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India January 2018: Tata up 55% to highest share in over five years

The Nexon breaks its volume record in January, helping to lift Tata up 55%. 

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After breaking a new record in 2017 at 3.23 million units, the Indian new car market hasn’t lost its mojo and advances a further 7.4% in January to 284.369 wholesale deliveries. Maruti has an iron fist on Indian sales charts with a gargantuan 48.9% share this month, albeit trailing the market at +4%. Below, Hyundai is up 8% to 16% and Mahindra up 14% to 7.7% but the hero of the month is Tata, surging 55% year-on-yera to 7.1% of its home market, the highest share for the brand in over 5 years – since the 7.4% of December 2012. This is to be compared with a low of 3.3% in March 2016. Tata is boosted by the Tiago (+53%) posting its 2nd best volume at 8.287 and breaking into the Top 10 for the first time, the Nexon breaking its volume record at 4.917 (#22) and the Tigor (3.172) at its best since last April. Honda (-5%) rounds up the Top 5 while Toyota (+19%) and Ford (+18%) impress but Volkswagen (-16%) and most critically Renault (-21%) implode.

The Tata Tiago breaks into the Indian Top 10 models for the very first time. 

Model-wise, the Maruti DZire (+25%) is the best-seller for the 5th time in the past 6 months and will have a good shot at ending 13 consecutive years of Maruti Alto reign in 2018: it starts the year with a gap almost 3.500 units-wide with the Alto (-17%). Meanwhile the Maruti Baleno lodges a 7th month in a row on the podium and hits its 2nd largest ever volume at 17.770. As it was already the case over the FY2017, Maruti monopolises the Top 5 with the Swift (-1%) and Wagon R (-7%) in tow. The Maruti Vitara Brezza (+32%) isn’t far from making it 6 out of 6, ending the month just 324 units below the Hyundai Grand i10 (-7%). The Ford Ecosport (+82%), Toyota Innova Crysta (+30%), Mahindra Bolero (+24%) and Hyundai Creta (+17%) all post spectacular gains in the Top 15. The Renault Kwid falls 19% and drops 9 spots on December to #18 and the WR-V remains Honda’s best-seller in India.

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Full January 2018 Top 23 All-brands and Top 85 models below.

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India Full Year 2017: Five Marutis in Top 5, market above 3 million units

The Maruti DZire ranked #1 four times in 2017, lifting its monthly record to 34.405. Picture

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Consult 65 years worth of Indian Historical data here

For the first time in history, the Indian new car market crosses the 3 million wholesale unit-milestone thanks to dealer deliveries up 9.1% to 3.226.162 units. Note this figure doesn’t include Light Commercial Vehicles. Market leader Maruti-Suzuki continues its incredible progression: after 43.1% market share in 2013, 45.2% in 2014, 46.5% in 2015 and 47.2% in 2016, it now reigns at an implacable 49.7% thanks to sales shooting up 15% to over 1.6 million vs. less than 1.4 million last year. Maruti Suzuki broke its monthly share record in November, lifting it to 52.6%, and was above 50% for six out of the 12 months of the year. Like in 2016 Hyundai trails the market slightly with a 6% gain to a record 531.170 units but a declining 16.5% share. The Top 10 brands remain unchanged on 2016 but evolve in vastly different ways. If Tata (+19%) and Honda (+15%) frankly outpace the market, Datsun (+6%), Toyota (+4%), Ford (+1%) and Volkswagen (+1%) trail it while remaining in positive while Mahindra (-1%) and more shockingly Renault (-15%) clearly under-perform. The French manufacturer needs to confirm the success of the Kwid with a second blockbuster and the fail launch of the Captur isn’t helping. Outside the Top 10, Jaguar Land Rover (+49%), Skoda (+30%), Volvo (+28%), BMW (+25%), Mini (+17%) and Mercedes (+16%) all post spectacular gains while Jeep lands at a stunning 13th place.

The Maruti Baleno is up 64% to land in third place overall in 2017.

Model-wise, the Maruti Alto manages a 13th consecutive year in pole position (no interruption since 2005)  with sales back up 5% to just under 258.000 units. The Maruti DZire outpaces the market with a 11% gain to over 225.000 units, becoming in August the second nameplate after the Alto to manage to sell upwards of 30.000 units in a single month in India, lifting this record to 34.405 in September. The DZire topped the Indian sales charts no less than four times in 2017 (a record): in August, September, October and December vs. seven times for the Alto. The Maruti Baleno confirms its spectacular launch by surging 64% this year to step onto the annual podium with 175.000 units, lifting its monthly record to 19.153 in July. In 4th place, the Maruti Swift is down 1% but broke its monthly record in April (23.802) when it ranked #1. Finally the Maruti Wagon R (-4%) makes it five Marutis in the Indian Top 5 for the first time in history, also breaking its monthly record in April (16.348).

The WR-V (#18 in June) helps Honda up 15% in India in 2017. Picture 

The Hyundai Grand i10 (+14%) crosses the 150.000 annual unit-milestone and remains the brand’s best-seller in India but is down one spot, followed by the Maruti Vitara Brezza up a staggering 65% to become the country’s best-selling SUV for the first time in a full year, beating its volume record no less than four times this year to bring it to 15.243 in July. The Hyundai Elite i20 is up 9% but down two ranks to #8, the Hyundai Creta up 14% but stuck at #9, beating its monthly volume record twice to lift it to 10.556 in July. With the Maruti Celerio (+11%) at #10 and snapping a new record in July (11.087), the 2017 Top 10 is 100% composed of Maruti and Hyundai nameplates like in 2015. The difference: the Renault Kwid (-13%) is now out of the Top 10, down two spots to #11.

The Nexon is a successful launch for Tata, up 19% at home this year.

Notice also the Mahindra Bolero up 21%, the Tata Tiago up 70% and now the brand’s best-seller at #16, the Datsun Redi-GO up 38% to break into the annual Top 30, the Hyundai Verna up 57% thanks to the new generation and the Toyota Fortuner up 156% to #34. The Maruti Ignis, launched in January, is logically the most successful new launch for the year volume-wise, landing directly at #22 but peaking at #19 in March. Two other newcomers have also managed to break into the monthly Top 20 at some stage during the year however: the Honda WR-V ranks #25 in 2017 but peaked at #18 in June and the Tata Nexon is at #42 but peaked at #20 in November and December. Only the Ignis and WR-V manages to cross the 5.000 monthly sales milestone. Other new nameplates include the Tata Tigor (#37), Hexa (#43) and the Jeep Compass (#45), now locally produced.

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India November 2017: Maruti monopolises Top 6, breaks share record at 52.6%

The Maruti Alto reclaims the Indian pole position off the DZire this month. 

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After coming to a halt in October (-1%), the Indian new car market returns to double-digit year-on-year growth for the fourth time in the past five months with November sales up 13% to 274.271 units, leading to a year-to-date volume up 9% to a record 2.973.092. Maruti Suzuki is not done yet: thanks to factory sales up 14% it posts a new all-time record market share in India at a mammoth 52.6% (previous best 52.2% in November 2016). Before last July, the best Maruti Suzuki had ever done at home was to monopolise the Top 5. In November and for the third time in the past five months, the carmaker trusts the six best-selling spots… Hyundai trails the market at +10% but remains very solid at 16% share vs. 16.4% year-to-date. Tata is the performer of the month, leaping onto the brands podium thanks to sales up a stunning 35% to 6.3% share, its highest share since March 2015 and only the second time in the past five years it manages a #3 ranking along with November 2016. This is due to the success of the Tiago, up 23% to lodge its 2nd highest ever volume at 7.416 and the Nexon up 34% on October to a new record 4.163 units at #20 overall.

The Nexon helps Tata to its second podium ranking in five years. 

Mahindra is knocked down to #4 despite a very satisfying 18% gain helped by the Scorpio, followed by Toyota up 13% thanks to the Innova Crysta (+35%) while Honda soars 47% thanks to the WR-V (#24) but drops two ranks on October to #6. The situation is starting to really be worrying for Renault, down another 19% as the Kwid continues to decelerate sharply (-27%) and the all-new Captur (#43) both disappoints and cannibalises the Duster (-33%)… Ford is up 13% thanks to the facelifted Ecosport (+34%), Jeep continues to progress with sales up 15% on October to a record 2.828 Compass, and Skoda shoots up 75% thanks to the Kodiaq and Octavia (+81%).

The Ford Ecosport is boosted up 34% by its facelift.

The Maruti Alto (+4%) reclaims the models pole position after three consecutive months of Maruti DZire reign, the latter up another 31% to remain above 20.000 monthly units. The Maruti Baleno advances 60% year-on-year to post its 2nd best-ever volume at 17.769 (pb 19.153 last July), snapping the third spot YTD off the Maruti Swift, while the Maruti Vitara Brezza is up a stunning 49% to also score its 2nd largest sales month at 14.458 (pb 15.243 last July). Both the Wagon R (-10%) and Swift (-9%) drop but contain the Hyundai Grand i10 (+20%), Elite i20 (+15%) and Creta (+25%) all beating the market. Notice also the Hyundai Verna up 303% thanks to a new model, the Maruti S-Cross up 70% and the Maruti Gypsy up another 447% year-on-year.

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India October 2017: DZire #1 for third straight month, market down

The Maruti DZire posts a third straight month atop the Indian sales charts. Picture

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After three consecutive months of double-digit gains, the Indian market steps on the brakes in October at -1% to 277.783 units. The year-to-date volume remains healthy however at +8% to a record 2,698.821 after ten months. In the Top 10 brands, only market leader Maruti, up a fantastic 9%, Tata (+0.5%) and Toyota (+6%) post a positive result. Below, only Skoda is up (+16%) while Jeep advances 14% on September to 2.455 Compass, a stunning result. In 2nd place, Hyundai resists at just -0.1% to a strong 17.9% share vs. 16.4% year-to-date, but Honda (-9%), Datsun (-24%), Renault (-25%), Volkswagen (-29%) and most strikingly Ford (-44%) all post paltry results. Fiat is down 81% to just 123 sales.

The Maruti S-Cross delivers its highest ever monthly volume this month. Picture

Model-wise, the Maruti DZire posts a third consecutive month in pole position, up 17% year-on-year but down 40% on September to 20.610 sales. The Maruti Alto, up 3% to 19.447, remains by far the best-seller year-to-date at 213.220 (+4%) vs. 181.406 (+7%) for the DZire. The Maruti Baleno has established itself atop the Indian charts: at #3, it signs a fourth month in a row on the podium. The Hyundai Grand i10 (-1%) and Maruti Wagon R (-13%) exchange position while the Maruti Celerio jumps up 27% year-on-year and 18 spots on September to #6. Another excellent month for the Maruti Vitara Brezza up 16% on October 2016 to 11.684 sales. It is joined in the Top 20 by the Maruti S-Cross up 161% year-on-year and 40 spots on last month to #18 and a new monthly volume record at 5.510, beating the 4.602 it hit back in August 2015 thanks to a new model.

The valiant Maruti Gypsy is up 8-fold on October 2016! 

The Hyundai Verna also benefits from a new generation, up 223% to #20. Other great gainers include the Toyota Fortuner (+286%), Ford Aspire (+88%) and Maruti Gypsy (+693%) despite its valiant age.

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India September 2017: Maruti DZire triumphs, market crosses 300.000 units

A record 34.305 DZire were delivered to dealerships this month in India.

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The Indian new car market has stepped up to another level over the past few months: at 307.511 units, September marks the first month in Indian history above 300.000 units and the second all-time record volume broken in the past three months. In fact, the last three months of car (whole)sales are the three largest in Indian history. Sales are up 11% year-on-year for the month and 10% year-to-date to a record 2.421.038. For market leader Maruti Suzuki, it’s the third consecutive month above 150.000 monthly sales whereas this never happened before last July. #2 Hyundai, for its part, is up 17% year-on-year to break the 50.000 monthly sales barrier for the very first time, its previous personal best being 49.816 in October 2016. Below, Mahindra, Honda (both at +21%), Tata (+18%) and Volkswagen (+17%) all outpace the market but Toyota (+2%), Renault (-10%), Ford (-3%) and Datsun (-3%) trail it. Jeep improves further to 2.151 Compass units, Skoda (+42%) and Nissan (+15%) post solid scores while the rest of the brands are all in negative.

The Tata Nexon lands inside the Indian Top 30 for September.

Model-wise, just one month after breaking the 30.000 monthly sales barrier for the first time and becoming only the second nameplate in Indian history to do so, the Maruti DZire smashes this record again to lift it to 34.305, up 81% on the previous model a year ago. This lifts its advantage over the decade-long #1, the Maruti Alto, to more than 10.000 units for September. The Alto however remains comfortably in the 2017 YTD lead with 193.773 units (+4%) vs. 160.796 for the Dzire, now back into positive territory at +5%. The Maruti Baleno is up 53% to remain in third place and now ranks 4th year-to-date, passing the Maruti Wagon R. The Maruti Vitara Brezza for its part remains the best-selling SUV in the country with a 42% year-on-year surge allowing it to step up to #7 YTD above the Hyundai Elite i20. Mahindra impresses with the Bolero up 51% to #11 and the Scorpio up 60% to #16, its oldest nameplates once again the best performers. The Tata Tiago has found its mojo: now up 82% year-on-year to a third volume record in a row at 8.316 (in contrast the Nano, Indica and Indigo have imploded to between 77 and 129 sales) and the new Nexon SUV lands directly inside the Top 30.

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India August 2017: DZire 2nd nameplate above 30.000 monthly sales

The Maruti DZire sells a record 30.934 units in August. Picture 

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Another outstanding month of new car sales in India, up 13.2% year-on-year to 292.550 registrations, the 2nd biggest month in history below last month (296.346), leading to a year-to-date tally up 9% to a record 2.113.527 after eight months, the fastest the 2m unit-mark has been eclipsed in India. At a whopping 51.7% share, market leader Suzuki Maruti manages to remain above the 50% symbolic mark for the fourth time in the past five months, thanks to sales doubling market growth at +26% to 151.270. Hyundai is back up 9% to 16.1% share, ahead of Mahindra up 3% to 6%. Excellent performance of Honda up 25% to reclaim the 4th spot it holds year-to-date, mainly due to the success of the WR-V. Toyota (-6%), Volkswagen (-6%), Ford (-9%), Datsun (-22%) and most strikingly Renault (-26%) are all struggling whereas Jeep is already knocking at the Top 10’s door thanks to 2.020 sales of the new, locally-produced Compass.

The new generation sends Hyundai Verna sales up 5-fold in August. Picture

Model-wise, the Maruti DZire is boosted by the new model to almost double its sales year-on-year (+96%) to a stunning 30.934 registrations, smashing its previous monthly record (24.502) dating back to October 2015. The Maruti Alto (+3%) is well and truly knocked out at just 21.521 sales but remains in the YTD lead (+8%) while the DZire bypasses the Swift and Wagon R to now rank #2 so far in 2017. This month’s result makes the Maruti DZire only the second nameplate to ever cross the 30.000 monthly unit-mark in India after the Maruti Alto. The Alto did so fort the first time in September 2010 (30.137) and went on to cross that barrier another nine times, the last one in June 2014 (30.499), peaking at 38.065 units in March 2011.

The Jeep Compass has received 10.000 orders in India so far. 

It’s another excellent month for the Maruti Baleno at #3, up 98% on August 2016 to 17.190 units as well as for the Maruti Vitara Brezza lodging its 2nd highest monthly volume ever at 14.396 (+51%). With the Wagon R (-5%) and Swift (-3%) in tow, Maruti monopolises the August Top 6. At #9, the Hyundai Creta (+20%) posts a 2nd consecutive 5-digit sales month, the Tata Tiago is up 5 ranks on July to #13 at a record 7.036 sales and the Honda WR-V also beats its volume record at 5.200. Heped by the new generation, the Hyundai Verna is up 5-fold on August 2016 to #21. Among other recent launches, the Tata Tigor is up 5 spots to #32, the Jeep Compass up 11 to #34 and the Tata Hexa up 4 to #37.

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India July 2017: Post-GST triggers all-time record month, Compass lands

The Maruti Baleno is up to #2 in India this month. Picture 

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As we anticipated last month, the Indian new car market beautifully bounces back now that post-GST implementation prices are known, and are mostly down on the pre-GST period. Total sales surge 15% year-on-year to 296.346 units, a new all-time record volume for India, beating the previous best of 280.597 sales hit last March. The year-to-date tally is now up 9% to 1.820.977, a new record also. India’s leader Maruti-Suzuki continues to seriously impress, growing faster than the market at +22% despite already holding a gargantuan market share. In fact, at 153.298 sales, this is the largest ever monthly volume delivered by Maruti, beating its previous best of 144.281 hit last April, and at 51.7% market share, it is the fifth time in the past nine months that Maruti manages to break the symbolic 50% market share milestone.

The Maruti Vitara Brezza smashes its volume record to above 15.000. Picture 

Maruti monopolises the Top 6 best-selling models which is a record (previous best: Top 5 last November). Interestingly, the sales order of Maruti’s models is progressively changing. If the Alto is up 31% to deliver its largest volume since last September, the Baleno manages a flamboyant 110% year-on-year increase to post a new volume record at 19.153 and snaps the 2nd place for the 2nd time ever after last March. The Wagon R is up 7% to end the month just 48 units off a new volume record and the Vitara Brezza shoots up 49% to smash its volume record at 15.243 (previous best: 12.375 last May) as well as its ranking record at #4 (pb: #6 in July 2016 and May 2017). Previously almost always stuck just behind the Alto, the DZire (-24% due to production issues linked to a steering column recall) and Swift (-1%) are now getting distanced.

Volume record for the Toyota Innova Crysta. Picture 

Notice also the Maruti Celerio beating its volume record at 11.087 sales in 9th place. Of note is the 32.860 sales Maruti has achieved through its new, more premium, distribution channel, Nexa, through which the Baleno is available. If it continues that way, Nexa on its own may be able to surpass the sales of Hyundai, #2 brand in India. Speaking of which, Hyundai trails the market growth this month with a slim 4% rise leading to a 14.5% market share, well below its YTD level of 16.3%. The Grand i10 is up just 0.3%, the Elite i20 up 15% and the Creta cup 32% to beat its volume record at 10.556 in 10th place. This means we have ten nameplates selling more tham 10.000 units this month for the second time ever in India along with March 2017.

The WR-V becomes Honda’s best-seller in India in July. 

Mahindra follows the market at +15% with its Bolero up 68% year-on-year but down 5 spots on June to #16, while Toyota makes up for a particularly weak month of June (1.973 sales) by breaking its own monthly volume record at 17.758 units, up 43% year-on-year. Indeed, Toyota models are the ones which saw the steepest price fall post GST and July wholesale volumes show it. Both the Innova Crysta (9.369) and Fortuner (3.444) beat their volume record this month. Honda is up a solid 22% thanks mainly to the success of the WR-V, posting a new volume record this month (4.894) and becoming the brand’s best-seller in India above the City.

The Jeep Compass made-in-India has landed, and it’s a success so far.

Tata is up a weak 10% and its only good news is a new volume record by the Tiago while both the Tigor and Hexa disappoint. The brand is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Nexon crossover to lift its sales. Renault, completely tied to the performance of the Kwid (-25%), drops by the same amount this month. A Kwid sedan should be hitting dealerships yesterday if the French manufacturer wants to return to growth in India. Last but not least, this month we welcome the arrival of the locally-produced Jeep Compass in India, already approaching the 1.000 sales for its first month in market. Priced correctly, the Compass has received very good reviews in the local press and could climb much higher despite technically being a premium vehicle in India.

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India First Half 2017: Top Five is 100% Maruti in record market up 8%

The Baleno makes it five Marutis in the Top Five so far in 2017. 

* See the Top 22 All-brands and Top 100 models by clicking on the title *

Despite a GST-related hiccup in June (-11%), the India new light vehicle market gallops ahead over the First Half of 2017 with a solid 8% year-on-year improvement to a record 1.524.631 units. Maruti Suzuki almost double the market growth with a 14% gain to an all-time high 49.2% market share, having crossed the symbolic 50% share barrier three times over the period: in January (50.5%), April and May (both at 52%). That Maruti is able to improve on an already ultra-dominant market share is testimony to its excellence at filling every niche of the market, including the successful launch of the new premium Nexa channel distributing the very successful Baleno. Below, Hyundai (+4%) and Mahindra (-7%) fail to match the market growth while Honda (+10%) and Tata (+22%) beat it. Toyota is up 1% to 6th place whereas Renault drops two spots to fall to #7 due to sales down 8% as the Kwid’s honeymoon period is over. Ford (+9%), Volkswagen (+14%), Datsun (+47%) and Skoda (+15%) all improve their market shares compared to a year ago.

The Maruti Vitara Brezza is now India’s best-selling SUV.

The new generation Maruti DZire sedan is available in India well before the Swift hatch.

The Maruti Alto continues to reign supreme over the Indian models ranking even though it trails the market growth at +5% to just over 122.000 units. The rest of the Top 10 is drastically reshuffled, with Maruti trusting the Top 5 for the first time in history. The Swift leaps up 14% from #4 to #2 even though the new generation of the model isn’t available yet in India, the Wagon R stays at #3, the DZire is down 18% to #4 just as the new generation launches and the more premium Baleno is up 60% to break into the YTD Top 5 in 5th place. As a result, the Hyundai Grand i10 and Elite i20 are relegated to #6 and #7 respectively, despite improve by 20% and 12%. It has taken just over a year for the Maruti Vitara Brezza to impose itself as the favourite SUV in India, up 11 spots to #8 and breaking its volume record three times this year. It distances the Hyundai Creta (+12%) by almost 10.000 units. Note the Top 10 models are only composed of Marutis and Hyundais.

The Maruti Ignis is the most popular newcomer in India, just above the Honda WR-V. 

The Renault Kwid (-2%) slips out of the Top 10 in 11th place, whereas the Mahindra Bolero (+22%) and Maruti Ertiga (+21%) post solid gains. Just over one year-old, the Tata Tiago settles in the Indian Top 20m becoming and by far the brand’s best-seller at home. The most popular newcomer in the ranking is the Maruti Ignis. landing at #21 with a little over 27.000 sales, peaking at #19 in March. That’s one spot down on the Honda WR-V’s best ranking of #18 reached in June. For now, the WR-V places 26th so far in 2017 but has cannibalised the Jazz it now outsells (-19%). The Tata Tigor (#35), VW Ameo (#39), Tata Hexa (#42), Hyundai Tucson (#73), Ford Mustang (#82) and VW Tiguan (#83) are the other newcomers in the Indian sales charts halfway through 2017.

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Full H1 2017 Top 22 All-brands and Top 100 models vs. Full H1 2016 figures below.

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India June 2017: GST price drop anticipation sinks market down 11%

The Hyundai Grand i10 ranks #2 in India for the first time. 

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India is currently going through its most significant tax reform this century with a reorganisation of the GST. This has had a devastating impact on wholesales of cars this month, as both customers and manufacturers are holding off buying and ordering new stock in anticipation of a steep price decrease following the new GST implementation. As a result, the Indian market is down a very unusual 11% year-on-year to 197.204 units, yet the year-to-date tally is still up a solid 8% on the same period in 2016 to 1.524.621 units. The Indian market should however bounce right back in July and for the remainder of the year as reduced prices will draw customers into dealerships en masse.

The Honda WR-V breaks into the Indian Top 20 in June. Picture 

Never failing to impress, market leader Maruti Suzuki ignores the surrounding gloom and posts a 1% sales increase to 47.2% share, however two percentage points below its YTD level. In 2nd place, Hyundai is down 6% but posts a stunning 19% market share, to be compared to 16.6% YTD. Mahindra (-4%) holds onto the third place while Honda signs a brilliant 12% gain to 6.5% share thanks to the success of the new Civic and WR-V. Tata evolves like the market at -11%, Renault crumbles down at -42% as it is now completely dependent on the score of the Renault Kwid – also down 42% in June. Ford also struggles at -35% but not as much as Toyota, down a devastating 85% to just 1.973 sales as the manufacturer holds off on despatching new stock of models that will feature some of the largest price drops in July, including notably the Fortuner.

Hyundai Elite i20. Picture 

The Maruti Alto remains the most popular nameplate in the country, dropping slower than the market at -6% to 14.856 wholesale deliveries. The surprise this month comes from the Hyundai Grand i10, up three spots on May to a record-breaking 2nd place. The only other time the Grand i10 ranked on the Indian podium was exactly a year ago (#3 in June 2016). The Maruti DZire is back up 5 ranks on last month to #3 but freefalls 23% year-on-year ahead of the Maruti Wagon R down 11%. The Hyundai Elite i20 soars 18% to reclaim the best-selling premium hatch title at #5 vs. #7 for the Maruti Baleno (+30%). The Maruti Vitara Brezza continues to impress at +24% in 8th place, distancing the Hyundai Creta (-16%) in the SUV race.

The Renault Kwid is down 42% in June, pulling Renault down with it. Picture

Further down, the Mahindra Bolero leaps up 70% to #11, the Tata Tiago is up 29% year-on-year and five spots on May to rank #13, equaling its best posting also held last November, the Honda City is up 45% and the Maruti Ertiga up 80%. Among recent launches, the Honda WR-V impresses, breaking into the Top 20 at #1 with 4.243 sales, its best monthly volume so far. The Tata Tigor is stable at #26 and the VW Ameo is up 9 spots to #33.

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India May 2017: Maruti Vitara Brezza breaks record in market up 8%

The Maruti Vitara Brezza once again breaks its volume record. Picture

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New wholesale car sales in India are up a vigorous 8% year-on-year in May to 250.609 units, despite the uncertainty brought about by the implementation of GST. Year-to-date, the Indian market is up 11% to a record 1.327.427 units after five months. Among mass market brands, only Toyota (-13%) and Volkswagen (-10%) lose ground. Reversely, martlet leader Maruti continues to go from strength to strength with a further 15% surge to remain at a historically high 52% market share.

Hyundai (16.8%) and Mahindra (7.5%) complete the podium, both posting a meagre 2% year-on-year gain, while Honda (+13%) thanks to the new WR-V and Tata (+26%) thanks to the new Tiago and Tigor, both shine, as does Ford (+17%) in 8th place. This month marks the momentous announcement by General Motors that it is exiting the Indian market, and accordingly Chevrolet sales tumble down 86% this month. All premium brands continue to struggle.

After being outsold by the Maruti Swift last month, the Maruti Alto reclaims the pole position it traditionally holds in India with sales up 19% year-on-year, just as the Swift continues to shine in 2nd place at +34%. The Maruti Dzire suffers from a facelift transition at -45%, allowing the Maruti Wagon R to pass it year-to-date and claim third place. Both the Hyundai Grand i10 and Elite i20 comfortably post five-digit sales figures but the best performer in the Top 10 is the Maruti Vitara Brezza: up 72% year-on-year to equal its ranking record at #6 overall (also hit in July 2016) and break its volume record for the third month running at 12.375. Notice also the Maruti Ertiga up 72%, the Mahindra Bolero up 55% and the Tata Tiago up 49% to #18. Among recent launches, the Maruti Ignis has stabilised around the 20th spot and the Honda WR-V and Tata Tigor around the 25th place.

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