Europe May 2016: Market soars 15% boosted by Renault and Fiat

Renault Captur Europe May 2016. Picture courtesy eblogauto.roThree years after launch, Renault Captur sales are still up in Europe: +31% in May.

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The European new car market posts a euphoric 15% gain in May to 1.326.958 registrations, boosted by very dynamic performances in four of its five largest markets: Italy (+28%), France (+22%), Spain (+19%) and Germany (+12%). Greece (+49%), Lithuania (+47%), Hungary (+45%), Czech Republic (+34%), Cyprus (+31%) and Estonia (+30%) also record impressive gains while only two markets out of 29 post a decline: Ireland (-6%) and Switzerland (-7%). This is the biggest May score since 2012, lifting the year-to-date total up 10% to 6.582.810 units. SUV sales across the continent are up 29% to hit 24.4% of the market, now frankly ahead of the once-dominabt subcompacts at 22% (+11%).

Fiat 500X Europe May 2016Fiat volumes are 26% ahead of May 2015.

Once again scandal-embroiled Volkswagen trails the market with a shy 4% increase to 148.635 sales and 11.2% share, the brand’s lowest for May since 2008. According to JATO Dynamics, Volkswagen SUVs are down 14% and its compact cars down 3%. French manufacturer Renault on the other hand is one of the continent’s engines of growth this month with sales up a stellar 34% to 101.476, buoyed by its home market where it gains 33%. Ford (+5%) and Opel/Vauxhall (+11%) are handicapped by a hesitant UK market and lose share while Peugeot is up 17% in 5th place and Fiat up a fantastic 26% to #7. Again contrasting with its mass market stablemate, Audi shines bright with sales up 19%, winning the luxury race again ahead of Mercedes (+13%) and BMW (+22%)

Vauxhall Astra Europe May 2016. Picture courtesy Astra nameplate hits its highest European ranking in almost three years. 

If the VW Golf posts a 74th consecutive month in the models ranking position, declining sales pull the star nameplate to its lowest European market share since June 2011 at 3.2%. Reversely, the Renault Clio is up 25% to cling the #2 spot both in May and year-to-date, distancing segment competitors the VW Polo (+16%), Opel Corsa (+10%), Ford Fiesta (-9%) and Peugeot 208 (+30%). The Opel Astra is up 18% to land in 7th place, its highest European ranking since July 2013. The Renault Captur surges 31% to break into the Top 10 for the first time this year and the 5th overall at #9, outselling the Nissan Qashqai to remain the best-selling SUV in Europe for the 2nd time running and the 4th time ever. Below, the Fiat Panda (+20%), Toyota Yaris (+20%), Peugeot 2008 (+24%) and Dacia Sandero (+32%) also frankly outpace the market.

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Thailand May 2016: Market up 16%, largest gain in over 3 years

Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand May 2016. Picture courtesy caronline.netThe Toyota Hilux is back to #1 in Thailand in May but remains #2 year-to-date. 

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It’s official: the Thai market is out of the woods. With a 16% surge in May to 66.055 registrations, new car sales in Thailand register their 4th month of year-on-year gains in the past seven and its biggest improvement since March 2013. The year-to-date tally is still in negative though at -2% to 302.581 units. After struggling for the past six months, Toyota finally manages to outpace the market with volumes up 24% to 22.244 and 33.7% share, its highest since last October. Isuzu is up 17% to 19.3%, Honda up 11% to 14.9% and Mitsubishi up 27% to 6.5%. Further down, Mazda (+23%), Mercedes (+29%), MG (+180%), Subaru (+27%) and Lexus (+110%) also shine.

Honda Civic Thailand May 2016Outstanding launch in Thailand for the new Honda Civic. 

In the models ranking, after 5 consecutive months of supremacy, the Isuzu D-Max passes back the pole position baton to the Toyota Hilux, but just: at 11.010 vs. 10.549 sales. Never in the past decade had the Hilux been so aggressively challenged, and for now it looks like the FY2016 pole position is well out of reach: after 5 months, the D-Max still has  8.500 sales advantage at 52.797 (+10%) vs. 44.236 (-5%) for the Hilux. Now that local production has resumed with the 1.5 Dual VVT-i engine, the Toyota Vios reclaims the passenger car crown with 3.544 sales (+27%), enough to also install it back to #3 year-to-date. The Honda Civic however is up 5-fold on a year ago thanks to the new generation at 2.880 sales  vs. 1.920 for the Toyota Corolla (+29%). The Nissan Navara (+88%), Toyota Fortuner (+97%) and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (+129%) all owe their spectacular gains to a new model, while among recent launches the Honda BR-V (#19) continues to slide whereas the Suzuki Ciaz (#20) remains solid.

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Philippines May 2016: Fortuner, Everest and Montero Sport fight it out

Toyota Fortuner Ford Everest Philippines May 2016. Picture courtesy Toyota Fortuner is #2 overall in the Philippines in May, eclipsing the Ford Everest.

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New light vehicle sales in the Philippines continue to gallop at record pace with May volumes up a smashing 31% to 30.317 registrations according to the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA). Note this data does not include sales of some key non-affiliated brands such as Hyundai, Chevrolet and Subaru. The year-to-date tally is now up 25% to 134.488 units. Below the Toyota Vios estimated to reign supreme over the models ranking with more than 10% market share, the Toyota Hiace and Wigo also post four-digit sales figures but it’s a string of recently launched SUVs that is setting the Filipino market on fire. The new generation Toyota Fortuner posts an outstanding 1.431 sales in May for a stunning 2nd place overall, while the Ford Everest continues to deliver record volumes at 1.183 this month and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport is estimated to have found over 1.100 new homes for a 2016 total of 5.870. Over the same period, the Everest adds up to 6.037 and the Fortuner to 3.868.

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China LCV May 2016: Minitrucks outsell minivans, pickups up 11%

Great Wall Wingle 6 China May 2016. Picture courtesy trucks are seeing their first double-digit gains in 3 years in China. 

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As part of a partnership with Chinese consultancy outlet Cedars, we can share with you today Light Commercial Vehicle detailed sales data for China with complete Minivan, Pickup and Mini Truck data by model as well as selected light truck/bus data provided by LMC Automotive. The overall Chinese LCV market continues to suffer from the muted overall economic context of the country, with sales down 16% year-on-year in May to 266.906, a worrying and larger drop than the year-to-date tally down 12% to 1.442.748 deliveries according to LMC.

Wuling Mini Truck China May 2016Mini Trucks outsell Minivans for the first time in China. 

In the detail, a momentous event is happening before our eyes: while minivans are falling faster into oblivion each month -49% to 39.010 in May and -34% year-to-date to 270.186, they are for the first time outsold by the segment that has absorbed much of their fall: mini trucks (aka mini pickups), up another 20% to 42.184 units in May and up 23% to 211.208 so far in 2016. As for pickups, May data confirms the boosting effect of a change in legislation allowing them in the large cities of four provinces for the first time in 12 years (click here for more detail on this). After returning into positive last month for the first time in over two years, pickup sales in China are up a whopping 11% in May to 28.043 units, lifting the year-to-date tally closer to breakeven point at 141.184 (-2.5%).

Wuling Hongguang V China May 2016. Picture courtesy Wuling Hongguang V is now the best-selling minivan in China. 

The Foton Light Truck keeps the lead despite sales down 7% to 21.369 but is followed closely by the Wuling Mini Truck at 20.716 (+15%), adding up to just under 100.000 sales so far in 2016 (+21%). Note Wuling single cab sales are up 51% in May to 10.457 whereas double cab sales are down 8% to 10.259. YTD, singles are at +31% and doubles at +15%. The Wuling Hongguang V now seems to have found its place in the market with deliveries up 11% to 20.050 this month, well above once-blockbusters Sunshine (-39%) and Rongguang (-44%). The Dongfeng K Series Mini Truck is also hoping the segment greatly at +81% whereas Changan isn’t seeing much transfer to Mini Trucks: the Star Minivan implodes at -87% and the Mini Truck is also down at -15%.

Foton Tunland China May 2016. Picture courtesy Tunland sales are up 44% in May. 

The Great Wall Wingle 5 is back inside the overall Top 10 and leads the reinvigorated pickup charge in spite of sales down 2% to 6.056. This is still double the deliveries or any other pickup truck in the Chinese market. The Wingle 5 is followed by the JMC Baodian, Dongfeng Rich, ZX Auto Grand Tiger, the Great Wall Wingle 6 up 39% to 2.067 units and the Foton Tunland up 44% to 1.563. Further down, the Huanghai N2-Series (1.236) and Chana Shenqi F-Series (1.081) are new for 2016.

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Turkey May 2016: Toyota Corolla and Renault Clio step ahead

Toyota Corolla Turkey May 2016The Toyota Corolla, a local, is the best-selling vehicle in Turkey in May.

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The Turkish new light vehicle market is back on the mend in May with sales up a fantastic 15% year-on-year to 93.904 units, single-handedly pulling the year-to-date total into positive territory at +0.3% and 347.277 deliveries. Renault swooshes up 81% year-on-year to a stunning 12.741 sales and 13.6% share, snapping the lead of the brands ranking off Volkswagen, down 3% to 12.436 and 13.2% share. Ford (10.7%) and Fiat (10.3%) follow while Toyota is up 51% to rank 5th ahead of Opel (+21%) and Hyundai (-3%). Dacia (+36%), Mercedes (+37%), Skoda (+29%) and Audi (+35%) all post very dynamic gains whereas Peugeot (-30%) and Volvo (-40%) crumble. Among smaller brands, Suzuki (+2271% thanks to the new Vitara), Land Rover (+52%), Ssangyong (+88%), Jaguar (+450%) and Smart (+380%) make themselves noticed.

VW Tiguan Turkey May 2016. Picture courtesy autobild.deThe new generation boosts the VW Tiguan up to #24 in May. 

In the models ranking, the Toyota Corolla (4.426) and Renault Clio (3.872) both gain two spots on April to step ahead to #1 and #2 respectively, just as their locally-manufactured facelifts enter the market. They distance the Fiat Egea at 3.527 units including 166 hatchbacks. Still leader year-to-date, the Renault Fluence falls to #5 and 3.413 units, just below the Opel Astra up 3 ranks on last month to #4. The Dacia Sandero (#13), Audi A3 (#21) and VW Tiguan (#24) also impress this month in Turkey, while further down the Suzuki Vitara breaks into the Top 100 at #86, the Renault Talisman ranks 99th and we welcome the Nissan Pulsar (#149), Kia Cerato (#151), Mercedes SLC (#182), Infiniti Q30 (#204) and Mercedes GLS (#249) into the Turkish sales charts.

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Serbia May 2016: Fiat Tipo breaks into Top 10

Fiat Tipo Serbia May 2016Serbia is the 2nd country where the new Fiat Tipo has broken into the Top 10. 

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According to data shared with us by Central European market data specialists CE Auto, the Serbian new car market is up 7% year-on-year in May to 2.375 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total up 26% to 11.220 units. The locally-produced Fiat 500L continues to dominate with 6% share above the Skoda Octavia, Opel Astra and Dacia Sandero while the Hyundai i20 makes a dynamic appearance at #5 with 78 units sold. But the main event in the May Serbian ranking is the Fiat Tipo breaking into the Top 10 for the first time thanks to 54 sales and 2.3% share, making Serbia only the second country in the world where the new low-cost Fiat has managed to insert itself inside the Top 10 along with Turkey where it is manufactured and called Egea.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina May 2016: VW Golf edges past Octavia for #1 YTD

VW Golf Bosnia May 2016. Picture courtesy VW Golf is the best-selling car in Bosnia so far in 2016, for just one sale. 

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According to information revealed by Central European market data specialists CE Auto, the Bosnian new light vehicle market gains a stunning 24% year-on-year in May to 797 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total up 24% to 3.576 units. The VW Golf leaps 3 spots on last month to claim the May pole position thanks to 7.2% share, also edging past the Skoda Octavia for the #1 spot YTD for just one unit at 196 vs. 195. The Opel Astra is knocked down to #2, while the Skoda Fabia is back up 9 ranks to #4 and the Opel Corsa is solid again at #5.

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Rep of Macedonia May 2016: Citroen C-Elysée surges to top spot

Citroen C-Elysee Macedonia May 2016The Citroen C-Elysee is #1 in the Republic of Macedonia in May.

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Based on data unveiled by Central European market data specialists, new car sales in the Republic of Macedonia are down 4% year-on-year to 432 registrations, but the year-to-date tally remains frankly in positive territory at +13% and 2.205 deliveries. As it was the case a year ago, the Citroen C-Elysée takes the lead of the Macedonian sales charts thanks to 25 units sold, yet this is not enough to allow the nameplate to break into the year-to-date Top 10. The VW Golf and Kia Sportage share the 2nd spot with 18 sales, ahead of the VW Passat, Seat Leon and Opel Astra. Still leader year-to-date, the Dacia Duster reappears inside the monthly Top 10 but can’t do better than a 7th place in May.

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Moldova May 2016: Hyundai Tucson confirms leadership

Hyundai Tucson Moldova May 2016. Picture courtesy largus.frThe Hyundai Tucson is again the best-selling vehicle in Moldova this month. 

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According to data published by Central European market data specialists CE Auto, new light vehicle sales in Moldova are up 4% year-on-year in May to 313 units, lifting the year-to-date total up 5% to 1.472 registrations. Down to #5 in April, the Hyundai Tucson returns to the pole position it holds year-to-date thanks to 23 sales and 7.3% share, sharing the limelight with the Opel Corsa this month. The Dacia Logan is back up to #3, ahead of the Skoda Octavia and Hyundai Santa Fe. Finally, notice the Mercedes GLE posting a second consecutive month inside the Top 10 at #9.

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South Africa May 2016: Toyota Hilux cements lead, Fortuner up to #5

Toyota Fortuner South Africa May 2016The new generation Toyota Fortuner is turning out to be a blockbuster in South Africa. 

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The South African new vehicle market continues to skid at -10% both in May to 42.907 units and year-to-date to 227.534 registrations. Passenger cars are down 13% to 27.143 this month but light commercials down just 5% to 13.446 and medium/heavy commercials down 6% to 2.318. Reversely, May exports are up 0.8% to 33.676 units. The Top 10 best-selling manufacturers are unchanged on the YTD order with Toyota leading the way thanks to a 20% year-on-year increase to 22.3% share ahead the Volkswagen Group (15.6%), Ford (13.4%) and Hyundai-Kia (9.7%). Notice Mazda up a whopping 75% to 1.102 sales at #10.

Toyota Hilux Ford Ranger South Africa May 2016. Picture courtesy Toyota Hilux is taking a significant advantage in its battle with the Ford Ranger. 

Model-wise, the Toyota Hilux cements the market leadership it reclaimed last month with deliveries up 22% to 3.185 vs. 2.797 (-8%) for its archenemy the Ford Ranger. Below the VW Polo Vivo (+16%) and Polo (-9%), the biggest surprise of the month is delivered by the Toyota Fortuner, up 136% on the previous generation a year ago to land at a stunning 5th place overall with 1.333 sales, just ahead of the Toyota Quantum (+106%). The Kia Picanto is up 8 spots on April to #13, the Kia Rio up 3 to #14, the Renault Sandero is up 54% to #15 and the Mazda CX-5 up 80% to #27. Among recent launches, the Mazda CX-3 ranks #34, the Renault Captur is at #54 and the Ford Everest at #61. Finally, we welcome the Mahindra KUV100 at #148 and the Jaguar F-Pace at #164.

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