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India July 2014: Is the Datsun Go a flop?

August 7th, 2014 No comments

Datsun Go India July 2014. Picture courtesy of livemint.comOnly 800 Datsun Go found a buyer in July.

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Great news coming from India: after two years of wobbliness, new car sales seem to finally be out of trouble: up a very satisfying 10% year-on-year in July to 194,042 registrations (temporary figures), lifting the year-to-date total back into positive at 1,453,321 units, up 0.5% on 2013. Last month I announced that if the Datsun Go, the most important launch of the year in India, fell below 1,000 monthly sales there would be reason to worry. Well this is exactly what just happened in July. After debuting at 2,068 units in March, gaining 30% to 2,690 in April, then dropping 26% in May and 45% in June, the Go is down a further 27% to a poor 800 units and out of the Top 40 in July, even falling below the notoriously unsuccessful Tata Nano (875 sales at #39). For more on the relevance of the Datsun Go in India check out Strategy: Understanding the Indian car market.

Datsun Go India July 2014. Picture courtesy of gaadi.comClouds are piling up for the Datsun Go in India…

On the Go’s shoulders rest Carlos Ghosn’s hope of creating a budget brand in India by resurrecting the Datsun logo. Although no sales objectives were communicated at launch, 800 units for its 6th month in market, while sales should be growing exponentially as punters get used to the new brand and word-of-mouth spreads, is surely not what Renault-Nissan had in mind for the Go in India. These figures are not end-consumer sales but factory sales to dealerships, however a declining trend indicates that dealers are not re-ordering any new cars and struggling to sell the ones they have as stock piles up. It is too early to be too formal about the Go’s success or lack-thereof, but sales do need to reverse back up fast or the Go will be remembered as another failed attempt at selling low-cost to Indian consumers after the Nano. And I don’t see how much traction one can get from just 800 monthly units. So my answer to “Is the Datsun Go a flop in India”?
So far, sadly yes.

Honda City India July 2014. Picture courtesy of indiaautosblog.comThe Honda City breaks into the monthly Indian Top 5 for the first time this month.

But wait there’s more action in the Indian models sales charts in July: the Maruti Swift DZire astonishingly takes the lead for only the third time ever after May 2013 and May 2014 thanks to 18,634 sales and 9.7% share, kicking the Maruti Alto down to 2nd place at 16,997 units and 8.8%. The Alto is still however #1 year-to-date by far at 155,145 sales vs. 124,407 for the Dzire. Another significant event inside the Top 5: the arrival of the Honda City for the very first time in the nameplate’s career in 5th place (previous best: #7 reached last March) with 7,697 sales and 4% and best-selling non-Maruti in the country this month. Notice also the Hyundai Xcent very solid again at #8, the Maruti Celerio back up 5 spots to #9 and the Honda Mobilio landing directly at #18 with 3,365 sales and 1.7% share for its very first month in market.

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Full July 2014 Top 60 models Ranking Table below.

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India June 2014: Maruti Wagon R up to second place

July 10th, 2014 2 comments

Suzuki Wagon R India June 2014. Picture courtesy of gaadi.comMaruti Wagon R

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Is this the rebound everyone had been waiting for? After gaining ground for the first time in almost a year last month, in June new car sales in India are up a splendid 13% year-on-year to 212,734 registrations (temporary figures), which brings the year-to-date total to 1,259,109 units, now down just 0.8% on 2013. If this return of fortune confirms itself it is great news for the world car market as India is one of the biggest potential engines of growth for the next two decades. After dropping to a paltry third place in May for the first time in one decade, the Maruti Alto is back in charge this month with 30,499 sales and 14.3% share, which are no less than the nameplate’s strongest volume since March 2012 and highest market share in at least 3 years!

Hyundai Xcent India June 2014. Picture courtesy of motorbeam.comHyundai Xcent

Up two spots on May to 2nd place, the Maruti Wagon R delivers an outstanding 17,119 sales for a best-ever 8% market share and hits its highest ranking since September 2012. Leaders last month, the Suzuki Swift Dzire (15,990 units) and Swift (13,632) are knocked down to #3 and #4 respectively but its June score enables the Swift Dzire to overtake its hatchback twin year-to-date to rank #2 with 105,773 sales vs. 104,872. The Hyundai Grand i10 (#6), Honda City (#7), Amaze (#8) and Hyundai Xcent (#9) all confirm they are now established as blockbusters in India.

Datsun Go India June 2014. Picture courtesy of intoday.inHave we seen all the Datsun Go has to offer sales-wise already?

Now onto one of the (/the?) most important launches of the year in India: the Datsun Go. After debuting at 2,068 sales and #31 in March and growing to 2,690 and #22 in April (then totalling more than the entire Nissan range!), the Go has since lost quite a lot of ground: down 26% to 1,992 units and #28 in May and now down a further 45% to just 1,097 sales and #37 in June, by far its weakest result to date. The Go is now only marginally stronger than the Tata Nano (#40 at 1,001 units), widely considered as one of the biggest automotive flops of the past decade. Does this mean the Go is headed towards the same fate? Not just yet. Indian figures correspond to factory sales to dealerships (not end consumers) so the current evolution looks like the first factory batch is being used up. July-August figures should be much higher. If not and we see the Go fall below 1,000 monthly sales, then there will be reason to worry.

Previous month: India May 2014: Maruti Swift DZire and Swift lead, Alto down to #3

One year ago: India June 2013: Locally produced Ford Ecosport lands at #15

Full June 2014 Top 60 models and Top 14 brands Ranking Tables below.

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India May 2014: Maruti DZire and Swift lead, Alto down to #3 for first time in one decade!

June 11th, 2014 5 comments

Maruti Swift DZire India May 2014. Picture courtesy of indianautosblog.comMaruti Swift DZire

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For the first time since last August, the Indian new car market gains ground year-on-year: up 5% 202,659 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 1,046,375 units, down 3% on 2013. Big events atop the models sales charts: first, the Suzuki Swift DZire is the most popular vehicle in the country for only the second time ever after May 2013 thanks to 18,953 sales and 9.4% share. This is only the third month in the past 119 that the Alto is not India’s best-seller, the other one was in April 2012 when the Maruti Swift took the lead. Second, the Maruti Swift also outsells the traditional leader, the Maruti Alto, at 17,936 units and 8.9% vs. 17,311 and 8.5%, kicking the Maruti Alto into third place for the first time since June 2004, exactly a decade ago…

Hyundai Xcent India May 2014. Picture courtesy of mid-day.comHyundai Xcent

Meanwhile the Maruti Wagon reclaims the 4th place it holds year-to-date off the Hyundai Grand i10 with 11,757 sales vs. 9,317 while the Mahindra Bolero remains 6th at 8,846 units. The Hyundai Xcent confirms its runaway hit status by gaining one further spot on April to a record #7 with 7,792 sales and 3.8%, overtaking the Honda City extremely strong once again at 3.6% share. The Maruti Celerio is down one rank to #11 but continues to impress, the Toyota Innova is above 5,000 sales for the first time since last October at a brilliant 12th place and the Datsun Go cools down at -26% on April to #28 and 1,992 sales, still Nissan’s best-seller however.

Datsun Go India May 2014. Picture courtesy of MotorBash.comDatsun Go

Further down: no improvement for the Tata Nano down 3 spots on last month to #38 with just above 1,000 sales, and the Toyota Corolla reappears in the ranking at #46 thanks to the new model now available in the country. Brand-wise, both Maruti (+16%) and Hyundai (+13%) defy the current doom and gloom and reinforce their domination, the latter delivering its highest monthly volume since March 2012. Mahindra rounds up the podium but drops by 23% while Honda and Toyota shine, both gaining 18% year-on-year. Notice also Ford up 51% and Nissan up 46%. Datsun is now #12 both in May and year-to-date with 6,750 sales so far this year.

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One year ago: India May 2013: Maruti DZire leads the ranking for the first time!

Full May 2014 Top 60 models and Top 14 brands Ranking Tables below.

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India April 2014: Hyundai Xcent instant hit, Datsun Go up 30%, sells more than entire Nissan range already

May 9th, 2014 5 comments

Hyundai Xcent India April 2014. Picture courtesy of IndianautosblogThe Xcent is already Hyundai’s 2nd best-selling model in India.

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New car sales in India continue on their downward spiral at -8% year-on-year in April to 183,388 registrations. This brings the year-to-date total after 4 months to 843,716 units, down 5% on 2013. Is it the start of the Datsun Go-effect? The Maruti Alto has a particularly weak month in April at just 16,763 units, down 16% on April 2013, and as a result only owes its pole position for the month to a few hundred units more than the Swift Dzire (16,008) and Swift (15,874). The Hyundai Grand i10 manages to gain two spots on March to break into the Top 4 for the very first time thanks to 9,612 sales and 5.2% share, passing both the Maruti Wagon R and Mahindra Bolero.

Datsun Go India April 2014. Picture courtesy of motorbash.comThe Datsun Go already sells more than the entire Nissan range in India!

But the big event this month is the thunderous arrival inside the Top 10 of the all-new Hyundai Xcent, basically a sedan variant of the Grand i10: it is up a huge 25 ranks on March to land in 8th position with 6,663 sales and 3.6% share for its first full month in market. This already makes the Xcent Hyundai’s 2nd best-seller above the Eon (#9) and i20 (#16). Another very well executed market-exclusive launch for the Korean manufacturer, as the Xcent is only sold in India for now. In the Top 10, notice also the Honda City staying extremely strong at #7 and Maruti Celerio brilliantly climbing back to #10.

Honda City India April 2014. Picture courtesy of Yahoo IndiaThe Honda City stays extremely solid in 7th place.

The other model we are following with great interest since its first appearance in the Indian sales charts last month is the Datsun Go. The Go targets the Maruti Alto and of course cannot pretend at such a fast shoot up to the stars as the Hyundai Xcent just delivered, as it is actually launching a (kinda) new brand in the country and a new philosophy for the Renault-Alliance as I described in Strategy: Understanding the Indian car market. In this context, the 30% sales increase on March to 2,690 units and 9 spot-jump to #22 is very satisfying. Keeping in mind April is down 20% on March, we are looking at a seasonally corrected 40% month-on-month hike for Datsun’s baby. Symbolically, although the Go was below the Tata Nano last month (2,068 vs. 2,452), it sells nearly 3 times as much in April (2,690 vs. 1,027). Lastly and even more symbolically, this month the Datsun Go already sold more units than the entire Nissan range in India!

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Full April 2014 Top 60 models and Top 14 brands Ranking Tables below.

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India March 2014: Datsun Go and Hyundai Xcent land

April 10th, 2014 4 comments

Datsun Go India March 2014. Picture courtesy of What Car IndiaDatsun Go

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New car sales in India are down 5% year-on-year in March to 232,423 registrations (ex-Commercial Vehicles), bringing the First Quarter total to 660,328 units, down 4% on 2013. We have been waiting for this moment for almost a year, since Carlos Ghosn unveiled the Datsun Go in Delhi in July 2013. The first model in the relaunched Datsun brand is finally here: the Go lands at #31 in India this month for its very first appearance in the world with 2,068 sales, keeping in mind these are retail sales to dealerships. We will have to wait a few months to gauge the success or lack thereof of this all-new brand. More than just a model launch, it’s an entire new philosophy at play for the Renault-Nissan Group, as I described in Strategy: Understanding the Indian car market.

Hyundai XCent India March 2014. Picture courtesy of cardekho.comHyundai Xcent

Another very important model to launch this month in India is the Hyundai XCent, the sedan version of the extremely successful Hyundai Grand i10 – which just landed its 4th month above 10,000 monthly sales in March at 10,614. The Xcent appears at a more modest 33rd place with 1,716 sales for now. No doubt this ranking, as well as the Go’s, will improve drastically over the next couple of months and a Top 10 spot for both new entrants is definitely expected if we want to talk about successful launches here.

Mahindra Scorpio India March 2014Mahindra Scorpio

In other news, the Maruti Alto delivers a 7th month in a row above 20,000 monthly units at 25,590, the Mahindra Bolero hits its 2nd best monthly volume at 11,294 units (best is 11,675 in March 2013) while the Honda City smashes its sales record at 9,518 units in 7th place. The Honda Amaze is back inside the Top 10 at #9, the Maruti Celerio pauses its progression at #12 (-4) with 6,060 sales and the Mahindra Scorpio breaks its monthly record at 5,605 sales (previous best: 5,230 in October 2013), durably reclaiming the SUV crown off the Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport which is no mean feat.

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Photo Reports:  Delhi March 2014: Maruti Wagon R everywhere /Agra March 2014: Maruti Alto 800 king

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Full March 2014 Top 60 models and Top 14 brands Ranking Tables below.

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India February 2014: Update with Commercial Vehicle sales

April 9th, 2014 1 comment

Tata Ace Zip India February 2014Tata Ace Zip

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Just before March figures come through, I thought I would give you a quick update on India as thanks to LMC Automotive I will now be able to share with you more complete data for this country including Commercial Vehicles (Light, Medium and Heavy). Overall, this means Indian car sales totalled 2.93 million units in 2013 (vs. 2.47 million passenger cars) which doesn’t change the country’s 2013 worldwide ranking. In February they are at 264,323 registrations (-6%) vs. 212,898 as counted previously. The year-to-date stands at 533,043 sales, down 7% on 2013.

Ashok Leyland Boss India February 2014Ashok Leyland Boss

Model-wise, we are notably adding the Tata Ace at a beautiful 7th place with 8,699 sales in February (-7%) and #6 with 18,611 year-to-date (+21%) and the Mahindra Bolero Pick-ups at #13 with 5,027 units in February (+26%) and 10,246 year-to-date (+34%). This is absolutely in line with my observations from last week in Delhi and Agra. Brand-wise, I now have a Full Top 25 for you. The excitement! We see that Tata is back up to #4 thanks to its core strength in Commercial Vehicles, Ashok Leyland up to #11, Force up to #13, Piaggio #19 and (new to me) Eicher #23. We can also now follow the premium race to the top with Audi (+34%) and BMW (+31%) catching up on Mercedes (+4%).

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One year ago: India February 2013: Maruti DZire and Renault Duster hit records

Full February 2014 Top 60 models and Top 25 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Strategy: Understanding the Indian car market

April 7th, 2014 13 comments

Datsun Go India March 2014. Picture courtesy of What Car? IndiaThe Datsun Go starts at US$5,340. Only in India is such low pricing possible at the moment.

Staying in India for a couple of days has enabled me to get a much better understanding of the Indian new car market and its dynamics which have very unique characteristics. In fact, not only is India very different from any other new car market in the world, but its logic pre-empts that of many future developing markets, at the centre of which most of Africa. With the main notion to remember being ‘bottom-up innovation’ to achieve even lower selling prices, understanding India is essential in today’s worldwide automotive scene.

1. Why India matters

Ever wondered why so many India-exclusive new cars were unveiled at the Delhi Auto Show in February compared to the relative small size of its new car market (2.5 million units in 2013 vs. 20.9 million for China)? That’s because on top of the enormous growth potential, making and selling cars in India requires a very different set of skills. And the manufacturers that are getting good at it are taking a decisive advantage into succeeding in tomorrow’s developing markets, because they will know how to make cars so cheap they can sell at a profit even in Africa – which is, believe it or not, the new China (a much more detailed analysis of this last point will be published soon).

To be successful in India, cars need a price tag so much lower than in most other markets, that new thinking is needed. An Indian trademarked way of innovating that is adapted to local conditions, constraints and revenue levels. The ‘old ‘way of creating low-cost was to engineer down from more sophisticated products by cutting cost through tried-and-tested platforms and economies of scale. The new way is to engineer up from scratch a product that is game-changingly cheaper with a mix of bare bones elements and latest tech features. Example: the $100 laptop. This process has been dubbed ‘frugal engineering‘ (achieving more with fewer resources) by Carlos Ghosn, or ‘bottom-up innovation’.

Datsun Go What Car March 2014bNo radio and CD player in the Datsun Go

2. Bottom-up innovation at play

Indian manufacturer Tata was the first to bring bottom-up innovation to the car industry with the Nano, ‘the cheapest car in the world’ at US$1,700 when unveiled in 2009. The Nano turned a lot of carmaking conventions on their heads. It uses a modular design that theoretically enables a knowledgeable mechanic to assemble the car in a suitable workshop. It also includes numerous lighter components, from simple door handles and bulbs to the transmission and engine parts, enabling a more energy efficient engine. The Nano is one of the shortest four-passenger cars on the market, yet it allows for ample interior space. The fact that the Nano didn’t succeed doesn’t question this trend, as we’ll see below.

These ‘ultra-low cost’ cars can end up being more user-friendly, if sophisticated. One case in point that stroke me: the new Datsun Go does not have a radio or CD player (even optional), only an aux-in port and USB charging point, which means you can only listen to music stored on a portable device. On one hand I can hear you say “no radio? blasphemy!” After all, even Tata kept it optional on the Nano. On the other hand, most cars manufactured over 5 years ago don’t have these functionalities (even premium ones!), making listening to your favourite music without burning it on a CD impossible. See what I mean? All in all, for the target market, the Go driving experience as far as music is concerned is potentially more user-friendly for a fraction of the cost.

But just how low are car prices in India?

Renault Duster India March 2014What Car India says the Renault Duster ‘doesn’t feel premium enough’ for the price. Wait what?

3. Low cost is premium is low cost

Car prices are on a drastically different scale in India:  they are not just a little cheaper, but in a different ball game altogether.

This strategy analysis continues below.

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Agra – India March 2014 Photo Report: Maruti Alto 800 king

April 5th, 2014 5 comments

1. Maruti Alto 800Maruti Alto 800 in Agra, India March 2014 (click on picture to view full size)

* See the Full Photo Report by clicking on the title! *

Check out also: Delhi – India March 2014 Photo Report: Maruti Wagon R everywhere

If you read the previous Indian Photo Report you will know that in Delhi I was surprised by the little amount of Maruti Alto 800 I saw on the streets, which didn’t match its nationwide sales figures. Well on the 2nd day of my quick stopover in the country I got to travel 200 km Sough East to Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located. And as soon as we got off the expressway to get into the town of Agra, here it was: a constant flow of new Alto 800 popping up from every corner.

2. Tata AceTata Ace in Agra, India March 2014

Given the car landscape was significantly older than in Delhi, I would go as far as saying that the new car market share of the Alto 800 in Agra could be close to 20%. This makes sense, as based on only two cities observes it would seem that the Alto 800 is more popular in smaller cities, and by extension I will say rural areas. On the other hand, there is absolutely no ‘heritage’ of Hindustan Ambassador or Maruti 800, even though these two models have dominated the Indian sales charts for 40 years combined.

3a. Mahindra Xylo FrontMahindra Xylo on the road to Agra, India March 2014

This observation can mean two things: either these two cars are very unreliable and die quickly (quite possible), or it just illustrates how strong the Indian new car market has been in the past decade or so, with new models almost completely replacing the best-sellers of yesteryear.

3b. Mahindra Xylo BackMahindra Xylo in Delhi, India March 2014

The second model I saw in droves on the way to Agra is the Mahindra Xylo, very commonly used to transport tourists from Delhi to the Taj Mahal. Almost exclusively the low-end version as pictured above.

4. Tata TruckAgeless Tata truck in Agra, India March 2014

Of course I can’t go through a description of ‘rural’ India without mentioning the mighty and motley Tata trucks, unchanged for 40 years and ruling the roads like no other. During this trip I also discovered a new brand of trucks: Eicher Motors (more info here), an Indian carmaker that has nothing to be ashamed of in its confrontation with king Tata.

5. Tata NanoTata Nano in Agra, India March 2014

While in 24 hours in Delhi I only spotted two Tata Nanos, outside of the megacity they were (a little) more common, but still very far and few between. Spending some time in India has helped be understand better why this model has flopped so far in the country, and I will explain this phenomenon in my next Indian update.

6. Hyundai EonHyundai Eon in Agra, India March 2014

Another model that seems to be more popular outside Delhi is the Hyundai Eon: I picked quite a few around the Taj Mahal like the one pictured above.

7. Ford EcosportFord Ecosport in Agra, India March 2014

8. Hyundai i20Hyundai i20 near the Taj Mahal in Agra, India March 2014

9. Force Traveller3 x Force Traveller on the road to Agra, Delhi March 2014

Indian carmaker Force has been extremely successful in devising mid-size tourist busses and you cannot miss dozens of Traveller whizzing their way towards Agra and back.

10. Mahindra ScorpioMahindra Bolero in Agra, India March 2014

According to my driver Gagan, the Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero are the brand’s only trustworthy offerings, and it shows in the sales charts. Regularly 5th overall, it can be spotted absolutely everywhere in Agra.

The Photo Report continues below.

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Delhi India March 2014 Photo Report: Maruti Wagon R everywhere

April 4th, 2014 1 comment

Maruti Wagon RMaruti Wagon R in Old Delhi – March 2014 (click to see full size)

* See the Full Photo Report by clicking on the title! *

On my way back from Europe to Australia, I was lucky enough to be able to stop over in Delhi, India for a few days. And this stay was unbelievable precious towards a better understanding of the Indian car market, so I will share with you 3 specific posts: 2 Photo Reports and one Strategy article about the Indian car market and how understanding it better is the key to future success on the African continent for example. But let’s start with Delhi. And this may sounds obvious, but the first element that stroke me on arrival was how young the car landscape is: I would say around two-thirds of cars in circulation are 5 years of age or less. Note I said cars, as all trucks look like they are stuck in the seventies…

Honda CityHonda City, Toyota Etios Liva and Maruti Alto in New Delhi

A young car landscape is after all totally logical, when you keep in mind the Indian new car market has been evolving at or close to record levels for the most part of the past decade. Delhi being one of the main poles of wealth in India it makes sense that the cars on the streets are new ones. It is so true that sometimes I felt I was watching the latest best-seller rankings in movement before my eyes. Illustration: within 20 minutes of arriving , I had already spotted one new generation Honda City, one Nissan Terrano and one Hyundai Grand i10!

Toyota Etios LivaToyota Etios Liva in Old Delhi 

There would be many more new gen Honda City over the next two days which confirms its exceptional success in the sales charts. In this context you would assume Maruti Alto crawling the streets by the dozen. Not so, and this was the main inconsistency with the best-seller ranking I saw in Delhi. Here it is worth noting that Alto sales are composed of the Alto 800 and Alto K10, and the ratio is close to 80/20 based on what I saw, only a handful of K10 during my stay.

Maruti Alto K10Maruti Alto K10 in Old Delhi

Instead, the Maruti Wagon R and Swift / Swift DZire are by far the most frequent in Delhi streets, with a pretty clear advantage for the Wagon R. This is clearly a regional specificity, and I’ll have more insights on where all the Altos are hiding in the next Indian Photo Report. Other models I spotted more often than I expected include the Toyota Innova (mainly as taxi), Honda Amaze (literally everywhere), Brio and Maruti Ertiga.

Chevrolet BeatChevrolet Beat in Old Delhi

Another big surprise was the frequency of the Toyota Etios in Delhi. Based on what I saw you would assume the nameplate ranks among the Top 5 best-seller in the city, which is a stark contrast with its lukewarm performance nationwide. It is fair to describe the hatch/sedan ratio as hatches being mostly private cars and sedans being mostly taxis. It also looks like the Toyota Etios is progressively replacing the Tata Indigo as the one of the most frequent taxis in circulation in Delhi. What makes me say that is the near-absence of Tata Indigo Manza (the new generation) as taxi whereas the previous gen was ubiquitous. So not such a bad performance for the Etios in Delhi.

TVS auto rickshawTVS Auto Rickshaw in New Delhi

But let’s be fair, the most frequent vehicle in Delhi is potentially still the auto rickshaw, present in many different brands but always the same green and yellow colour scheme. The one above is manufactured by TVS Motors, Bajaj, Mahindra, Piaggio, Force Motors, Kerala Automobiles and Kumar Motors are also represented.

7 Hyundai i10Hyundai i10 in Old Delhi

My taxi driver Gagan shared with me his impressions on the different car brands on sale in India. For him and without the shadow of a doubt, Japanese brands are the best, with Toyota on top of the list. And as a taxi driver the Innova is seen as everyone’s guilty pleasure, in other words the best taxi you can drive in the country. Honda comes next and is seen as premium, clearly more expensive than Toyota. In this context the success of the new gen City is all the more impressive. Interestingly, Gagan wasn’t sure whether Hyundai was Japanese.

Tata Indigo GaganMy driver Gagan and his Tata Indigo eCS at Delhi International Airport

As far as Indian brands are concerned, Maruti logically comes first – it holds almost half of the new car market here. The most important element here is how easy and cheap Marutis are to maintain, with the quality of the cars themselves not considered as great. As a taxi driver, Gagan’s favourite Maruti is the Swift DZire: good design, great diesel engine, reliable and easy to maintain. However according to Gagan, Marutis mainly attract middle-class families.

Lucky charmChili and lime lucky charm

Tata comes next in Gagan’s ranking of Indian brands, and he speaks with experience as he drives a Tata Indigo eCS with the ubiquitous chili and lime lucky charm hanging from the front grille. Mahindra on the contrary is almost frowned upon! Apart from the Scorpio, the only good model from the brand, Mahindra have weak engines and are not to be relied on…

Toyota Etios taxiToyota Etios, Suzuki Swift DZire, Toyota Innova and Chevrolet Enjoy taxis in Old Delhi

The Photo Report continues below.

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India February 2014: Maruti Celerio up to 7th place

March 6th, 2014 No comments

Maruti Celerio India February 2014Maruti Celerio

* See the Top 50 best-selling models and Top 13 brands by clicking on the title! *

New car sales in India slow down their decline at just -0.7% year-on-year in February to 212,898 registrations, meaning the year-to-date total stands at 427,915 units, down 4% on 2013. Below the Maruti Alto still very valiant at 24,623 sales, the Maruti Swift reclaims the #2 spot it held over the Full Year 2013 from its sedan sibling the Maruti DZire while the Maruti Wagon R, Hyundai Grand i10 and Mahindra Bolero hold onto their January ranking. The big news this month in India is the arrival of the Maruti Celerio inside the Top 10 for its first full month of sales in the country: it is up 18 spots and 65% on January to #7 with 7,323 sales and 3.4% share and already adds up to over 10,000 units since launch (10,083)!

Honda City India February 2014. Picture courtesy of Yahoo IndiaHonda City

Hero of the month in January, the Honda City improves on its record volume to deliver a best-ever 7,213 units and remains #9, only the 2nd time the City nameplate ever ranks inside the Indian Top 10. Other interesting developments this month in India include the Hyundai Santro up 3 spots to #17, the Renault Duster back above its twin the Nissan Terrano at #21 vs. #32 and the Tata Nano improving to #26 and 2,496 sales, its best ranking since December 2012 and best monthly volume since November 2012. Brand-wise, below Maruti, Hyundai and Mahindra, Honda is the big winner, up 123% year-on-year in February and up 153% year-to-date…

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Full February 2014 Top 50 models and Top 13 brands Ranking Tables below.

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