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France 1996: Renault Clio softer, Megane already #2

Renault Clio

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Boosted by another row of scrappage schemes, the French new car market is up 10% in 1996 at 2,132.091 registrations, back above 2 million units for the first time since 1992. The Renault Clio keeps its title of best-selling model for the 5th consecutive year but in spite of a facelift during the year drops 4% to 163,696 sales and 7.7%.

Renault Megane

The big event of the year is obviously the thundering arrival of the Renault Megane in 2nd place at 136,688 units and 6.4%. Launched in November 1995, the Megane climbed to #2 as early as January 1996 with 6.2% share. The arrival in September of the MPV version, the Megane Scenic, enabled to Megane to take the lead of the market in November and December.

Peugeot 106

The facelifted Peugeot 106 lodges its best year so far with 129,017 sales and 6.1%, up 11%. It even threatened the Clio for the monthly #1 spot in April and May. At #4 the Renault Twingo continues to progress at +2% to 115,178 units and 5.4%, just above the Peugeot 306 down only 4% but 3 spots to 113,356 sales and 5.3%.

Daewoo Nexia

The Ford Fiesta is the best-selling imported car at #8 and 3.6%, up 16% ahead of the Opel Corsa (+18%) and Fiat Punto (+11%) for the first time in the year-end Top 10. Other good performers include the Peugeot 406 up to #12 and the Citroen Saxo up to #14, breaking into the monthly Top 10 for the first time in July at #7 and 4%.

Notice the Fiat Bravo/Brava at #19 and the Opel Vectra at #20. 1996 is the first year a Korean model ever ranked within the year-end Top 50 in France: the Daewoo Nexia is #39 with 9,541 sales and 0.4%, up 118% on 1995. The Ford Ka, which will give Ford’s design a new direction in the next decade, lands at #59.

Previous year: see the France 1995 Top 100 best-selling models here.

Full Year 1996 Top 100 and monthly Top 15 Ranking Tables below.

You can check out each monthly Top 15 for Jan-Jul 1996 here: France 1996 12 Month by Month

France Full Year 1996:

1Renault Clio163,3967.7%-4%170,2698.8%1
2Renault Megane136,6886.4%734%16,3840.8%27
3Peugeot 106129,0176.1%11%116,2676.0%3
4Renault Twingo115,1785.4%2%112,4875.8%4
5Peugeot 306113,3565.3%-4%118,6676.1%2
6Renault Laguna85,8684.0%-3%88,9174.6%5
7Citroen ZX77,3293.6%-9%85,4264.4%7
8Ford Fiesta76,9723.6%16%66,4653.4%10
9Opel Corsa75,8843.6%18%64,4083.3%11
10Fiat Punto68,4513.2%11%61,5533.2%13
11VW Golf66,2973.1%7%62,2263.2%12
12Peugeot 40666,0103.1%479%11,4060.6%33
13Citroen Xantia60,7622.8%-16%72,4963.8%8
14Citroen Saxo59,4722.8%new00.0% –
15VW Polo58,6602.8%51%38,8462.0%16
16Ford Escort47,8022.2%11%42,8932.2%14
17Citroen AX45,5732.1%-33%68,0553.5%9
18Opel Astra35,3791.7%2%34,6101.8%18
19Fiat Bravo/Brava32,7541.5%641%4,4190.2% –
20Opel Vectra31,3791.5%82%17,1990.9%26
21Peugeot 20528,0761.3%-22%35,8591.9%17
22Fiat Panda26,8421.3%42%18,9461.0%25
23Ford Mondeo23,8721.1%-9%26,2981.4%20
24Seat Ibiza20,8761.0%6%19,6141.0%23
25Renault Safrane20,6401.0%-17%24,8501.3%21
26Audi A419,9420.9%29%15,5110.8%30
27Renault Espace18,5560.9%-21%23,4401.2%22
28Fiat Cinquecento17,6580.8%258%4,9280.3%49
29BMW Serie 315,7730.7%-18%19,1891.0%24
30Mercedes Classe C15,0620.7%-4%15,6730.8%29
31Renault Supercinq15,0260.7%-45%27,1971.4%19
32Peugeot 40513,9830.7%-64%39,3412.0%15
33Nissan Micra11,7550.6%-7%12,5820.7%31
34Rover 20011,7200.5%-27%16,0070.8%28
35Mercedes Classe E10,5580.5%282%2,7620.1%69
36Nissan Almera10,3700.5%408%2,0430.1%83
37Peugeot 8069,8300.5%-19%12,1500.6%32
38BMW Serie 59,6560.5%112%4,5460.2%51
39Daewoo Nexia9,5410.4%118%4,3710.2%52
40Honda Civic9,3730.4%30%7,1980.4%41
41Skoda Felicia8,7090.4%36%6,4000.3%44
42VW Passat8,4310.4%11%7,6050.4%36
43Seat Cordoba8,2700.4%11%7,4410.4%37
44Chrysler Voyager7,6610.4%-1%7,7110.4%35
45Ford Galaxy7,3140.3%new00.0% –
46Rover 4007,1140.3%193%2,4320.1%75
47Nissan Primera6,8310.3%-4%7,1250.4%42
48Citroen Evasion6,6620.3%-8%7,2130.4%40
49Peugeot 6056,0550.3%-17%7,2600.4%39
50Rover 1005,6890.3%-42%9,8630.5%34
51Alfa Romeo 145/1465,6340.3%-4%5,8750.3% –
52Toyota Carina5,2790.2%0%5,2900.3%48
53Opel Tigra5,2780.2%-10%5,8490.3%46
54Renault 195,1690.2%-94%86,3074.5%6
55Hyundai Accent5,1460.2%29%3,9860.2%54
56Citroen XM5,0750.2%-25%6,7580.4%43
57Seat Toledo4,9350.2%-7%5,3060.3%47
58VW Sharan4,4730.2%new00.0% –
59Ford Ka4,3560.2%new00.0% –
60Rover 6004,2490.2%-30%6,0370.3%45
61Lancia Y3,9650.2%new00.0% –
62Renault Express3,7820.2%-4%3,9450.2%55
63Toyota Corolla3,7700.2%9%3,4630.2%63
64Audi A63,6610.2%0%3,6630.2%59
65Toyota Rav43,6260.2%15%3,1560.2%65
66Mazda 3233,5970.2%-15%4,2140.2%53
67Opel Omega3,2560.2%-15%3,8370.2%58
68Seat Marbella3,2510.2%-7%3,4860.2%62
69Fiat Ulysse3,1700.1%44%2,2010.1%78
70Volvo 8503,1550.1%110%1,4990.1%99
71Daewoo Espero2,9060.1%58%1,8360.1%87
72VW Polo Classic2,7340.1%new00.0% –
73Volvo S40/V402,7190.1%new00.0% –
74Lancia Delta2,6010.1%-6%2,7690.1%67
75Honda Accord2,5440.1%n/an/an/a106
76Opel Frontera2,5020.1%-7%2,6910.1%70
77Renault Trafic2,4320.1%-4%2,5330.1%72
78Lancia Y102,1540.1%-40%3,5750.2%61
79Lada Samara2,1200.1%6%1,9930.1%84
80Suzuki Baleno2,1060.1%n/an/an/a122
81Toyota Land Cruiser2,0860.1%14%1,8220.1%88
82Santana Vitara2,0380.1%n/an/an/a113
83Lada Niva2,0330.1%-5%2,1450.1%81
84Nissan Terrano2,0160.1%11%1,8210.1%89
85Mitsubishi Pajero1,9280.1%22%1,5820.1%95
86Alfa Romeo 1551,8950.1%-52%3,9160.2%56
87Saab 9001,8900.1%37%1,3750.1%101
88VW Vento1,8840.1%-44%3,3680.2%64
89Suzuki Swift1,8120.1%-4%1,8840.1%86
90Citroen Berlingo1,7850.1%new00.0% –
91Fiat Marea1,7410.1%new00.0% –
92VW Transporter1,7030.1%20%1,4170.1%100
93Volvo 4001,6980.1%-54%3,7250.2% –
94Range Rover1,6970.1%-4%1,7610.1%91
95Lancia Kappa1,6550.1%-2%1,6830.1%92
96Chrysler Stratus1,5500.1%n/an/an/a118
97Rover Mini1,5080.1%-33%2,2620.1%77
98Audi A31,4920.1%new00.0% –
99Mazda 6261,4730.1%-3%1,5260.1%98
100Land Rover Discovery1,4560.1%8%1,3490.1%102

Source: Auto Plus, many thanks to STAC for sharing the data!

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