aurion2,0372.2%
10Holden Astra1,9512.1%
11Hyundai Getz1,8952.1%
12Honda Accord1,7751.9%
13Honda Civic1,6851.8%
14Holden Rodeo1,6611.8%
15Ford Focus1,5951.7%
16Mitsubishi Lancer1,5751.7%
17Nissan Tiida1,5271.7%
18Honda CR-V1,4541.6%
19Toyota RAV41,4061.5%
20Ford Territory1,3831.5%

April 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore4,7246.2%
2Toyota Hilux2,9994.0%
4Toyota Yaris2,3253.1%
5Ford Falcon2,2553.0%
6Toyota Corolla2,2022.9%
7Toyota Camry1,9752.6%
8Toyota Aurion1,7152.3%
9Hyundai Getz1,6402.2%
10Holden Rodeo1,4701.9%
11Nissan Navara1,4431.9%
12Ford Focus1,3811.8%
13Honda Accord1,3661.8%
14Holden Astra1,2821.7%
15Honda Civic1,1801.6%
16Honda Jazz1,1571.5%
17Ford Falcon Ute1,1451.5%
18Ford Territory1,1041.5%
19Mitsubishi Lancer1,0971.5%
20Mitsubishi Triton1,0971.5%

May 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore5,0015.6%
2Toyota Corolla3,5584.0%
3Toyota Hilux3,5014.0%
4Ford Falcon2,8013.2%
6Toyota Yaris2,3892.7%
7Toyota Camry2,0272.3%
8Ford Focus1,9582.2%
9Toyota Aurion1,9542.2%
10Hyundai Getz1,7572.0%
11Nissan Navara1,7261.9%
12Holden Rodeo1,6851.9%
13Ford Territory1,6651.9%
14Holden Astra1,6431.9%
15Honda Civic1,4721.7%
16Mitsubishi Lancer1,4691.7%
17Toyota Prado1,2341.4%
18Mitsubishi Triton1,2321.4%
19Honda Accord1,1571.3%
20Toyota RAV41,1461.3%

June 2007 Top 20:

1Toyota Corolla5,8905.6%
2Holden Commodore5,5885.3%
3Toyota Hilux4,2494.0%
4Ford Falcon3,2063.1%
6Toyota Yaris2,9262.8%
7Toyota Camry2,6452.5%
8Toyota Aurion2,6262.5%
9Hyundai Getz2,4862.4%
10Mitsubishi Triton2,3862.3%
11Mitsubishi Lancer2,1432.0%
12Nissan Navara2,0842.0%
13Ford Territory2,0562.0%
14Holden Astra1,8911.8%
15Holden Rodeo1,8871.8%
16Honda Accord1,7441.7%
17Volkswagen Golf1,6191.5%
18Ford Focus1,5541.5%
19Honda Jazz1,3921.3%
20Kia Rio1,3611.3%

July 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore5,1345.9%
2Toyota Corolla4,4605.2%
3Toyota Hilux3,3003.8%
4Ford Falcon3,1863.7%
6Toyota Yaris2,4492.8%
7Toyota Camry1,9902.3%
8Toyota Aurion1,9252.2%
9Hyundai Getz1,7202.0%
10Mitsubishi Lancer1,6761.9%
11Honda Civic1,6521.9%
12Holden Rodeo1,6071.9%
13Ford Territory1,5551.8%
14Holden Astra1,3551.6%
15Honda Accord1,3141.5%
16Nissan Tiida1,2441.4%
17Honda CR-V1,2331.4%
18Ford Falcon Ute1,1761.4%
19Toyota RAV41,1691.4%
20Holden Barina1,1431.3%

August 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore4,8995.6%
2Toyota Corolla4,6735.3%
3Toyota Hilux3,8134.3%
4Ford Falcon2,9733.4%
6Toyota Yaris2,4792.8%
7Toyota Camry2,3122.6%
8Toyota Aurion1,8732.1%
9Honda Civic1,8542.1%
10Ford Focus1,6831.9%
11Holden Rodeo1,6571.9%
12Hyundai Getz1,5051.7%
13Honda CR-V1,4101.6%
14Ford Territory1,3791.6%
15Holden Astra1,3491.5%
16Nissan Navara1,2391.4%
17Ford Falcon Ute1,2261.4%
18Ford Ranger1,2211.4%
19Mitsubishi Lancer1,1951.4%
20Toyota RAV41,1941.4%

September 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore4,5255.4%
2Toyota Corolla3,5614.3%
3Toyota Hilux3,4264.1%
4Ford Falcon2,8523.4%
6Toyota Camry2,1732.6%
7Toyota Yaris2,1402.6%
8Hyundai Getz1,7572.1%
9Mitsubishi Triton1,6952.0%
10Toyota Aurion1,5851.9%
11Holden Astra1,5831.9%
12Holden Rodeo1,5331.8%
13Ford Focus1,4151.7%
14Nissan Tiida1,2911.5%
15Ford Territory1,2731.5%
16Toyota Kluger1,2511.5%
17Nissan Navara1,2471.5%
18Honda Civic1,2161.5%
19Ford Ranger1,1991.4%
20Honda Accord1,1461.4%

October 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore4,4405.0%
2Toyota Corolla4,1234.6%
3Toyota Hilux3,7524.2%
5Toyota Yaris2,4862.8%
6Ford Falcon2,4392.7%
7Toyota Camry1,9942.2%
8Hyundai Getz1,8962.1%
9Toyota Aurion1,8312.1%
10Holden Rodeo1,4671.6%
11Mitsubishi Lancer1,4461.6%
12Honda Civic1,4091.6%
13Ford Ranger1,3691.5%
14Honda Accord1,3511.5%
15Toyota RAV41,2931.4%
16Honda CR-V1,2911.4%
17Toyota Prado1,2731.4%
18Holden Astra1,2131.4%
19Suzuki Swift1,1971.3%

November 2007 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore4,5735.0%
2Toyota Corolla4,1094.5%
3Toyota Hilux3,6874.0%
4Ford Falcon2,7983.0%
6Hyundai Getz2,4732.7%
7Toyota Yaris2,4052.6%
8Toyota Camry2,0882.3%
9Mitsubishi Lancer2,0522.2%
10Toyota Aurion1,7972.0%
11Holden Rodeo1,6771.8%
12Ford Territory1,5951.7%
13Holden Commodore Ute1,5381.7%
14Holden Astra1,5371.7%
15Mitsubishi Triton1,4351.6%
16Honda Accord1,3941.5%
17Honda Civic1,3811.5%
18Nissan Navara1,3631.5%
19Ford Falcon Ute1,3261.4%
20Ford Focus1,3041.4%

December 2007 Top 20:

1Toyota Corolla4,1114.8%
2Holden Commodore3,6534.2%
3Toyota Hilux3,2563.8%
4Ford Falcon3,1223.6%
5Toyota Camry2,6853.1%
7Toyota Yaris2,3522.7%
8Toyota Aurion1,7512.0%
9Holden Commodore Ute1,5351.8%
10Hyundai Getz1,4991.7%
11Honda Civic1,4481.7%
12Mitsubishi Lancer1,3501.6%
13Ford Focus1,3261.5%
14Holden Astra1,3251.5%
15Toyota Land Cruiser1,2961.5%
16Ford Territory1,2841.5%
17Toyota RAV41,2791.5%
18Mitsubishi Triton1,2581.5%
20Nissan Navara1,1631.3%

Source: VFACTS

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