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Australia 2005: Commodore & Falcon still dominate but slow down

Holden Commodore

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The Australian market is getting closer and closer to the million annual units, breaking its record for the third consecutive time at 985,057 registrations, up 3% on 2004. The Holden Commodore is the best selling car in Australia for the 10th consecutive year but at 66,794 sales and 6.8% (-15%), it delivers its lowest annual volume since 1994. It ranked #1 10 times and peaked at 8.2% in March. The Ford Falcon is 2nd at 53,080 units and 5.4% (-19%), its weakest volume since 1991. It was #1 in August at 6.8%, its best share this year and the last time the Falcon managed to rank #1 in Australia.

Toyota Corolla

2005 was the year the Toyota Corolla ranked #1 for the very first time. It did so in September with a best-ever 6.1% share, the first time an imported model was #1 since the Hyundai Excel in June 1998 and only the second time ever since World War 2! It finished the year at #3 with 46,415 sales and 4.7% share, up 19% on 2004. The Toyota Camry is down 10% at #4 – it peaked at 5% in December – ahead of the Holden Astra (+31%) peaking at #3 in February. The Mazda3 is 6th for its first full year with 3.3% (+48%), it landed in the podium for the first time in January.

Ford Territory

The Ford Territory is the only new entrant in the Yearly Top 10 at #9 with 23,454 sales and 2.4%, peaking at a best-ever 2.9% (#7) in December. The Mitsubishi Triton broke into the Top 10 in June and the VW Golf is up 57% to #30. Two significant launches occured in October: Toyota abandoned the Echo nameplate to launch the Yaris, already #11 in November, and Mitsubishi replaced the Magna/Verada by the 380, ranking #12 in November at 2.1%, which unfortunately will end up being its career best.

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Next year: Australia 2006: Commodore limits fall thanks to new gen, Falcon down to #3!

Full Year 2005 Top 50 and every monthly Top 50 below.

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Australia Full Year 2005 Top 50:

1Holden Commodore66,7946.8%-15%78,7318.2%1
2Ford Falcon53,0805.4%-19%65,1826.8%2
3Toyota Corolla46,4154.7%19%39,0534.1%4
4Toyota Camry36,4923.7%-10%40,3564.2%3
5Holden Astra34,2183.5%31%26,2022.7%6
7Toyota Hilux31,3693.2%12%28,0772.9%5
8Holden Rodeo24,5822.5%2%24,0252.5%7
9Ford Territory23,4542.4%73%13,5831.4%18
10Holden Commodore Ute20,2022.1%-13%23,3112.4%8
11Ford Falcon Ute18,3841.9%-10%20,3252.1%10
12Nissan Pulsar17,6431.8%-10%19,5312.0%11
13Hyundai Getz16,4551.7%4%15,8321.7%15
14Toyota Prado15,3351.6%-8%16,7581.8%13
16Toyota Echo14,6861.5%-18%17,8791.9%12
17Mitsubishi Lancer13,6411.4%0%13,6851.4%17
18Hyundai Elantra13,2871.3%2%13,0871.4%20
19Mitsubishi Magna/Verada12,4691.3%-22%15,9681.7%14
20Subaru Forester12,3201.3%4%11,8521.2%24
21Nissan X-Trail12,0721.2%-7%13,0501.4%21
22Toyota Land Cruiser12,0171.2%-14%13,9171.5%16
23Toyota RAV411,8811.2%-10%13,2201.4%19
24Ford Focus10,7281.1%-15%12,5651.3%22
25Honda Accord Euro10,5571.1%13%9,3391.0%26
26Subaru Impreza9,9391.0%22%8,1560.9%30
27Nissan Navara9,8571.0%-10%10,9611.1%25
28Holden Barina9,6751.0%32%7,3490.8%33
29Mitsubishi Triton9,6191.0%41%6,8080.7%37
30Volkswagen Golf9,3110.9%57%5,9200.6%41
31Honda CR-V8,8440.9%1%8,7730.9%29
32Nissan Patrol Wagon8,3540.8%-9%9,1321.0%28
33Suzuki Swift8,0520.8%new00.0% –
34Honda Jazz7,9140.8%8%7,3600.8%32
35Ford Courier7,7750.8%10%7,0770.7%34
36Subaru Liberty7,6810.8%10%6,9530.7%36
37Kia Rio7,3480.7%-20%9,1961.0%27
38Honda Civic7,3310.7%70%4,3240.5%n/a
39Toyota Kluger7,1600.7%-6%7,6550.8%31
40Honda Accord7,0020.7%117%3,2250.3%n/a
41BMW 3-Series6,8350.7%23%5,5590.6%44
42Hyundai Accent6,5820.7%8%6,1000.6%40
43Mitsubishi Pajero6,4800.7%-7%6,9840.7%35
44Toyota Land Cruiser PU6,4640.7%-5%6,7730.7%38
45Subaru Outback6,1040.6%-8%6,6580.7%39
46Mazda B-Series6,1020.6%8%5,6760.6%42
47Toyota Hiace Van6,0500.6%25%4,8210.5%49
49Ford Fiesta5,2030.5%32%3,9300.4%n/a
50Kia Cerato5,0520.5%166%1,9000.2%n/a

(For the monthly rankings, Honda Accord and Accord Euro sales are merged)

January 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore4,2256.1%
2Ford Falcon3,5145.1%
4Toyota Camry2,7333.9%
5Toyota Corolla2,5933.7%
6Holden Astra2,5803.7%
7Holden Rodeo1,8742.7%
8Holden Commodore Ute1,6952.4%
9Toyota Echo1,5852.3%
10Toyota Hilux1,5182.2%
11Nissan Pulsar1,4742.1%
12Honda Accord1,4732.1%
13Ford Territory1,4682.1%
15Hyundai Getz1,1751.7%
16Ford Focus1,1221.6%
17Ford Falcon Ute1,1131.6%
18Toyota Prado1,1051.6%
19Subaru Forester1,0651.5%
20Nissan X-Trail1,0621.5%

February 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore5,8907.3%
2Ford Falcon4,6505.7%
3Holden Astra3,2354.0%
4Toyota Camry3,1833.9%
6Toyota Corolla2,6913.3%
7Holden Rodeo2,1032.6%
8Ford Territory2,0722.6%
9Mitsubishi Magna/Verada1,7822.2%
10Toyota Echo1,6872.1%
11Toyota Hilux1,6872.1%
12Holden Commodore Ute1,6172.0%
13Hyundai Getz1,6002.0%
14Ford Falcon Ute1,5381.9%
15Toyota Prado1,4221.8%
16Nissan Pulsar1,4201.8%
17Honda Accord1,3961.7%
19Toyota Land Cruiser1,2181.5%
20Toyota RAV41,0691.3%

March 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore7,0528.2%
2Ford Falcon5,0265.8%
3Toyota Corolla3,4824.0%
4Holden Astra2,9233.4%
5Toyota Camry2,8843.3%
7Holden Rodeo2,4462.8%
8Ford Territory2,2752.6%
9Ford Falcon Ute1,7622.0%
10Nissan Pulsar1,6721.9%
11Toyota Prado1,5611.8%
12Mitsubishi Lancer1,5471.8%
13Toyota Echo1,5331.8%
14Toyota Hilux1,5291.8%
15Mitsubishi Magna/Verada1,5231.8%
16Nissan X-Trail1,4001.6%
17Holden Commodore Ute1,3891.6%
18Hyundai Getz1,3211.5%
20Hyundai Elantra1,2421.4%

April 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore5,7737.6%
2Ford Falcon4,1745.5%
3Toyota Corolla3,2794.3%
4Holden Astra2,9393.9%
5Toyota Camry2,4993.3%
7Holden Rodeo2,2783.0%
8Toyota Hilux2,2202.9%
9Ford Territory2,0932.7%
10Honda Accord1,7002.2%
11Ford Falcon Ute1,3821.8%
12Toyota Echo1,3781.8%
13Nissan Pulsar1,3541.8%
14Toyota Prado1,3451.8%
15Holden Commodore Ute1,3191.7%
16Hyundai Getz1,2611.7%
18Hyundai Elantra1,1491.5%
19Toyota Land Cruiser9871.3%
20Mitsubishi Lancer9831.3%

May 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore6,4518.0%
2Ford Falcon4,5305.6%
3Toyota Corolla3,8044.7%
4Holden Astra3,0093.7%
5Toyota Camry2,7383.4%
6Toyota Hilux2,6613.3%
8Holden Rodeo2,2572.8%
9Ford Territory2,1542.7%
10Holden Commodore Ute1,5912.0%
11Ford Falcon Ute1,5722.0%
12Nissan Pulsar1,5321.9%
13Toyota Echo1,4991.9%
14Hyundai Getz1,4731.8%
15Honda Accord1,4181.8%
16Toyota Prado1,3351.7%
18Mitsubishi Lancer1,3111.6%
19Mitsubishi Triton1,2051.5%
20Mitsubishi Magna/Verada1,0711.3%

June 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore6,8376.7%
2Ford Falcon5,4335.3%
3Toyota Corolla5,2215.1%
4Toyota Camry4,0043.9%
5Toyota Hilux3,7703.7%
6Holden Astra3,2793.2%
8Holden Rodeo2,7442.7%
9Ford Territory2,5372.5%
10Mitsubishi Triton2,3222.3%
11Hyundai Getz2,2722.2%
12Ford Falcon Ute2,0652.0%
13Holden Commodore Ute1,9231.9%
14Honda Accord1,8871.9%
15Nissan Pulsar1,6901.7%
16Subaru Forester1,6881.7%
17Mitsubishi Lancer1,6421.6%
18Toyota Echo1,6351.6%
19Toyota Prado1,5681.5%
20Mitsubishi Magna/Verada1,4871.5%

July 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore5,4457.0%
2Toyota Corolla4,0385.2%
3Ford Falcon3,7844.9%
4Holden Astra2,8683.7%
6Toyota Camry2,8223.6%
7Toyota Hilux2,6473.4%
8Holden Rodeo2,0142.6%
9Honda Accord1,7292.2%
10Mitsubishi Magna/Verada1,7102.2%
11Holden Commodore Ute1,6582.1%
12Ford Territory1,6412.1%
13Toyota Echo1,3911.8%
14Ford Falcon Ute1,2831.6%
15Nissan Pulsar1,2751.6%
16Hyundai Getz1,2601.6%
17Toyota Prado1,0531.4%
19Toyota RAV41,0001.3%
20Honda CR-V9481.2%

August 2005 Top 20:

1Ford Falcon5,8266.8%
2Holden Commodore5,6186.5%
3Toyota Corolla4,7835.6%
4Holden Astra3,3593.9%
5Toyota Camry2,9823.5%
6Toyota Hilux2,9543.4%
8Holden Rodeo2,0582.4%
9Holden Commodore Ute1,9672.3%
10Ford Falcon Ute1,8232.1%
11Ford Territory1,7352.0%
12Honda Accord1,4791.7%
13Toyota Echo1,4551.7%
14Hyundai Getz1,3511.6%
15Mitsubishi Magna/Verada1,3511.6%
16Nissan Pulsar1,3361.6%
18Hyundai Elantra1,1851.4%
19Toyota Prado1,1311.3%
20Subaru Forester1,0451.2%

September 2005 Top 20:

1Toyota Corolla4,9506.1%
2Holden Commodore4,8516.0%
3Ford Falcon3,9004.8%
4Toyota Hilux3,4024.2%
5Toyota Camry3,3574.2%
6Holden Astra3,0563.8%
8Holden Rodeo1,9272.4%
9Holden Commodore Ute1,8262.3%
10Nissan Pulsar1,6712.1%
11Ford Territory1,6342.0%
12Hyundai Getz1,6052.0%
13Ford Falcon Ute1,3991.7%
14Hyundai Elantra1,3061.6%
15Ford Focus1,2971.6%
16Honda Accord1,2951.6%
17Toyota Prado1,2381.5%
18Mitsubishi Lancer1,1251.4%
19Nissan X-Trail1,1221.4%
20Toyota RAV41,1161.4%

October 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore4,9066.7%
2Toyota Corolla3,9885.5%
3Ford Falcon3,6425.0%
5Holden Astra2,8673.9%
6Toyota Hilux2,6193.6%
7Toyota Camry2,5193.4%
8Holden Rodeo1,7192.4%
9Holden Commodore Ute1,5432.1%
10Ford Territory1,4181.9%
11Mitsubishi Lancer1,3831.9%
12Ford Falcon Ute1,3511.8%
14Honda Accord1,1031.5%
15Nissan Pulsar1,0301.4%
16Ford Focus1,0211.4%
17Subaru Forester9991.4%
18Toyota Land Cruiser9931.4%
19Hyundai Getz9681.3%
20Mitsubishi 3809511.3%

November 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore5,2766.6%
2Ford Falcon5,0646.3%
3Toyota Corolla4,0025.0%
4Toyota Hilux3,2074.0%
5Toyota Camry2,9493.7%
7Holden Astra2,4733.1%
8Ford Territory2,2242.8%
9Holden Commodore Ute1,9162.4%
10Holden Rodeo1,7562.2%
11Toyota Yaris1,7332.2%
12Mitsubishi 3801,6502.1%
13Ford Falcon Ute1,4231.8%
14Nissan Pulsar1,3881.7%
15Honda Accord1,2761.6%
16Mitsubishi Lancer1,2311.5%
18Hyundai Getz1,1311.4%
19Hyundai Elantra1,1211.4%
20Toyota Prado1,0891.4%

December 2005 Top 20:

1Holden Commodore4,4705.9%
2Toyota Camry3,8225.0%
3Toyota Corolla3,5844.7%
4Ford Falcon3,5374.6%
5Toyota Hilux3,1554.1%
7Ford Territory2,2032.9%
8Nissan Pulsar1,8012.4%
9Holden Commodore Ute1,7582.3%
10Ford Falcon Ute1,6732.2%
11Holden Astra1,6302.1%
12Toyota Prado1,6112.1%
13Honda Accord1,6032.1%
14Toyota Yaris1,4631.9%
15Hyundai Elantra1,4531.9%
16Holden Rodeo1,4061.8%
18Holden Barina1,0561.4%
19Hyundai Getz1,0381.4%
20Ford Focus9991.3%

Source: VFACTS

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