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India Full Year 1985: First year of domination by the Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 takes the lead of the Indian sales charts for its first full year of sales.

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144.061 new vehicles found a buyer in India in 1985 with Maruti brilliantly taking the lead of the brands ranking with 34.1% share above Premier at 20.3%, Mahindra at 19.9% and Hindustan at 17.3%. All other manufacturers present in India (in fact, just an additional three) are below 10% share. 1985 is the first full year of sales for the new Maruti 800, based on the 1979 Suzuki Fronte, directly in pole position with over 25% share. It is followed by the Premier Padmini at 20.3%, the Hindustan Ambassador at 15.1% and the Mahindra Jeep at 11.1%.

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