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Italy August 2012: Lowest August score since 1962, Fiat Panda at highest in 30 years, Punto at lowest ever

The Fiat 600 was #1 in 1962, the last time Italy August sales were so low.

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The new car sales situation is getting critical in Italy, and with the price of petrol above 2 euros per litre in the first half of the month, sales are down 20% year-on-year in August to 56,868 units - the worst August score since the 49,766 registered in August 1962, exactly 50 years ago... This is also the worst monthly figure since December 1967 when 48,974 new vehicles were registered.

The Fiat Panda is at its highest since 1982

In this dark context, the Fiat Panda continues to kick goals, hitting 8.8% market share thanks to 5,011 sales, equalling the 8.8% the previous generation reached in April and May 2009 and the highest Panda nameplate's market share in Italy since the first generation’s very first years in 1981 and 1982 when the model was flirting with 10% of the market – albeit at that time not enough to be in pole position.

The Fiat Punto is at its lowest ever in Italy

Illustrating the radical structural change the Italian car market is undergoing at the moment, the Fiat Punto on the other hand is down to its lowest ever market share in Italy at 4.6% and 2,639 units, only the second time in the nameplate's 18 year history that it falls below 5% share with September 2008 (4.7%). The gap between the Panda and the Punto, at 4.2 percentage points (meaning the Panda is currently selling almost at double the rate of the Punto) is the highest it's ever been.

Fiat Freemont

The Ford Fiesta is back on the podium for the first time since last March with 1,959 sales and 3.4%, followed by the VW Golf up 2 spots to #4 and at its highest since last March also. Below the Fiat 500 (-2) and Lancia Ypsilon (-1) we find the Peugeot 208, confirming its newly acquired Top 10 status in 7th place with 1,465 units and a record 2.6% share. The Nissan Qashqai resists at an excellent 11th position while the Fiat Freemont (in actual fact a rebadged Dodge Journey) lodges its highest ever ranking at #13 thanks to 849 sales and a best-ever 1.5% share.

Fiat 500 L

Further down, notice the Audi Q3 also hitting its highest ever position at #24 and breaking the 1% market share barrier for the first time, the Kia Rio up 10 ranks to #28, the Fiat Sedici up to #30, the Kia Sportage up 2 to #31 vs. #63 year-to-date, the Opel Zafira up 5 to #35, the  the Ford Ka up 10 to #39 and the Range Rover Evoque ranking within the Top 40 for the 2nd consecutive month at #40. Finally, the Fiat 500 L makes its very first appearance in the ranking with 96 units sold this month.

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Full August 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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  1. Ant
    September 15th, 2012 at 18:30 | #1

    There were approx 1.900.000 foreign cars circulating on italian roads in 1971 approx 16% of the total quantity… Here the main brands:
    Simca. 304.577
    Opel. 279.543
    Nsu. 255.655
    Ford D. 234.034
    Volksw. 205.319
    Renault. 191.256
    Citroen. 124.077
    Ford GB. 61.710
    Mercedes 43.348
    Peugeot. 41.322
    Bmw. 41.146

    Source quattroruote magazine

  2. Ant
    September 8th, 2012 at 03:17 | #2

    Luckly for Fiat there are 81.372 sold cars + 16.500 lcv in brasil in august 2012 :)

  3. ant
    September 7th, 2012 at 17:51 | #3

    Dear Marc, you partly right especially regarding the usual abroad production that actually is made even by fiat competitors. If we see the numbers in penetration percentage italians are not buying less italians cars than last year. I’m mainly complaining about the lack of new products in several segments that have forced italians to buy foreign cars… no options! Lancia has never been a big seller abroad mainly in domestic market..Alfa always was much more popular and don’t forget that when fiat got Alfa from Iri state company they got for free in spite of an offer from ford of 10.000 billions lira (approx 5 billions euro in 1980’s)… very big scandal at that time…. we all closed the eyes because Alfa stayed in italy…. of course the relation between fiat and italian people is not very trusty for many reasons and it’s too long to be explained …

  4. Marc
    September 7th, 2012 at 06:48 | #4

    Sorry Ant, You can’t say all against Fiat how if other not doin the same things, VW or Renault and anyother producers in all Europe, From Romania to Bratislava to… Morocco. So, please, Fiat not has (now) more faults than other. Now the big problem for Fiat is the entire italian market and economy (every year go down -20%), and how italians not defended their industries.
    And, dera Ant, in 2012 isn’t important WHERE an industry produce hs product: is important where their big industries (like Fiat for Italy) payed their taxes for their sales figures… for any 10.000 euros of Fiat500 sold.. FIat payed taxes IN ITALY, for italian people and for italian country and State-balance: so if italians buy products of italian industries, these money remain in Italy for italians (exactly how happens in France how a french buy a Dacia, or in Germany how a german buy a Skoda!)
    Italian not understand this. Not only for cars, but for all-

    PS about Alfa.. alfa is a bad badge who was in a great difficulty and in big loss just from… 1972! Was in a big loss when this badge was under Italian-state control (just 1986) and was the same under Fiat control despite FIat had invested in Alfa all from 1990. also when Lancia were in a big position in all UE with over 300,000 cars sold: For Alfa fault Fiat had destroyed Lancia and Fiat loses more than 200mln of euro every year..

  5. Ant
    September 7th, 2012 at 02:12 | #5

    Ian i fully agree with you thanks :)

  6. September 6th, 2012 at 21:26 | #6

    The European car market is in a very bad way, even the German market is down, the Italians love Station Wagons, Fiat strangely does not make one, maybe selling Alfa to VW would be a good idea, they managed to transform Skoda from a bad joke to being well respected. Fuel in Italy is even more expensive than the UK (and we complain). I hope things get better soon

  7. ant
    September 6th, 2012 at 19:23 | #7

    Dear Marc, 500 is made in Poland, freemont made in Mexico, ypsilon made in Poland, 500 L in Serbia ..here they produce only panda, punto the 2 alfas (mito+giulietta) and the lancia delta. It’s not so much for covering people demand… it was a choice made by fiat group when they understood years ago that time for state support was over… i really hope that fiat will sell alfa to Vw…i’m sure Vw would be able to make alfa as bmw :)

  8. September 6th, 2012 at 18:01 | #8

    What a drop in new car sales in Itlay!!!

  9. Marc
    September 6th, 2012 at 17:37 | #9

    I don’t think hight fuel price don’t help selling of new models which had lower consumption and often different supply directy marker like LPG, methane or hybrid- at opposite this help new models.
    In Italy there are plus largest economic problems for families and industries.

    Btw hope nel 500L can help Fiat and italians by the end of the year, but certanly there’s the big problems then italian citizens don’t help their industries, they buy too many foreign products! So they help too much competing economies how German, asian and french industry….

  10. September 6th, 2012 at 10:27 | #10

    Tough times for Fiat and everybody in Italy. The Panda did well, such as the Giulietta, the 500 and the Musa. For the complete analysis, visit my blog about Fiat-Chrysler group:


  11. Ant
    September 6th, 2012 at 03:28 | #11

    August has been a poor sales month for italy due to holiday plus 2 euro/liter fuel price doesn’t help! 500L should help Fiat to recover sales from next month :)

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