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France 1998: Renault Clio reclaims top spot

Renault Clio

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French car sales are up a healthy 14% this year at 1,943,553 registrations. The race for the first place was very close, with the Renault Megane leading up until August. However thanks to the 2nd generation launched on March 11, the Renault Clio reclaims the title of best-selling car in France with 166,937 sales and 8.6% share compared to 161,219 units and 8.3% for the Megane.

Renault Megane Scenic

The Peugeot 306 (5.1%) and Renault Twingo (4.4%) hold onto their #3 and #4 spots and the Citroen Xsara makes a remarkable first appearance in the year-end Top 10 in 5th place with 83,331 sales and 4.3%. It reached #4 in May. Below the Peugeot 106 (-1%), the Renault Laguna (+11%), Citroen Saxo (+17%) and Peugeot 406 (+12%) all improve their sales figure. The Fiat Punto is the best-selling imported model for the first time at #10 at 59,120 units and 3%.

Citroen Xsara

1998 is the year Peugeot finally replaced the 205 with 206, launched on September 10. It ranked #2 that month and finishes the year above Peugeot’s 40,000 units target at 44,025 sales. The Renault Kangoo is a great success at #19 in its non-commercial version.

Previous year: see the France 1997 Top 100 best-selling models here.

Full Year 1998 Top 100 and monthly Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

You can check each monthly Top 10 for Mar-Nov 1998 here: France 1998 12 Month by Month

France Full Year 1998:

1Renault Clio166,9378.6%39%119,8447.0%2
2Renault Megane161,2198.3%12%143,8218.4%1
3Peugeot 30699,7335.1%3%96,5095.6%3
4Renault Twingo86,2144.4%5%82,3154.8%4
5Citroen Xsara83,3314.3%280%21,9321.3%23
6Peugeot 10681,2954.2%-1%81,7574.8%5
7Renault Laguna73,4433.8%11%66,2803.9%6
8Citroen Saxo72,8653.7%17%62,2483.6%8
9Peugeot 40671,1093.7%12%63,2453.7%7
10Fiat Punto59,1203.0%26%46,9462.7%13
11VW Golf56,7852.9%36%41,7402.4%14
12Opel Corsa52,9102.7%-1%53,2093.1%10
13VW Polo50,4162.6%-14%58,5743.4%9
14Citroen Xantia48,5412.5%-6%51,7613.0%11
15Peugeot 20644,0252.3%new00.0% –
16Ford Fiesta43,0952.2%-12%48,9382.9%12
17Opel Astra31,7171.6%21%26,2871.5%18
18Fiat Bravo/Brava/Marea30,6381.6%-21%38,8412.3%16
19Renault Kangoo29,8981.5%288%7,7050.4%38
20Ford Escort28,0151.4%-23%36,1702.1%17
21Renault Espace27,5861.4%13%24,3831.4%20
22Opel Vectra26,9831.4%10%24,5471.4%19
23Ford Ka22,0171.1%3%21,2991.2%24
24Ford Mondeo21,8101.1%-5%22,9211.3%22
25VW Passat20,5451.1%8%18,9631.1%26
26BMW Serie 318,0140.9%42%12,6750.7%29
27Seat Ibiza17,5470.9%23%14,2220.8%28
28Renault Safrane17,3400.9%-13%20,0401.2%25
29Audi A413,8200.7%-8%14,9740.9%27
30Mercedes Classe C12,4200.6%-1%12,6080.7%30
31Audi A311,2590.6%55%7,2430.4%42
32Peugeot 20510,8300.6%-54%23,7391.4%21
33Rover 20010,0430.5%0%10,0070.6%32
34Mercedes Classe E9,2590.5%-7%9,9840.6%33
35Mercedes Classe A9,2010.5%new00.0% –
36Nissan Micra8,7260.4%37%6,3800.4%43
37Rover 4008,3130.4%8%7,6620.4%39
38Seat Cordoba8,1630.4%59%5,1280.3%47
39BMW Serie 58,0860.4%-6%8,5820.5%35
40Peugeot 8067,5300.4%-1%7,5680.4%41
41Nissan Primera7,5250.4%-16%8,9180.5%34
42Honda Civic7,4440.4%-3%7,6350.4%40
43Ford Focus7,1710.4%new00.0% –
44Toyota Corolla6,5600.3%64%4,0080.2%56
45Alfa Romeo 1566,5330.3%new00.0% –
46Volvo S40/V406,4300.3%43%4,4970.3%55
47Fiat Palio6,3500.3%new00.0% –
48Fiat Panda6,3090.3%-18%7,7180.5%37
49Audi A66,2540.3%63%3,8330.2%58
50Ford Galaxy6,0710.3%11%5,4700.3%46
51Fiat Seicento6,0040.3%new00.0% –
52Nissan Almera5,8580.3%-3%6,0130.4%45
53Citroen Evasion5,6640.3%15%4,9400.3%51
54Toyota Avensis5,3980.3%new00.0% –
55Skoda Felicia5,3060.3%-14%6,1470.4%44
56Daewoo Lanos4,9740.3%new00.0% –
57Toyota Land Cruiser4,7340.2%52%3,1130.2%65
58VW Sharan4,4450.2%-3%4,5700.3%54
59Peugeot 6054,3980.2%-12%4,9720.3%50
60Chrysler Voyager4,1590.2%-17%4,9810.3%49
61Citroen Berlingo4,0750.2%-48%7,8580.5%36
62Skoda Octavia3,9850.2%97%2,0250.1%79
63Citroen XM3,7500.2%-3%3,8770.2%57
64Toyota Rav43,7290.2%25%2,9730.2%66
65Toyota Starlet3,6570.2%6%3,4640.2%61
66Rover 6003,4230.2%2%3,3550.2%63
67Honda CR-V3,3990.2%102%1,6790.1%87
68Toyota Picnic3,3310.2%152%1,3210.1%95
69Citroen ZX3,1490.2%-92%41,4482.4%15
70Alfa Romeo 145/1463,0150.2%10%2,7350.2%69
71Suzuki Vitara3,0000.2%40%2,1440.1%76
72Ford Puma2,9840.2%new00.0% –
73Suzuki WagonR+2,9130.1%new00.0% –
74Lancia Ypsilon2,9110.1%2%2,8620.2%68
75Citroen AX2,8070.1%-75%11,4010.7%31
76Nissan Patrol2,7760.1%n/an/an/a –
77Saab 9-3/9002,7030.1%46%1,8500.1%85
78Mazda 3232,6910.1%8%2,5000.1%72
79Mazda 6262,6580.1%44%1,8510.1%84
80Opel Tigra2,6030.1%-32%3,8260.2%59
81Mitsubishi Pajero2,5720.1%38%1,8700.1%83
82Hyundai Pony2,4950.1%-35%3,8100.2%60
83Opel Omega2,4530.1%-6%2,6180.2%71
84Volvo S/V70/8502,4400.1%-7%2,6240.2%n/a
85Fiat Ulysse2,3680.1%6%2,2300.1%74
86Land Rover Freelander2,3540.1%new00.0% –
87Opel Sintra2,2290.1%43%1,5560.1%90
88Suzuki SJ/Jimny2,1320.1%103%1,0500.1%n/a
89Seat Alhambra2,1240.1%10%1,9290.1%80
90Opel Frontera1,9860.1%-20%2,4790.1%73
91Honda Accord1,9450.1%3%1,8890.1%82
92Mercedes CLK1,9390.1%new00.0% –
93Nissan Terrano1,8940.1%-12%2,1460.1%75
94Seat Arosa1,8740.1%-12%2,1350.1%77
95Peugeot Partner1,8680.1%-42%3,2440.2%64
96Mercedes SLK1,7450.1%13%1,5490.1%91
97Daewoo Nexia1,6620.1%-67%5,0640.3%48
98Daewoo Matiz1,6590.1%new00.0% –
99VW Transporter1,6550.1%-5%1,7340.1%86
100Fiat Cinquecento1,5230.1%-69%4,9070.3%52

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