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France 1984: Peugeot 205 takes the relay

Peugeot 205

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New car sales in France are down 13% in 1984 to 1,750,800 registrations. After 10 years of reign of the Renault 5, the Peugeot 205 makes up for a shy start in 1983 and helped by the arrival of the 2-door and GTI versions it takes the lead of the models ranking with 171,702 sales and 9.8% share, the first Peugeot to be #1 since the Peugeot 204 in 1971.

Renault 11

Right in between the Renault 5 – still #1 in January and February and #3 at year-end with 122,644 sales and 7% share – and the Peugeot 205, there was an interim leader in the French market. The Renault 11 ranked #1 from March to June 1984, peaking at brilliant 10% share in April. The 11 finishes the year in 2nd place at 143,669 units and 8.2% share.

Very last month at #1 for the Renault 5 in February 1984

The Citroen BX is up 3 spots to #4 with 106,875 sales and 6.1%. Launched in March, the Renault 25 is a massive success and finishes the year in an outstanding 6th position with 70,082 sales and 4% share, the most successful large model for the brand in a very long time. The Renault Supercinq, launched in September, lands directly at #16 with 31,537 units.

The Ford Fiesta is the best-selling foreign model this year, up 3 spots to #10 with 50,773 sales and 2.9%, followed by the Ford Escort at #12, the VW Golf at #13, the Opel Corsa at #15, the Ford Sierra at #17 and the Fiat Uno at #18.

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