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Latvia 2000-2002: Opel Astra most popular

Opel Astra

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Over the period car sales in Latvia went from 7,306 to 7,836 registrations, and the Opel Astra is the best-seller each year, peaking at 424 sales and 5.5% share in 2001. The VW Bora is #2 in 2000 with 263 units and 3.6% then falls to #11 both in ’01 and ’02. It is replaced in 2nd place by the Peugeot 206 in ’01 with 211 sales and 2.7% then the Peugeot 307 in ’02 at 283 units and 3.6%.

Honda HR-V

In 3rd position we find the Mitsubishi Pajero in ’00 with 254 sales and 3.5%, the Ford Focus in ’01 at 193 units and 2.5% and the Honda Civic in ’02 with 256 sales and 3.3%. Other successful models in Latvia over the period include the Toyota Land Cruiser #4 in ’00 and ’01, Lada Niva #5 in ’00 and ’02, Citroen Berlingo #5 in ’01, VW Passat #6 in ’00, Toyota Avensis #6 in ’01 and Toyota Corolla #6 in ’02. Notice also the Mercedes S-Class #30 in ’00, the Chrysler Neon #41 in ’01 and the Honda HR-V #24 in ’02.

Full Year 2000, 2001 and 2002 Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

Latvia Full Year 2000:

1Opel Astra3254.5%
2VW Bora2633.6%
3Mitsubishi Pajero/Sport2543.5%
4Toyota Land Cruiser2283.1%
5Lada Niva2012.8%
6VW Passat1952.7%
7Renault Scenic1882.6%
8Ford Focus1862.5%
9Renault Megane1702.3%
10Lada 2104-71632.2%
11VW Polo1582.2%
12Honda CRV1502.1%
13Toyota Avensis1462.0%
14Mazda 6261452.0%
15Citroen Berlingo1411.9%
16Peugeot 2061401.9%
17Volvo V/S/C701311.8%
18Mazda 3231281.8%
19Renault Kangoo1231.7%
20Peugeot 4061231.7%
21VW Golf1091.5%
22Toyota Corolla1071.5%
23Subaru Legacy971.3%
24Opel Zafira951.3%
25Mercedes E Class921.3%
26Lada 2110-2871.2%
27Opel Omega841.2%
28Renault Laguna831.1%
29Audi A6811.1%
30Mercedes S Class791.1%
31Volvo S/V40771.1%
32Nissan Almera721.0%
33Opel Vectra660.9%
34Mercedes ML Class650.9%
35Mercedes C Class590.8%
36Honda Civic570.8%
37Nissan Patrol550.8%
38BMW 3 Series540.7%
39Peugeot 306500.7%
40Toyota Yaris490.7%
41Peugeot Partner490.7%
42Skoda Octavia480.7%
43Citroen Xsara470.6%
44Mercedes G Class470.6%
45Suzuki Grand Vitara470.6%
46Subaru Impreza470.6%
47Audi A4460.6%
48Mitsubishi Galant460.6%
49Chrysler 300M430.6%
50Chrysler Stratus430.6%

Latvia Full Year 2001:

1Opel Astra4245.5%30%3254.5%1
2Peugeot 2062112.7%51%1401.9%16
3Ford Focus1932.5%4%1862.5%8
4Toyota Land Cruiser1902.5%-17%2283.1%4
5Citroen Berlingo1892.4%34%1411.9%15
6Toyota Avensis1732.2%18%1462.0%13
7VW Passat1692.2%-13%1952.7%6
8Renault Scenic1692.2%-10%1882.6%7
9Lada Niva1612.1%-20%2012.8%5
10Mazda 3231582.0%23%1281.8%18
11VW Bora1562.0%-41%2633.6%2
12Mazda 6261512.0%4%1452.0%14
13Citroen Xsara1431.9%204%470.6%43
14Mitsubishi Pajero/Sport1391.8%-45%2543.5%3
15Honda Civic1381.8%142%570.8%36
16Renault Laguna1331.7%60%831.1%28
17Renault Kangoo1301.7%6%1231.7%20
18Peugeot 4061251.6%2%1231.7%19
19Opel Zafira1241.6%31%951.3%24
20VW Golf1161.5%6%1091.5%21
21VW Sharan1081.4%300%270.4%n/a
22Toyota RAV41081.4%272%290.4%n/a
23Subaru Legacy1021.3%5%971.3%23
24VW Polo991.3%-37%1582.2%11
25Mercedes E Class981.3%7%921.3%25
26Renault Clio971.3%194%330.5%n/a
27Honda CRV961.2%-36%1502.1%12
28Ford Mondeo961.2%700%120.2%n/a
29Renault Megane941.2%-45%1702.3%9
30Mercedes C Class921.2%56%590.8%35
31Toyota Corolla851.1%-21%1071.5%22
32Nissan Almera821.1%14%721.0%32
33Volvo S/V40791.0%3%771.1%31
34Toyota Yaris781.0%59%490.7%41
35Mercedes S Class741.0%-6%791.1%30
36BMW 3 Series730.9%35%540.7%38
37Citroen Xsara Picasso710.9%new00.0% –
38Volvo S60710.9%610%100.1%n/a
39BMW X5700.9%89%370.5%n/a
40Volvo V/S/C70670.9%-49%1311.8%17
41Chrysler Neon670.9%new50.1%n/a
42Opel Vectra640.8%-3%660.9%33
43Honda Accord630.8%58%400.5%51
44Peugeot Partner610.8%24%490.7%40
45Mercedes G Class600.8%28%470.6%44
46Peugeot 307600.8%new00.0% –
47Peugeot 306590.8%18%500.7%39
48Audi A4590.8%28%460.6%47
49Skoda Fabia570.7%54%370.5%54
50Volvo S80560.7%44%390.5%52

Latvia Full Year 2002:

1Opel Astra3854.9%-9%4245.5%1
2Peugeot 3072833.6%372%600.8%45
3Honda Civic2563.3%86%1381.8%15
4Peugeot 2062132.7%1%2112.7%2
5Lada Niva2022.6%25%1612.1%9
6Toyota Corolla2002.6%135%851.1%31
7Ford Focus1982.5%3%1932.5%3
8Citroen Berlingo1942.5%3%1892.4%5
9Honda CRV1812.3%89%961.2%28
10Renault Laguna1732.2%30%1331.7%16
11VW Bora1592.0%2%1562.0%11
12VW Passat1491.9%-12%1692.2%8
13Toyota RAV41391.8%29%1081.4%21
14Renault Kangoo1281.6%-2%1301.7%17
15Mitsubishi Pajero/Sport1241.6%-11%1391.8%14
16Opel Zafira1231.6%-1%1241.6%19
17VW Polo1191.5%20%991.3%24
18Ford Mondeo1191.5%24%961.2%27
19Mazda61131.4%new00.0% –
20Skoda Fabia1111.4%95%570.7%49
21Renault Megane1051.3%12%941.2%29
22Nissan Almera1051.3%28%821.1%32
23Mazda 3231021.3%-35%1582.0%10
24Honda HRV991.3%161%380.5%n/a
25Peugeot 406971.2%-22%1251.6%18
26Hyundai Santa Fe951.2%252%270.3%n/a
27Toyota Avensis901.1%-48%1732.2%6
28VW Golf901.1%-22%1161.5%20
29Renault Scenic861.1%-49%1692.2%7
30Mercedes E Class861.1%-12%981.3%25
31Toyota Land Cruiser841.1%-56%1902.5%4
32VW Sharan791.0%-27%1081.4%22
33Citroen C5710.9%115%330.4%n/a
34Toyota Yaris700.9%-10%781.0%34
35Toyota Camry700.9%483%120.2%n/a
36Mitsubishi Carisma680.9%172%250.3%n/a
37BMW 3 Series670.9%-8%730.9%36
38Skoda Octavia670.9%31%510.7%54
39Volvo S60650.8%-8%710.9%37
40BMW X5640.8%-9%700.9%39
41Suzuki Grand Vitara630.8%54%410.5%59
42Citroen Xsara620.8%-57%1431.9%13
43Subaru Impreza610.8%85%330.4%n/a
44Peugeot Partner570.7%-7%610.8%44
45Volvo V/S/C70560.7%-16%670.9%40
46Nissan Primera550.7%244%160.2%n/a
47Opel Vectra540.7%-16%640.8%42
48Audi A6530.7%6%500.6%55
49Audi A4510.7%-14%590.8%47
50Mazda 626490.6%-68%1512.0%12


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