Auto Shanghai 2015: Most impressive Chinese carmakers (Summary)

30. Kawei logoLet’s play guess the logo.

After going through 35 different Chinese carmakers (backwards) in my ‘most impressive’ ranking, our heads are all spinning and there’s nothing better than a good old table to make them stop and summarise everything. You’re welcome. (Click on the brand to see the full article)

Auto Shanghai 2015: The most impressive Chinese carmakers:

Pos Brand Claim to fame +
1 Haval Great Wall’s SUV brand Multilayered stand, overall quality, responsiveness Confusing new red/blue logo strategy, cloned designs
2 Geely Owner of Volvo Extremely impressive new GC9 flagship Defunct brand logos still on models exhibited
3 BYD Warren Buffett bought shares New launches spot on trend, very clear strategy Only starting to revive, needs confirmation
4 Hongqi Supplier of China’s President Sophisticated stand, splendid new LS5 SUV Untapped brand potential, needs to emancipate itself
5 Leopaard Originated as a China Army supplier Authenticity, overall quality of new CS10 SUV Limited lineup
6 Qoros Joint venture between Chery & Israel European stand, against the grain 2 PHEV concept Lacks credibility due to limited sales
7 ChangAn Ford’s joint-venture partner in China Very dynamic and savvy commercial stand (Chana) Apart from CS75 SUV, lagging interior quality
8 Soueast Mitsubishi’s partner in China Impressive interior quality for the DX7 & V Cross Needs to cut the Mitsubishi umbilical cord for good
9 Baojun SAIC-GM’s low cost brand Clears its stand to introduce the new 560 SUV Limited presence at the Show
10 Foton Tunland Pickup exported overseas Very consistent ‘loud’ positioning Low level of refinement
11 Dongfeng Owns 15% of PSA Peugeot-Citroen Consistent across a multitude of stands Austere and average interiors
12 GAC Featured in Transformers 4 Very modern and impressive GA8 flagship Unclear brand strategy
13 Maxus “Hot seller in Australia” Fast growing brand, savvy sales person Overselling “success” in Australia
14 Roewe Rover reborn as a Chinese brand Impressive flagship 950 Dangerously becoming pompous, lacks spark
15 Lifan Produces a Mini clone Gets that its survival resides in SUVs. Launched two. Low quality interiors
16 JMC Produces Ford SUVs in China Outrageous concept cars Outrageous concept cars
17 Zotye My heart vote at Beijing 2014 5 all-new models exhibited Cold. Grown too fast?
18 Huasong The only all-new brand at the Show Polished and understated stand Disappointing interior. Real need for a new brand?
19 JAC Largest Chinese brand launch in Brazil Timely S2 mini SUV launch, some funky interiors Too many logos, bland exteriors
20 Chery QQ clone of the Chevrolet Matiz Hungry attitude, suprisingly good interiors Bland designs
21 Kawei Sells a Ford F-150 clone Enthusiastic and spontaneous Sells a Ford F-150 clone
22 MG Yes, it’s that MG Finally getting an SUV with the GS Chinese-English blended flair getting lost
23 Venucia Nissan’s Chinese low-cost brand No real new model, Vow concept far off reality Still lacking substance and a story
24 Jinbei Produces a rebadged Toyota Hiace Single minded positioning, decent lineup exhibited Unexciting
25 Brilliance BMW’s partner in China New V3 small SUV Plastic, harsh and hollow interiors
26 Haima Originally Mazda’s partner in China Trying to become more sporty No dynamism, no new SUV
27 Joylong More famous for buses Going all out with a premium MPV Very limited lineup
28 Landwind Sells a Range Rover Evoque clone Smart cloning of Evoque? Decent interior quality Clones foreign manufacturers, very lazy fittings
29 Higer Sounds like a refrigerator brand A surprisingly large commercial stand Over-priced, dated products
30 Howo Helps build China’s infrastructure Clear efforts to make the brand appealing Definitely a commercial vehicle feel
31 Hawtai Sells rebadged Hyundai SUVs Larger stand makes the brand appear bigger Extremely flimsy materials – feels like breaking
32 FAW FAW-Daihatsu sedan used to be #1 Some slight design improvements in passenger cars Poor quality interiors across the entire lineup
33 BAIC Owns Saab technology BJ20 Jeep looking funky Plain experiors, cheap interiors, confused branding
34 Changhe Suzuki’s partner in China n/a Over-priced, bottom of the ladder product
35 Denza Joint venture between BYD & Daimler n/a Expensive, bland product, sleep-inducing press conf
Wuling Best-selling domestic brand in China n/a Absent at the Show
Lianhua Chinese Lotus n/a Absent at the Show
ZX Auto Pickups used by Libyan rebels n/a Absent at the Show

Next year we will return to Beijing for a new ranking…

24. Brilliance V3Brilliance will need more than the V3 SUV to go up my ranking in 2016…

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  1. @Matt Gasnier
    Well, the chinese market is very interesting because of a lot of changes. Chinese brands are coming and it will be interesting, whether the import-automakers well be able to give answers. Volkswagen is still the biggest brand, but at the moment it looks like they do not have affordable SUV’s to compete with Haval or Baojun 560.

  2. Matt, your artticles about the chinese market are excellent and often three months ahead of what other websites write. Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you very much for your praise Steam – glad you like them! There are many more coming shortly…
      All the best,

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