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Ireland 1993: Toyota back on top, Opel Astra best-seller

Opel Astra

The Irish new car market is going from bad to worse, with 1993 sales down -6.2% to 64.149 units. Toyota (-2.6%) contains its fall to reclaim the #1 spot off Ford (-9.4%) at 15.1% share vs. 14.1%, with Opel (+9.7%) very close behind at 13.9%. Nissan (-4.2%) and VW-Audi (-15.1%) struggle in the Top 5 as does Mazda (-29.1%) further down. Fiat (+7.1%) climbs inside the Top 10 brands. Model-wise, the Opel Astra dominates at 7.1% share ahead of two Toyotas: the Corolla at 6.3% and the Carina at 6.1%. The Ford Fiesta and Escort round up the Top 5.

Full Year 1993 Top 35 All-brands and Top 50 models below.

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