Mexico January 2017: Nissan Versa and Pickup top market up just 3%

The Nissan Pickup ranks #2 in Mexico in January. 

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Donald Trump’s talk of taxing all Mexican imports into the U.S. has the potential to seriously damage the Mexican automotive industry, and by ricochet local sales, if ever implemented. If Mexican sales remain in positive in January, the pace of growth has seriously dampened, to a level not seen in years. At +3% to 123.269 registrations – a new record for the month, this is Mexico’s 33rd consecutive month of year-on-year gains, the 25th monthly record in a row and 18th straight month above 100.000 units, but also the first single digit year-on-year gain since August 2015 and the smallest increase since June 2014… The Top 4 best-selling carmakers even go into reverse mode with Nissan down 6% to 23.4% share, Chevrolet down 1% to 14.4%, Volkswagen also down 1% to 12.6% and Honda down 2% to 6.9%.

Kia hits a record 4.7% market share this month in Mexico. 

In fact, Toyota and Ford (both up 5%) are the only brands in the Top 6 to gain ground on January 2016. How come the overall Mexican market ended up in positive I hear you ask? Simple: a healthy amount of smaller brands post giant gains, starting with Kia up 86% to 5.780 units for an all-time record 4.7% market share and a best-ever 7th place, also hit last September and October. In order, Dodge (+49%), Hyundai (+32%), Renault (+32%), Seat (+16%), Suzuki (+17%), Mercedes (+39%), BMW (+20%) and Fiat (+51%) all shoot up this month whereas Mazda (-18%), Buick (-30%), GMC (-33%), Jeep (-43%), Subaru (-43%) and Land Rover (-82%) all struggle.

The Suzuki Ignis has landed in Mexico. 

Model-wise, the Nissan Versa reclaims the top spot it held over the FY2016 and Nissan manages a 1-2 with the Pickup (+29%) in 2nd place. The Chevrolet Aveo (+24%) is back down to #3, distancing the VW Vento (+18%), Chevrolet Spark (+21%), Nissan March (+6%) and VW Jetta (+4%). The discontinued Nissan Tsuru (-42%) begins its slow slide to the bottom, while the Ford Figo (+108%) breaks into the Mexican Top 10 for the very first time. Notice also the Honda HR-V up to #14, the Kia Forte up to #20, Honda Civic up to #21, Kia Rio up to #26 and Hyundai Creta up to #36. This month we welcome the Suzuki Ignis at #132.

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Australia January 2017: SUV sales only 800 units below passenger cars

Mazda places three nameplates inside the Top 10, including the CX-3. 

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The Australian new car market starts the year on the right foot with a 0.6% year-on-year increase to 84.910 registrations. The big figure this month is 793: that’s the tiny difference between sales of passenger cars (34.920) and SUVs (34.127) – never have the two categories been so close. This gives SUVs a 40.2% market share vs. 39.2% in January 2016 and 33.7% in 2015, while passenger cars are at 41.1% vs. 41.7% in 2016 and 48.5% in 2015. To this, add 13.942 light commercials and 1.921 heavy commercials. December being an annual peak for fleet sales, January is traditionally a strong private sales month and 2017 is no exception: privates are up 4.2% to 46.905 vs. just 31.393 for business sales (-5.7%), 2.552 for government sales (-4.2%) and 2.139 sales to rental companies (+16%).

Nissan X-Trail Australia November 2015. Picture courtesy Nissan X-Trail hits its highest ever monthly ranking in Australia at #8.

The largest States are New South Wales-Sydney (29.068 +2.4%), Victoria-Melbourne (24.636 +9.4%), Queensland-Brisbane (15.709 -8.6%), Western Australia-Perth (7.037 -10.5%), South Australia-Adelaide (5.134 -1.4%), ACT-Canberra (1.438 +5%), Tasmania (1.337 +3%) and Northern Territory (652 +4.2%). The leading sources of vehicles sold in Australia in January are Japan (25.505), Thailand (19.642), South Korea (12.753), Germany (6.759), Australia (3.766 – this figure will be zero in 2018), the United States (3.734) and the United Kingdom (2.739). The most popular segments this months are small cars (17.830 +2%), medium SUVs (13.956 +9%), large SUV (10.970 +2%), 4×4 utes-pickups (9.526 -4%) and small SUVs (8.182 -4%).

Kia ranks #8 brand, its highest ever. The Cerato hits a record #13. 

Toyota (14.8%) remains the #1 brand in Australia above Mazda equalling the all-time high market share of 11.9% it also hit a year ago. Holden surprises with a 5.3% improvement to #3, overtaking Hyundai (-4.2%). Ford is consistent at +7.4% in 5th place above Mitsubishi (+1.4%) and Nissan (-9.9%). Outstanding performance of Kia up 28.9% to a highest-ever 8th place, placing the Cerato at a record #13 with sales up 89%. Subaru (#9) is up an equally impressive +17.7%, while outside the Top 10 Honda (+19.7%), Renault (+20.3%), LDV (+27.8%), Infiniti (+36.8%), Jaguar (+64.2%) and Maserati (+88.9%) also impress. On the other hand, Volvo (-17.7%), Isuzu (-20.9%), Citroen (-48.6%), Jeep (-65.8%) and Ssangyong (-70.5%) all struggle.

Like every January since 2012, the Mazda3 is the best-selling vehicle in Australia this month.

A favourite with private buyers, the Mazda3 has been the best-selling vehicle in Australia in January of every single year since 2012 and follows suit in 2017 in spite of declining sales at -7%. The Toyota Corolla evolves in the opposite way at +7% in 2nd place, while the third best-seller in the category, the Hyundai i30, is relegated to 5th place overall (+9%) just ahead of the Holden Commodore enjoying a last minute revival at +58%.

The Toyota Hilux edges 20 units past the Ford Ranger. Picture 

Hero of 2016 as the very first ute to lead the annual Australian sales charts, the Toyota Hilux has had to fight tooth and nail to remain in its segment lead this month: up 15% to 2.702 sales it is only 20 units above its archenemy the Ford Ranger (+8%). In fact, looking at the more lucrative 4×4 ute sales, the Ranger (2.221) is runaway leader ahead of the Hilux (1.964) and Holden Colorado (1.333). The Hilux makes up for it with its budget 4×2 offering at 738 vs. 401 for the Ranger and 385 for the Mazda BT-50. Keep in mind most Hilux 4×4 sales are through the top-of-the-line SR5 variant while most Ranger sold are XLT and Wildtrak variants priced from AU$ 60k up.

The Holden Captiva is up 3-fold on January 2016 to #15.

If a year ago there were four utes in the January Top 10, this time SUVs are the stars of the show, also totally four among the country’s ten best-sellers, a record. The Mazda CX-5 (+10%) remains the most popular, just ahead of the Nissan X-Trail (+47%), hitting its highest ever ranking in Australia at #8 – previous bests: #9 in November 2015 and #10 in March 2012. The Hyundai Tucson (-19%) and Mazda CX-3 (+7%) follow. This is only the second time the CX-3 breaks into the monthly Australian Top 10 (#9 in May 2016) and it also means Mazda places three nameplates inside the Top 10 vs. just two for Toyota. Continuing with SUVs, notice the Toyota RAV4 (#12), Holden Captiva up 182% to #15, Mitsubishi ASX (#17), Toyota Prado (#21), Kia Sportage (#22) and Honda HR-V (#23).

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Netherlands January 2017: Volkswagen monopolises Top 4

The VW Polo is the best-selling vehicle in the Netherlands in January. 

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The Dutch new car market starts 2017 with a bang at +27% in January to 51.536 registrations. And market leader Volkswagen also starts with a bang at 16.4% market share vs. 11.4% in FY16 despite gaining only 9% year-on-year. Opel surges 70% to 2nd place ahead of Kia (+25%), Renault (+11%), Peugeot (+23%) and Ford (+23%). BMW (+60%), Toyota (+50%), Volvo (+154%) and Audi (+43%) round up the Top 10 and all beat the market. Notice also Suzuki (+37%), Mercedes (+42%), Porsche (+102%), Jaguar (+171%) and Alfa Romeo (+238%) all posting spectacular gains.

Model-wise, Volkswagen monopolises the Top 4 with the Polo in the lead for the first time since last July with 2.211 sales followed by the Up (-4%), Golf (-21%) and Tiguan (+744%). The Kia Picanto (+8%) is the best-selling non-Volkswagen nameplate in the country this month ahead of the Opel Astra (+141%) and Renault Clio (+43%). The Opel Karl (+12%) and Corsa (+118%) make it three Opels inside the Top 10. Dutch car buyers are very receptive to novelties at the moment, with no less than eight recent launches (<12 months) ranking within the Top 80 this month: the Kia Niro dominates at #16, followed by the Toyota C-HR (#21), Suzuki Ignis (#38), Seat Ateca (#43), Volvo V90 (#51), Hyundai Ioniq (#62), Audi Q2 (#69) and Suzuki Baleno (#77).

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Romania January 2017: Market up 22%, Renault Mégane up to #6

Renault Mégane sales are up 438% year-on-year in Romania thanks to the new gen. 

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New car sales in Romania surge 22% year-on-year in January to 7.059 registrations, with homegrown market leader Dacia trailing market growth at +14% but deliveries a stronger-than-FY16 30.6% market share thanks to 2.159 sals. The next six best-selling brands all frankly outpace the market on the other hand:  Volkswagen (+58%) distances Skoda (+43%), Renault (+57%), Ford (+37%), Opel (+75%) and Toyota (+79%). We have to go down to #16 and Citroen (+38%) to find the next outperforming carmaker, with Volvo (+50%), Seat (+114%) and Lexus (+250%) also making themselves noticed.

Model-wise, the Dacia Logan posts a 149th consecutive month in pole position, gaining 27% to 1.257 sales and 17.8% share thanks to its recent facelift. It is followed like last month by the Dacia Duster (+53%), Skoda Octavia (+23%) and Ford Focus (+51%), with the Skoda Rapid (+45%), Renault Mégane (+438%), VW Polo (+312%) and Passat (+56%) also frankly beating the market. The Dacia Dokker (-49%) and Sandero (+19%) underperform. Among other big gainers, notice the Opel Astra (+71%), Corsa (+216%), Renault Kadjar (+54%), Toyota Aygo (+200%), Skoda Fabia (+125%) and Superb (+110%).

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Slovenia January 2017: Dacia Sandero and VW Tiguan take off

The Dacia Sandero is up 135% year-on-year in Slovenia this month. 

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New car sales in Slovenia gain 11% year-on-year in January to 6.472 registrations, with market leader Volkswagen falling behind its FY16 market share at 15% vs. 15.3% despite outpacing the market at +14%. Renault (+8%) follows closely at 14.6% share, while Skoda (+2%) is up two spots on December to #3 and Ford (+22%) up 8 to #4. Peugeot (+35%), Dacia (+74%) and Nissan (+177%) also stun inside the Top 10 whereas Hyundai (-27%) struggles. Further down, notice Mazda (+22%), Volvo (+42%), Suzuki (+44%), Honda (+394%) delivering impressive gains. In the models ranking, the Renault Clio remains sovereign despite a harsh 24% decline, followed like in the FY16 ranking by the VW Golf (-7%). The Dacia Sandero (+135%) and VW Tiguan (+415%) both surge inside the Top 5, gaining 24 and 17 spots respectively on their December ranking. The Renault Mégane (+215%), Nissan Juke (+843%), Peugeot 2008 (+122%), Nissan Qashqai (+131%) and Ford Focus (+75%) also lodge robust year-on-year gains. The Toyota C-HR is up to #51.

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Taiwan January 2017: Toyota Sienta edges up to 2nd place

For its third month of sales, the Toyota Sienta ranks #2 in Taiwan. 

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The Taiwanese new car market is down 4% year-on-year in January to 45.430 registrations. Toyota falls faster than the market at -13%, resulting in a “shy” 27.2% market share vs. 28.3 over the Full Year 2016. Mitsubishi/CMC (-8%) remains above Nissan/Infiniti (+16%) while Honda (+1%), Mercedes (+12%) and Lexus (+26%) post the only other gains within the Top 10. Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla once again sells over double any other nameplate at 4.393 units, this time distancing the Toyota Sienta up to a record #2 with 2.088 sales for only its third month in market. The RAV4 completes a podium 100% Toyota, with the Nissan Tiida, Toyota Yaris and Honda HR-V in tow, the latter at #6 for the second consecutive month and for its fourth appearance in the Taiwanese ranking. Notice also the Mercedes GLC up 19 spots on December to #23, the Suzuki Vitara at #39 and the Infiniti Q30 at #45.

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South Africa January 2017: Market up, VW Polo Vivo and Polo on top

The VW Polo Vivo is the best-selling vehicle in South Africa in January. 

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The South African new vehicle market start 2017 on the right foot: up 3.7% year-on-year in January to 50.333 units. According to NAAMSA, 35 379 units or 70.3% represent dealer sales, 23.8% are rental sales, 3.1% corporate fleets and 2.8% government sales. The new car market is up for the first time in 14 months at 36.794 (+4.7%) with car rental sales at a particularly strong 31.8% share, meanwhile light commercials are up 1.6% to 11.977. Toyota cements its status of most popular carmaker in the country with a 13% gain to 24.3% share this month, distancing Volkswagen Group at 16.8% (-3%), Ford at 13.2% (+2%) and Hyundai-Kia at 9.3% (+16%). Nissan (+19%), Renault (+16%), Mahindra (+57%) and Fiat (+107%) impress but Suzuki (-11%), General Motors/Isuzu (-13%) and Honda (-14%) struggle.

Toyota Fortuner sales are up 250% year-on-year this month to #8. 

In spite of deliveries down 10% year-on-year, the VW Polo Vivo reclaims the top spot of the models ranking for the first time in exactly a year – without a doubt benefitting from a strong rental month – and is followed this month by the VW Polo (+17%). The Ford Ranger (+14%) rounds up the podium ahead of the Toyota Corolla (+33%) whereas the Toyota Hilux, leader over the Full Year 2016,  sinks 14% to #5. The Toyota Etios (+19%), Ford Fiesta (+42%) and most strikingly the Toyota Fortuner (+250%) all frankly outpace the market inside the Top 10. Just outside, the Nissan NP300 Hardbody surges 81% to #11, the Hyundai Tucson remains very solid at #15, the Renault Kwid posts a third consecutive month within the 20 best-sellers at #19 and the Datsun GO+ is up 16 ranks on December to #43. In January we welcome the Alfa Romeo Giulia at #168 with 15 sales.

This ranking includes rare data for Hyundai, Kia, Great Wall and Mercedes previously unpublished online.

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Azerbaijan Full Year 2016: Lada 4×4 new leader in market down 47%

The Lada 4×4 is the new leader of the Azerbaijani market. 

This update was compiled in partnership with our correspondent in Azerbaijan Farid Nurizade.

After losing 58% in 2015, new vehicle sales in Azerbaijan crumble down another 47% in 2016 to just 5.519 units, a level not seen since the early 2000’s. The deterioration of the local currency in a difficult economiic context has sent new vehicle prices skyrocketing and inflated local inventory stocks. Unprecedented marketing campaigns to clear these stocks pushed the market back into positive territory in both June and July.

The LX accounts for 3 out of 4 Lexus sales in Azerbaijan in 2016. 

Lada is the best-selling brand in the country in 2016 with 1.797 official sales, down 50% but still commanding a 32.6% market share, head and shoulders above Hyundai in second place with 10.9%. Toyota and Kia hold onto their ranking above Lexus up 10 spots on 2015 to a stunning 5th place with sales up 38% year-on-year, the only brand in positive territory this year. Chevrolet and Ford outperform the market to gain share.

Chinese carmaker Lifan assembles in Azerbaijan in partnership with NAZ. 

On the other hand, Nissan sales crashed 79% to just 149 units at #10, while Mitsubishi (-66%) and Honda (-60%) fall heavily. Local producer NAZ-Lifan (aka Lifan) sell 165 cars, the majority being government sales. Renault is down 51% to 110 units, Audi is the #3 premium brand below Lexus and Mercedes with 100 sales. Subaru registered the largest decline at -84% to just 17 units. Note Peugeot, Citroen, Seat and some Chinese brands ceased operations in Azerbaijan in 2016 due to low sales.

Hyundai is the #2 brand in Azerbaijan with 10.9% market share. 

In the models ranking, Azerbaijan has a new leader in 2016: the valiant Lada 4×4 – unofficially known locally as Niva – snapping the first spot here with 1.441 registrations despite approaching 40 years of age. Leader in 2015, the Lada Priora is down due to the arrival of the new Vesta. The new generation Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage made their first appearances in that capital Baku this year. The Mitsubishi L200 leads all pickups in Azerbaijan, while the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, once the star of the local market, is going out of fashion due to a significant price increase in prices. The Lexus LX accounts for 3 out of 4 Lexus sales in the country.

Note: Only sales by official dealers are counted, parallel imports not included

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Vietnam January 2017: Toyota, Mazda shine in market down 13%

The Toyota Fortuner is back up to 4th place in Vietnam. 

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After surging 24% to hit a record 304.427 sales in 2016, the Vietnamese new vehicle market hits the brakes in January at -13% to 20.232 units. Toyota manages to outsell traditional leader Thaco-Kia with 5.318 units and 26.3% share vs. 17.9%, roughly swapping their FY16 levels. Mazda (14.2%) and Ford (12.6%) for their part are frankly above their FY16 of respectively 10.5% and 9.5%. Honda remains 5th while Chevrolet, Mitsubishi and Mercedes all climb one spot, taking advantage of Isuzu’s plunge to #12. Model-wise, the Toyota Vios remains the most popular choice ahead of the Ford Ranger up three spots on December to #2, the Mazda3 up one to #3 and the Toyota Fortuner up 5 to #4. Reversely, the Toyota Innova and Kia Morning both drop 3 spots to #5 and #6 respectively. Notice also the Ford Ecosport up to #10, the Mitsubishi Triton up 12 ranks on last month to #16, the Honda Civic returning to the ranking at #20 and the Chevrolet Trax landing at #43.

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Poland January 2017: Toyota C-HR up to 11th place

The Toyota C-HR misses out on a Top 10 ranking for 66 sales this month.

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The Polish new car market soars 17% year-on-year in January to 41.962 registrations.  After dropping to an uncharacteristic third place in December, traditional market leader Skoda reclaims the top spot its held over the Full Year 2016 in spite of trailing the market at just +13% to 5.337 sales and 12.7% share. Toyota (+30%) and Volkswagen (+28%) follow, with Opel (+14%), Ford (+15%), Renault (+4%) and Kia (+7%) in tow but more timid. Fiat (+41%), Peugeot (+33%), Mercedes (+24%) and Hyundai (+23%) post the largest year-on-year gains among the remaining carmakers in the Top 15. Model-wise, the Skoda Fabia overtakes the traditional leader the Octavia to take the lead, both nameplates gaining 7% on their January 2016 score and therefore losing market share. The Opel Astra (+30%) confirms it has settled on the Polish podium, distancing the Toyota Yaris (+14%), VW Golf (+18%), Toyota Auris (+10%) and Skoda Rapid (+22%). The Hyundai Tucson soars 27% to #10 but the big event atop the Polish sales charts this month is the arrival of the Toyota C-HR at #11, up 29 spots on last month. The Fiat Tipo is the other recently launch to elbow its way into the Top 20, up 13 ranks on December to #16.

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