Slovenia April 2017: Volkswagen up 21%, Skoda Octavia leads

The Skoda Octavia is the best-selling vehicle in Slovenia this month.

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New car sales in Slovenia are up a comfortable 10% year-on-year in April to 6.001 registrations, allowing the year-to-date tally to climb 11% to 24.691 units. Market leader Volkswagen outpaces the market at +21% to a stunning 17.2% share vs. 15.9% so far this year. It distances Renault (-3%), Skoda (+8%) and Opel (-3%) all losing share year-on-year. Reversely the next 8 best-selling brands all post double-digit gains, with the largest going to Dacia in 5th (+36%), Toyota in 11th (+64%) and BMW in 12th (+30%). Further down, Suzuki (+68%), Mitsubishi (+42%), Jeep (+540%), Honda (+80%) and Alfa Romeo (+375%) post some of the most spectacular improvements, albeit with smaller volumes. For the first time since February 2016, the Skoda Octavia leads the models ranking thanks to sales up 53% to 302. It distances the Renault Clio (-27%), VW Golf (-2%) and VW Polo (-2%). Just below, a series of four nameplates post spectacular gains: the Renault Megane (+151%), Dacia Duster (+89%), VW Passat (+36%) and Hyundai Tucson (+94%) while the VW Tiguan tops them all with a 27-fold increase to #11.

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Denmark April 2017: Volkswagen and Suzuki up in market down 11%

The Suzuki Ignis is getting close to a Top 10 ranking in Denmark.

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New car sales in Denmark mark a pause in April at -11% to 17.610 registrations, yet thanks to a great start of the year the year-to-date tally remains in positive territory at +7.5% to a record 77.531 units. Market leader Volkswagen goes against the grain with a 21% year-on-year gain to 14.3% share thanks to the Polo (+64%), Touran (+28%) and Tiguan (+7650%). The next five brands all decline: Peugeot (-17%), Toyota (-23%), Ford (-2%), Citroen (-12%) and Skoda (-14%). Sin fact, Suzuki is the only other brand in the Top 10 to manage to gain ground at +40%. Further down, Seat (+8%), Mercedes (+11%), Jaguar (+14%), DS (+62%), Land Rover (+82%) and Alfa Romeo (+182%) are among the rare other manufacturer posting a year-on-year increase. The Peugeot 208 remains the best-selling nameplate in the country despite a 7% drop, distancing the VW Polo, Opel Astra (+12%) and VW Up (-14%). The Citroen C3 shines at +24% in 7th place thanks to the new generation but the performer of the month is the Suzuki Ignis rising to 14th place vs. #50 so far this year, with the Suzuki Baleno also an instant hit in Denmark at #17.

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Romania March-April 2017: Ford, Kia and Hyundai impress

The Ford Focus is the best-selling foreign model in Romania so far in 2017.

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The Romanian new car market is up 5% in March to 6.915 registrations and up 7.5% in April to 6.640. However due to larger gains earlier in the year, the year-to-date tally jumps 22% to 28.916. Both March and April brands and models data tables are included below the jump but we will focus here on April results. Market leader and homegrown manufacturer Dacia logically continues to dominate the brands ranking but sees its volumes drop 5% to 24% share this month vs. 25.6% year-to-date. Skoda is stable at a strong 10% share vs. 8.8% so far this year, earning it the 2nd spot whereas it ranks 4th year-to0date. Ford jumps 36% in April and 56% year-to-date (#2), with Volkswagen (+8%) and Renault (+10%) rounding up the Top 5. Kia (+155%) and Hyundai (+49%) post the largest year-on-year gains in the Top 10 while beyond, Fiat (+35%), Peugeot (+47%) and Seat (+58%) impress.

Kia sales are up 155% year-on-year in Romania this month, helped by the new Rio. 

Model-wise, the Dacia Logan leads once again but drops 3%, followed by the Skoda Octavia (+27%) and Dacia Duster (-17%). #2 in March, the Ford Focus gains another 58% to rank 4th this month and is up 97% year-to-date to #3 and best-selling foreigner. The new generation Dacia Sandero gains a solid 26% in 6th place, the Renault Megane is up 3-fold (+223%) thanks to the new generation and ranks 7th and the VW Polo is up 54% in 9th place. Justifying their respective brands’ progressions, notice also the Kia Sportage up 102%, Hyundai i20 up 91%, Kia Cee’d up 111% and the Kia Rio up 9-fold (+840%) thanks to the new generation.

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Netherlands April 2017: Renault and Clio dominate

The Renault Clio is the best-selling nameplate in the Netherlands so far this year. 

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Netherlands is now back on BSCB and gains 6% year-on-year in April to 29.360 registrations, with the year-to-date tally improving frankly at +18% to 149.100. Renault stuns with a 27% year-on-year gain and takes the lead of the brands ranking with 11% share, distancing the YTD #1 Volkswagen (-10%) at 9.8%. Ford (+16%), Opel (+19%), Toyota (+35%), Kia (+92%) and Mercedes (+94%) also frankly beat the market inside the Top 10. Further down, the gains are more subdued, with Hyundai (+18%), Land Rover (+18%), Seat (+24%) and Alfa Romeo (+87%) making themselves noticed.

In the models ranking, the Renault Clio is the most popular both on April (+16%) and year-to-date with a 73% surge. It ranked #2 over the Full Year 2016. The Kia Picanto shoots up 233% to rank 2nd this month, distancing the VW Up (+3%), Opel Karl (+93%) and Renault Captur (+40%). The Toyota Aygo (+59%) and Renault Megane (+238%) also post spectacular gains inside the Top 10. Leader over the Full Year 2016, the VW Golf is down 32% to #12 this month and down 24% to #8 year-to-date. The facelift cannot come soon enough. Among recent launches, the Toyota C-HR ranks #19, the Volvo V90 is #29 and the Kia Niro #36.

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Bahrain January-April 2017: Land Cruiser #1, Kia up in market down 35%

The Toyota Land Cruiser remains the best-seller in Bahrain so far this year.

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The Bahraini new car market tumbles down 35% year-on-year over the first four months of 2017 to 11.837 registrations. Market leader Toyota is in freefall, losing almost half its sales year-on-year to drop to a still ultra-dominant 37% share. It is followed by Hyundai (-22%) and Nissan (-43%) while Kia manages to gain 3%, overtaking Lexus (-52%) to leap onto 4th place overall. Chevrolet (+6%) is the only other brand in positive territory inside the Top 10. Honda (-10%) and Mazda (-11%) manage to gain market share also. Further down, Infiniti (+1%), Audi (+5%), Dodge (+24%), Geely (+40%) and Ram (+244%) are among the rare brands posting positive results while Suzuki, Jaguar (both at -46%), Isuzu (-47%) and Ford (-51%) struggle.

In the models ranking, Toyota monopolises the Top 4 (Top 5 over the Full Year 2016) with the Land Cruiser in the lead but dropping to 7.3% share vs. 9% over the FY2016. The Prado (6.5%), Corolla (4.1%) and Yaris (4%) on the other hand all improve their share vs. FY2016. Add the Hiace, Hilux, Camry and RAV4 to make it 8 Toyotas in the Top 9 vs. 7 in the Top 8 in FY2016. Like last year, the Hyundai Accent is the best-selling non-Toyota nameplate, improving to 5th place. The Nissan Sunny is the only other non-Toyota nameplate inside the Top 10 at #10. Just outside, we witness some drastic improvements: the Kia Sportage jumps from #33 in FY16 to #13, the Honda City from #29 to #14, the Mitsubishi L200 from #31 to #17 and the Kia Picanto from #82 to #19.

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Vietnam April 2017: Ford Ranger leads market down 15%

Ford Ranger Vietnam May 2016. Picture courtesy napthungxebantai.vnThe Ford Ranger is the most popular light vehicle in Vietnam this month.

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The Vietnamese new vehicle market marks a pause in April with volumes down a harsh 15% year-on-year to 21.942 units, yet thanks to a solid Q1 score the year-to-date tally is up 1.5% to 86.671 deliveries. Thaco-Kia remains in the brands lead and follows the market at -15% to 30.5% as always earning its pole position to medium and heavy trucks. Thaco-Kia distances Toyota (-10%), Ford (+5%) and Mazda (-24%) with Chevrolet (+10%), Isuzu (+26%), Mitsubishi (+73%) and Mercedes (+103%) all going against the grain and among the best performing brands. Model-wise, as it was the case a year ago the Ford Ranger leaps to pole position despite deliveries down 3%, edging past the Toyota Fortuner (+31%) for 34 sales and the Toyota Vios (-8%) for 68. Year-to-date, the Toyota Vios (+14%) has a comfortable advantage at 6.1% share vs. 5% for the Ranger (-1%) and 4.9% for the Fortuner (+32%). Notice also the Honda City up 31%, the Chevrolet Colorado up 324% and the Mitsubishi Triton up 348%.

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Venezuela April 2017: Toyota and Hilux top market down a further 20%

The Toyota Hilux – previous generation – holds 42% of an atone Venezuelan market. 

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Only 224 new light vehicles found a buyer in Venezuela in April, a further 20% drop on an already atone score a year ago. The year-to-date tally is down 26% to 889. Only two manufacturers manage to sell more than 10 units this month: Toyota with a 60.3% market share and Ford down 66% to 34.8% share. Jeep, Dodge and Mack add up to a mere 11 units. Model-wise, the previous generation Toyota Hilux holds 42% of the market this month, distancing the Ford Explorer (17%) and Toyota Fortuner (13.4%), with the Ford F-250 and Toyota Corolla also lodging double-digit sales figures. It’s fair to say Venezuela is now a used car market.

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Greece April 2017: Peugeot surprise leader in market down 13%

Peugeot is the best-selling brand in Greece in April and the 208 ranks 2nd model. 

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The Greek new car market is down a harsh 13% year-on-year in April to 8.452 registrations, yet thanks to a fantastic Q1 score the year-to-date tally remains largely in positive at +18% to 29.549 units. Peugeot is the surprise brand leader this month, up 5 spots on March and 12% year-on-year to 11.7% market share vs. 8.3% so far in 2017. Toyota tumbles down 25% to 9.8% share vs. 11.3% year-to-date and Volkswagen is up 22% to 9.8% also vs. 9% so far this year, now ranking #2 YTD. Inside the Top 10, Citroen (-34%), Opel (-39%) and Nissan (-40%) – last month’s leader are also hit hard. Reversely, Skoda (+92%), Land Rover (+100%), Kia (+141%) and Hyundai (+382%) all shine.

Model-wise, after being outsold by the Nissan Micra last month, the Toyota Yaris reclaims the top spots it holds year-to-date despite a steep 34% drop. Only 12 units below is the Peugeot 208 up 10 spots on March and 13% year-on-year and now ranking 4th year-to-date. The Fiat Panda (-19%), Opel Corsa (-48%) and VW Polo (-24%) follow but all fall heavily. In fact, only the Citroen C3 (+7%) is up in the remainder of the Top 10. Just outside, the Suzuki Baleno shoots up 116% to #11, the VW Up! is up 134% to #13 and the Hyundai i10 up 243% to #16. Among recent launches, the Audi Q2 is up 12 spots to #29, the Toyota C-HR is stable at #35 and the Suzuki Ignis is down 14 to #47. We welcome the Skoda Kodiaq directly at #55 this month.

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Czech Republic April 2017: Skoda monopolises Top Five, Kodiaq at #5

skoda-kodiaq-czech-republic-october-2016The Skoda Kodiaq hits a record-breaking 5th place at home this month.

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The Czech Republic is now back on BSCB with more complete figures. In March, the market broke the all-time record volume set last June (25.714) to push it to 26.786 units, but in April it marks a rare decline at -1.7% to 22.749 units. The year-to-date total remains in positive territory however at +9.8% to a record 90.808 units after four months. Market leader Skoda evolves like the market at -1% to 32.4% share but its year-to-date level remains low at 30.4% vs. 33.7% a year ago. Volkswagen (-6%) and Hyundai (-14%) both lose share this month but gain significant ground year-to-date at +32% and +7% respectively. Renault (+27%), Mercedes (+26%) and Ford (+22%) are by far the best performers inside the Top 10. Just outside, Toyota impresses with a 53% gain to #11 and +76% year-to-date, with Smart (+233%), Nissan (+57%), Lexus (+33%), Jaguar (+32%) and Jeep (+18%) among the biggest gainers further down.

In the models ranking, the Skoda Octavia remains in the lead despite sales down 14% to 9.8% share with the Fabia catching up at +4% to 9.1%. The Rapid (-15%) and Superb (-26%) lose significant ground and it’s worthwhile noting all Top 4 nameplates lose volume year-to-date: the Octavia is down 7%m the Fabia down 5%, the Rapid down 1% and the Superb down 18%. Thankfully for Skoda, a new arrival is now making sparks: the Kodiaq leaps up to 5th place overall this month – its best so far – to make the Top 5 100% Skoda for the first time since March 2016. If the Kodiaq manages to remain at that level for the rest of the year and rank 5th over the Full Year it would be the first time in history that Skoda monopolises the annual Top 5 at home, with its best 5 nameplate-performance so far being 5 Skodas in the Top 6 in 2012. Notice also the VW Tiguan up 290% thanks to the new model, the Hyundai i20 up 75% and the Renault Megane up 66%.

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Singapore March-April 2017: Toyota reclaims lead off Honda

Toyota is back to being the best-selling brand in Singapore in April.

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March new car sales in Singapore are up 21% year-on-year to 8.617 units but down 5% in April to 6.800 registrations. The year-to-date total stands at 29.115, up 7% on the same period a year ago. After almost a full year of domination (all months bar May and June 2016), Honda relinquishes the brands top spot to Toyota in April at 1.165 units (-21%) vs. 1.515 (+7%) but remains in the year-to-date lead for now thanks to sales up 10% to  6.058 and 20.8% share vs. 5.811 and 20% for Toyota, up 4%. Note Toyota figures include Lexus. Mazda surges 38% to third place above Mercedes (+12%), with Kia (+35%) also impressive in 6th place. Further down, Renault (+276%), Suzuki (+67%), and Opel (+1867%) shine.

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