France August 2017: Dacia above VW to rank #4 for the first time

The Dacia Sandero hops on the French podium for the first time in four years. Picture

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The French new car market is up a robust 9.4% in August to 107.455 registrations, bringing the year-to-date tally up 4.2% to 1.390.240 units. If private sales are up 5.7% year-on-year to 52.686 units, they trail the market and fall to 49% share vs. 50.7% in August 2016. The market is pulled further up by company sales (including long term leases) up 17% to 25.6% share vs. 23.9% a year ago and demo sales up 27% to 17.139 units and 16% share. Note French manufacturers are responsible for the company sales surge with Peugeot up 30%, Citroen up 29.5% and Renault up 25%. In the overall market, Renault manages to reclaims the #1 brand title in-extremis off Peugeot with sals up 8.7% to 18.092 vs. 18.011 (+10.8%) for Peugeot. Both manufacturers hold 16.8% of their home market, below their respective YTD levels of 19.6% and 17.5%. Citroen (+1.9%) trails the market and slumps to a disappointing 9% share vs. 10% YTD.

The C-HR helps Toyota up 16.2% this month, now #6 YTD in-between VW and Ford. 

The hero of the month is without contest Dacia whose never-ending success story continues in France: thanks to deliveries up a whopping 21.8%, it outsells Volkswagen for the very first time to snap a best-ever 4th place overall in the brands ranking with 7.3% market share. If Dacia has ranked at this place and even in third place when only considering private sales, this is its first time at such a high level in the overall market, having consistently ranked 5th every month since October 2015. This performance translates in an even more impressive way into the private sales market where Dacia holds 12.2% thanks to 6.425 registrations, placing it at #3 not far at all from traditional leaders Renault (13.6%) and Peugeot (13.4%) and far above Citroen (8.1%) and Volkswagen (7.5%). Back to the overall market: below Volkswagen knocked down to 5th, Toyota gains 16.2% to bypass Ford for the 6th place YTD. Nissan surges 58% to 7th place but this is due to demo sales (+150%) and short term rentals (+580%) whereas private sales are only up 3%. Mercedes (+3.5%) tops the premium order above Audi (-1.9%) and BMW (-0.1%). Suzuki (+16.9%), Hyundai (+17.8%), Mitsubishi (+20.9%), Alfa Romeo (+21.1%), Fiat (+21.1%), Mazda (+21.9%), Skoda (+32.8%) and Tesla (+154.8%) also shine.

Skoda gains 32.8% in August, the largest improvement among the Top 20 brands.

Model-wise, the Renault Clio soars 31% year-on-year to solidly hold onto the top spot with 5% share vs. 4.1% for the Peugeot 208 (-17%), threatened this month by the Dacia Sandero up 18% to 4% share on the third step of the podium. This is the first time in four years that the Sandero manages to crack the French podium and the fourth time ever (#3 in July and August 2013 and #2 in March 2010). The Sandero obviously dominates the private sales ranking this month, selling 71% more than the #2, the Peugeot 208 (-20%) and Dacia places two models in the Top 5 with the Duster up 22% to 5th place. Back to the overall ranking where the Citroen C3 III remains in 4th place while the Peugeot 3008 II drops three spots on its record July to #6 but remains in 3rd position year-to-date. Both the Peugeot 308 (-3%) and 2008 (-7%) lose ground year-on-year, but not as much as the Renault Captur, down 13% to #10. The VW Polo (+33%) is the only foreigner in the Top 10 at #9, distancing the Toyota Yaris at #12 (+26%) and the Nissan Qashqai at #13 (+71%). Among recent launches, the Renault Scenic IV is down 5 spots to #16, the Peugeot 5008 up 222% to #18 thanks to the new model and the Nissan Micra up 137% thanks to the new generation. Note also the Nissan X-Trail up 130%, the Renault Zoe up 111% and the Ford Ka+ up 19 ranks on last month to break into the French Top 50 for the first time at #43.

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New Zealand August 2017: Toyota Hilux back on top of record market

The Toyota Hilux is up 60% year-on-year in New Zealand. 

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New light vehicle sales in New Zealand are up 3% year-on-year in August to hit a new record for the month at 13.063 units. Passenger cars and SUV sales are down 3.2% to 8.607 but commercial vehicles including utes (slang of pickup trucks) are up 17.9% to 4.456 and manage to lift the overall market into positive territory. The year-to-date total, up 11.3% to 103.923 units, have never reached the six-figure mark that fast in the history of automobile in New Zealand. For comparison, in 2009 at the height of the global financial crisis only 45.384 vehicles were sold in the same period. Toyota, up 10% to 19.2% share, remains master in command in the brands ranking, comfortably distancing Ford down 11% to 10% share, Holden up 2% to 8.2% and Mazda up 12% to 8.1%. Mitsubishi (+16%), Honda (+17%) and Kia (+26%) also frankly beat the market in the Top 10. Below, notice Subaru up 20%, Mini up 54%, Peugeot up 61%, LDV up 62%, Skoda up 81% and Tesla up 500%. Newcomer Haval sells 6 units for its 2nd month in market, lifting its YTD total to 8.

The Mazda BT-50 is up 85% to #10 in August. 

Model-wise, the Toyota Hilux surges 60% year-on-year to reclaim the top spot off the Ford Ranger (-4%) bt remains a fair distance below its rival year-to-date at 5.497 units (+30%) vs. 6.320 (+12%). The Toyota Corolla rallies back up 5 spots to #3 with 540 sales, 67% of which are to rental companies. It distances the Kia Sportage (+25%) and Holden Colorado (_36%) while the Mitsubishi Outlander (+82%) and Mazda BT-50 (+85%) deliver the largest year-on-year increases in the Top 10. A Top 10 that includes no less than six pickup trucks: Hilux, Ranger, Colorado, Triton, Navara and BT-50. Notice also the Nissan Qashqai up 53% to #12, the Honda Jazz up 34% to #19 and the Ford Escape at #26.

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Slovenia August 2017: Renault Megane soars 229% to pole position

The Renault Megane is #1 in Slovenia for the first time in over five years. 

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The Slovenian new car market is up 14% year-on-year in August to 4.492 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total up 11% to 48.834 units. Renault surges 62% to 15.2% share, snapping the brands pole position off Volkswagen, up 7% to 14%, but remains in 2nd place year-to-date at 13.4% share vs. 15.7% for the German brand. Skoda (+43%), Opel and Peugeot (both up 22%) also franking outpace the market inside the Top 5. Below, notice Suzuki (+36%), Toyota (+55%), Dacia (+123%), Honda (+236%) and Jaguar (+600%) all posting spectacular gains. Model-wise, the Renault Mégane jumps 8 spots on July to land in pole position thanks to sales up a whopping 229% year-on-year. It is the first time since June 2012 that the Mégane tops the monthly Slovenian sales charts. It disances the VW Golf (+39%), Skoda Octavia (+56%) and Renault Captur (-26%) while the Year-to-date leader, the Renault Clio, is relegated in 5th place despite sales up 89% on a particularly excruciating score in August 2016. Notice also the Hyundai Tucson up 23%, the Opel Corsa up 38%, the Peugeot 208 up 52% and the Skoda Fabia up 55% all in the Top 10. Outside, notice the VW Golf Sportsvan up to #12, the Renault Scenic up 319%, the Toyota Yaris up 93%, the Toyota C-HR up 49 spots on July to #25 and the Skoda Kodiaq up 34 to #36.

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Chile August 2017: Nissan #1 again, Chinese up 82% in market up 44%

BAIC sales are up 7-fold in Chile thanks to the launch of the X25 (pictured), X35 and X55 SUVs.

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New light vehicle sales in Chile are up a flamboyant 44% year-on-year in August to 35.354 registrations, the largest year-on-year gain since March 2011 (+56.8%). This spectacular result lifts the year-to-date total up 20.8% to 226.109 units. Nissan manages to hold onto the top spot it snapped last month thanks to deliveries more than doubling year-on-year at +102% to 9.8% share, but remains in 4th place year-to-date at 8.4% (+32%). Chevrolet (+32%), Hyundai (+10%) and Kia (+18%) round up the Top 4 but all trail the market growth and lose share year-on-year. Ford (+50%), Toyota (+56%) and Renault (+71%) also shine inside the Top 10 while below, Volkswagen (+114%), the Great Wall Group (+89%), JAC (+77%), Chery (+147%), Dongfeng (+56%), BAIC (+624%) and MG (+125%) all post spectacular gains. All-in-all, Chinese carmakers are up a whopping 82% year-on-year this month to 11.1% share vs. 10% so far in 2017.

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Pakistan August 2017: Honda lifts market up 25%, WagonR & Cultus up

The Suzuki Cultus is up 69% year-on-year thanks to the new model.

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Local association PAMA releases sales of locally-produced light vehicles in Pakistan, a market up a fantastic 25.2% year-on-year in August to 22.095 units, leading to a year-to-date total up 15.3% to 157.258. Suzuki (+19%) and Toyota (+2%) trail the market growth as it is lifted by Honda up 47% to 21.1% share vs. 20.2% so far in 2017. Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla remains the best-selling nameplate in Pakistan but only gains 5% just as the Suzuki Mehran is up 28% n 2nd place and the Honda Civic up an estimated 57% in 3rd position. The largest gains are however delivered by the Suzuki WagonR (+75%) and the Suzuki Cultus (+69%) recently renewed. Notice also the Toyota Fortuner up 284% while the Honda BR-V drops to 3.3% share vs. a high of 4.9% last June.

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Singapore August 2017: Toyota cements leadership in market up 8.8%

Toyota holds 23% of the Singaporean market in August. 

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New car sales in Singapore are up 8.8% year-on-year in August to 7.724 units, leading to a year-to-date total up 6.2% to 61.040. Toyota (incl. Lexus) frankly beats the market with a 27% surge to 23% share, cementing its recaptured YTD pole position at 12.674 units vs. 12.096 for Honda, down 14% to 18.3% share this month. Mazda continues to impress with a 36% gain, distancing Mercedes (+18%), BMW (+31%) and Kia (+20%) all improving faster than the market. Mitsubishi (-46%) and Nissan (-39%) on the other hand struggle in the Top 10 where Hyundai (+46%) and Volkswagen (+29%) shine. Notice also Ssangyong up 35-fold on August 2016, Mini up 135% and Maserati up 120%.

Previous month: Singapore July 2017: Mazda and Hyundai impress in market up 9%

One year ago:: Singapore August 2016: Honda threatens Toyota for YTD lead

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Uruguay August 2017: Volkswagen overtakes Chevrolet to #1 YTD

Volkswagen is now the best-selling brand in Uruguay in 2017. 

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The Uruguayan new car market continues to gallop ahead in August with sales up 20% year-on-year to 4.423, leading to a year-to-date tally up 26% to 34.571 units. This month we witness a change of guard in the brands ranking: thanks to deliveries up 37% to 12.9% share, Volkswagen overtakes Chevrolet – despite the latter being up 89% to 10% share – to lead the YTD ranking with 4.929 units (+50%) vs. 4.902 (+114%) for the American brand. In fact, the Top four best-selling carmakers in the country in August frankly beat the market growth, with Renault up 46% to #2 and Suzuki up 51% to #3. Fiat, leader over the Full Year 2016 but down to #5 this year, is with Ford (-33%) the only manufacturer to lose ground in the Top 10 (-23%). Notice also Nissan up 49%, Peugeot up 36% and Citroen up 59%. Chinese carmakers follow the market at +20% to 13% share, led by FAW at #11 (+45%), JAC at #12 (+791%), BYD at #15 (-10%), Lifan at #16 (-5%), Great Wall at #17 (+141%) and Geely at #18 (-52%). In total, 15 of the 40 brands selling at least one unit in Uruguay this month are Chinese.

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China August 2017: Chinese SUVs near 60% segment share, market up 4.1%

The Baojun 510 symbolises the dynamism of Chinese brands in the SUV segment.

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Sales of passenger cars in China confirm they are now firmly back in positive with a third consecutive year-on-year gain in August at +4.1% to 1.875.000 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 2.2% to 14.807.000 sales. Once again, SUVs are the isolated engine of the Chinese market’s growth with deliveries surging up 17.1% year-on-year to 783.058, cars down 2.2% to 948.709, MPVs down 16.2% to 139.255 and minivans down 27.2%. In August, sales of passenger cars with engine capacity of 1.6L and below – the core of the market affected by the tax changes of the past couple of years – is down just 0.5% year-on-year to 1.268.000 units, accounting for 67.6% of the total passenger car market vs. 70.8% a year ago. Year-to-date, these vehicles are down a limited 2.1% to 10.084.000 units or 68.1% share. To get a global picture of the Chinese market we need to add commercial vehicles, up 12.8% to 311.000 sales in August leading to a year-to-date total up 16.9% to 2.704.000 units. Buses are down 10.9% but trucks up 21.6%. All-in-all, the Chinese total vehicle market is up 5.3% in August to 2.186.000 units and up 4.3% year-to-date to a record 17.511.000 sales.

The Changan CS55 is up 5-fold on its July score. 

Now onto the much talked-about market share of Chinese manufacturers at home. The total share is up just 0.5 percentage point year-on-year in August to 41% of passenger cars, but the picture is very different depending on the segments. Cars also see a 0.5 percentage point increase to 18% share thanks to 168.000 units, up 4.6% year-on-year. Chinese-branded SUVs are up 25.2% year-on-year to 462.000 units, accounting for 59.6% share up from 56% a year ago. Finally Chinese-branded MPVs are down 30.1% to 110.000 units of 79.3% share, down from 86.8% a year ago. Year-to-date, the market share of Chinese branded passenger cars is up 1.1 percentage point to 43.2% thanks to sales up 4.8% to 6.389.000. In the detail, Chinese cars increase by 0.7 percentage point to 19.3% share with sales up 1.6% to 1.380.000, Chinese SUVs increase by a whopping 3.6 percentage points to 59.4% thanks to sales up 24.6% to 3.556.000 and Chinese MPVs decrease by 5.6 percentage points to 83.9% with sales down 21.4% to 1.078.000. So once again, the heroes of the months are Chinese-branded SUVs, and given the onslaught of new models being unveiled every week in this segment, they are bound to reach even higher shares in the near future.

The VW Lavida/Gran Lavida is now only 4.000 sales off the YTD pole position.

Some manufacturers officially announce Chinese retail sales including imports which vary from the data tables we provide below, and this paragraph is dedicated to these announcements. The Volkswagen Group reports a 9.2% increase to 353.500 sales in August, with the Volkswagen brand up 10% to 265.400 and Skoda stable at 26.000. Year-to-date, VW Group sales are now up 0.7% to 2.49 million, above rival General Motors’ unchanged 2.38 million. In August, GM is up 12% to 328.425, helped by Cadillac up 51% to 15.014, Baojun up 62% to 82.658, Chevrolet up 21% to 46.705 and Buick up 9.6% to 103.277 just as Wuling drops 19% to 80.771. Among Japanese carmakers, Honda Motor leads the way at +21% to 128.671 units, followed by Nissan Motor up 18% to 122.319 and Toyota Motor up 13% to 108.500. Year-to-date, Honda is up 18% to 886.641, Nissan up 9% to 877.638 and Toyota up 7.1% to 841.400. Ford Motor on the other hand is down 1% to 97.863 this month. Audi has now firmly reclaimed its premium crown – in the lead for the 2nd consecutive month – with sales up 10% to 54.205, distancing Mercedes up 25% to 50.505 and BMW up 12% to 47.385. It will be tough for Audi to reclaim the lead year-to-date however, with totals now standing at 360.225 (-6.6%) vs. 391.772 (+33%) for Mercedes and 383.976 (+16%) for BMW AG.

The Baojun 310 is the best-selling Chinese car at home – if electric variants are counted separately. 

As always the China-made wholesale brands data shows a slightly different picture, although Volkswagen replicates its market-beating 10% year-on-year improvement. The Honda brand displays a stunning 43% gain at #2, above Buick (+0.1%) and Toyota (+18%). Geely continues to gallop ahead with a splendid 76% surge, bettered by Baojun though (+84%). GAC Trumpchi (+34%), Venucia (+44%), Roewe (+47%), Soueast (+50%), MG (+54%) and Leopaard (+66%) also post spectacular gains – all of them thanks to new SUVs – but strikingly, more Chinese brands are down (22) than up (19) this month. Blockbusters such as Haval (-13%), Changan (-19%), Wuling (-26%), Beijing Auto (-27%), BYD (-27%), Chery (-33%), Haima (-37%) and Brilliance (-57%) are losing foot, while among smaller brands Changhe (-37%), Borgward (-40%), Jinbei (-54%), Weichai (-54%), Landwind (-61%) and Cowin (-65%) are fast headed towards disappearance. Great Wall (-85%) is slowly dying now that GWM has contained the brand to pickup trucks. Eight new China-made brands have made their appearance over the past 12 months, led by WEY (#42), Bisu (#47), Hanteng (#48) and SWM (#49) with Jaguar (#61) and Acura (#65) following at a distance. This month we welcome Isuzu as a China-made passenger car brand, which will be covered in our traditional monthly focus on the All-new models.

The WEY VV7 single-handedly stabilises Great Wall Motors sales just as Haval drops 13%. 

Over in the models ranking, the VW Lavida/Gran Lavida rallies back up from #7 in July to pole position this month thanks to sales up 12% to 43.024, with the Buick Excelle (+24%) in 2nd place showing cars are not dead yet. The Haval H6 (-5%) is down from #1 in July to #3 this month and will have its work cut out to match last year’s performance during the last Quarter. The Nissan Sylphy (+23%) and Toyota Corolla (+24%) make it four cars in the Top 8. As the months go by, the Wuling Hongguang keeps aligning counter-performances: now down 24% to a paltry 5th place and only 4.000 sales above the Lavida year-to-date. The Hongguang has been the best-selling vehicle in China for the past four years, but 2017 could turn out to be the Lavida’s year if the Hongguang continues on its downward trend.

The all-new T700 is the only Zotye nameplate in the Top 100 this month.

For its part the Baojun 510 is stable on its record-breaking July score just under 33.000 units, brilliantly remaining the #2 SUV in the country, this as the cannibalised 560 (-31%) has bottomed up: up 30 spots on July to #52. The VW Tiguan soars 49% to over 29.000 sales and is the only foreign SUV among the seven best-sellers: it is followed by the GAC Trumpchi GS4 (+5%), Geely Boyue (+110%), Roewe RX5 (+143%) and Changan CS75 (+26%). Baojun also makes itself noticed with the 310 hatch, more than doubling its sales on July to a record 18.724, for the first time the best-selling Chinese car and among the ten best-selling cars overall when only counting combustion versions (Geely Emgrand EC7 electric variants push it up to #9 and #1 Chinese)… Three additional nameplates break their volume record in the Top 50: the Geely Emgrand GS (12.953) and GL (10.923) but the most spectacular is the Changan CS55 up 5-fold on July to 11.450 for its fourth month in market. Among recent launches, the Chana Oushang A800 (#77), WEY VV7 (#85), Zotye T700 (#91), Leopaard CS9 (#114), Lifan Xuanlang (#150), Bisu T5 (#163) and Geely Vision X1 (#168) also achieve record volumes.

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Canada August 2017: GM up 28.5%, VW up 72% in record market

Canadian GMC sales are up 42% year-on-year in August with the Sierra up 43%.

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August marks the 7th record month of 2017 for light vehicle sales in Canada, up 7.1% year-on-year to 184.362 units and leading to an all-time high 1.408.040 sales after eight months, up 5.6% on the previous record established in 2016. According to which has a slightly lower monthly total (due to the absence of low-selling prestige brands), light trucks sales are more than double that of passenger cars at 124.849 (+10.1%) vs. 59.096 (+0.8%). It is also the case year-to-date at 947.675 (+8.9%) vs. 457.172 (-1.6%). In the groups ranking, General Motors surges 28.5% to take the lead at 15.7% share ahead of Ford Motor at 14.8% (-5.9%) and Toyota Motor at 20.036 (+7.5%). Hyundai-Kia remains at #4 despite a 2% drop while FCA plunges to #5 due to a 9.4% year-on-year decline. Jaguar-Land Rover (+12.1%), Nissan Motor/Mitsubishi (+12.2%) and once again the Volkswagen Group (+54%) are the most impressive gainers along with GM.

Chevrolet sales are up 27.1% with the Silverado up 62%.

Brand-wise, Ford remains comfortably in the lead in spite of a 5.7% drop to 144% share, ahead of Toyota (+9.2%), Honda (+6.1%) and Chevrolet soaring 27.1%. The Top 6 is identically to July with Hyundai (-10.5%) and Nissan (+13.8%) in tow. GMC jumps a spectacular 42% and Volkswagen is up an even more impressive 71.9%. Ram (+27.5%), Kia (+15%), Mercedes (+13.4%) and Audi (+26.8%) also shine in the Top 20. On the other hand Chrysler (-61.3%), Dodge (-36%) and Acura (-20.9%) struggle. Among smaller brands, Infiniti (+20.9%), Tesla (+45.2%), Jaguar (+114.3%), Maserati (+275%) and Alfa Romeo (+1244%) are the most dynamic.

VW sales are up 72% with the Atlas up to #61.

Model-wise, the Ford F-Series reigns supreme above 14.000 units (-1%), distancing the Ram Pickup (+26%), Honda Civic (+24%), Chevrolet Silverado (+62%) and GMC Sierra (+43%) reproducing the July Top 5 and all posting spectacular gains. The Toyota RAV4 (+7%) dominates the crossover segment at #6 overall, while the VW Golf (+84%), Hyundai Tucson (+67%), VW Tiguan (+155%) and Chevrolet Equinox (+33%) post some of the largest gains in the Top 25. Among recent launches, the Nissan Qashqai gains 10 spots to #28, the VW Atlas is up 26 to #61 and both the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (#212) and Range Rover Velar (#244) make their first appearance in the Canadisn charts.

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Cyprus August 2017: Hyundai Tucson takes control

The Hyundai Tucson is the best-selling vehicle in Cyprus in August. 

* See the Top 30 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

Thanks to data provided by SEMO Cyprus and analysed by INNOSOFT, we can share with you today August sales figures for Cyprus, a market down 10% to 703 registrations which brings the year-to-date total up 6.3% to 9.321 units. This month’s hero is the Hyundai Tucson jumping 3 spots on July and a whopping 162% year-on-year to land in pole position for the first time since last December with a mammoth 7.8% share. It distances the Toyota Yaris (+29%) and C-HR down two spots on last month to a still very impressive third place. The Kia Sportage is up three spots on July to #4, the Volvo XC60 up 4 to #5, the Nissan Juke up two to #8, the Honda HR-V up three to #11 and the BMW X1 up 8 to #14 in a month very favourable to SUVs. The Ford Fiesta, still YTD market leader with 4.5% share, plunges down 63% to #6 this month and sees its advantage over the #2, now the Hyundai Tucson, thaw to just four units.

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