Media post: American Automotive Service Solutions Provides a Unique Extended Service Contract For Your Vehicles Needs

American Automotive Service Solutions (AASS) is an auto warranty company, but it’s not your regular kind. Unlike most other auto warranty firms, AASS’ goal is to provide long-term satisfaction to its customers, along with great service. The company has different vehicle service contracts on offer, so that all buyers would find a plan that fits into their scheme of things. Not to mention, there’s money back guarantee as well. By the way, how many other auto warranty firms are willing to offer such guarantees?

AASS has seldom been out of news. The company constantly works hard to offer something unique and new to its buyers, which means the company frequently receives press attention. For example, at the end of 2016, the company came up with a unique service concerning extended vehicle warranties. This service apparently replaces unsolicited phone calls and mails with great customer service and a few other options that help with savings on car repairs.

As aforementioned, AASS takes a unique approach to things. One of the ways it differentiates itself from the competition is by earning certifications from prestigious organizations. The majority of extended warranty firms on the market cannot claim to have such certificates. For instance, the company is a Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) member. This means it can access critical information and resources relating to the extended warranty business that non-member firms cannot claim access to. As a result, customers can rest assured their service agreements would have the backings of industry leaders. VPA is a non-profit firm that is committed to offering first-rate auto service contracts to buyers. The organization is essentially a watchdog entity that oversees industry practices and promotes fair business policies and systems.

Generally, most other American Automotive Services Solutions reviews only talk about certificates and do not throw much light on why the company is so unique. However, we would like to state that AASS is not just about its certifications and prestigious memberships. The company has also allied with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as AAS (American Auto Shield) and MBPI (Marathon and Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc.), to name a few. These companies have a solid reputation in the industry with a BBB (Business Better Bureau) rating of A or better.

Getting top BBB ratings is not a minor accomplishment. BBB does a lot of research about a company before it delivers its verdict on it. The rating system entails a maximum of 100 points. A company that scores 94 or more happens to get the A grade. If a company manages an A rating or greater, then that speaks volumes about the business’ quality and credibility. It means the company has few customer complaints against it, is transparent with its business practices, and addresses complaints (if any) in a timely manner.

AASS is committed to its customers and therefore associates with firms that are known for similar or greater dedication to consumers. The ultimate objective is to ensure customers get excellent and reliable service anytime and every time they associate with the company. Most companies cannot claim to have the backing that AASS has. In fact, the majority at times fall back to their own resources (for the lack of other resources) whenever a customer files in for a claim. Since most auto warranty companies aren’t self-sufficient enough, the consumers filing in are left stranded, as a result. AASS has the support of some of the biggest names in the car warranty business. This means its customers can be rest assured that their automobile would stay protected at all times.

France March 2017: Peugeot 2008 settles at #3 in market up 7%

 The Peugeot 2008 ranks 2nd with private buyers at home this month.

French new car sales are up 7% year-on-year in March to 226.145 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 4.8% to 541.065 units. However yet again this growth is mainly artificial with inventory registrations up a whopping 26% on March 2016 whereas private sales only gain 1.7% to 106.733 and are up only 1% year-to-date to 257.568 or a historically low 47.6% market share. As per every end of Quarter, market leader Renault posts a strong 21.5% market share vs. 19.7% year-to-date but gains less ground than the market at +4%. Peugeot on the other hand is up 12% while Citroen gains 9% thanks to the solid score of the new generation C3.

Volkswagen is in trouble at -9% and holds onto the 4th spots overall for a mere 675 units above Dacia up 10%. Other manufacturers in great shape this month include Toyota (+34%), Suzuki (+22%), Fiat (+18%), Kia (+18%), Mercedes (+15%) and Hyundai (+14%) but DS drops 34% to #20. Among smaller brands, notice Alfa Romeo (+34%), Maserati (+65%), Jaguar (+83%) and Infiniti (+145%).

The Renault Clio continues to dominate the models ranking with just under 5.9% share, a full percentage point above the Peugeot 208 at #2. Slowly but surely, the Peugeot 2008 settles into third place, a ranking it holds this month (+10%) and year-to-date (+14%). Its archenemy the Renault Captur follows at #4 in March but ranks 5th so far this year below the Peugeot 308. Recent launches makes themselves noticed: the new gen Citroen C3 remains at #6, the new Renault Megane is up one spot on February to #8 and the Peugeot 3008 down 1 to #9.

There are no foreign models inside the Top 13 (vs. Top 12 last month) with the VW Polo (-19%) leader the way above the Toyota Yaris (+13%) and Nissan Qashqai (+8%). Just below, we find the VW Tiguan (+204% thanks to the new model), the Fiat 500 (+19%) and Opel Corsa (+21%). Other great gainers inside the Top 50 include the Opel Mokka (+24%), Ford Kuga (+35%), Renault Talisman (+37%), Renault Zoe (+45%) and BMW X1 (+45%). The Audi Q2 (#57) is now the 2nd best-seller for the brand below the A3 (#37), the new generation Nissan Micra breaks into the Top 100 at #93 and this month we welcome the Alfa Romeo Stelvio at #160 and the new gen Land Rover Discovery reappears at #203.

Private sales of the Dacia Sandero are up 30% this month. Picture 

In the private sales aisle, the Dacia Sandero reigns supreme with deliveries up 30% year-on-year thanks to its facelift, and is now followed by the Peugeot 2008 up 8% to n2nd place, distancing the Peugeot 208 (-5%), Renault Clio (-16%) and Captur (-7%). A very different picture than the overall sales charts indeed. Year-to-date, the Peugeot 2008 is now only 4 units below the 208 for second place overall. Notice also the Peugeot 3008 up 124% on the previous generation to #7 private sales. The locally-produced Toyota Yaris (+16%) makes it to the Top 10.


Previous month: France February 2017: Citroen C3 and Toyota C-HR impress

One year ago: France March 2016: Renault impresses in healthy market up 7.5%

Full March 2017 Top 45 brands, Top 275 models and Top 10 private sales below.

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UK nations March 2017: Fiesta, Tucson & Qashqai shine in record market

Hyundai Tucson Northern Ireland April 2016The Hyundai Tucson ranks #2 in Northern Ireland this month.

*  See the Top 10 best-selling models for each nation by clicking on the title *

It’s an all-time record month in the UK and thanks to SMMT we can now share with you the Top 10 best-sellers for each UK nation in March. Keep in mind this is only a zoom in by nation, all sales figures are already included in the UK update. For once Northern Ireland leads the growth ladder with a 9.6% year-on-year improvement this month to 7.807. England (443.874) and Scotland (46.050) both follow at +8.7% while Wales only improves by 2.1%. The good news is that all nations are now in positive territory year-to-date: England up 6.8%, Scotland up 5.2%, Northern Ireland up 0.8% and Wales up 0.3%.

The Ford Fiesta ranks #1 in three out of four nations in March.

The Ford Fiesta reclaims Northern Ireland off the VW Golf which had held the top spot for 5 consecutive months before now, making it three victories out of four nations: England, Northern Ireland and Wales where it commands an imposing 8.4% share thanks to 1.666 sales. To get a perspective on how dominant March sales figures are in the the while of the UK, let’s point out the Fiesta score for March in Wales  is almost as much as the entire Welsh February sales (2.058).

The Seat Leon ranks #4 in Northern Ireland in February. 

The only nation the Fiesta doesn’t win is Scotland, where the Vauxhall Corsa reigns as it has done so for the past few Full Year rankings, knocking the Fiesta down to #2. The Ford Focus manages to rank #2 in Wales and England and #3 in Scotland. Excellent performance of the Hyundai Tucson in Northern Ireland, bypassing the VW Golf to rank #2 overall, with other great performers this month including the Nissan Qashqai #3 in England, the Renault Captur #4 in Scotland, the Ford Kuga #4 in Wales and #5 in Northern Ireland and the Seat Leon #4 in Nothern Ireland. The Vauxhall Mokka X manages one Top 10 ranking: in Wales at #9.


Previous m0nth: UK nations February 2017: Vauxhall Mokka X settles in Top 10

One year ago: UK nations March 2016: Kia Sportage scores one podium, Kadjar strong

Full March 2017 Top 10 models ranking for each nation below.

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Russia March 2017: Largest year-on-year gain in 4.5 years at +9%

First Top 10 ranking at home for the Lada XRAY. Picture courtesy 

* See the Top 53 All-brands and Top 25 models by clicking on the title *

The signs the Russian new car market may have now bottomed out are clearer this month. At +9.4% on a depressed March 2016 figure to 137.894 registrations, car sales in Russia register their largest year-on-year gain since September 2012 (+10%) which, incidentally, was the first time the Lada Granta ranked #1 at home. Another milestone to be noted: this is only the fourth time in the past four years that the Russian market shows growth after November 2016 (+0.6%), December 2014 (+2%) and December 2013 (+4%). Thanks to minimal sales drops over the first two months of 2016, the year-to-date tally also steps into positive territory at +1% to 322.464 units. Joerg Schreiber, Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, says:“This is great news for our market which had not seen a positive quarter in more than 4 years. But as the saying goes, one swallow does not make a summer. More solid month results will be needed before we can call this a robust trend”.

Brand-wise, the Top 5 best-sellers beat the market, marking a clear concentration towards the tried-and-tested values in market and hesitations towards less popular marques. Lada (+13%) logically leads the way but its market share (18.2%) is lower than its YTD level (19.1%). If Kia (+18%) remains in 2nd place above sister brand Hyundai (+29%), it also post a market share retreating back to 10.6% vs. 11.6% so far this year while Hyundai is at 10.3% vs. 9.4%. Renault (+19%) and Toyota (+18%) round up the Top 5, with Volkswagen (+16%) also showing a double-digits gain inside the Top 10. Beyond, notice Datsun bouncing back up 103% to #12, Mazda up 22%, Peugeot up 36%, Volvo up 40%, Mercedes Vans up 50%, Jaguar up 166% and Smart up 178%.

In the models ranking, the Kia Rio remains a comfortable #1 with sales surging 44% to 8.375 and 6.% share ahead of the Lada Granta up an equally impressive 51%. The Rio has now led the Russian sales charts for a third consecutive month and the 6th time over the past 8 months after last August, September and October as well as January and February this year. The Hyundai Solaris climbs back up 4 spots on last month to third place overall but drops 13% year-on-year. The Lada Vesta is kicked out of the podium and, worryingly, sees its market share slide from 5.2% in January to 4.8% in February to 4.4% now. The Hyundai Creta is down one spot on February to round up the Top 5. The Lada XRAY breaks into its home monthly Top 10 for the very first time just over a year after its launch at #10 and 2.2% share, now ranking #9 year-to-date. Other impressive gainers inside the Top 25 models include the Toyota RAV4 (+31%), Nissan X-Trail (+33%), Toyota Camry (+39%), Datsin on-DO (+82%), VW Tiguan (+181%) and Kia Sportage (+187%).

Previous month: Russia February 2017: Kia Rio confirms top spot in market down 4.1%

One year ago: Russia March 2016: Hyundai Solaris sovereign, Vesta cannibalises Granta

Full March 2017 Top 53 All-brands and Top 25 models below.

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UK March 2017: Upcoming tax change triggers all-time record month

The Ford Kuga breaks into the UK Top 10 for the third time only. 

* See the Top 42 brands and Top 10 models by clicking on the title *

The February 2017 post has now been corrected with accurate model year-on-year behaviours.

With September, March is traditionally an extremely strong month for UK new car sales as it corresponds to the biannual license plate change, but this year a combination of events has allowed all-time records to be broken. The main element is a recalibration of the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) taking place on April 1 and applied to vehicles purchased from that date forward. The changes include the end of a VED exemption for ultra-low emission vehicles. As a result, many purchases were brought forward to March in order to still benefit from the old regime and new car sales in the UK in March are up 8.4% year-on-year to 562.337, breaking a 20 year-old all-time monthly record established back in August 1997 at 525.897, this according to SMMT. This means the Q1 2017 tally stands at 820.016, up 6.2% on the same period in 2016 and here too a record.

2001-2017 March scores – Source: SMMT

All categories of buyers see sales increase yet, logically, it’s fleet and business sales that lead the charge as they can include bulk purchases that would benefit the most from a purchase pull forward. Fleet sales are up 12.6% to 46.6% share vs. 44.9% a year ago, business sales up 11.9% to 4.7% share vs. 4.6% in March 2016 and private sales up 4.4% to 48.7% share vs. 50.5% a year ago. This exceptionally high March sales figure has Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, saying: “We will see a slowdown in April, exacerbated by the fact there are fewer selling days this year given Easter timing”. The SMMT still predicts a slight sales decline over the FY2017 due to broader political uncertainties linked to Brexit.

This peculiar situation makes for some fascinating changes in the brands and models ranking. Ford more than doubles the market growth at +19% to 71.837 units and 12.8% share, similar to the share it holds so far in 2017 (12.7%). Local producer Nissan (+30%), Mercedes (+18%), Toyota (+14%) and Land Rover (+24%) also post double-digit gains inside the Top 10 but interestingly Vauxhall (-10%) and Peugeot (-5%) are the only brands to lose ground among the 10 best-sellers this month, potentially the reflection of the purchase of Opel/Vauxhall by PSA-Peugeot Citroen triggering some hesitation with buyers. Further down the ranking, Kia (+16%), Seat (+29%), Volvo (+30%), Jaguar (+69%) and Infiniti (+151%) are among the biggest gainers in market.

Illustrating its strength this month, Ford places two nameplates atop the models ranking for the first time this year with the Fiesta up 8% followed by the Focus up 22%. The Vauxhall Corsa is back up 6 spots on February to #3 despite a 8% drop, ahead of the Nissan Qashqai (+21%) and Vauxhall Astra (+17%) while the VW Golf is struggling at -17% and down four spots on last month to #6. The Mini is up 12% to 10.003 units, the Ford Kuga makes its third ever appearance within the UK Top 10 after August 2015 (#10) and 2016 (#9) in 9th position with a record 9.561 sales, and the Mercedes C-Class also maintains itself within the country’s 10 best-sellers this month at #10.

Previous month: UK February 2017: Golf pushes Volkswagen to #2 YTD, stable market

One year ago: UK March 2016: First half-million sales month this century

Full March 2017 Top 10 models and Top 42 brands below.

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Sweden February-March 2017: Volvo S/V90 takes control

With the Cross Country variants, the Volvo S/V90 has now taken control of its home market. 

* See the Top 45 All-brands and Top 265 All-models by clicking on the title *

We update two months at once in Sweden today. February is up 3.2% year-on-year to 27.735 registrations, the second highest February score on record below February 1970 which was boosted by in impending VAT hike. Market leaders Volvo (+6%), Volkswagen (+7%), BMW (+10%) and Toyota (-5%) all outpace the overall growth, resulting in increased market shares. Further down, Citroen (+46%), Suzuki (+50%), Mini (+82%), Tesla (+103%) and Mitsubishi (+143%) all post spectacular gains.

March 2017 is the highest score for the month in the history of automobile in Sweden at 38.387 units, up 10.6% on March 2016 and the 39th consecutive month of year-on-year gains. The net increase is much lower though as this month has benefited from two additional selling days which translate in a 10% increase already. Year-to-date after three month, the Swedish new car market is now up 7.4% to 89.404 registrations. Once again the market leaders outpace the overall growth with Volvo up 17%, Volkswagen up 13% and Toyota up 21%. Notice also Mazda up 23%, Ford up 24%, Citroen up 42%, Porsche up 55%, Tesla up 81%, Jeep up 82% and Alfa Romeo up 310%.

But the big event in Sweden across these two months is the surge in sales of the Volvo S/V90 combination, now that the Cross Country variants are available. These were the missing link that allowed the VW Golf to become the first non-Volvo nameplate in 54 years to lead the annual Swedish sales charts last year all the while the Volvo V70, leader for the previous 19 years (19972015), was being discontinued and the S/V90 was only gearing up with no 4WD variants. In February, the S/V90 sells an explosive 1.909 units for a 6.9% market share vs. 1.546 for the Volvo XC60, 1.374 for the VW Golf and 1.343 for the Volvo S/V60. In March, the S/V90 confirm it is the new market favourite at home with 2.416 sales vs. 2.024 for the VW Golf, 1.999 for the Volvo XC60 and 1.921 for the Volvo S/V60. Year-to-date, the S/V90 dominates at 6.4% share vs. 5.4% for the VW Golf (+10%), 5.3% for the Volvo XC60 (+88%) and 5% for the Volvo S/V60 (+47%)

Other models news include the VW Tiguan up 241% in February and up 148% in March, the BMW 5 Series up 96% to #6 in February and 69% to #10 in March and the Toyota C-HR up 56 ranks on January to a splendid 14th place but down 11 in March to #25. The Kia Niro (#31 then #56) and Audi Q2 (#70 then #71) are the next best-sellers as far as recent launches are concerned, with the Skoda Kodiaq breaking into the Top 100 for the first time in March at #90. Whereas there were no newcomers in February, we welcome the Ford Ecosport (#148) and Renault Scenic (#173) in the Swedish sales charts in March.

Previous post: Sweden January 2017: Volvo S/V90 now has VW Golf in sight

One year ago: Sweden March 2016: Hyundai i30 breaks into Top 10 in market up 10%

Full February and March 2017 Top 45 All-brands and Top 265 All-models below.

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Chile January-February 2017: Chery Tiggo2 inside Top 20

The Chery Tiggo2 is already among the Top 20 best-sellers in Chile.

* See the January 2017 Top 60 models and February Top 50 All-brands by clicking on the title *

Today we can give you an update on Chilean models charts for January and the brands charts for February. Access to monthly models data for Chile is rare, so enjoy it while it lasts! The main interest of this ranking – that sees the Hyundai Accent take the lead followed by the Kia Morning and Suzuki Swift – is to be able to detail how well the latest Chinese (and other) launches are doing.

The Dongfeng Joyear X3 is inside the Top 60 in January. 

One nameplate that is turing out to be a blockbuster is the Chery Tiggo2, landing directly at #17 with 263 sales for the month and instantly becoming the best-selling Chinese vehicle in Chile. The Nissan Kicks also hit its target at #20. The second best-selling Chinese nameplate in Chile this month is the JAC S2 at an excellent 25th place, followed by the JAC S3 (#47), Chery Tiggo (#48), MG3 (#51), MG GT (#52) and Dongfeng Joyear X3 (#55). Tellingly, the Top four and five out of the six Chinese vehicles entering the January Top 60 are SUVs.

Chevrolet is the best-selling brand in Chile in February and year-to-date. 

February market data shows a 10% year-on-year gain to 23.805 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 8.6% to 51.113 units. Chevrolet gains 19% to cross the symbolic 10% market share milestone at 10.1%, also taking the year-to-date lead at 9.7%. The American manufacturer is followed by Hyundai at 9.3%, Kia at 9.2%, January’s leader Nissan at 8.4% and Suzuki at 8.2%. Toyota (+24%), Citroen (+30%), Mercedes (+34%) and Volkswagen (+78%) post some of the largest gains in the market. Among Chinese manufacturers – accounting for 9.6% of total sales (+27%) – JAC dominates at #17 (+66%) ahead of the Great Wall Group (+26%), Chery (+36%), Changan (+32%), Dongfeng (-7%) and MG (+29%). 16 of the 50 brands selling at least one unit in Chile this month are Chinese.

Previous post: Chile January (brands): Nissan takes lead in market up 7%

One year ago: Chile February 2016: Hyundai on top in market up 18%

Full January 2017 Top 60 models and February 2017 Top 50 All-brands below.

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Hungary March 2017: Suzuki Vitara, Ford Kuga up in SUV month

The Ford Kuga is up to third place overall in Hungary in March. 

* See the Top 10 best-selling brands and models by clicking on the title *

New car sales in Hungary continue to catch up on pre-2008 recession levels with a 32.3% jump in February to 9.924 units, leading to a 23.6% year-to-date improvement to 24.346. Local producer Suzuki confirms it is the crowd’s favourite, frankly outpacing the market at +55% to 1.377 sales and 13.9% share. Ford (+68%) and Skoda (+34%) also run faster than the market, followed by Opel (+24%) and Toyota (+66%). Volkswagen (-4%) registers the only decline in the Top 10 brands. Model-wise, the Suzuki Vitara posts yet another monthly victory with no less than 7.8% market share vs. 7.3% so far this year in what can be qualified as an SUV month: below the Skoda Octavia (+28%), we find the Ford Kuga up 122% to #3, the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross up to #4 vs. #7 YTD and the Nissan Qashqai up 89% to #5 vs. #10 YTD. The Ford Fiesta (#6) and Dacia Duster (+44%) also shine.

Previous month: Hungary February 2017: Dacia Duster shines in market up 27%

One year ago: Hungary March 2016: Suzuki and Vitara cement leadership

Full March 2017 Top 10 best-selling brands and models below.

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Spain March 2017: VW Polo leads, Seat Ateca breaks into Top 10

The Seat Ateca makes its very first appearance in its home Top 10 this month.

* See the Top 45 All-brands and Top 290 All-models by clicking on the title *

After a meagre 0.1% gain in February, the Spanish new car market is back on track in March at +12.6% year-on-year to 126.272 deliveries, the highest March score since 2007 (173.778). The year-to-date total now stands at 309.570, up a vigorous 7.8% on the same period a year ago and the largest Q1 score since 2008 (347.762). This month’s growth can be considered healthy with business sales up 18.2%, private sales up 11.7% and rental sales trailing the market at “just” +9.3%. The year-to-date picture is in the same vein: business sales up 14.5% to 27.3% share, private sales up 6.8% to 49.2% share and rental sales up only 2.8% to 23.4% share. The Spanish market is now being lifted by business and private sales, not rental sales, which is a very healthy perspective indeed.

Brand-wise, the most popular this month is Volkswagen, up two ranks on February to become the only manufacturer with a five-digit sales figure in March at 10.093 (+30%). #2 Renault (+38%) and #3 Ford (+47%) both comfortably beat the market whereas Opel slides down 4%. Nissan (+24%) distances Seat (+9%) which was #1 last month. Among large March gainers, let’s pick Land Rover (+26%), Skoda (+28%), Audi (+29%),  Mini (+29%), Jeep (+36%) and Suzuki (+139) in the Top 25, Porsche (+45%), Alfa Romeo (+68%), Abarth (+73%), Jaguar (+86%), Maserati (+147%) and Infiniti (+309%).

There is a bit of movement atop the models ranking this month: the VW Polo (+73%) takes the lead above the Nissan Qashqai (+48%) and Renault Clio (+64%), the Opel Corsa is faithful to its traditional position in the market but distances the traditional leaders the Seat Leon (-18%) and Ibiza (-15%). It would appear the two star nameplates from Seat could potentially be cannibalised by the brand’s all-new SUV: the Ateca. This month the Ateca – exactly one year after appearing in the Spanish sales charts – breaks into its home Top 10 for the very first time at #10 with 1.8% share. Its previous best was #17 last October. The next few months will confirm whether there is indeed cannibalisation taking plane within the Seat lineup. March sales seem to say so.

Other great performers this month include the Ford Fiesta (+97%), the Ford Focus (+38%) and Hyundai Tucson (+25%) inside the Top 10, the Renault Captur (+35%), Citroen C3 (+36%) and Renault Mégane (+51%) inside the Top 30 and the Skoda Fabia (+63%), Audi A1 (+70%), Nissan Micra (+75%), VW Tiguan (+94%) and BMW X1 (+118%) inside the Top 50. The 2nd generation Peugeot 3008 leads recent launches (<12 months) at #24 (+5 spots on last month) ahead of the Toyota C-HR at #52 (-19), Ford Ka+ at #68 (+8) and Audi Q2 at #69 (+1). This month we welcome two new nameplate in the Spanish charts: the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (#179) and the 2nd generation Peugeot 5008 (#228). Like the 3008, the 5008 changes segment from MPV to SUV and is therefore counted separately from the 1st generation in Spain.

Previous month: Spain February 2017: Market growth slows to +0.1%

One year ago: Spain March 2016: First decline in 31 months on weak rentals

Full March 2017 Top 45 All-brands and Top 290 All-models below.

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Vietnam February 2017: Toyota monopolises podium in market up 50%

The Toyota Innova ranks #2 in February in Vietnam. 

* See the Top 20 All-brands and Top 55 All-models by clicking on the title *

After a 13% drop in January, the Vietnamese new vehicle market is back in positive in a spectacular way, surging 50% year-on-year in February to 17.621 units and lifting the year-to-date tally up 9% to 37.853. Thaco-Kia remains the most popular vehicle maker thanks to its medium/heavy commercial vehicle lineup (4.119 sales) without which it would rank 4th brand at 1.763 units below Toyota (3.579), Ford (1.881) and Mazda (1.816). Note that Mazda reaches a world-best 12.4% market share so far in 2017 in Vietnam. Model-wise in the passenger car + light commercial vehicles ranking, Toyota manages to place three nameplates on the podium with the Vios at 5.9% share distancing the Innova at 5.4% and the Fortuner at 5.1%. Year-to-date though, the Mazda3 is #2 and the Ford Ranger #3. Notice the Ford Transit up 6 spots on last month to #8, the Kia Rio up 11 to #12, the Nissan X-Trail up 12 to #14 and the Mazda BT-50 up 6 to #18.

Previous month: Vietnam January 2016: Toyota, Mazda shine in market down 13%

Full February 2017 Top XX All-brands and Top 55 All-models below.

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