Philippines January 2017: Toyota Fortuner takes control in record market

The Toyota Fortuner is the best-selling vehicle in the Philippines this month.

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According to data published by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (Campi) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA), the Filipino market is up by a gargantuan 28% year-on-year in January to an all-time record 30.425 registrations. This figure is in fact higher as the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors (Avid) did not release figures – and this impacts marques like Hyundai. The fantastic year-on-year gain is partly due to an upcoming excise tax hike rushing customers to forward their purchase.

The heavily discounted Mitsubishi Adventure is the best-selling non-Toyota in January.

Toyota manages to double the market’s growth at +56% to 14.542 sales, now holding a mammoth 47.8% share vs. 39.2% a year ago. The Japanese manufacturer sells almost 3 times the amount of any other carmaker in the country, starting with Mitsubishi (+2%) ahead of Ford (+2%), Honda (+24%) and Nissan also outpacing the market at +55%. Suzuki gains 42% to #6 but Isuzu (-33%) and Kia (-19%) struggle. There is now one Chinese manufacturer in the Filipino Top 10 charts: Foton at #9 with 336 units sold for a 1.1% market share. Toyota also dominates the Passenger Cars charts with 45.7% share above Mitsubishi (13.7%), Honda (11.1%), Ford (9.1%) and Suzuki (6.5%).

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 

Model-wise, the Toyota Fortuner takes control of the ranking, outpacing the traditional leader, the Toyota Vios, by a large margin: 3.563 vs. 2.954 sales. Toyota is estimated to monopolise the Top 5 with the Vios, Innova, Hiace and Wigo in tow. The heavily discounted Mitsubishi Adventure is the best-selling non-Toyota nameplate,  eagerly awaiting its replacement due this year. Current discounts amount to a staggering 70% of the base price. The Mitsubishi Mirage G4, Ford Ecosport and Everest follow.

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Israel February 2017: Hyundai and Kia on top, Suzuki up 89%

The facelifted and rebaptised Crossover helps push Israeli Suzuki sales up 89% in February. 

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Thanks to our partnership with, we can share with you today February data for Israel. After an all-time high score in January (45.210), the Israeli market falls flat in February at -1% to 25.290 units. Models data is now only available quarterly so we will focus on the brands for now. Market leader Hyundai frankly beats the market with a 25% surge to 4.620 sales and 18.3%, followed by its sister brands Kia at +3% and 14.9% share. Toyota is in trouble ay -19% but remains on the podium at #3. Below, notice Suzuki up 89% to #5, Renault up 84% to #7 and Chevrolet up 96% to #9. Further down, Cadillac gains 43%, Mini is up 61%, Jaguar up 180%, Maserati up 467% and MG up 722%. At the other end of the scale, brands struggling in Israel this month include Volkswagen (-30%), Subaru (-40%), Opel (-46%), Lexus (-48%), Ssangyong (-50%) and Isuzu (-82%)

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Slovakia January 2017: Skoda Superb and VW Polo outstanding

The Skoda Superb is up to 6th place in Slovakia 

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The Slovak new car market is down a tiny 0.1% year-on-year in January, but with more woking days than in January 2016 this actually translates into quite a significant decline. The Skoda Octavia reclaims the Top spot off its little sister the Skoda Fabia for the month at 414 units vs 356, with the Rapid rounding up a podium 100% Skoda. The Opel Astra is the best-selling non-Skoda in January at #4 ahead of the Kia Cee’d. Excellent performance of the Skoda Superb up 46% to #6, but none better than the VW Polo up 115% to #8. Already out of fashion (?), the Suzuki Vitara (-33%) and Hyundai Tucson (-25%) round up a Top 10 composed at 60% of Volkswagen Group nameplates.

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Luxembourg January 2017: Clio in the lead, Mercedes GLC up to #6

The Mercedes GLC jumps to 6th overall in Luxembourg in January. Coupé variant pictured.

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The Luxembourg new car market is up a solid 18% year-on-year in January to 4.108 units. The models podium is reshuffled this month: #2 over the Full Year 2016, the Renault Clio takes the lead this month thanks to sales up a mammoth 168% to 166 and 4% share. The Clio knocked the 2016 #1, the VW Golf, down to #2 with “just” 36% more than January 2016. The Audi A3 (+47%) rounds up the podium like it did last year. As it is the case in almost all of Europe, the new generation pushes the VW Tiguan to unseen territories: up 280% year-on0year in Luxembourg to rank #4. With the VW Polo ranking at #7, we have no less than four Volkswagen Group models inside the Top 5. We have a few surprises further down the ranking: the Mercedes GLC pops up at a brilliant 6th p;lace, the BMW 4 Series is #8 and the Volvo V40 #9.

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Lithuania January 2017: Fiat 500 leads, RAV4 and Tiguan follow

The new model boosts the VW Tiguan’s Lithuanian sales up 220%. Picture 

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New car sales in Lithuania are up by a very robust 19% year-on-year in January to 1.829 units. Best-seller here for the past five consecutive years, the Fiat 500 has the guts to even outpace the market this month with a 46% year-on-year improvement leading to a 10.2% market share. That’s still leaps and bounds above the competition, with its direct follower being the Toyota RAV4 surging up 356% on January 2015 to 4.5% share, just above the VW Tiguan at 4.4% (+220%), the Skoda Octavia at 4.3% (+70%), VW Passat at 4% (+135%) and Toyota Auris at 3.2% (+176%). Inside the Top 10, the Skoda Superb (+129%) and Kia Sportage (+117%) also more than double their sales year-on-year.

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Latvia January 2017: Octavia leads, Kia Cee’d & Peugeot 2008 shine

The Peugeot 2008 breaks into the Latvian Top 10 in January. 

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The Latvian new car market is up 14.5% year-on-year in January to 1.445 registrations. The Skoda Octavia is the best-seller for the month thanks to sales up 133% to 93 and 6.4% vs. 3.2% over the Full Year 2016. In fact, the Top 10 is alive with staggering year-on-year improvements: the VW Passat up 106% to #2, the Kia Cee’d up 253% to #3, VW Tiguan up 293% to #5, Kia Sportage up 200% to #7, Toyota RAV4 up 127% to #8, and the Ford Fiesta up 1267% to #9. In terms of improvements vs. Full Year 2016 ranking though, the Kia Cee’d (+18 to #3) and Peugeot 2008 (+26 to #10) are the best performers.

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Malaysia January 2017: Honda BR-V lifts market into positive (+0.1%)

The BR-V helps boost Malaysian Honda sales up 50% in January.

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Stable market in Malaysia in January up just 0.1% to 44.667 registrations. Perodua remains the clear leader in the brands ranking but drops 9% to 31.8% share vs. 35.7% over the Full Year 2016. Honda on the other hand boasts a 50% improvement to 8.594 sales and 19.2% share vs. 15.8% in 2016, most likely due to the arrival in dealerships of the BR-V crossover. In contrast, Proton continues to struggle at -7% above Toyota up 95%. These four aforementioned manufacturers hold an astounding 80.2% of the Malaysian car market this month, with the remaining 41 sharing just 20% of the market – in other words bread crumbs. Let’s go one step further: if we remove Honda from the market data, Malaysian sales overall are actually down 7% at 36.073 vs. 38.848! Nissan (-57%), Mazda (-41%), Hino (-33%), Mitsubishi (-26%), Ford (-26%), Kia (-19%), Volkswagen (-19%) and Peugeot (-15%)  all struggle, but Lexus (+10%), Subaru (+13%), Porsche (+68%) and Chery (+260%) shine.

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Iran January 2017: Saipa Pride leads, Chery Tiggo 3x already in market

Iranian advertisement for the MVM X22 (aka Chery Tiggo 3x).

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Note all figures in this article are local production, not sales, and imports aren’t included. In January 2017 – roughly equivalent to the 10th month of the Persian year 1395 – 127.663 passenger cars and 6.041 pick-up trucks churned out of Iranian factories. The fight for the title of biggest local brand is getting more intense: Peugeot still holds the reins of the Iranian market with a mammoth 31.5% market share, all this despite no Peugeot 301 local production on the horizon still. Saipa now stands only 101 units below (!) at 41.983 vs. 42.084 for the French manufacturer, due to the continued success of the Pride – in fact a 1986 Kia Pride – which founds another 27.043 buyers this month in spite of its advanced 31 years of age. Iran Khodro rounds up the brands podium above Renault, Chery (renamed MVM here after a first launch in the 90s was aborted), JAC, Zamyad, Brilliance, Dongfeng and Kia. With Changan at #11, Lifan at #13, FAW at #15, Haima at #16 and Zotye at #17, we now have no less than 9 Chinese carmakers in the Iranian Top 20 this month…

Zamyad Z24 vs. Hummer H2 

The Pride is followed in January by the Peugeot 206, Peugeot 405 and Saipa Tiba up two spots on its FY2016 ranking to #4. The Peugeot Pars on the other hand is down three to #5. Launched last year, the Renault Sandero – baptised Saipa B90 here – continues its progression at #8 vs. #29 in 2016. It’s further down the ranking that we can spot some interesting finds. The Chery Fulwin 2 cracks the Top 10 thanks to a very robust 2.803 units poduyced this month, ahead of the JAC S5 (2,776) and Brilliance H330 (2.262). Chery also places the Tiggo 5 at #16, the Tiggo 3 at #17, the Arrizo 5 at #20 and, the novelty of the month, the Tiggo 3x (baptised MVM X22 here ) at #28 with 226 units produced, only months after its launch in China.

2017 Peugeot 301

Finally onto the elephant in the room: with Peugeot’s best-sellers in Iran being the 206 launched in 1998 and the 406 launched in 1987, it goes without saying that Iranian consumers have been screaming for the new Peugeot 301 – launched in 2012 and now facelifted (see above) to replace the obsolete 405. Not before 2018 or 2019 according to Peugeot though. Talk about hundreds of thousands of missed sales.

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Estonia January 2017: Honda CR-V in charge

The new generation CR-V hasn’t hit the Latvian market yet, but the nameplate still ranks #1.

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The Estonian new car market is up 13.5% year-on-year in January  to 2.026 registrations. Despite sales crumbling down 8% year-on-year, the Honda CR-V is the best-selling vehicle in the country this month, distancing the Toyota RAV4 surging up 144% and the Renault Clio posting an even more impressive 226% gain. Other great performers in the Top 10 include the VW Passat up 33% to #4, VW Golf up 57% to #6, Kia Sportage up 225% to #7, Skoda Superb ip 80% to #9 and the VW Tiguan topping them all with a 285% increase on its January 2016 score thanks to the new model now well settled.

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Cyprus January-February 2017: Kia Rio up to #1, Toyota C-HR lands

The Kia Rio is the best-selling vehicle in Cyprus so far in 2017. 

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Thanks to our partnership with INNOSOFT, we can share with you today detailed sales figures for both January and February. In January, the Cypriot market is up by a very robust 16.7% year-on-year to 1.243 registrations. The Ford Fiesta takes takes the lead of the models ranking thanks to deliveries up a gargantuan 169% to 78, ahead of the Hyundai Tucson (+9%), Kia Rio (+350%), Nissan Qashqai (-11%) and Toyota Yaris (+38%). We welcome two notable new entrants inside the Cypriot Top 30 this month, namely the Toyota C-HR at equal #9 with its archenemy the Honda HR-V and the Jaguar F-Pace at an incredible #20 with 19 units sold in the month. In February, 987 new car sales were sold in Cyprus, and as is traditionally the case for this market, the models ranking is very volatile. This time the Nissan Qashqai is the best-seller above the Kia Rio – which earns the 2017 top spot for now, the Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Juke and Toyota Yaris. The Toyota C-HR climbs a further three spots to settle at an outstanding 6th place, making it four crossovers in the Top 6 this month.

The Jaguar F-Pace ranks 20th in Cyprus in January. 

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