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Latvia 2003-2004: Mazda6 best-seller


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The Latvian car market is up 11% in 2003 to 8,730 registrations and a further 29% in 2004 to 11,256 units. Up 340% on ’02, the Mazda6 takes the lead of the models ranking in ’03 for its first fill year in market with 497 sales and 5.7% share, and keeps the pole position in ’04 at 456 units and 4.1%. Leader in ’02, the Opel Astra falls to #2 in ’03 and #18 in ’04, replaced in the 2nd spot by the Toyota Corolla only 2 units below the Mazda6 in ’04!

Lexus RX

The Peugeot 307 rounds up the podium in ’03 with 308 sales and 3.5% then gives way to the Hyundai Getz in ’04 at 397 units and 3.5%. Other popular models over the period include the Toyota Land Cruiser #5 in ’03 and #6 in ’04, Mazda3 #5 in ’04, Ford Focus #6 in ’03 and Honda Accord #7 in ’03 (+519%!). Notice also the Lexus RX up 23 spots to #20 with 154 sales and 1.4% in ’04.

Full Year 2003 and 2004 Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

Latvia Full Year 2003:

2Opel Astra3293.8%-15%3854.9%1
3Peugeot 3073083.5%9%2833.6%2
4Toyota Corolla3023.5%51%2002.6%6
5Toyota Land Cruiser2042.3%143%841.1%31
6Ford Focus1952.2%-2%1982.5%7
7Honda Accord1922.2%519%310.4%n/a
8Peugeot 2061832.1%-14%2132.7%4
9Honda CRV1792.1%-1%1812.3%9
10Lada Niva1732.0%-14%2022.6%5
11Opel Vectra1722.0%219%540.7%47
12Honda Civic1712.0%-33%2563.3%3
13Citroen Berlingo1591.8%-18%1942.5%8
14Renault Megane1591.8%51%1051.3%22
15Skoda Fabia1511.7%36%1111.4%20
16Mazda 3231511.7%48%1021.3%23
17Toyota Avensis1461.7%62%901.1%27
18Renault Kangoo1321.5%3%1281.6%14
19Peugeot Partner1311.5%130%570.7%44
20Ford Mondeo1201.4%1%1191.5%17
21Toyota RAV41161.3%-17%1391.8%13
22VW Passat1141.3%-23%1491.9%12
23Mitsubishi Pajero/Sport1131.3%-9%1241.6%15
24Mercedes E Class1121.3%30%861.1%29
25Skoda Octavia1121.3%67%670.9%37
26VW Golf1061.2%18%901.1%28
27Renault Laguna971.1%-44%1732.2%10
28Hyundai Santa Fe951.1%0%951.2%26
29VW Polo941.1%-21%1191.5%18
30Nissan Almera931.1%-11%1051.3%21
31Citroen C3891.0%242%260.3%n/a
32VW Bora820.9%-48%1592.0%11
33Peugeot 406820.9%-15%971.2%25
34Hyundai Getz730.8%new10.0%n/a
35Subaru Forester720.8%260%200.3%n/a
36Opel Zafira710.8%-42%1231.6%16
37Hyundai Terracan710.8%82%390.5%n/a
38Ford Transit700.8%268%190.2%n/a
39VW Sharan640.7%-19%791.0%32
40Toyota Camry640.7%-9%700.9%34
41Suzuki Grand Vitara640.7%2%630.8%41
42Toyota Yaris630.7%-10%700.9%35
43Lexus RX620.7%182%220.3%n/a
44Audi A4610.7%20%510.7%49
45Renault Scenic550.6%-36%861.1%30
46Mitsubishi Carisma550.6%-19%680.9%36
47Mazda Premacy530.6%23%430.5%54
48Honda HRV520.6%-47%991.3%24
49Subaru Impreza520.6%-15%610.8%43
50Volvo XC70520.6%420%100.1%n/a

Latvia Full Year 2004:

2Toyota Corolla4554.0%51%3023.5%4
3Hyundai Getz3973.5%444%730.8%34
4Renault Megane3152.8%98%1591.8%14
6Toyota Land Cruiser2632.3%29%2042.3%5
7Ford Focus2512.2%29%1952.2%6
8Toyota Avensis2462.2%68%1461.7%17
9Renault Kangoo2432.2%84%1321.5%18
10Honda Civic2212.0%29%1712.0%12
11VW Golf2081.8%96%1061.2%26
12Peugeot Partner2021.8%54%1311.5%19
13Mitsubishi Lancer1871.7%679%240.3%n/a
14Opel Meriva1871.7%523%300.3%n/a
15Peugeot 3071821.6%-41%3083.5%3
16Skoda Fabia1781.6%18%1511.7%15
17Honda Accord1761.6%-8%1922.2%7
18Opel Astra1651.5%-50%3293.8%2
19Toyota RAV41561.4%34%1161.3%21
20Lexus RX1541.4%148%620.7%43
21Citroen Berlingo1511.3%-5%1591.8%13
22Mercedes E Class1391.2%24%1121.3%24
23Peugeot 2061301.2%-29%1832.1%8
24VW Passat1271.1%11%1141.3%22
25Honda CRV1221.1%-32%1792.1%9
26Subaru Legacy1191.1%222%370.4%n/a
27Lada Niva1171.0%-32%1732.0%10
28Mitsubishi Pajero/Sport1171.0%4%1131.3%23
29Renault Scenic1131.0%105%550.6%45
30Ford Mondeo1111.0%-8%1201.4%20
31Skoda Octavia1101.0%-2%1121.3%25
32Chevrolet Kalos1081.0%new30.0%n/a
33VW Polo1060.9%13%941.1%29
34Hyundai Santa Fe1030.9%8%951.1%28
35Hyundai Terracan1000.9%41%710.8%36
36Renault Laguna970.9%0%971.1%27
37Nissan Almera940.8%1%931.1%30
38Audi A6940.8%114%440.5%n/a
39Kia Sorento930.8%182%330.4%n/a
40Opel Vectra910.8%-47%1722.0%11
41VW Touareg900.8%84%490.6%53
42Mitsubishi Outlander840.7%133%360.4%n/a
43Toyota Yaris800.7%27%630.7%42
44Peugeot 407780.7%new00.0% –
45Suzuki Grand Vitara770.7%20%640.7%39
46Renault Clio720.6%80%400.5%n/a
47Renault Thalia710.6%new00.0% –
48BMW 5 Series700.6%150%280.3%n/a
49Nissan X-Trail690.6%77%390.4%n/a
50VW Touran680.6%106%330.4%n/a


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