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Spain 1994: Ford Escort takes control of market up 21.8%

The Ford Escort is the new best-seller in Spain.

After falling to a 7-year low in 1993, the Spanish new car market bounces back up 21.8% in 1994 to 902.926 registrations. Renault (+15%) manages to remain the #1 brand in the country at 15.3% share but its supremacy is now seriously threatened by Ford (+20.7%) at 14.3% and Opel (+18.1%) at 13.4%. Seat (+24.5%), Peugeot (+27.3%) and Citroen (+11.8%) ensure the Top 6 is unchanged on last year while Fiat (+97.3%), Audi (+32.1%) Nissan (+29.2%) and Rover (+27.7%) impress further down. Nissan (-0.2%) hols onto the #1 LCV brands spot with Ford (+18.9%) overtaking Renault (-5.5%) and Citroen (+1.6%) for #2.

Seat Cordoba

With the discontinuation of the Orion nameplate, particularly successful in Spain, and its renaming into Escort sedan, the Ford Escort (+94.1%) logically gets a spectacular boost and leaps up 8 spots on 1993 to simply take the lead of the Spanish models ranking for 1994, with the Opel Corsa (+38.9%) up 3 spots to #2. Leader last year, the Opel Astra (+9.1%) is knocked down to #3 above the Ford Fiesta (+36.1%) and Renault Clio (+7%).

Renault Laguna

The Peugeot 306 (+165%) ends its first full year in market at #8, the Fiat Punto lands directly at #11 after launching in December 1993 and the Seat Cordoba, in essence an Ibiza sedan, shoots up to #12 for its first full year, meaning the Ibiza-Cordoba combo would easily top its home charts at 7.7% share if counted together. Notice also the Renault Laguna, launched during the year, landing at #15. The Renault Express (-7.3%) hold onto the #1 LCV spot for just 191 sales above the Citroen C15 (-0.3%).

Full 1994 Top 50 All-brands, Top 250 All-models, Top 35 All LCV brands and Top 100 All LCV models vs. Full 1993 figures below.

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