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Ukraine October 2015: Renault takes control in market down just 5%

Renault Logan Ukraine October 2015. Picture couertesy autocentre.uaRenault dislodges Toyota to become Ukraine’s #1 carmaker in October. Picture

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In our last Ukrainian update dating from July, we stressed the fact that the local new car market was ‘recovering’ with sales down 21% year-on-year. The situation got a lot darker since – with August volumes down 46% and September down 24% – before getting a lot better: October deliveries are down just 5% year-on-year to 5.596 units, the strongest month of 2015 so far. Keep in mind we are still evolving at just one-third of the sales levels of just two years ago, before the Ukrainian market got obliterated by the Crimea crisis. In fact, sales recorded over the past four months (18.780) are only marginally better than October 2013 alone (16.081)…

ZAZ Sens Ukraine 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe ZAZ Sens, #1 in 2014, is back to pole position at home in September.

H2 monthly sales 2013-2015 – Ukraine:


BMW X5 Ukraine July 2015. Picture courtesy bit.uaThe BMW X5 is up to #12 overall in Ukraine in September…

A lot is changing in Ukraine in these exceptional times. Toyota had established itself as the #1 manufacturer in the country in 2014 and so far in 2015. Geely was #2 last year but has sunk to #12 in 2015. Yet in October Renault well and truly takes control thanks to sales evolving at a very fast pace: +46% to 578 units for a 10.3% market share, the first time in recent memory that the French carmaker manages to cross the symbolic 10% mark. Renault’s success is solely due to its “access” range: the Logan (#1 year-to-date), Duster (#9) and Sandero (#11) account for 83% of its sales so far this year. Toyota (-26%) is knocked down to #2 while Ford is up a smashing 47% to third place and 7.3% share edging past ZAZ (-10%), Skoda (-11%) and Nissan (-14%). Other brands helping the market stabilise this month include Kia (+52%), BMW (+71%) up to #8 vs. #26 in FY2014, Chevrolet (+173%), Mercedes (+67%) and Chery (+73%).

Audi Q7 Ukraine October 2015…while the Audi Q7 breaks into the Top 20.

The models ranking is available with one month delay, so we will analyse September data. If the Logan stays on top year-to-date, remaining the only nameplate to sell over 1.000 units at 1.090 and 3.6% share, in September ZAZ aggressively monopolises the Top 2 spots with its twins the Sens (#1) and Lanos (#2) adding up to 308 units and 7% market share. The Skoda Rapid and Ford Fiesta both jump 9 spots on August to #4 and #5 respectively, the BMW X5 is up a further 3 ranks to reach an incredible 12th spot, the Toyota Prius ranks #15 and the Audi Q7 breaks into the Ukrainian Top 20.

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Full August/September 2015 All-models/brands and October Top 30 brands below.

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Ukraine July 2015: Renault Logan tops recovering market (-21%)

Renault Logan Ukraine July 2015. Picture courtesy of Renault Logan is the best-selling model in Ukraine so far this year.

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After a year-long absence, the monthly Ukrainian brands ranking comes back to BSCB. Even though new car sales in Ukraine are down 21% year-on-year in July to 5.344 registrations, it is accurate to speak about recovery. Annihilated by the Crimea crisis, the Ukrainian new car market finished 2014 down 54% to just 97,020 registrations. The start of 2015 was disastrous: January (-78%), February (-81%), March (-79%), April (-61%), May (-47%) and June (-46%) scores were the testimony of a market stopped to an almost standstill. Sales seem to have bottomed up since the 2.259 deliveries of March though, and this July is the first month above 5.000 units since December 2014. Year-to-date, Ukrainian new car sales are down 65% on 2014 and down 80% on 2013 to just 22.547 registrations after 7 months, the equivalent to the March 2013 score alone…

First 7 months monthly registrations 2013-2015 – Ukraine:


Mazda CX-5 and Mazda6 Ukraine July 2015. Picture courtesy is up 9 spots to #6 so far this year thanks to the CX-5 up to #3 overall.

The brands ranking is once again turned upside down except for the pole position still held by Toyota, improving its market share to 10.3% thanks to sales down ‘just’ 62%. Renault (-36%) gains 5 spots on a year ago to land in 2nd place overall above Nissan (-51%) whereas local manufacturer ZAZ tumbles down 77% in 4th place and Hyundai (-65%) rounds up the Top 5. The most striking implosion comes from Chinese carmaker Geely: down 88% from #1 with 7,485 sales and 11.6% share a year ago to #11 at 862 units and 3.8% now. Bucking the general trend with all their might in the Top 35 are Mazda down just 3% year-on-year and up 9 spots to #6, BMW up 4% and tripling its market share to 3.3% at #12 and Suzuki down 10% to #13.

Suzuki SX4 Ukraine July 2015. Picture courtesy leaps up to #13 overall thanks to the SX4 and Vitara.

Over in the models ranking, the Renault Logan frankly overtakes the perennial Ukrainian leader the ZAZ Sens to brilliantly snap the overall pole position, up from #3 over the Full Year 2014, while the Mazda CX-5 surges from #24 in 2014 to third overall, the Toyota Camry is up from #15 to #4 and the Skoda Octavia up from #11 to #4. The Kia Sportage, Renault Duster and Nissan X-Trail also manage to climb into the Ukrainian Top 10. Notice also the Renault Sandero (#14), Suzuki SX4 (#15), Mazda3 (#18), BMW X5 (#25) and BMW X6 (#45) lodging much-improved rankings.

BMW X5 Ukraine July 2015. Picture courtesy bit.uaBMW improves its market share 3-fold year-on-year in Ukraine.

The Geely Emgrand 7 freefalls from #2 to #26 but still leads Chinese models above the Chery Tiggo (#32), Geely MK (#40), Geely GC6 (#47), Geely CK (#51) and BYD F3 (#60). The Geely GC7 is the best-selling newcomer for 2015 at #87, followed by the Ford Ecosport (#121), Suzuki Vitara (#132), Land Rover Discovery Sport (#152) and Citroen C4 Cactus (#167).

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Full July and 7 months 2015 Top 55 All-brands vs. Full 7 months 2014 data below.

Full 7 months 2015 Top 316 All-models Ranking Table below.

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Ukraine Full Year 2014: Toyota and Geely on top, market down 54%

Geely Emgrand EC7 Ukraine 2014The Geely Emgrand 7 misses out on the models #1 spot for 207 sales.

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Impacted full-frontal by the Crimea crisis, Ukrainian new car sales plunge 54% year-on-year in 2014 to just 97,020 registrations. In a turbulent year, the brands ranking is turned on its head, with the Top 4 most popular in reverse order compared to 2013. Toyota is the main beneficiary in 2014, up 3 spots to top all brands sold in Ukraine thanks to sales down ‘just’ 33% to 10,296 for a 10.6% market share vs. 7.2% a year ago. Chinese manufacturer Geely is going from strength to strength in Ukraine, up to a fantastic (and world-best) 2nd place overall in 2014 with 9,365 units sold and 9.7% share vs. 7.7% in 2013. Local carmaker ZAZ (-55%) rounds up the podium above Hyundai (-69%), Volkswagen (-58%) and Renault (-54%).

Toyota Corolla Ukraine 2014. Picture courtesy autocentre.uaToyota is the most popular carmaker in Ukraine in 2014.

A handful of other marques frankly outperform the market ithis year, led by Mazda (-7%), Daewoo (-22%), Subaru (-22%), Suzuki (-24%), Audi (-35%) and BMW (-37%). Reversely, others fall flat: Fiat (-64%), Chevrolet (-68%), BYD (-68%), Kia (-71%), Lada (-72%) and Opel (-84%). In addition to Geely, there are 7 Chinese manufacturers inside Ukraine’s Top 40 this year: Chery (#26), Great Wall (#30), BYD (#31), MG (#32), JAC (#33), Lifan (#38), and FAW (#40). Notice also Iranians Saipa at #44 and Iran-Khodro at #53.

ZAZ Sens Ukraine 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe ZAZ Sens remains the best-selling nameplate in Ukraine this year, but just.

Model-wise, the locally-produced ZAZ Sens tops the charts for the second year running, following the market closely at -56%, but the hero of the year is without a doubt the Geely Emgrand 7, up 7 spots on 2013 to a fantastic 2nd place with 3% market share, even holding the overall pole position up until October… Other great performers this year include the Renault Logan up two ranks to #3, the Geely MK is up 20 to #5, the Toyota Corolla up 10 to #7 and the Toyota RAV4 up 11 to #9.

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Full Year 2014 Top 60 All-brands and Top 389 All-models vs. 2013 figures below.

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Ukraine July 2014 (brands): ZAZ and Toyota above Geely

ZAZ Forza Ukraine July 2014ZAZ Forza

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Due to the crisis currently affecting the country, new car sales data for Ukraine is understandably getting harder to obtain. This month unfortunately I can only share with you a brands ranking. The total market stands at 6,818 registrations, a 62% drop on July 2013, bringing the year-to-date total to 64,609 units, down 44% on 2013. Local manufacturer ZAZ is the most popular brand in Ukraine this month thanks to 654 units and 9.6%, distancing June’s leader Toyota by only 4 units.

Geely, #3 in July with 568 sales and 8.3%, keeps the lead year-to-date by far at 7,485 units and 11.6%, and should stay ahead even if it remains about 100 units off the top spot each month until the end of the year. Volkswagen lodges a very dynamic result at 7.4% share in 4th place, that’s two full percentage points above its year-to-date level, while Skoda is solid at #5 and Hyundai a little weak at #6. Notice also Kia up to #7 vs. #10 ytd, Bogdan back up 16 spots on June to #11 and Chery up 3 to #17 at 2.2% share vs. #23 and 1.2% ytd.

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Full July 2014 Top 54 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Ukraine June 2014: ZAZ Vida & Skoda Rapid top market down 65%

ZAZ Vida Ukraine June 2014ZAZ Vida

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The current Crimea conflict means there has been a bit of delay obtaining car sales figures for Ukraine, still down a tough 65% year-on-year in June to just 6,221 registrations, which brings the year-to-date total to 57,791 units, exactly half of what the market was one year ago. The good news is that Ukrainian car market is not at a complete standstill. Note there may be slight discrepancies with year-to-date totals compared to last month as the data source has changed. Toyota dominates the brands ranking this month with 645 sales and 10.4% share ahead of ZAZ at 8.6% however Chinese manufacturer Geely still reigns year-to-date at 6,917 units and a massive 12% share vs. 9.4% for Toyota and 9.1% for ZAZ.

Geely Emgrand 7 Ukraine June 2014. Picture courtesy of autosohu.comStill #1 year-to-date in Ukraine after 6 months: the Geely Emgrand 7.

2014 is indeed definitely the year of Geely in Ukraine: bolstered by a return on the podium this month (#3), the Geely Emgrand 7 reinforces its lead in the year-to-date ranking at 2,202 sales and 3.8% vs. 2,054 and 3.6% for the ZAZ Sens, leader over the Full Year 2013 but down to #7 this month. A change in methodology brings the Geely MK up to a fantastic third place year-to-date (MK-2/Cross included) at 1,525 sales and 2.6% while the Geely CK ranks 4th so far at 1,500 units. Yep, you read well, that’s 3 Geely models inside the Ukrainian 2014 year-to-date Top 4.

Range Rover Ukraine June 2014Very successful in Ukraine: the Range Rover.

The ZAZ Vida, a rebadged previous generation Chevrolet Aveo, is the most popular model in the country this month, however only one unit separates it from the Skoda Rapid, #1 in May and #2 in June… The Toyota Corolla gets a boost thanks to the new generation in 5th position, the VW Polo is up to #10, Range Rover models (no split available this month) add up to an incredible 108 sales and 1.7%, earning them at #12 spot combined, the Nissan Qashqai is back up to #18 and the Peugeot 2008 up to #50. Apart from the 3 Geelys mentioned above, as far as Chinese models we also find the Geely Emgrand X7 at #22, the Chery E5 at #32, Chery Tiggo at #35, Great Wall Haval at #62 and JAC J5 at #69.

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Full June 2014 Top 300 models and Top 50 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Ukraine May 2014: Skoda Rapid leads, SsangYong Korando #4

SsangYong Korando Ukraine May 2014SsangYong Korando

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After a few months hiatus, the Ukrainian models ranking returns to BSCB, and my how you have changed! Given the political instability Ukraine is currently experiencing, it’s no surprise its new car market continues to crash down: another abysmal -80% year-on-year in May from 16,345 to 3,260 registrations. Over the first 5 months of the year, sales are down a less daunting 43% to 50,420 units – only because January was not really affected. With much smaller volumes, the models ranking is turned upside down. #11 over the Full Year 2013, the Skoda Rapid leads the way in Ukraine in May with 119 sales and 3.7% ahead of the ZAZ Vida at 3.2%, ZAZ Sens at 3% and the SsangYong Korando at 2.3% vs. #25 in 2013…

JAC J5 Ukraine May 2014. Picture courtesy of JAC UkraineJAC J5

There are a lot more surprises further down the ranking, with a much stronger presence from Chinese manufacturers. The JAC J5 comes from nowhere (it ranks 87th year-to-date) to land in 7th place with 1.9% share. It is indeed now assembled locally in the Bogdan factory (see above). The BYD F3 is #10 at 1.7%, the Geely Emgrand 7 #11, Geely CK #12, Geely MK-2 #17, Chery E5 #21 and Chery Tiggo #27.

Geely Emgrand 7 Ukraine May 2014The Geely Emgrand 7 is in pole position in the Ukrainian year-to-date ranking!

The year-to-date models ranking is also strikingly different from last year. Ukraine may be on the verge of becoming the first European country to crown a Chinese model over a Full Year, which would be a very meaningful milestone. The Geely Emgrand 7 indeed tops the sales charts 5 months into the year with 1,999 units and 4%, granted with only a 79 unit-adantage over the ZAZ Sens, leader in 2013. The Geely CK in third place (like in 2013) at 1,413 units and 2.8% makes it 2 Chinese models on the Ukrainian podium so far this year.

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Full May 2014 All-brands, Top 287 and 5 months Top 390 All-models Ranking Tables below.

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Ukraine: 1970-2017 Historical Info now available

1966 ZAZ 966

Historical info spanning the past five decades is now available for Ukraine on BSCB! For the 19701991 period, the data is for USSR which Ukraine belonged to then, and Lada models reigned supreme. Between 1992 and 2005 I do not have any models information at all about the Ukrainian new car market so if you do, please ensure you get in touch by commenting on this post.

From 2006 onwards, data starts to trickle down to become full-blown all-models data from 2011 on. In the past 12 years, local carmaker ZAZ which now assembles Chevrolets and Cherys in the country has monopolised the Top spot 7 times: the Lanos was #1 for 6 consecutive years from 2006 to 2011 and the Sens (a Lanos twin) took the highest honours in 2013 but that was the last of the ZAZ-dominated years. The Skoda Octavia then topped the sales charts in 2012, with the Renault Logan finishing first in 2015 and the Kia Sportage in 2016 and 2017.

USSR 1970-1979: Lada 2101-3 conquers the Soviet roads

USSR 1980-1986: Lada 2106 and Moskvich 2140 likely leaders

USSR 1987: Lada 2106 and Moskvich 2140 fight it off

USSR 1988: Lada 2106 leads, Samara on podium

USSR 1989-1991: VAZ (Lada) and Izh most popular brands

Ukraine 2002: Lada holds 47% share in market up 50%

Ukraine 2006-2007: ZAZ Lanos new leader

Ukraine 2008: ZAZ Lanos and Chevrolet Aveo best-sellers

Ukraine 2009: ZAZ Lanos in the lead

Ukraine 2010: ZAZ Lanos best-seller

Ukraine 2011: ZAZ Lanos leader, two Ladas on podium

Ukraine 2012: Skoda Octavia and Kia Rio shine

Ukraine 2013: ZAZ Sens new leader, Geely CK up to #3

Ukraine 2014 (brands): Toyota and Geely on top, market down 54%

Ukraine 2015: Renault Logan triumphs, market down 52%

Ukraine 2016: Kia Sportage takes the lead in recovering market (+41%)

Ukraine 2017: Kia Sportage and Renault Duster top market up 25%

Ukraine (brands) April 2014: Geely leads in market down 70%

Geely MK Ukraine April 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruGeely MK (Russian model shown)

* See the Top 30 best-selling brands by clicking on the title! *

With the Crimean crisis still not resolved, the Ukrainian new car market falls deeper into recession: down a very depressing 70% year-on-year in April to just 7,765 registrations. That’s an annualised rate of less than 100,000 sales, to be compared to 623,253 sales in 2008 and a low of 162,291 in 2009 in the midst of the global financial crisis. For now the 2014 year-to-date figure is down 32% on 2013 to 45,781 units. Geely is clearly the winner in this gloomy environment, reclaiming the top spot it holds year-to-date thanks to 964 sales and 12.4% share, adding up to 5,990 and 13.1% so far in 2014.

Lifan X60 Ukraine April 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruChinese Lifan is among only 7 brands in the Top 30 to lose less than half their sales year-on-year.

This month two additional carmakers hold 10% of the Ukrainian market or more: Toyota is up to 2nd place with 913 sales and 11.8% and ZAZ at #3 with 775 units and 10%, down ‘only’ 44% year-on-year. In total and including ZAZ, only 7 brands in the Top 30 lose less than half their sales year-on-year: Bogdan down 11% to #11, Daewoo down 3% to #14, BMW down 48% to #19, Lexus down 32% to #22, Lifan down 17% to #25 and Great Wall down 34% to #27. That’s right: no brand in the Top 30 gained ground year-on-year in April. Depressing times indeed. On the other end of the scale, Citroen drops 89%, Hyundai is at -86%, Kia and Volkswagen at -85%, Chevrolet at -84% and Mitsubishi at -83%.

Previous month: Ukraine (brands) March 2014: Geely leader year-to-date in market down 51%

One year ago: Ukraine April 2013: Hyundai Accent and VW Polo on top

Full April 2013 Top 30 brands Ranking Table below.

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Ukraine (brands) March 2014: Geely leader YTD in market @ -51%

Geely Emgrand 8 Ukraine March 2014. Picture courtesy of autocentre.uaGeely Emgrand 8

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The Crimea situation has had a clear impact on new car sales in Ukraine: down a horrendous 51% year-on-year in March to just 10,938 registrations which brings the First Quarter total to 38,016 units, down 14% on 2013. If ZAZ reclaims the brands top spot this month for just 12 units at 1,441 sales and 13.2% share, Geely is still by far the most popular carmaker in the country in the year-to-date ranking with 5,026 sales vs. 3,381 after selling more than double any other manufacturer in February (2,094 units). Toyota is back up 3 spots on last month to #3, Hyundai ranks 4th but is down 77% year-on-year and Volkswagen rounds up the Top 5 at -64%. Notice also Bodgan up 127% (!) to #9, Daewoo up 56% to #13 and Subaru up 42% to #16.

One year ago: Ukraine March 2013: Hyundai Accent and Geely CK in command

Full March 2014 Top 30 brands Ranking Table below.

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Ukraine Full Year 2013: ZAZ Sens new leader, Geely CK up to #3

ZAZ Sens Ukraine 2013. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe ZAZ Sens leads the Ukrainian car market for the first time this year.

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 479 All-models! Thanks Igor *

* You can check out the brands ranking here *

New car sales in Ukraine are down 10% year-on-year in 2013 to 213,322 registrations, and I can now share with you a models ranking for the Full Year 2013. For the first time ever, the ZAZ Sens is the most popular vehicle at home thanks to sales up 4% to 7,096 and 3.3% share. Note its twin the ZAZ Lanos was leader from 2006 to 2011 but only ranks #6 this year. In fact, it seems there is a curse associated with topping the annual sales charts in Ukraine: the Skoda Octavia, #1 in 2012, is down a harsh 57% to #12 this year… The Hyundai Accent is up one spot on 2012 but down 20% to #2 with 5,573 units and 2.6% share. But the biggest surprise comes in third position…

Geely CK Ukraine 2013The Geely CK is the third most popular vehicle in Ukraine in 2013.

The Geely CK is up a fantastic 6 spots to climb onto the podium in 2013 thanks to sales up 2% to 5,069 units and 2.4% share. Already #1 in July and December 2012, the CK reiterates this feat in January this year. But wait there’s more Geely great news: the Emgrand 7 is up a huge 70% on 2012 to land inside the annual Top 10 at #9 with 4,192 sales and 2%, peaking at #2 in September and #3 in both November and December. This means both the CK and Emgrand 7 are now posing themselves as serious candidates for the 2014 overall top spot. Add to this the Geely MK-2/Cross up 116% and 43 spots to #23 and the Geely MK up 4 ranks to #24 and you have a truly outstanding year in Ukraine for Geely, now #3 manufacturer in the country.

ZAZ Vida Ukraine 2013. Picture by zr.ruZAZ Vida

In other news, the ZAZ Vida – a badge-engineered previous generation Chevrolet Aveo – is up 129% to #4 with 4,923 sales for its first full year in market, the Renault Logan remains 5th but delivered an excellent 2nd place both in November and December, the Bogdan 110 (aka Lada 110) is up a massive 196% and 40 ranks on 2012 to slip inside the Top 10 at #10 and the Skoda Rapid lands directly at #11 with 3,674 sales, already the brand’s best-seller in the country just above the Octavia. Further down, notice the Ford Focus up 47% to #15, the Toyota RAV4 up 83% to #18 and the SsangYong Korando up 34% to #25.

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December Top 10 and Full Year 2013 Top 479 All-models Ranking Tables below.

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