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Italy 1994: Fiat Punto takes control

Fiat Punto

* See the Top 50 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to STAC *

After a decade of domination of the Fiat Uno, its replacement the Fiat Punto logically takes the relay, becoming Italy’s best selling car in 1994. It does so flamboyantly with no less than 271,479 sales and 16.2% share. This is more than 3 times the volume of the Uno which still manages to hold onto the second place this year with 79,074 units sold and 4.7% share. The Ford Fiesta drops 27% and one spot to 78,803 sales and #3, ahead of the Fiat Cinquecento, stable at #4 and 4.4% and the Lancia Y10, up 2 spots to #5 and 4%.

Lancia Delta

Notice the Opel Astra gain two spots also to #7, the Opel Corsa entering the Top 10 at #8, the Renault Twingo slicing its ranking in 2 compared to 1993, up 14 spots to #14, the Ford Mondeo up 8 to #16, the Lancia Delta up 12 to #17 thanks to the new generation of the model on sale since late 1993, the Citroen ZX up 13 to #23, the Mercedes C-Class up 23 to #27 for its first full year of sales and the Renault Laguna landing at #36.

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Full Year 1994 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Italy Full Year 1994:

1Fiat Punto271,47916.2%598%38,8742.1%15
2Fiat Uno79,0744.7%-66%234,32912.4%1
3Ford Fiesta78,8034.7%-27%107,6405.7%2
4Fiat Cinquecento74,6114.4%-17%89,5244.7%4
5Lancia Y1067,4754.0%-12%76,8474.1%7
6VW Golf65,4063.9%-25%87,1054.6%5
7Opel Astra56,5093.4%-15%66,2623.5%9
8Opel Corsa53,6713.2%31%41,0162.2%14
9Renault Clio52,7483.1%-30%75,2194.0%8
10Fiat Panda50,8633.0%-52%105,6105.6%3
11Fiat Tipo46,1362.7%-44%81,8824.3%6
12Peugeot 10645,7392.7%-15%54,1052.9%10
13Ford Escort44,7872.7%-14%52,0862.8%13
14Renault Twingo36,5422.2%95%18,7561.0%28
15Fiat Tempra36,1092.1%-32%53,2582.8%12
16Ford Mondeo33,2562.0%47%22,6761.2%24
17Lancia Delta30,6111.8%94%15,7760.8%29
18Lancia Dedra25,4271.5%-16%30,1281.6%18
19BMW 3 Series23,8351.4%-1%24,1161.3%22
20Alfa Romeo 3323,1721.4%-36%36,1671.9%16
21Audi 80/9023,0281.4%-33%34,3631.8%17
22Nissan Micra22,0351.3%-11%24,7721.3%20
23Citroen ZX21,3571.3%70%12,5600.7%36
24Alfa Romeo 15520,6261.2%-26%27,7881.5%19
25VW Polo18,4761.1%-66%53,7182.8%11
26Seat Ibiza16,3691.0%-29%23,1131.2%23
27Mercedes C Class16,2711.0%211%5,2390.3%50
28Peugeot 30616,1131.0%25%12,8940.7%34
29VW Passat14,7110.9%-40%24,5791.3%21
30Mercedes 200/30014,5510.9%-23%18,9451.0%27
31Citroen AX13,0700.8%-36%20,4631.1%26
32Rover 200/40012,9270.8%36%9,5310.5%39
33Renault 1912,5230.7%-44%22,5441.2%25
35Citroen Xantia10,5930.6%69%6,2630.3%46
36Renault Laguna10,4730.6%n/an/an/an/a
37Lancia Thema9,5370.6%-36%14,9850.8%30
38Fiat Croma9,0650.5%-37%14,3350.8%33
39Volvo 8508,9250.5%n/an/an/an/a
40Nissan Primera8,3320.5%-35%12,8290.7%35
41Alfa Romeo 1647,8040.5%-46%14,4300.8%32
42Seat Toledo7,6550.5%-48%14,7270.8%31
43Honda Civic7,0610.4%25%5,6530.3%47
44Fiat Coupe7,0140.4%n/an/an/an/a
45Seat Marbella6,8050.4%-35%10,5340.6%37
46Seat Cordoba6,4890.4%n/an/an/an/a
47Rover 1006,2940.4%12%5,6080.3%48
48BMW 5 Series6,0090.4%-17%7,2410.4%42
49Toyota Carina5,8340.3%n/an/an/an/a
50Volvo 440/4605,7070.3%-28%7,8770.4%41

Source: UNRAE, L’Argus – many thanks to STAC for sharing the Top 50 data!

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