New Caledonia (France) September 2017: Peugeot #1 brand

The 3008, up 12-fold on September 2016, helps Peugeot to #1 this month.

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New car sales in New Caledonia, an overseas French territory located north east of Australia, are down 2% year-on-year in September to 664 registrations, yet the year-to-date total is up 12% to 6.509 units. This month Peugeot surges 26% year-on-year to take the lead of the brands ranking with 13.1% share vs. 8.6% so far in 2017, distancing Ford (-5%), Toyota (+63%) and Dacia (-8%). Renault (-21%) and Hyundai (-38%) struggle whereas Subaru (+33%), Nissan (+44%) and Mitsubishi (+143%) impress. The Toyota Hilux (+56%) edges past the Dacia Duster (-12%) for one unit and the Ford Ranger (+12%) for two units and becomes the best-selling nameplate in the archipelago this month. The Peugeot 208 (+38%), Citroen C3 (+467%), Subaru XV (+100%) and Peugeot 2008 (+88%) also impress in the Top 10, while below the Nissan Navara (+133%) and Peugeot 3008 (up 12-fold) take off.

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India September 2017: Maruti DZire triumphs, market crosses 300.000 units

A record 34.305 DZire were delivered to dealerships this month in India.

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The Indian new car market has stepped up to another level over the past few months: at 307.511 units, September marks the first month in Indian history above 300.000 units and the second all-time record volume broken in the past three months. In fact, the last three months of car (whole)sales are the three largest in Indian history. Sales are up 11% year-on-year for the month and 10% year-to-date to a record 2.421.038. For market leader Maruti Suzuki, it’s the third consecutive month above 150.000 monthly sales whereas this never happened before last July. #2 Hyundai, for its part, is up 17% year-on-year to break the 50.000 monthly sales barrier for the very first time, its previous personal best being 49.816 in October 2016. Below, Mahindra, Honda (both at +21%), Tata (+18%) and Volkswagen (+17%) all outpace the market but Toyota (+2%), Renault (-10%), Ford (-3%) and Datsun (-3%) trail it. Jeep improves further to 2.151 Compass units, Skoda (+42%) and Nissan (+15%) post solid scores while the rest of the brands are all in negative.

The Tata Nexon lands inside the Indian Top 30 for September.

Model-wise, just one month after breaking the 30.000 monthly sales barrier for the first time and becoming only the second nameplate in Indian history to do so, the Maruti DZire smashes this record again to lift it to 34.305, up 81% on the previous model a year ago. This lifts its advantage over the decade-long #1, the Maruti Alto, to more than 10.000 units for September. The Alto however remains comfortably in the 2017 YTD lead with 193.773 units (+4%) vs. 160.796 for the Dzire, now back into positive territory at +5%. The Maruti Baleno is up 53% to remain in third place and now ranks 4th year-to-date, passing the Maruti Wagon R. The Maruti Vitara Brezza for its part remains the best-selling SUV in the country with a 42% year-on-year surge allowing it to step up to #7 YTD above the Hyundai Elite i20. Mahindra impresses with the Bolero up 51% to #11 and the Scorpio up 60% to #16, its oldest nameplates once again the best performers. The Tata Tiago has found its mojo: now up 82% year-on-year to a third volume record in a row at 8.316 (in contrast the Nano, Indica and Indigo have imploded to between 77 and 129 sales) and the new Nexon SUV lands directly inside the Top 30.

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South Korea September 2017: Kia Sorento hits record in market up 20%

The facelifted Kia Sorento sells a record 10.016 units at home in September. 

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Sales of local vehicles in South Korea leap up 20% year-on-year in September to 133.551 units, pulling the year-to-date tally into positive territory at 1.164.703 registrations, up 1% on the same period a year ago. Brand leader Hyundai vastly outperforms its home market with a 44% surge in September to 58.277 sales and 43.6% share, and its sister brand Kia also delivers a market-beating performance at +25% to 48.019 units and 36% share vs. 33.4% so far this year. Ssangyong slightly trails the market at +18% but overtakes GM Korea (-36%) for third place overall while Renault Samsung drops 20% and Genesis surges 47% thanks to the arrival of the G70. In the models ranking, the Hyundai Grandeur celebrates 10 consecutive months atop the South Korean charts with sales up 245% on the previous generation. The Kia Sorento soars 56% to 10.016 sales, to BSCB’s knowledge the first time this nameplate achieves a five-digit sales figure at home. The Hyundai Porter (+68%) and Avante (+38%) follow, both with spectacular year-on-year gains. The Kia Carnival (+53%) and Bongo (+73%) also impress while the all-new Hyundai Kona gains one spot and 27% on last month to rank 9th, still leading its segment above the Ssangyong Tivoli. Meanwhile, the Kia Stonic is up 17% but down one rank to #24 and the Kia Stinger is up 8% and two spots to #33 but remains 42% below its monthly volume record established last June.

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Portugal August 2017: VW Golf and Citroen C3 shine in market up 11.5%

The Citroen C3 leaps onto the Portuguese podium in August.

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The Portuguese new car market gains 11.5% year-on-year in August to 11.937 registrations, leading to a year-to-date total up 8.1% to 156.695 units. The Top 3 best-selling brands all trail the market: Renault is up 9% to 9.7% share ahead of Mercedes up 3 spots on June and 6% year-on-year to #2, and Peugeot up 0.3% to 8.8% in third place. Reversely, BMW (+15%), Opel (+19%), Citroen (+27%), Toyota (+33%) and most impressively Dacia (+42%) shine inside the Top 10. Below, Mazda (+17%), Jaguar (+20%), Kia (+20%), Fiat (+21%), Audi (+27%), Hyundai (+34%), DS (+48%), Lexus (+52%), Alfa Romeo (+70%), Porsche (+70%), Land Rover (+83%) and Suzuki (+100%) all frankly outpace the market this month.

In the models ranking, the VW Golf splendidly snaps the pole position (it was #5 in July and is #8 YTD) thanks to sales up 36%, overriding the Renault Clio (-22%) while the Citroen C3 is up 10 spots on last month and 51% year-on-year to #3, knocking the Peugeot 208 (-8%) to #4. The Dacia Sandero surges 65% to #5, the Audi A3 is up 40% to #9, the Renault Megane up 64% to #11 and the Opel Corsa up 65% to #12. Notice also the BMW 5 Series up 226% to #16, the Nissan Micra up 438% to #19 and the Mercedes GLC up 483% to #25. The Toyota C-HR (#33 ) leads recent launches (<12 months) ahead of the Opel Crossland (#44), Audi Q2 (#51) and Renault Kadjar (#59).

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Qatar August 2017: Toyota resists at 37.2% share in market down 13%

The Toyota Land Cruiser holds 15.9% of the Qatari market in August. 

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Qatar 2005-2017 All-Make and All-Models monthly data availableContact us here for more details

The Qatari new car market is down a harsh 13% year-on-year in August to 3.741 registrations, yet this is an improvement on the 21% year-to-date drop to 35.239 units. Brand leader Toyota beats the market with sales up 0.3% to a mammoth 37.2% share vs. 31.9% (-26%) so far in 2017. Nissan follows at 16.2% but drops 20% on August 2016. On the other hand Lexus (+89%) and Kia (+64%) both post fantastic gains to rank #3 and #4 respectively for the month. Ford (-23%), Chevrolet (-34%) and Mitsubishi (-60%) struggle. Further down, BMW (+13%) and GMC (+14%) are the only additional carmakers delivering double-digit gains. Model-wise, the Toyota Land Cruiser brilliantly remains atop the charts thanks to sales up 165% year-on-year to a gargantuan 15.9% share vs. 12.5% year-to-date (-23%). The Nissan Patrol (+139%) and Lexus LX (+112%) also more than double their sales on the podium. Below, the Toyota Hilux (-41%) and Prado (-47%) implode but the Ford Explorer (up 39-fold) and Nissan Navara (up 8-fold) shoot up. The Chevrolet Trailblazer is the best performing newcomer at #33, followed by the Nissan Kicks (#46) and Cadillac XT5 (#49). Notice also the Bentley Bentayga at #53.

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Jordan August 2017: Kia Frontier dominates market down 6%

The Kia Frontier holds 13.7% of the Jordanian market in August.

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New car sales in Jordan slide down 6% year-on-year in August to 3.381 registrations, pulling the year-to-date total down 3% to 28.261. The Top 5 brands show a very stark contrast: new leader Kia shoots up 37% to 26.9% share vs. 22.5% year-to-date, bypassing Hyundai down 23% to 25.3% vs. 26.8% so far in 2017. Leader in 2016, Toyota dives 45% to just 13% share vs. 20% year-to-date (-32%). Mitsubishi on the other hand more than doubles its sales year-on-year this mont hat +149% to 9% of the market vs. 7.7% in 2017. Isuzu (-35%), Nissan (stable) and Mazda (+190%) follow, here too showing vastly varying trajectories. Notice also BMW up 50%, Chevrolet up 53%, Lexus up 59%, Land Rover up 115% GMC up 180% and Suzuki up 417%, all inside the Top 15 brands. Model-wise, the Kia Frontier cements its newfound domination with sales up 34% to 13.7% share, followed by the Hyundai Sonata (up 4-fold), Mitsubishi Lancer EX (up 4-fold) and Kia Sorento (up 7-fold). Leader in 2016, the Toyota Land Cruiser drops 78% to #11 this month. The Hyundai Ioniq (#12) is the most successful newcomer, ahead of the Toyota C-HR (#29) and Nissan Kicks (#37).

Jordan 2011-2017 All-Make and All-Models monthly data availableContact us here for more details

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Russia September 2017: Kia Rio back on top in market up 17.9%

The Kia Rio is headed towards its very first annual win in Russia. 

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After gaining 18.6% in July and 16.7% in August, the Russian market signs its 7th consecutive month of year-on-year gains and its 5th consecutive double-digit gain in September at +17.9% to 148.371 registrations. This leads to a year-to-date total up 10.6% to 1.129.374. Homegrown brand leader Lada outpace the market with a solid 24% gain to 19% share, but Kia does even better in 2nd place at +40% to 12.7%, distancing Hyundai (+12%), Renault (+22%) and Volkswagen (+15%). Toyota (-10%) is the only Top 10 carmaker to be in negative while Skoda (+20%) and Ford (+33%) grow faster than the market. Below, notice Chery (+35%), Peugeot (+35%), Chevrolet (+37%), Cadillac (+60%), Fiat (+60%), Honda (+64%), Mitsubishi (+65%), Datsun (+69%), Suzuki (+69%), Changan (+73%), Zotye (+122%), Smart (+211%) and Foton (+3050%) among the most dynamic in the remainder of the ranking while we welcome Chinese brand HTM (for Hawtai Motor) into the Russian sales, instantly declaring 78 sales of its unique model, the Boliger, since January but just one in September.

HTM (for Hawtai) makes its appearance in the Russian sales charts.The Datsun on-DO is back up 66% in September.The UAZ Patriot is up 40% year-on-year in September. 

In the models ranking, the Kia Rio reclaims the pole position it holds year-to-date off the Lada Granta, #1 last month, thanks to a 30% year-on-year surge to 7% share. The Rio is headed towards its very first annual win in Russia, in what would be the second consecutive year a foreign nameplate is crowned in Russia, one year after the Hyundai Solaris put an end to 45 consecutive years of domination in 2016. The Lada Vesta, although up 57% on September 2016, has not managed to rank higher than #3, a position it holds this month and for the 4th time this year. At #5, the Hyundai Creta signs a 14th consecutive month as Russia’s best-selling SUV (out of 14 months in market), distancing the Renault Duster, up 29% despite the unveiling of the new generation, and the Lada XRAY up 87% and now also #8 year-to-date. Notice also the Lada Largus up 60% to #11, the antediluvian Chevrolet Niva up 36% to #14, the VW Tiguan up 106% to #16, the Datsun on-DO up 66% to #18 and the UAZ Patriot up 40% to #22.

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Brazil September 2017: Kwid surges to #2 overall, lifts Renault to 10.6% share

The Renault Kwid is only outsold by the Chevrolet Onix this month in Brazil.

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The Brazilian new car market has turned the corner in spectacular fashion, with September sales shooting up 24.9% year-on-year to 193.580 after lifting 17.8% in August. The year-to-date tally is now up 7.9% or 115.000 units to 1.573.562. The September surge is the largest since the 29% increase of April 2013. Brand leader Chevrolet exactly follows the market at +25% to 18.2% share but Fiat trails it at +15% to 13%. Volkswagen compensates for a September 2016 score plagued by a supplier crisis and gains 97% to 12% share, still below the 12.5% it commands year-to-date. The most spectacular performer in Brazil this month is French manufacturer Renault up a fantastic 69% to 10.6% share, up almost 3 full percentage points on August and to BSCB’s knowledge the carmaker’s first ever month above 10% share in Brazil, smashing its previous record of 8.5% established in December 2014. The reason behind this sudden surge is a model that has already proven a hit in India: the Kwid.

In what is surely one of the biggest surprises of 2017, the Kwid soars 259% and 25 spots on its August score to land directly in 2nd place for its fourth appearance in the Brazilian sales charts. At 10.358 sales, it hits a similar monthly volume as the ones delivered in India a few months back, but is markedly above its Indian performance in terms of overall ranking. In the remainder of the Renault lineup, the Sandero (-21%), Duster (-48%) and Oroch (-66%) are hit hard but the Logan (+28%) isn’t, on the contrary. The Kwid has already overtaken the Fiat Argo, launched on the same month, with a total volume to-date of 13.603 vs. 13.163, and is shaping up to be a truly global success for Renault.

Back to the brands ranking: among the rest of the Top 20, only Peugeot (+28%), Jeep (+57%) and Mercedes (+88%) outpace the market this month while Chery becomes the best-selling Chinese carmaker in the country year-to-date, overtaking JAC. Over in the models charts, the Chevrolet Onix continues to gallop well ahead of the market with a 37% imp[rovemnet in September, while below the newcomer the Kwid, the Ford Ka (+32%) passes the Hyundai HB20, down a rare 15%. The Chevrolet Prisma (+15%) trails the market while the Toyota Corolla (+26%) matches it and the VW Gol (+176%) and Fox (+96%) catch up for lost time a year ago. The Jeep Compass is back inside the Top 10, the Fiat Argo is up 6 spots to a record #11 while the Fiat Mobi goes from #8 in August to #16 this month, potentially already affected by the Kwid.

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Belgium August-September 2017: BMW X1 shoots up to 2nd place

The BMW X1 is the 2nd best-selling vehicle in Belgium in July. 

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New car sales in Belgium are down 2% year-on-year in September to 40.895 registrations, yet the year-to-date tally remains in positive at +2.6% to 435.341 units. Brand leader Volkswagen plunges down 11% to 9.1% share, whereas its next three followers are all up: Opel (+5%) is up five spots on last month to #2, and both BMW and Renault are up 3% year-on-year. Mercedes (+5%), Audi (+6%), Skoda and Nissan (both at +11%) also shine in the Top 10. Beyond, notice Porsche up 15%, Land Rover up 16%, Suzuki up 20%, Dacia up 46%, Smart up 50% and Ferrari up 200% but Volvo is down 15%, Toyota is down 16%, Citroen down 19%, Honda down 20%, Jeep and Mini down 21%, Tesla down 23%, DS down 24%, Hyundai down 27%, Mitsubishi down 28% and Ssangyong down 44%.

The Top 10 models for the January-August period are now available and once again there are a few changes in the YTD ranking. The VW Golf cements its pole position thanks to a 2.5% share in August, now leading over the Renault Clio (1.6% in August) by 369 sales. The Hyundai Tucson and Opel Corsa both outsell the Clio in August but remain below YTD, while the BMW X1 shoots up to 2nd place overall this month with 2.3% share, snapping the 5th spot year-to-date off the VW Polo. The Peugeot 2008 is getting closer to the Citroen C3 at #7 and the Peugeot 208 reappears in the YTD Top 10 at #10 despite sales down 2% year-on-year

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Mexico August 2017: Chevy Beat up to #4, Accent and Cavalier land

The Chevrolet Beat soars to 4th place for its third month in market. 

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The sky is getting darker by the month in Mexico with August sales posting the fourth year-on-year decline in the past five months at -6.5% to 125.343 units. The year-to-date remains in positive territory for less than 3.000 sales at +0.3% to a record 990.567 but should shift into negative by the time September results are known if the trend continues as per the past few months. Market leader Nissan doubles the market decline at -13% to 23.1% share vs. 24.3% so far this year while Chevrolet does even worse at -16% to 15.9% which is actually higher than its YTD level of 15.8%. Volkswagen is in line with the rest of the podium at -14% to 12.2% but below, Toyota (-3%), Honda (+1%) and most strikingly Kia, soaring 30%, manage to improve their market shares year-on-year. Mazda (+2%), Hyundai (+23%) and Dodge (+6%) complete the Top 10 with market-defying improvements. Beyond, BMW (+10%), Jeep (+11%), Ferrari (+11%), Mini (+12%), Ram (+15%), Smart (+21%), Suzuki (+34%), Subaru (+40%) and Fiat (+78%) all brilliantly post double-digit gains.

The Hyundai Accent has kicked off local production in Mexico.

Model-wise, the Nissan Versa (+13%) and Pickup (+16%) both go against the grain with double-digit gains whereas the Chevrolet Aveo falls 20% in third place. The all-new Chevrolet Beat, now helped with the launch of a notchback variant, shoots up another 5 spots to #4 overall after breaking into the Mexican Top 10 for the first time just last month. The Ford Figo is up 19% to break into the Top 10 for the 2nd time ever after last January to hit a record 9th place. The locally-produced Kia Rio is down one rank to #11 but up 104%, the Nissan Kicks is up another two spots on last month to #14, the VW Tiguan is up 11-fold on its August 2016 score to #26, the Toyota Hilux is up 77%, the Mazda CX-5 up 81%, the Renault Duster up 65% and the Honda Odyssey up 192%. There are two newcomers in the Mexican sales charts this month: the Hyundai Accent has kicked off local production at the Kia plant in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon, reaching 1.044 sales for its first month in market (#34) and the China-made Chevrolet Cavalier has landed at #81 with 296 units sold in August.

The China-made Chevrolet Cavalier has reached Mexican shores. Pictures

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