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Finland 1965-1967: Volkswagen best-seller, Datsun & Toyota in Top 10

Volkswagen is the most popular carmaker in Finland over the period.

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In 1965, the Finnish new car market posts its very first six-digit annual volume at 100.146 units, up 22% year-on-year. Volkswagen soars 72% to hit its highest ever share in Finland at 17.2%, becoming the most popular carmaker in the country for the first time. Ford (+11%) is knocked down to #2 and Opel (+65%) overtakes Fiat (+16%) to #3. Moskvitsh (+27%) manages to outpace the market and remain at #5 overall but the big surprise is in 6th place: Datsun shoots up 143% and 8 spots on 1964 to become the first Japanese manufacturer to break into the annual Finnish Top 10. Meanwhile Isuzu (up 70-fold) and Toyota (up 42-fold) both break into the Top 20 for the first time. Notice also Neckar posting its first Top 10 finish and Triumph and Vauxhall both inside the Top 15.

Datsun is the first Japanese carmaker to break into the annual Finnish Top 10…

After a record year, new car sales in Finland fall back to earth in 1966 with registrations down a steep 21.6% to 78.520. Volkswagen (-18%) falls slower than the market to easily retain the leadership ahead of Ford (-26%), Opel (-20%), Fiat (-20%), Moskvitsh up an impressive 1%, and Datsun (-21%) in a Top 6 unchanged on the year prior. Toyota surges 129% to join Datsun in the Top 10 as the 2nd Japanese marque to have ever managed that feat so far. Volvo (-14%) and Renault (-12%) return to the Top 10 with Neckar (-32%) stuck at #10. Isuzu (+23%) gains three spots to #15 and Audi makes its first appearance at #32.

…but it’s Toyota that is the first to break into the Top 5, two years later.

Finnish new car sales post a second double-digit decline in a row in 1967 at -16.6% to 65.472 units. Volkswagen is the best-selling carmaker for the third year running and doing better than the market again (-14%) results in a third record share in a row at 18.6%. Ford (-11%) also resists at 14.8% above Fiat (-14%) at 8.5%. Despite a dreadful 30% drop, Moskvitsh is up one spot to #4. Toyota (+38%) blindsides Datsun (-11%) to become the first Japanese carmaker to break into the annual Top 5 in Finland. Mazda is up 47 spots to make it four Japanese brands in the Top 25 along with Isuzu (#13).

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