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France 1997: Renault Megane snaps up pole position!

Renault Megane Scenic

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Catastrophic year for car sales in France: down 20% at 1,713,030 registrations, the worst total since 1975. Massive change in pole position: the Renault Megane puts an end to 5 years of uninterrupted Clio domination to become the best-selling car in France with 143,821 sales and 8.4% share, peaking at 10% in January. It is the first time in 24 years (since the Renault 12 in 1973) that the French best-seller is not a ‘mini’. However Megane figures include the Scenic MPV version accounting for 60% of total sales, as for now the two models are considered part of the same range.

Peugeot 406

The Renault Clio drops 27% to #2 and 119,844 units, its weakest full year result since the launch of the nameplate in 1990. It fell to a worst-ever 4.8% market share in June. All four following models drop significantly: the Peugeot 306 (-15%), Renault Twingo (-29%), Peugeot 106 (-37%) even though it ranked #1 for the first time in June, and Renault Laguna (-23%).

VW Polo

There are 3 newcomers in the Top 10: the Peugeot 406 is 7th at 3.7%, peaking at a fantastic 2nd place with 6.5% in June, the Citroen Saxo is 8th at 3.6%, peaking at #4 in April, and the VW Polo, brilliantly taking the lead of imported models, up 6 sots to #9 and even ranking 4th in May, potentially the best monthly position ever reached by a foreign model in France. Note the Fiat Bravo/a broke into the Top 10 in August at #9 with 3%.

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Full Year 1997 Top 100 and monthly Top 15 Ranking Tables below.

You can check out every monthly Top 15 for Jan-Aug 1997 here: France 1997 12 Month by Month

France First Half 1997 in pictures:

France Full Year 1997:

1Renault Megane143,8218.4%5%136,6886.4%2
2Renault Clio119,8447.0%-27%163,3967.7%1
3Peugeot 30696,5095.6%-15%113,3565.3%5
4Renault Twingo82,3154.8%-29%115,1785.4%4
5Peugeot 10681,7574.8%-37%129,0176.1%3
6Renault Laguna66,2803.9%-23%85,8684.0%6
7Peugeot 40663,2453.7%-4%66,0103.1%12
8Citroen Saxo62,2483.6%5%59,4722.8%14
9VW Polo58,5743.4%0%58,6602.8%15
10Opel Corsa53,2093.1%-30%75,8843.6%9
11Citroen Xantia51,7613.0%-15%60,7622.8%13
12Ford Fiesta48,9382.9%-36%76,9723.6%8
13Fiat Punto46,9462.7%-31%68,4513.2%10
14VW Golf41,7402.4%-37%66,2973.1%11
15Citroen ZX41,4482.4%-46%77,3293.6%7
16Ford Escort36,1702.1%-24%47,8022.2%16
17Opel Astra26,2871.5%-26%35,3791.7%18
18Opel Vectra24,5471.4%-22%31,3791.5%20
19Renault Espace24,3831.4%31%18,5560.9%27
20Peugeot 20523,7391.4%-15%28,0761.3%21
21Ford Mondeo22,9211.3%-4%23,8721.1%23
22Citroen Xsara21,9321.3%new00.0% –
23Ford Ka21,2991.2%389%4,3560.2%59
24Renault Safrane20,0401.2%-3%20,6401.0%25
25Fiat Brava19,0371.1%-10%21,1691.0%n/a
26VW Passat18,9631.1%125%8,4310.4%42
27Audi A414,9740.9%-25%19,9420.9%26
28Seat Ibiza14,2220.8%-32%20,8761.0%24
29BMW Serie 312,6750.7%-20%15,7730.7%29
30Mercedes Classe C12,6080.7%-16%15,0620.7%30
31Citroen AX11,4010.7%-75%45,5732.1%17
32Fiat Bravo10,5620.6%-9%11,5860.5%n/a
33Rover 20010,0070.6%-15%11,7200.5%34
34Mercedes Classe E9,9840.6%-5%10,5580.5%35
35Fiat Marea9,2420.5%431%1,7410.1%91
36Nissan Primera8,9180.5%31%6,8310.3%47
37BMW Serie 58,5820.5%-11%9,6560.5%38
38Citroen Berlingo7,8580.5%340%1,7850.1%90
39Fiat Panda7,7180.5%-71%26,8421.3%22
40Renault Kangoo7,7050.4%new00.0% –
41Rover 4007,6620.4%8%7,1140.3%46
42Honda Civic7,6350.4%-19%9,3730.4%40
43Peugeot 8067,5680.4%-23%9,8300.5%37
44Audi A37,2430.4%385%1,4920.1%98
45Nissan Micra6,3800.4%-46%11,7550.6%33
46Skoda Felicia6,1470.4%-29%8,7090.4%41
47Nissan Almera6,0130.4%-42%10,3700.5%36
48Ford Galaxy5,4700.3%-25%7,3140.3%45
49Seat Cordoba5,1280.3%-38%8,2700.4%43
50Daewoo Nexia5,0640.3%-47%9,5410.4%39
51Chrysler Voyager4,9810.3%-35%7,6610.4%44
52Peugeot 6054,9720.3%-18%6,0550.3%49
53Citroen Evasion4,9400.3%-26%6,6620.3%48
54Fiat Cinquecento4,9070.3%-72%17,6580.8%28
55Toyota Carina E4,7600.3%-10%5,2790.2%52
56VW Sharan4,5700.3%2%4,4730.2%58
57Volvo S40/V404,4970.3%65%2,7190.1%73
58Toyota Corolla4,0080.2%6%3,7700.2%63
59Citroen XM3,8770.2%-24%5,0750.2%56
60Audi A63,8330.2%5%3,6610.2%64
61Opel Tigra3,8260.2%-28%5,2780.2%53
62Hyundai Pony3,8100.2%-26%5,1460.2%55
63Toyota Starlet3,4640.2%new00.0% –
64VW Polo Classic3,4580.2%26%2,7340.1%72
65Rover 6003,3550.2%-21%4,2490.2%60
66Peugeot Partner3,2440.2%n/an/an/a –
67Toyota Land Cruiser3,1130.2%49%2,0860.1%81
68Toyota Rav42,9730.2%-18%3,6260.2%65
69Rover 1002,9400.2%-48%5,6890.3%50
70Lancia Ypsilon2,8620.2%-28%3,9650.2%61
71Alfa Romeo 1462,7350.2%-51%5,6340.3%51
72Seat Toledo2,7030.2%-45%4,9350.2%57
73Opel Omega2,6180.2%-20%3,2560.2%67
74Mazda 3232,5000.1%-30%3,5970.2%66
75Opel Frontera2,4790.1%-1%2,5020.1%76
76Fiat Ulysse2,2300.1%-30%3,1700.1%69
77Nissan Terrano II2,1460.1%6%2,0160.1%84
78Santana Vitara2,1440.1%5%2,0380.1%82
79Seat Arosa2,1350.1%new00.0% –
80Renault Trafic2,0490.1%-16%2,4320.1%77
81Skoda Octavia2,0250.1%new00.0% –
82Seat Alhambra1,9290.1%65%1,1670.1% –
83Suzuki Baleno1,9280.1%-8%2,1060.1%80
84Honda Accord1,8890.1%-26%2,5440.1%75
85Mitsubishi Pajero1,8700.1%-3%1,9280.1%85
86Mazda 6261,8510.1%26%1,4730.1%99
87Saab 9001,8500.1%-2%1,8900.1%87
88VW Transporter1,7340.1%2%1,7030.1%92
89Honda CR-V1,6790.1%new00.0% –
90Daewoo Espero1,6630.1%-43%2,9060.1%71
91Land Rover Discovery1,5680.1%8%1,4560.1%100
92Opel Sintra1,5560.1%new00.0% –
93Mercedes SLK1,5490.1%new00.0% –
94BMW Z31,5340.1%7%1,4270.1% –
95Suzuki Swift1,4780.1%-18%1,8120.1%89
96Range Rover1,3840.1%-18%1,6970.1%94
97Toyota Picnic1,3210.1%new00.0% –
98Seat Marbella1,2810.1%-61%3,2510.2%68
99Renault Express1,2320.1%-67%3,7820.2%62
100Ford Maverick1,1860.1%-4%1,2330.1% –

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