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Turkey October 2014: Renault Clio and Fluence on top

November 26th, 2014 No comments

Renault Clio Turkey October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Renault Clio is the best-selling vehicle in Turkey this month.

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Thanks to Yarım Debriyaj for this data.

Turkish new car sales are perking back up at a vigorous +15% year-on-year in October to 66,573 registrations, in contrast with a year-to-date total still down 16% on 2013 to 540,071 units. It’s the Light Commercial Vehicles that lift the market up at +43% to 15,759 deliveries, while Passenger Cars are up a more modest 8% to 50,814 sales. Brand-wise, Volkswagen keeps the lead in spite of sales down 1% to 13.7% share vs. 14.9% YTD. Renault is up 24% to 13.1% share and places the two models it produces in Turkey in its Bursa assembly plant the Clio (4.1%) and Fluence (4%) atop the models ranking and above the YTD leader, the Fiat Linea. Ford and Fiat both hold 10.5% of the Turkish market while Hyundai rounds up the Top 5 at 6.4%. Notice also BMW more than doubling its sales year-on-year at +122%, Mercedes up 66%, Dacia up 43% and Skoda up 75%.

Hyundai i20 Turkey October 2014. Picture courtesy of automagg.comHyundai i20

Outside the models sales charts podium, the Toyota Corolla is faithful to its 4th position, the Ford Courier LCV lodges a second month at #6 vs. #15 YTD, the locally-produced Hyundai i20 Troy is starting to feel the effects of the generation changeover (runout price of the outgoing model mixed with delivery of the first dealer vehicles), up to #7 vs. #11 YTD, the VW Golf is up to #9 vs. #14 YTD, the BMW 3 Series up to #16 and the Mercedes C-Class up to #28. Further down, the Citroen C4 Cactus is up 10 spots on September to #84 and the Jeep Renegade lands directly inside the Turkish Top 100 for its very first month of sales at #90 and 156 units, already and by far the brand’s best-seller in the country with 59% of the Jeep brand’s October sales!

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Full October 2014 Top 44 All-brands and Top 253 All-models Ranking Tables below.

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Bulgaria October 2014: Skoda Octavia shines, Dokker #1 YTD

November 25th, 2014 No comments

Skoda Octavia Bulgaria October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Skoda Octavia is the most popular vehicle in Bulgaria in October. Or is it?

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An estimated 2.177 new cars found a buyer in October in Bulgaria, up 3% on October 2013 and bringing the year-to-date total to 21.435 units, up 8% on 2013. Bulgaria sales figures however are skewed by re-exports to other European Union countries, with a large portion of new car sales in the country never making it to local roads – as much as 30% – thanks to Bulgaria displaying some of the lowest car prices in the EU. See here for more on this phenomenon. So the best-sellers in the monthly rankings are only hypothetical. Toyota becomes the #1 brand in October thanks to a round 10% with Dacia, Renault (both at 9.6%), Skoda (9%) and Volkswagen (8.8%) following. The Skoda Octavia jumps to pole position thanks to 113 units sold for a 5.2% market share, however the Dacia Dokker – down to #2 in October – remains the best-seller YTD ahead of the Nissan Qashqai. The Renault Captur (#4 in October) is now only 5 units below the Clio YTD. Notice also the Toyota Corolla up to #6, the Peugeot Boxer up to #7 and Renault Master up to #13, as well as the Lexus NX landing directly in 50th place with 14 sales.

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Full October 2014 Top 30 brands and Top 175 models Ranking Tables below.

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China LCV October 2014: Wuling Light Truck teases Rongguang

November 25th, 2014 No comments

10. Wuling Light TruckWuling Light Truck in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uyghur – April 2014

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Thanks to LMC Automotive I can share with you today the Top 10 best-selling LCVs in China for October. This segment is one of the main culprits of the cooling off of the overall Chinese vehicle market in October, with sales of microvans down a very harsh 33% year-on-year while commercial trucks and buses are down 15%. The reason: a change in emission laws for commercial vehicles that has upped their retail price and delayed purchased from merchants. As a result the Wuling Rongguang is down to #8 overall vs. #4 YTD and is now threatened by its pickup variant the Wuling Light Truck at #9 and 24.598 sales vs. 24.910, the latter seemingly the only microLCV to survive the slaughtering this month. The Foton Forland ranks at a weak #20 vs. #13 YTD, the Chana Minibus is #30 vs. #11 and the Wuling Sunshine is standing on the brakes: down to #32 with a mere 13.039 sales vs. #5 YTD and a monthly average of 27.550 units so far this year. Talk about a fall of grace.

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Full October 2014 Top 55 models Ranking Table below.

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Latvia October 2014: Suzuki Jimny lands on top

November 25th, 2014 No comments

Suzuki Jimny Latvia October 2014. Picture courtesy instacarmodels.comThe Suzuki Jimny is the surprise Latvian October market leader.

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First month of year-on-year decline for new light vehicle sales in Latvia, down 2% in October to 1,401 registrations. However the year-to-date total is still up by a flamboyant 17% to 12,473 units. Given its small size and the unofficial strength of re-exports inside the European Union, the Latvian brands and, particularly, models sales charts are very dependent on one-off promotions and special orders, and therefore always very volatile. October is a case in point with the Suzuki Jimny selling 117 units for a 8.4% market share whereas it had sold 4 units so far this year before October… The October Jimny score accounts for 91% of the Suzuki brand sales and 65% of the brand’s 2014 sales so far, single-handedly lifting it up to #3 manufacturer in October with 128 units and 9.1% vs. #28 in September and #21 year-to-date (181 sales and 1.5%). Local car registration body has confirmed the totality of these Jimny sales has gone to re-export and none of them in fact hit Latvian roads…

BMW X5 Latvia October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe BMW X5 is up to #12 this month in Latvia.

In other news, Volkswagen is particularly strong this month at 19.3% market share vs. 17.4% YTD, double the #2 Toyota a little weak at 9.5% vs. 12.1% YTD. Skoda (7.4%) is knocked down to #4 by Suzuki while Renault is up one spot to #5 and Nissan down one to #6. Model-wise, below the Jimny the VW Golf and Nissan Qashqai are both up one rank on September to #2 and #3 respectively, also their YTD rankings, the VW Passat is up two to #4, the Skoda Yeti down 3 to #5 but still leader YTD by far, the Renault Scénic up from outside the September Top 75 directly to #7 vs. #24 YTD, the VW Up up to #9 vs. #47 and the BMW X5 up to #12 vs. #38.

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Full October 2014 Top 30 All-brands and Top 75 models Ranking Tables below.

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Malaysia October 2014: Axia lifts Perodua up to 32.6% share

November 24th, 2014 No comments

Perodua Axia Malaysia October 2014. Pictre courtesy of Axia

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New car sales in Malaysia are down 2% year-on-year in October to 54,187 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 546,492 units, now up a very feeble 0.5% to a record 546,492 units after 10 months. Perodua shoots up to 32.6% share thanks to 17,683 sales, for the first time more than doubling its local competitor’s score: Proton is down to 15% share this month. Although there is still no official models data for Malaysia as the MyCC (Malaysian Competition Commission) prevents transparency in the industry by making it illegal for companies to share their model sales data as it believes this will cause prices to go up, this shift is most likely due to the large number of deliveries of the new Perodua Axia.

As at September 25, the company reported it had 20,000 bookings and more continued to be received daily. Proton had also launched the new Iriz but it is likely that deliveries had not commenced yet. According to local publication Motortrader, during this quarter the industry is expecting very challenging times, making another record year unlikely. The strict requirements in the Hire-Purchase (H-P) loan process slows down transactions, mainly affecting the lower end of the market which accounts for a large share. This strict policy, directed by Bank Negara, is expected to remain in force because of the need to prevent an excessively high number of defaulters and also to try to control growing household debt in the country.

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Full October 2014 Top 46 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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France 1-12 November 2014: Volkswagen above Renault

November 23rd, 2014 No comments

VW Polo France November 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Polo is only 22 sales below the Renault Clio IV so far this month in France.

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Still no sign of improvement for the French new car market whereas the rest of Europe is taking off: sales are down 7% year-on-year over the first 12 days of November, with local manufacturers hit the hardest: they only account for 40% of the overall market. Peugeot is down 6%, Citroen down 15% and Renault down 21% to fall below Volkswagen at 3,430 sales vs. 3,570. However intermediary rankings such as this one are always to be taken with a grain of salt as they are heavily influenced by promotions and specific manufacturers policies about front or back-loading their sales during the month. Typically Volkswagen front-loads and Renault back-loads, and there is no way the German carmaker will stay above Renault by the time November comes to an end. An interesting state of affairs nevertheless.

Toyota Yaris France November 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe locally-produced Toyota Yaris is among France’s 10 most popular nameplates.

In spite of an overall downward trend, Dacia is still up an insolent 30% on the same period last year to 2,020 sales, Toyota is up 3%, Nissan up 10%, Opel up 20% and BMW up 3% to make a rare appearance in the Top 10. Model-wise, the Peugeot 208 for once doesn’t lose ground on a year ago, leading the pack for now but with a very slim 11 unit-advantage over its big sis the Peugeot 308, up a fantastic 86% YOY. Leader last year, the Citroen C3 tumbles down 38% to #3, still ahead of the Renault Clio which outsells the VW Polo by just 22 units! Dacia places the Sandero (-1%) at #7 and the Duster (+165%) at #9 while the Toyota Yaris (+8%) makes a remarkable comeback inside the French Top 10 at #8.

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Full 1-12 November 2014 Top 10 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

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Europe October 2014: Polo up 28%, Peugeot 308 just off Top 10

November 21st, 2014 No comments

Peugeot 308The Peugeot 308 misses out on a Top 10 ranking for just 239 units.

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New car sales in Europe register their strongest year-on-year gains since last March at +7% to 1.12 million units, lifting the year-to-date total up 5.7% to 11.02 million deliveries, the first time since 2007 that over 11 million European new cars find a buyer in 10 months. 25 of the 29 countries included in these statistics lodge year-on-year increases and all the Big 5 do so as well except France (-4%) as detailed in a previous BSCB update. Brand-wise, Volkswagen (+6%) and Ford (+4%) stay on top but slightly under-perform the market while Renault is back on the podium in spite of sales up just 6% vs. 10% for Opel/Vauxhall down one spot on September, a month boosted by the strong UK market. Mercedes (+10%), Audi (+8%) and BMW (+7%) all shine and Skoda posts another Top 10 month above Fiat.

VW Polo Europe October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frSales of the VW Polo are up 28% year-on-year Europe-wide.

The VW Golf remains the most popular nameplate on the continent by a country mile but being now one year past the launch of the 7th generation, its YOY growth decelerates to 5% to 45.522 sales. That’s 18.000 more than the #2 best-seller, lil sis the VW Polo taking full advantage of its refresh with sales improved by a huge 28% year-on-year. It remains #4 year-to-date below the Ford Fiesta down to #4 this month and the Renault Clio back up two spots to #3. The Opel Corsa continues to be boosted by strong rebates all across the continent on the outgoing model, up 23% on October 2013 to #5, the Skoda Octavia is back up 6 spots on last month to #6,  now threatening the Nissan Qashqai for 8th place YTD and the Audi A3 is up a beautiful 14% at #8.

Peugeot 308 France 2009The first generation Peugeot 308 peaked at a so-so #10 in Europe. Can this record be beaten?

A significant move happens just outside the Top 10: while the Peugeot 208 is down another disappointing 11% to #10 and 16,057 units, its compact stablemate the Peugeot 308 posts a 50% year-on-year increase to stop just 239 units short off both the 208 and a Top 10 ranking, up 6 spots to September to #11 and 15,818 sales. It’s only a matter of time before the 308 reclaims a spot among the 10 most popular nameplates in Europe, as the very successful station wagon reaches its cruising rhythm across the continent. For the record, the first generation 308 only managed to break into Europe’s Top 10 twice: in June and July 2009 when it ranked #10 each time. This generation has the potential to improve on these scores over the next couple of years. Note also the Renault Captur (+10%), Peugeot 2008 (+12%) and Dacia Duster (+72%) continuing their seemingly unstoppable progression.

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Full October 2014 Top 10 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

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Portugal October 2014: VW Golf leads again, Nissan Qashqai #3

November 19th, 2014 No comments

Nissan Qashqai Portgual October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frNissan Qashqai

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New car sales in Portugal continue on their frank recovery, up another 30% year-on-year in October to 11,795 deliveries and bringing the year-to-date total to 119,201 units, up 35% on 2013. Brand-wise, the Top 7 best-sellers shuffle their way back to the same order as the YTD ranking, with Renault (+11%) in the lead, followed by Volkswagen (+29%), Peugeot (+32%), BMW (+39%), Mercedes (+40%), Opel (+53%) and Audi (+22%) while Seat (+82%) and Nissan (+72%) explode up. Dacia (+89%), Kia (+72%) and Mitsubishi (+112%) also shine.

VW Golf Portugal October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Golf is the best-seller in Portugal for the third month in a row in October.

In the models ranking, the VW Golf manages a first: staying in pole position for 3 consecutive months thanks to 663 sales and 5.6% share, above the Renault Clio at 5%. The Clio’s YTD pole position is safe though at 6,385 units sold so far this year vs. 4,459 (#3) for the Golf. The Nissan Qashqai is boosted by the new model up to a podium ranking at #3 and 3.2% share, the Peugeot 308 continues its seesaw career, back up 7 spots in October to #4 and both the Seat Leon and Toyota Yaris are up 8 ranks to #6 and #9 respectively.

Peugeot 2008 Portugal October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Peugeot 2008 outsells the 208 in Portugal for the first time ever this month.

Outside the Top 10, the Mercedes C-Class is down 7 spots on last month to #13 which is still well above its YTD level (#21), the Peugeot 2008 outsells the 208 for the very first time at #14 vs. #15, the Audi A1 is up 15 ranks to #18, the Citroen C4 Cactus up 24 to a best-ever #25, Peugeot 508 at #30 vs. #53 YTD, the Mini up a further 7 spots thanks to the new generation to #33 vs. #52 YTD, the Peugeot 108 up 27 to #36 and the BMW 4 Series up a further two to #37.

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Full October 2014 Top 33 All-brands and Top 214 All-models Ranking Tables below.

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Algeria October 2014: Dacia holds 17%, places 3 models in Top10

November 19th, 2014 No comments

Dacia Sandero Stepway Algeria October 2014. Picture courtesy of dzairauto.com9 out of 10 Dacia Sandero sold in Algeria are the Stepway variant.

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New car sales in Algeria slow down their free fall in October, down 9% year-on-year to 24,500 deliveries. This brings the year-to-date total to 298,000 units, still down a harsh 22% on 2013. Algeria was among worldwide automotive headlines last week when Renault opened a new factory in in Oran on the northwestern Mediterranean coast of the country. Renault, which has two factories in Morocco, aims to boost sales in the North African markets of Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia, where new-car sales are expected to increase to 880,000 units in 2015 from 759,000 units in 2012, according to IHS Automotive. It is the French manufacturer’s first factory in the country since it exited the market after Algeria gained independence from France in 1962.

Renault Symbol Algeria October 2014. Picture courtesy of autonews.comRenault’s new Algerian plant is building the Symbol sedan.

The factory is building the Symbol from completely knocked down production (CKD) for the local market. Renault said the Symbol will offer a high level of equipment and will be the first vehicle in the country to feature a GPS navigation system. This event explains the disappearance of Symbol, best-seller in September due to runout prices on the imported model, from the October Top 10. Once production kicks in it should reappear among Algeria’s best-sellers with great fanfare and will threaten the Dacia Logan for top spot overall in 2015.

Dacia Logan MCV Algeria October 2014. Picture courtesy of autobild.deThe Dacia Logan is the best-selling model in Algeria this month and year-to-date.

Back to October figures, and the winner by far this month is Renault-owned low-cost manufacturer Dacia. For the first time since BSCB started following Algeria 5 years ago, Dacia places 3 models inside the Top 10: the Logan is back in charge of the models sales charts thanks to 2,344 sales and just under 10% market share, lifting it back to the 2014 YTD pole position with 18,900 units and 6.3% ahead of the Hyundai Accent at 18,412 and 6.2%. The Sandero, boosted by the new generation Stepway, is up 6 spots on September to land on the podium for the first time at #3 and 4.7% share, while the Duster breaks into the Top 10 at #10 and 2.5% share. Notice also the Renault Kangoo shooting up to #2 and 5.9% share, the Peugeot 301 back up to #5 and the Hyundai i10 holding its rank inside the Top 10 at #9.

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Full October 2014 Top 10 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

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Iran October 2014: Saipa Tiba at highest, production up 61%

November 19th, 2014 No comments

Saipa Tiba Iran October 2014Saipa Tiba hachback

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After a one-month hiatus, Iran is back on BSCB with local production figures up a whopping 61% year-on-year in Mehr, the 7th month of the year 1393 in the Persian calendar, roughly equivalent to October 2014. The Saipa Pride is finally returning to its traditional head-and-shoulders domination with just under 30,000 units produced over the period, up 64% year-0n-year. Could this be because of the launch of a redesigned version called the Saipa 234? I am investigating this as I am writing these lines.

Saipa 234 Iran October 2014c Saipa 234 Iran October 2014a Saipa 234 Iran October 2014 interiorSaipa unveiled the 234 sedan in March – a replacement for the Pride?

The Peugeot Pars (+37%) and 405 (+59%) lose market share but both clock up 10,000+ units while the Peugeot 206 is up almost 4-fold to 9,899 units – definitely back to life. The Saipa Tiba continues to break its production record month after month, this time lifting it to 8,951 units, potentially thanks to the addition of a hatchback version, while the Iran Khodro Runna is stuck at a low 2,666 units, even going backwards year-on-year (-6%). Renault confirms it has stepped out of the country with the Tondar 90 (aka Dacia Logan) down 49%.

Saipa S300 Iran October 2014a Saipa S300 Iran October 2014cSaipa S300

Saipa Renault Sandero Iran October 2014Saipa Renault Sandero

Saipa also unveiled the S300 (a rebadged Zotye Z300) and an Iranian production variant of the (previous generation) Renault Sandero, however these two models have not appeared in the production charts yet.

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