Russia November 2017: Lada Vesta only 42 units off first pole position

Lada Vesta sw – the Vesta breaks its ranking, volume and share records in November.

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The Russian new car market records a 9th consecutive year-on-year gain and 7th double-digit gain in a row in November at +15% to 152.259 deliveries, lifting the year-to-date tally up 11.7% to 1.430.197. Lada matches the market with a 14% year-on-year improvement to 19.2% share, followed by Kia (+10%) and Hyundai (-3%) both losing market share vs. a year ago. Renault follows the market at +15% in 4th place while Volkswagen (+29%), Ford (+29%), Nissan (+28%) and Skoda (+19%) post the largest increases in the Top 10. Below, Honda (+157%), Mitsubishi (+129%), Peugeot (+125%), Isuzu (+66%), Fiat (+45%) and Mazda (+43%) are among the best performers, with recently launched Genesis (+452%) and Ravon (+336%) starting from a low base. But it’s also among Chinese carmakers that we find some very spectacular evolutions: below struggling Lifan (-3%), Chery (+97%), Dongfeng (+162%), Changan (+115%), Zotye (+138%) and Foton (+394%) impress albeit all below 0.5% share.

Russian VW Tiguan sales are up 135% year-on-year this month.

Model-wise, the Kia Rio tops the Russian sales charts for the 12th time in the past 16 months, and this despite a 4% year-on-year loss, cementing its YTD pole position and headed towards its first ever annual win in Russia. This means that the Russian models top spot will be held by a foreign nameplate for the second year running and the second time since the creation of the Lada brand in 1970. But this time it was a very close call, with the Lada Vesta lurking only 42 sales behind the Rio for November. Helped by the arrival of the sw and sw cross variants, the Vesta soars 42% year-on-year and breaks all its records this month: #2 ranking (previous best #3 first hit in January 2017), 5.3% market share (previous best 5.2% first hit last January also) and 8.066 sales (previous best 7.014 in December 2016). It’s also the first time the Vesta is Lada’s best-seller at home, outpacing the Granta (-12%) for the first time.

The Mazda CX-5 is up 34% year-on-year in November. 

Below, the Hyundai Creta posts an incredible 16th month as the country’s best-selling SUV: it has been the #1 SUV here ever since its launch month in August 2016. It’s a great month for SUVs in Russia: in selling order, the Renault Duster (+21%), Kaptur (+25%), Toyota RAV4 (+28%), Lada 4×4 (+36%), VW Tiguan (+135%), Lada XRAY (+16%), Nissan X-Trail (+21%) and Mazda CX-5 (+34%) all outperform the market inside the Top 25. Notice also the Lada Largus (+37%), Skoda Rapid (+25%) and Datsun on-DO (+27%) all posting very robust year-on-year lifts.

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Poland November 2017: Skoda Fabia snaps YTD lead off Octavia

The Skoda Fabia is now #1 year-to-date in Poland. Picture

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New car sales in Poland continue on their record-breaking run with November deliveries up 8.6% year-on-year to 45.804 units, leading to a year-to-date volume up 15.2% to 491.145. Skoda beats the market with a 10% gain to 12.6% share, distancing Volkswagen down 3% to 9.9% while Toyota surges 18% to 9.5% in third place. Opel (+8%) and Renault (-1%) round up the Top 5, with Ford (-11%) in difficulty just below. Kia (+48%), Dacia (+29%) and Hyundai (+21%) post the largest year-on-year gains in the Top 10. Below, Audi (+23%), Peugeot (+12%) and Nissan (+11%) also make themselves noticed. Over in the models ranking, the Skoda Fabia snaps the year-to-date leadership off its stablemate the Skoda Octavia thanks to sales soaring 42% in November vs. -8% for the Octavia. If maintained until the end of 2017, this would be the first time since 2013 the Fabia tops the annual Polish sales charts, and only the second time since 2009. The Opel Astra (+11%) rounds up the podium like YTD, followed by the Toyota Yaris (+22%) and Ford Focus (+4%). The VW Golf is in difficulty at -14%, while the Mazda3 (+88%), Kia Cee’d (+62%), Renault Clio (+53%), Seat Leon (+53%), Volvo XC60 (+53%), Fiat Tipo (+45%), Dacia Sandero (+38%) and Toyota RAV4 (+37%) also impress.

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Pakistan November 2017: Honda up 44% in market up 18.1%

The Honda BR-V beats its volume and share records in Pakistan this month. 

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Sales of locally-assembled light vehicles in Pakistan shoot up 18.1% to 21.091 units, lifting the year-to-date volume up 18.3% to 220.488 deliveries. Market leader Suzuki beats the market with a 20% gain to 53.5% share whereas Toyota drops 0.2% to 25.4% and Honda shoots up 44% to 21.1%. Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla reclaims the top spot held by the Suzuki Mehran last month despite a 10% year-on-year drop all the while the Mehran is up 30%. The Suzuki Wagon R gains 57%, the Ravi is up 22% and the Toyota Hilux up 57%. Finally the Honda BR-V beats its volume and share records at 1.248 and 5.9%.

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Norway November 2017: Tesla Model S and X both inside Top 4

The Tesla Model X is up to #4 in Norway in November. 

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The Norwegian new car market up 4.2% year-on-year in November to 13.743 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 1.1% to 142.573 units. Volkswagen holds onto the brands pole position in spite of a 22% implosion to 11.9% share, whereas Toyota gains 15% to 11.6%. BMW (-29%) remains in third place followed by Volvo gaining an impressive 54%, Tesla shooting up 486%, Skoda (+26%) and Audi (+14%). Peugeot (+32%), Kia (+56%), Renault (+41%), Mini (+32%), Porsche (+131%) and Land Rover (+50%) also impress. Model-wise, the VW Golf remains on top despite a 14% year-on-year drop to 5.6% share (46.4% electric), followed by the Toyota RAV4 (+1%, 100% hybrid) while both the Tesla Model S (+944%) and Model X (+306%) rank within the Top 4 this month. Other great performers include the Volvo XC60 (+50%, 95% PHEV), Volvo V90 (+187%, 49.8% PHEV), Toyota C-HR (up 32-fold on its inaugural month in November 2016, 88.5% hybrid), Peugeot 3008 (+298%), Renault Zoe (+113%), Volvo XC90 (+442%, 95.6% PHEV) and Kia Niro (+266%).

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Switzerland November 2017: Mazda2 leaps up 266% to #4

The Mazda2 is up to 4th place in Switzerland in November.

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New car sales in Switzerland edge up 1.3% year-on-year in November to 26.749 registrations, leading to a year-to-date volume up 0.3% to 282.956 units. Market leader Volkswagen crumbles down 21% to 11.3% share which is identical to its year-to-date level (-11%). BMW (+7%) is up two spots on October to 2nd place and 7.9% share, distancing Skoda (+14%), Mercedes (-8%) and Audi (-8%). Ford (+14%), Opel (+17%), Seat (+21%) and most impressively Dacia (+49%) all outpace the market inside the Top 10. Further down, Nissan (+22%), Jeep (+29%), Mazda (+32%), Subaru (+60%), Lexus (+62%) and Alfa Romeo (+84%) make themselves noticed.

The Alfa Romeo breaks into the Swiss Top 50 in November.

Model-wise, the Skoda Octavia reclaims the top spot it holds year-to-date thanks to sales up 6% to 3.7% share, outselling the VW Tiguan (-11%) and Golf (-16%). The Mazda2 is up a whopping 266% year-on-year and 80 spots on October to #4, the Dacia Sandero is up 168% and 30 ranks to #5 and the BMW i3 is up 1689% and 131 spots to #10. The Audi Q5 (+54%) and Q2 (+114%) continue to impress, the latter beating its ranking record for the second month running at #18. The Skoda Kodiaq leads recent launches but drops 11 spots on last month to #27, distancing Alfa Romeo Stelvio up 42 to a record #37, the Suzuki Ignis down 17 to #51, the Skoda Karoq up 208 to #58 and the Citroen C3 Aircross up 38 to #62.

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Singapore November 2017: Mercedes and BMW shine in market up 2.5%

Mercedes sales are up 41% year-on-year in Singapore in November. 

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The Singaporean market is back into positive territory in November at +2.5% to 7.683 registrations, leading the year-to-date tally to a 1.3% increase to 81.790 units. Toyota keeps the lead despite a 7% year-on-year drop to 20.2% share, distancing Honda down 44% to 14.5%. Mercedes on the other hand rises 41% to 9.6% share, above BMW up 30% to 8% and Mazda up 19% to 6.6%. Hyundai (+173%), Kia (+146%) and Subaru (+101%) all more than double their sales inside the Top 10, while beyond, Volvo (+58%), Peugeot (+76%), Opel (+104%),  Mini (+109%), Maserati (+125%), Renault (+138%) and Seat (up 13-fold) all impress.

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Thailand October 2017: Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford outpace market up 13.1%

Mitsubishi sales are up 40% year-on-year in October in Thailand. 

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The Thai new light vehicle market is up another splendid 13.1% year-on-year in October to 68.551 registrations, meaning the year-to-date tally is up 11.7% to 689.263 units. Toyota trails the market at +2% to a strong 30.9% share vs. 27.1% so far this year, with Isuzu up 7% to 17.6% and Honda up 19% to 14.1%. Below, Mitsubishi (+40%), Nissan (+44%) and Ford (+38%) impress. Mazda (+14%) and Chevrolet (+19%) also post double digit gains inside the Top 10 while Chinese MG hits a very important milestone this month: the carmaker breaks into the Thai Top 10 for the very first time thanks to deliveries up 26% to 1.2% at #10. Further down, Hyundai (+59%), Kia (+157%) and Ssangyong (+100%) are among the best performers.

Model-wise, the Isuzu D-Max continues to surprise and outsells the Toyota Hilux for the 11th consecutive month thanks to sales up 6% to 14.4% share while the Hilux stumbles down 16% to 11.9%. The Toyota Yaris Ativ nudges up one spot to land on the third step of the podium with 5.2% share, up from 4.3% last month. The Ford Ranger is knocked down one rank to #4 in spite of a sturdy 38% rise. The Toyota Yaris is back up 14 spots to #5 but drops 8% year-on-year, distancing Honda City (+25%), Toyota Fortuner (+37%), Mitsubishi Triton (+18%) and Mazda2 (+38%). The Nissan Navara (+22%), Toyota Corolla (+41%), Mitsubishi Attrage (+79%), Pajero Sport (+51%), Mirage (+64%) and Honda CR-V (+224%) all impress.

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Denmark November 2017: Nissan Qashqai first time leader in record market

The Nissan Qashqai tops the Danish sales charts for the first time. 

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New car sales in Denmark edge up 0.2% to a new November record at 18.051 registrations, lifting the year-to-date volume up 0.9% to an all-time high 205.277 units after eleven months. Volkswagen and Peugeot remain the most popular carmakers in the country despite declines of 5 and 10% respectively. On the other hand, Mercedes shoots up 88% year-on-year and 11 spots on October to land on the third step of the podium with 9.1% share vs. 4.3% so far this year, this performance partly due to a surge in Vito sales (#13 this month vs. #115 year-to-date). Below Skoda up 6% to 6.3% share, Nissan posts the largest year-on-year increase in the Top 20 at +140% to 6% of the market, just above Ford (+13%) and Renault (-18%). Citroen (-12%), Toyota (-14%) and Opel (-38%) also fall heavily whereas BMW (+50%), Mazda (+20%), Volvo (+25%), DS (+291%), Jaguar (+77%), Alfa Romeo (+186%), Tesla (+182%), Land Rover (+229%) and Subaru (+133%) all shine.

Over in the models ranking, the Nissan Qashqai takes the lead for the first time in history thanks to deliveries up a whopping 196% to 5.3% share. It distances the year-to-date leader the Peugeot 208 (-11%) and last month’s leader the VW Golf (+49%) with the VW Up (-28%) and Skoda Octavia (+19%) rounding up the Top 5. The Mercedes C-Class (+74%), A Class (+214%), Peugeot 2008 (+120%), BMW 5 Series (up 26-fold), Opel Insignia (+472%) and BMW X1 (up 29-fold) also make themselves noticed. The Opel Grandland X (#34) leads recent launches, just ahead of the Citroen C3 Aircross (#35), both nameplates posting their very first Danish Top 50 ranking, then we find the Suzuki Ignis (#45), Kia Niro (#60), Stonic (#69), VW Arteon (#93) and Seat Arona (#108), new for the month.

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Europe October 2017: Discover the Top 350 models and Top 55 brands

The VW T-Roc and Hyundai Kona have landed in the European sales charts. 

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Final data for Europe is now available, with October deliveries up 5.7% to 1.199.602 and the year-to-date total up 3.5% to 13.134.177. The Top 13 brands are confirmed, with only two few changes happening below: Nissan (-5.2%) overtakes Kia (+11.7%) to rank #14, MG (-24.5%) passes Ferrari (-1.9%) to step up to #41. The rest of the European brands ranking is confirmed with final numbers. As far as the models ranking is concerned, final data getting very close to preliminary figures with the entire Top 50 confirmed except for one single change: the Hyundai Tucson (+2.8%) is now above the Ford Kuga (+52.7%) at #24, and the Toyota C-HR remaining the only recent launch inside the Top 50, now celebrating one year in market.

Further down, big gainers include the Mercedes GLA (+22.8%), Seat Ateca (+36.7%), Nissan Micra (+40.6%), Peugeot 5008 (+225.9%), Audi A5 (+65.6%), Suzuki Swift (+42.5%), Mini Countryman (+49.6%) and Dacia Dokker (+150.4%). Below the C-HR, the most popular new nameplates are the Opel Crossland X (#54), Skoda Kodiaq (#76), the Citroen C3 Aircross lodging its very first Top 100 finish at #95, the Opel Grandland X (#128), Kia Stonic up 71 ranks on September to #132 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio up 19 to #156. We welcome three new nameplates in the European sales charts this month: the Hyundai Kona at #155, Skoda Karoq at #192 and the VW T-Roc at #262.

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Bulgaria November 2016: Dacia reclaims top spot in market up 32.8%

Dacia is the most popular carmaker in Bulgaria in November. 

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The Bulgarian new car market is up a whopping 32.8% year-on-year in November to 3.676 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 19.9% to 34.653 units, already above the 32.691 deliveries hit over the Full Year 2016.  After Kia took the market by surprise and led in October, Dacia returns to the pole position it holds year-to-date thanks to sales more than doubling at +111% to 10.3% share. In fact, the entire podium posts three-digit sales improvement in November: Kia is up 140% to 9.2% and Nissan up 152% to 8.9%. Renault, leader a year ago, is down 13% to 8.9%. Notice also Mercedes up 163%, Volvo up 172% and Suzuki up 59%.

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