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  1. Kennedy
    November 6, 2012

    Hello Matt, I was formerly a Singaporean PR who lived and worked there for 18 years owning Toyota Corolla in 1989 and buying 3 Mitsubishi Lancers from 1992 to 2001 and leaving Singapore in 2004 selling my beloved Lancer Cedia after 3 years for 47KSGD. I cannot read this car market at today’s economy. What are your observations and conclusions that you see that prompt your earlier comments about this being a very unqie market justifying a monthly update in BSCB. Are there if any lessons for Australians?( I reside here now) I mean 11 years ago I could barely afford a (Category 2) SGD80K Mitsubishi Lancer today it is 120-125K DriveAway with COE packaging. COE Certicate of Entitlement is paid to the Land Transport Authority of Spore via the dealers.

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